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Monday, February 14, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



I'm so heart broken at the moment, My boyfriend said we will not be seeing each other till after 4 months.

 This started last month. Even though we reside in the same city, his reason for this is that l made a joke that any day he sleeps with another girl, that l will not take it lightly with him, ...... he got annoyed and started avoiding me, infact he said he doesn't want to see me in his house till further notice. 

I try to explain to him that l was joking,......he said, he doesn't like the joke, that l can walk away lf l want to. I felt he wants to dump me, he has changed the way he communicates with me, he can stay for 3 to 4 days without saying hi to me, but l try to communicate with him without minding what is on ground now. 

I really love him and l don't know how to handle this.....l ve never fight with anyone before and l will never fight becos of a man, l try to mind my business when it comes to life generally............

I thought he will be my last boyfriend .

 I don't know when and how long it will take me to build another relationship.... I'm 33....l thought this relationship will lead to something better, even when l asked him about Valentines day, he said we are not meeting that day..... 

I don't know how to stop loving him.


This is not a relationship but you are too desperate for a husband to see this...

Please take his advice and walk away from this..

You are still young and will find someone that will love and respect you, please dont force yourself on a man that does not want you....



  1. You're definitely a side chic. He has someone he's spending his Val with,and looking for a way to dump you. My dear,take a long walk.

    1. Poster,please MOVE ON,because you're obviously dating yourself.
      Heal your heart,love yourself,its his loss.
      You're not made for each other.
      Love and light.

    2. It will pain you but God is telling you something, don't beg him, in fact, block him and move on.

      Cry if you want to but DON'T GO BACK to him if not na πŸ’” will be your new name.

    3. Poster, you know sometimes when someone writes in here complaining of a certain behaviour of their husband or wife and we all ask "didn't you see signs while dating?", Yes, that's what he saw and has picked his slippers and ran. That is what is called a deal breaker so, as difficult as it may be, you must let him go and keep your dignity while at it. Don't grovel, don't cause a scene, don't embarass yourself, suck it in like a big girl and move on.
      Check your friend-zone and pick one for a fast rebound.
      You will be fine.

    4. Poster gather your self-respect and dignity

      Cut him off and walk away with your head high
      He has left and did it disrespectfully

      Block him and MOVE ON!

    5. People need to learn to stop making threats simply because they are in a relationship. There are some traits you will show and the person in that relationship will take a walk. Nobody wants to be killed abeg.

  2. Is this some kind of joke or something?
    Any ways, he has made the whole thing easy for you. Dust your slipper and take a long walk and never look back.
    This isn't a relationship. You were the only one obviously in the relationship in the first place.

  3. This desperation is out of this world.... So you cant stay without him? Is he your life? Na wa!

    Madam face your life and develop yourself. No man is worth your stress. If he acts funny move. If he no marry you, you go die?

    Women needs to start knowing that men owe them nothing, not even marriage, if he misbehave, take a walk, if you cant suffer alone in the relationship.

  4. You made a joke, that the day he sleeps with another girl, you won't take it lightly with him. He got angry, you apologised,that you were joking. Meaning if he cheats on you, you'll smile, embrace him and say "baby, well done", abi? He even gave you a time frame, when you'll reconnect. Don't be desperate. He can see how desperate you are, that even when he calls you back after 4months, you'll sprint to him. Girl, place some value on yourself, and walk away. Love yourself first. Don't tolerate crap, from anybody.

  5. The Original ShugarGirl14 February 2022 at 15:09

    Poster love can find you sooner than you expect just make room for a better man. You never can tell this time next year you could be a pregnant wife.

    Don't enter one chance marriage or relationship scam because of age. Age is just a number.

    Go to Twitter and take advantage of Rinu's valentine post or yesterday's SnM post on this blog and find yourself a young steady man.

  6. Hey yaaa. The guy does not love you. Please move on.

  7. But some men sha.... Sister I know it is not easy but love yourself some more and you will see that you deserve more than this ozwor of a man. Just do that for me nne. inu?

    1. Ozwor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£he definitely deserved to be called that.

  8. Abeg this guy been dey look for a way to discharge you before. Old move on already.

  9. My dear, you never had a boyfriend

  10. Low self esteem syndrome.
    You love him cos of what you are getting from him or what you can potentially get from him.
    The guy believes he can do do without you for 4 months. In other words you are of no value to him and you want to control his life.

    1. Gbam. As in no self esteem at all and no value to him. Poster Work on yourself man damnnn. If you don’t, you’ll continue to chase men away.

