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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



 Since I unmasked the low-life who was pimped out to my husband, he has been exhibiting severe low self esteem. Is this what sin does to us? I pity him, how do I help him regain his respect?

Why should you be the one to help him regain his self esteem? He might even be pretending about having severe low self esteem, so in this case you are the one who needs to be careful what you believe...



How would you handle a case in which you find viagra in a student's bag? Suspected what it was, but confirmed with a doctor after the boy said it was a painkiller. And yes, he's the one taking it. 17 years old. SS 2.

A 17 year old boy is already taking this kind of enhancement pill? You have a big problem on your hands!... He needs help fast as he may be addicted already but you need to find out how he was introduced to it and his supplier, those are the people you should get arrested first off....

You also need to have a session of talking with him, if he wont trust you then this is where a counsellor comes in....

I wish you all the luck in the World.


  1. Poster 1. Leave him alone because he knows better than you think.

    Poster 2. Please don't be hash on him. Draw him closer to yourself. Teach him the pros and cons of what he is doing scare him with the probability of being impotent or death in few years time if he continues taking the drugs. Most teens these days are not the teens we used to know. Please be careful in dealing with him on this

  2. Poster 1, that time when a hunter thought he caught an eagle, only to discover it was a vulture, He will come out of it,

  3. 1,Shower him with praise ,call him sweet names,pray together,read the bible together.
    2 correct him ,Tell him the disadvantages of it.

    1. Praise him for nacking a skank?

    2. @ blackberry I just don't get how some women handle this marriage of a thing
      @ loveall how about breast feeding his hubby for sleeping with another woman. 🙄🙄😏
      Person way dey pretend.... When he is done pretending he will behave himself mtcheeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww

    3. Shower a chest with praise? Una nor dey cease to amaze me o😂😂😂
      God punish devil.

  4. The Original ShugarGirl13 February 2022 at 15:52

    P1 Shey he is an adult, he knows what he has done so let him go thru the phases of repentance naturally (if he is sincere).

    Don't play the saviour here.

    P2. Shouting and violence will not work. Please know his informants and suppliers and deal with them severely. Invest time in your son from this moment more like a parent-friend relationship. Remember to deal with the root of the issue and not the symptoms.

  5. Copy all the side effects of this medication on the internet and post it to him.
    Get him to reveal who introduced him into it.
    And above all, lead him to Christ (assuming you are in Christ, if not, why not)

  6. Poster 1,he will come around,he is just regrettin is actions.
    Poster 2,let him know the consequences attached to taking it,talk to him like an adult and don't shout while doing that.

    1. 1. Hope its for good o. Some can pretend o.

      2. He needs counselling and prayer together with close watch or attention.

  7. Poster 1, please allow him to wallow in his shame so he can learn his lessons
    Poster 2, please let him know the side effects of that drugs, hmmm

  8. Poster 1 you shouldn't be the one to help your man regain his self esteem, he should look for his self esteem where he dropped it.

    Poster 2 this not time to be harsh on the boy, you need to be more friendly with him and try to get all the necessary information from him. He need help as soon as possible so that you can help him out.

    That boy would have been doing this drug thing for a very long time.

  9. Please can someone explain the first post.

    1. Hahaha! Same thing I said after reading

    2. she caught her husband with sidechick,then her once confident husband now became withdrawn and she doesn't like it.

    3. Hahahhahah odiegwu you go fear format

    4. The Original ShugarGirl13 February 2022 at 21:37

      😁😆 no be small format

  10. Please can someone explain the first post?


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