Stella Dimoko Mama Africa Wants To Become Nigeria's Next President


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Friday, February 18, 2022

Mama Africa Wants To Become Nigeria's Next President



  1. O pari ooo, ayoungie mama wants to run.🙌🙌

  2. Hahahahahahahaha.....on repeat

  3. She is the same age with Tinubu, why not?

  4. Hahahahaha,it's a season of declaration.Congratulations mama afterall your mates are reducing their ages and declaring interest too🚶

    1. You are so right SpongeBob, her mates are busy reducing their ages, Mama gallantly owned hers🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  5. 102 and she is strong and beautiful and articulate...God abeg, I want to age in grace and dignity.

  6. That's very good Mama Africa. So wetin we need to dey expect from you now? Say Politicians nor go dey thief again, Police go really become your friend, Soldiers nor go dey oppress civilians again, lastma go free busdrivers, the country anthem and pledge go change, the flag color sef go change, fuel go dey, Conductors go even start to dey get change, market women nor go dey sell for main market again because all market go be for mall, Agbero nor go dey again because all of them go start to dey go school, free education and good health care go dey, thousandnaires go become millionaires and millionaires go become billionaires because of stable economy, and most importantly, the exchange rate go come be 1 naira to 1 dollar-- all because na you enter o?

    You will love to run for presidency should be a wishful thinking ma. Nobody wey climb that ladder siddon for that chair don make naija better. Everyone has always been all about themselves. (Whether you wanted it at first or not) and besides if you want the best for nigeria, you should speak up for us to have a younger MAN (not a woman) with fresher and hottest ideas (even though he go still thief) as our leader.

    No offense or disrespect but if we talk true, we go die, if we nor talk true, we go still die, why not talk the true and die the die.

    You can't wish Nigeria well and want to be our leader at your age (abi you dey reason Queen Elizabeth things? Don't go there ma.)


  7. How many Buhari take senior her?? Ride on mama at least you won’t run for 2nd term

  8. So Aso Rock will be a dumping ground for Oldies. Heeeee Heeeee!! if I hear!

  9. Mama go dey alright.


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