Stella Dimoko Nigerian Actress Jailed 6 Months For Defaming Colleague..


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Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Nigerian Actress Jailed 6 Months For Defaming Colleague..

 Kannywood actress Sadiya Haruna has been sentenced to six months in prison without the option of a fine for defaming a colleague, Actor Isa A Isa.

Sadiya was charged with defaming Isa in a video and posting same on her social media pages.

The actress had in a viral video, accused Isa of being a homosexual, a bastard and an unrepentant womanizer and alleged that actor, demanded anal s#x from her in the viral Instagram post.

Reading his judgement, Justice Muntari Dandago, said he found the actress guilty on all counts against her.

The Judge, further ruled that in case Sadiya Haruna continues to defame Isa, she would be sentenced to three years in prison.

He then said the Actress had up to three months to appeal his judgement.

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  1. Replies
    1. I read an argument online where it was stated that her case is both civil and criminal. She is guilty of character assassination of here colleague who also happen to be a celebrity in the North. Therefore what she said has done him great harm and put him in the path of hate and harm. Its not fair. They just open their mouth waaa and because they can, they destroy someone's reputation without conscience. I see Jaruma drumming up support for her but until people start getting held responsible for the things they post online, the cyber space will soon become a weapon instead of a tool.

      6months is harsh sha. 60 strokes of cane would have been better.

    2. What if it’s true but because the North and shariah supports and covers male folks, it is easier to accuse and condemn the woman. She wouldn’t be so quick to lay accusations if there hasn’t been some complaints from the past.

    3. 6 months is even small. Anybody going to that extreme to destroy someone's character can as well kill.

    4. 14.11, If your boy friend ask you for anal sex, say no. Why bring it to social media? Why call him names to tarnish his image? She didnt say he raped her or he stole or anything, did she?

    5. Its not because of the name calling they jailed her. Some of our bloggers that have said more than her who jailed them? Those that abuse GEJ - who jailed them? Just that she doesn't cover her hair, fixes weave on, dances n shake bum-bum thats why o. She sells "manpower" and trust hausa men and patronage. They will watch her YouTube, Instagram, gets wet and still call her names. Hypocrites...

      Their women are always at the receiving end. One day, one day monkey go go market e no go return.

    6. Ano 14:11 God bless you... What if it's true? Was a thorough investigation conducted?

  2. The Original ShugarGirl8 February 2022 at 11:43

    Why is kannywood and the north constantly on this woman's case?

    You people should let her breathe na

    1. I hope she is not the Tonto of their wood

    2. @10:23
      How about she being the Rita Dominic of their iron?

  3. Wahala left, right and center.

    People should quit trolling other people online.. I detest that behavior.

    1. If you are not strong enough they will kill your self esteem. Wicked souls everywhere.

  4. No proof of her allegations?

    You talk anyhow you see anyhow!

  5. This is a lesson for those that behave/post anyhow on social media

  6. Close una mouth, mbanu, una go dey run am like pop corn. Omegonu!


  7. Agbada don hang for babwire.Consequence of running one's mouth like tap water.Chochocho...


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