  11. Stella isn't easy to say o. Heartbreak hurts abeg. Poster I feel for you. Just try and be open to new friends.wishing you the best.move on cos your guy has moved on to another girl

    1. Sorry poster. The Lord will strengthen you to move in Jesus name. Dat guy never loved you.

  12. Can’t believe you are heartbroken over a man who has no compassion and love for you. People have said worse things to their partners, said their apologies and moved on like it never happened.
    He even told you you are not seeing him on Vals day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and e dey pain you.
    Girl, you don’t need this man. I don’t see anything wrong in what you said. This guy is a manipulator, abusing emotionally. He’s made himself a god.
    Take it from me, that guy does not love you and he’ll never marry you. I hope you retrace your steps now and move on.
    Someday, you’ll ask yourself why you allowed this guy mess with you this way.
    When you love yourself enough, no one would be allowed to mistreat you.
    Block him, cry as much as you want. Today being Val’s day, go out and get anything you want for yourself. Make sure you don’t call him no matter how tempted you are. Lose his numbers and be done with that.

    1. πŸ‘Œ I always look out for your comments.

    2. Well she made him a Demi god. At the end of the day, men needs us more. Wait till you get married poster and you’ll see what I mean.

  13. All I see is desperation nd the man dosent love you enough

  14. My sister run he does not deserve you darling,maybe he's been looking for a way to discard you even before the fight sef and please when he comes back do not take him back...I know it's not easy to move on,mark my words there is someone that is making him happy...umu nwoke ikeuguru

  15. Your guy want to dump you before.
    So he just use these mere thing as an excuse.

    Madam please move on.
    A good guy who will love and respect you .
    Will locate you.

  16. Can you hear ursef?

    Someone should please borrow this Aunty some sense jare.

    You are desperately looking forward to settling down which is one of the reason you are being used.

    You warned him of his philandering way of life but he tend to use that as an excuse and u tend to get ursef depressed about someone who doesn't have any iota of feelings for you.

    Please allow the idiot move on with his life,hold on to Jesus,pray and be calm because to me, your age has nothing to do with when and how you gonna start another relationship.

    I wish you well

  17. run run sis. i said run run run ruuuun ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.

    you have so much ahead of you. drop the stupid man.
    a man who loves you would either caution you for even thinking of such and ask you never to mention that kind of thing again because he believes he wont hurt you. But to end the relationship because of that? lool. Hes been looking for how to drop you since.
    Block him evarywheeeerreee and move on.

    The last thing you want to do is to be with someone who doesnt love you. You will regret it.

    You would meet someone much better. ive been there before and my husband now is God sent.

  18. Instead of you to be thanking God that you dodged a bullet, you are here moaning wetin i no know. Abeg enjoy your new freedom. Use this time to focus more on yourself....
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  19. The guy was never in a relationship with you, he see you as fuckmate, he has a serious relationship he can't trend for you pls forget him and know peace

  20. You are heartbroken, heal and move on. Forget about that guy, he doesn't want you and it is really painful when you were so into him. Stop thinking, "I am 33", start thinking, my man will come in good time. See Kemi Adetiba, leave that man alone, there's nothing there.

  21. please take a walk, you are not in a relationship in the first place.

  22. please take a walk, you are not in a relationship in the first place.

  23. please take a walk, you are not in a relationship in the first place.

  24. Eeii I thought I was reading a Chronicle from a teenager until I saw the age. Love is strong oo, see how it has turned a grown woman into a child.
    My dear, right now, you are not thinking straight and all our advises might turn on deaf ear but I can tell you this; you are making a MUMU out of yourself. Please move on, that man doesn't deserve all the love you are pouring on him.

    1. Loll same here. I cringed when she said she’s 33. Zero emotional maturity and this is exactly why guy man is using and disrespecting her. Poster please stop right now. As in just stop. Let that man go completely. He already is cheating on you that’s why it got to him so much.

  25. Dear poster, how come you can see that this guy is not for you?
    You told him you will not be happy with him if sleeps with another girl and he got upset with you? He is guilty as charged and he is doing it. Pls he is not for you.

    And what's with the game matter? Drop it and don't put yourself in a bad place and accept just anyone. Marriage is not a joke. Marriage is not beans. And marriage is not for those who won't fight or have misunderstandings. These things happen in marriage, it is how one navigates through that, that is the issue.

    Pls go out and celebrate yourself, huy yourself an ice-cream, watch a nice movie and pray and thank God for a mighty deliverance from that guy. He is not for you. Move on as Sdk said. By the way he is not the last walking male on the surface of the earth. And he was not doing you a favor by being with you. Someone else will come for. Just keep a positive attitude. Congratulations!

