Stella Dimoko Nigerian Sprinter Blessing Okagbare Reacts To 10 Year Ban Over Alleged Doping Violations


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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Nigerian Sprinter Blessing Okagbare Reacts To 10 Year Ban Over Alleged Doping Violations



  1. Your attention and your line of action should go and siddon jor. So you're not going to prouding us for another 10 years, is that what their saying or what you're saying? Pls tell me let me know how to cry abeg. I need to dey charge people to be their fan. I take it too serious.

  2. You better tell your lawyers to study it and rest if you are guilty except you want to waste money. You can start a business or just think of another profession to pursue. All the best.

  3. Replies
    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the matter wear Agbada and shokoto

  4. They didn't tell you that nobody is above the law.

  5. Pray they do not find you guilty, 10 years is way too much.

  6. She said absolutely nothing. Why has she been silent since the doping scandal burst last year during the olympics?
    Why did she abandon long jump that gave her her one and only olympic medal and went into the very heart of pressure and that is
    the short sprints? It was probably the pressure that made her succumb to this whole thing. What a pity.
    The money you made from athletics, you will now spend on lawyers?

  7. Allow her to take the course of action she deems fit.
    Don't jump to conclusions in another person's case.

    It's her right to defend herself until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    I don't know her personally but it's a moment of trial in her career. Whatever the truth is, let her come out it better.

    1. Mumu who is preventing her from taking any course of action? Una go just open mouth waaa dey yarn opata.

    2. 15:55 you just described yourself, every time open mouth waaa dey abuse.

    3. 15:55 I am sure I have your age mate at home. Go learn some etiquette.

    4. Lol, you still came back to open mouth waaaaaaaaaa. No be only have my age mate? Little minded individuals everywhere. Somebody tested positive for drugs, you say she should defend herself.
      Pray tell, what will her defence team say in court? Awon olodo.

    5. 06.14 may the Lord have mercy on your soul, you really can't continue like this.

  8. *Yawns.....Abeg una goodevening, wetin be dope?


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