    1. He reacted the way he did, all this drama, because he already has someone. And that person is more important than you. Let him go! He is not for you. Your man, the one that is meant for you, that truly loves you, will not react this way. Thank your stars, and move on with your life.

  26. Has he proposed? No
    Has he told you he will always sleep with other ladies? Of course
    So why the fret and desperation?😳😳😳

  27. Lol. I Used to be like you in my last relationship. Desperately clinging on to a bad relationship and ignoring red flags. He is just not that into you. Period.

    He is enjoying the attention, validation & other perks that your neediness provides, which is why he is yet to discharge you outright. Sometimes you think the bare minimum is all that is obtainable, because you haven't given yourself a chance to experience better. Healthy communication, attention, time, accountability, patience, affection, respect - are the bare minimum. If he cannot make time for you and be patient with you, what do you think will happen when you are finally married?

    Moving on is hard. Very hard.There will be tears, that heaviness in your chest that you can't shake, fear of the unknown. But you will not die. Tears do not kill. You will look back in one year, and you wont believe how have you have healed and grown.

    A bad marriage is harder and lasts much much longer. He is blocking your view, literally and figuratively. And you cannot find a better man, if the position is mentally filled in your mind. Love yourself. This is the time for a support system. Let your family and friends rally around you and hold you down. Occupy your thoughts and your time with meaningful things. Dust your social calendar, upgrade your style,do the things you enjoy, meet new people, breathe and enjoy your life truly. Desperation is not sexy.
    I bet you, the moment you start moving on, he will rush back, with endless promises. Do not look back. He knew better, he just did not do better, because he felt you were not worth the trouble. Go where you are celebrated!!!!!

    1. Amen πŸ‘πŸΎ thank you for this.

  28. He was never yours.

    Be grateful for knowing this about him and don't take him back cos he will come back. A better man that won't even date you for long before marrying you will come. Abeg cheer up and let God perfect the rest for you.

  29. Move on with your life as it looks like what you guys had is done plus over with

  30. He was looking for a way to dump you siiiince!!! You're not even his side chic, you're his banging tool. He doesn't want you to create a scene when you meet him with his main babe

  31. Pls love yourself and move one. Clearly he has told you to go, my dear, forget your age n focus on yourself.

  32. This sound like some teenager isht.

    Please seek maturity and act maturely in your next partnership.

    1. Poster learn about standards

      Go and work on your self esteem

    2. As innnnn. Very irritating chronicle. A grown ass 33 year old woman talking like this because of a nonsense man. Poster you no try abeg. If you go back to him then you deserve every bit of how he treats you!!! Every bit!!!

  33. Poster, that guy isnt yours. It is obvious he has someone else he was dating before or just met. Pele. Try to put yourself together and move on.

  34. I thought a teenager was writing this till I saw 33. Please work on yourself before marriage. You come off as desperate. Read self help books, build your confidence and train your mind not to take shit from anybody. This man is not for you. He doesnt rate you at all. You may even be something less than a side chick to him.
    Please work on yourself. When you love yourself, you will know your worth and will not need marriage to validate your existence.

  35. Madam, use today take thank and praise God for freeing you from the chains of fake love no matter any money or s3x or sweet words or all of them you have been getting from this man.

    No use today wakabout lick ice cream.

    No use today cry over bad milk

    Use today pray to God to open your doors to good men.

    As you look up to God, work on your self esteem, believe in fruitful possibilities in your life, and open your heart to love.

    Believe. Put action in your faith.

    By this time next year, come tell us how good God be.

    Just by the way, I am a man.

  36. Most times, you don't need to struggle for what belongs to you.

    You may not easily accept it but this guy is not yours. You just have to let go of him.

    Take time to heal, work on yourself and pray for yours to come your way. It shall happen soon.

  37. Replies
    1. Comments like this makes women even more desperate. Yea she’s 33 and still young to take her time, find the right man, get married and have kids. I’m 37 going on 38 and I’m waiting a bit to have my second baby because it’s not easy raising kids when you have them back to back. It takes a toll on one’s mental health sometimes. So Stop the nonsense talk shooter gyal.

  38. Please move on. That man will not make a good husband. He has been cheating on you the reason he got so angry. You donr need to cry, thank God for setting you free and ask him to open new doors of good relationship for you. You may not understand now but you will be grateful in future.

  39. Poster, go to your washroom, face the mirror and say to yourself
    "I am better than this!
    " I can do better than this!
    " I am on top of this!
    " I am not a dumpsite, I carry value!
    " I am strong, and I am able!
    " My happiness is not with any man, I am self-sufficient!
    Repeat that to yourself a couple of times, and you will start seeing yourself as who you truly are.
    See, I was in an abusive and a childless marriage for 8 solid years of my life!. The only description this man has for me is "YOU ARE WORTHLESS". I so love this man that each time he calls me that name, I just own it. On the day the marriage got to its 8th year, after some heavy insult I went to the market, got a mirror, and I started saying this to myself:
    1. Bose! were you not the one that did excellently well in your final year and got 6 awards?
    2. Were you not the one that served in an office where your 4 bosses recommended you for a higher position than you are qualified for?
    3. Are you not the one they call smart, fearless and confident at the office?
    I started eulogizing myself, and I found more than a thousand word to describe how amazing I am. After that, I found my courage, called the man at work, I said Bolade! I want a divorce! he was shocked and started making fun of me at the same time. What he said was, you have found a mad man that is deceiving you abi? he continued, if I leave you, and you found a man to marry you, call me bastard! Immediately he said those words, I packed a few of my clothes, my laptops, and all the things I do my Private Practice with, went and lodge into a hotel, paid for 1 week, put in my immediate resignation letter at work. Got a lawyer same day to serve him the divorce paper. He thought it was a joke, he called me for 1 week almost every minute. I refused to pick his call and I moved to another state after that week, registered my own business, renewed my US visa and traveled for more than a month, I was lucky with the divorce thing, my uncle was the presiding judge, within a short time the marriage was dissolved. It was while I was in the US that I met this guy that was commending me anyhow, I am like, no, this is too much (don't blame me, I wasn't used to people commending me, all I have ever known was "you are worthless" within 2 weeks, me and this guy became so close that we had sex (don't blame me guys, I have become so vulnerable). From there we just keep having it. By the time I returned to Nigeria, I realized I was pregnant. I called the guy, he said what?? I am coming to Nigeria right away! I thought he was joking o, I told him on Friday, on Sunday he is Nigeria. Took me to his family in Ibadan, arrange for his family to meet mine, na so traditional marriage happen just when I was only 4 weeks gone! Brethren, I have been married to this man for 15 years now, the kind of progress we have made, you won't believe it. He tells everyone, my wife is the live wire!.
    Ask me what happened to Bolade! he has been through 5 different women, no child till date, and right now, no woman is in his house!
    I sincerely don't know who need to hear this, but if that man calls you "useless", there are a million men out there waiting to sing your praise!

    1. Your story gave me goosebumps. I thank God for your life. Thank God for giving you the strength to leave, many women in the same situation do not have such strength. God bless you.

    2. To think you would have remained in such a marriage and childless till now if you had not taken that bold step!

  40. Sister that guy has already broken up with you,this is his way of telling you.
    Please move on.
    If you continue like this what say will you have in this kind of relationship?
    He doesn't love you, can't you see the handwriting allover the wall?
    No let desperation kill you abeg. 33 & single is not the end of life

  41. You will not understand what God has done for you now, till you force yourself on him to marry you and you start sending in Chronicles of abuse. Look around, 4here are.ladies that are way older than you patiently waiting for God's will concerning marital settlement. Where are you.rushing to?

  42. When does age be the reason one will find love it get married, please stop killing yourself over a man who doesn't care about you.

    Someone that is fed up with you but was looking for an excuse to end it up only for you to give him one small excuse and boom uncle said it is over.

    Pick up your life from where you are and keep your head high. You can meet a person today and within 3 months you guys are married. Just pray to meet the right one and not the time.

  43. Please answer this few questions. Do you have any form of disability? Was he your bread winner? Are you a homeless person? Is it that nobody is asking you out or what? What kind of mumu love is this na. A man opened his mouth and said he doesn't want you and you want him to say it a second time. Please dust yourself up and move the heck on.

  44. Some women are too foolish, how can you be loving a man like this, ls your boyfriend Dangote abi Davido, no matter the amount of money he's giving you, don't allow any man to disrespect you. At your age you still allow this guy to treat you like a goat,yet you really love him. This guy doesn't deserve you. I wish l can slap you to reset your brain. There are plenty guys who will still respect you,even if they are cheating on you.

  45. Poster are you jobless that makes this guy to dump you like someone they pick from the club. Go and make your own money and don't depend on any guy, probably becos of the money he's giving you that's why you are taking shit from him.... you are just a side chick to him. No be your mate received better valentine gift dey cry becos of this public dick...... that's how you ladies waste your youthful time with unavailable men.... this guy is a cheats and he will never marry you. 33 and you can't see that this guy is playing with your emotions.


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