Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists - How To Keep A Child Busy At Home


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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Saturday In House Gists - How To Keep A Child Busy At Home

 Some parents send their kids off to school but panic when they have long holidays or mid term breaks because they cannot handle them at home.....

Some put on the TV for them all day while they spend time doing other things and this makes these kids not to function well at home...

Some parents spend all their monies on fashion and stuff and do not know that they need to invest in Toys and educative materials for their kids as well....

Are you a parent who has mastered how to keep your child busy at home without having them running around destroying and turning things upside down? can you share tips on how you do it?

Are you a parent who has kids driving them crazy at home? what efforts do you make to spend time with your kids and what exactly do you do to keep them busy?

If you are a teacher, can you please share how you keep the kids busy and focused in school?

Share whatever tips you have to keeping the child busy and less troublesome at home.....

Lets gist!


  1. Here to learn. Prepping myself ahead ahead so help me God amen πŸ™

  2. Every parent should be on this post irrespective of gender. Learners and advisers oya spread ya mat

  3. At home,there should be a timetable,what they're to do starting from the moment they wake up.There should be prayer time,Bible study,meal time,play time,reading time,skill learning time, discussion time, house chores time etc.There should be a fixed time for all of them and as a parent you must be intentional about it,make sure they adhere to the timetable, monitor,supervise them.Soon you won't need to be reminding them,it will become a routine for them.Thats basically what they do at school, they're forced to stick to the timetable.

    1. Anon pls from what age shd the time table start? Pls dear

    2. It's not as easy as it looks. A lot of things can happen to disrupt the time table. I just go with the flow. Some days TV, other days books πŸ“š and sometimes they go and play outside. It all depends on my mood, time available and chores that need my attention.

    3. This does not work for the small ones who tend to have a mind if their own o

  4. I have two children under the age of 6, I keep them busy with building blocks, colouring books
    ,story books and of course TV! Tv has a lot of advatages I don't know why Child care experts frown at it, the other day my daughter saw a baby and she said where is your Binky? I was like ah, which one is Binky then I went to Google and found that it means a baby's toy but that was my first time hearing the word.
    At a time they were even speaking phoneeπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    1. You are right about that television part. It teaches them new things aswear, like my sister's son because Everytime he is watching natgeo wild that's his favorite channel he is able to identify wild animals and domestic animals.
      He can be able to group them correctly, one time he asked me auntie I don't think zebra is supposed to be in the wild and I asked him why do you think so. He said because every animal use to attack it and it cannot fight back.
      I shock for him reply

    2. Yea.. a friends 3yo child was telling me about one show called gigantosaurus, and she kept saying the word ginormous. I asked her what is ginormous, she said it's something big. I checked she was correct, it builds their vocabulary because this child can construct some short sentences that would leave me bewildered. Eg... hey I'm not a morning person, she said it's from a character in Alvin.

    3. Same with my kids, My kids started calling me mom on their own rather than mummmmmyyyyyyyy (I so love it lol). They learn a lot from carton. My 4 year old speaks English here I will be wondering when I said so. What I do for my kids is mostly tv and toys. I am scared of them using pencil on their own yet cos I don't want them to use it and hurt each other (am a working mum and I don't trust their nanny to pay attention to them biko). I plan introducing school work to them during this Easter holiday.

    4. Makason my child is age 2.5 and I let him write on a piece of paper when I’m at home or his dad is at home and he write scribbles well. Age 4 shd be writing by now. Please start teaching them.

    5. I did not say they don't write ooooo. I said I don't like them using pencil in my absence so as not to injure thier selves. A child who can speak very well is suppose to write very well please. T 4 thanks

  5. My champions can disturb ehh, sometimes I give them phone and instruct them to learn something on youtube to teach me, they watch documentaries on animals, climate changes, etc on Sunday evening they teach me what they have learnt. I equally give them drawing materials to draw , paint .I give the puzzles to fix, building blocks to construct buildings, any good design we snap and keep it on phone another method I use is to frown face and tell them is me time and I am not in the mood for talking that way everyone will answer papa name.

    1. Hmm pls how old r dey... Omo am learning o

    2. 8 and 6, I don't clean their room for them , if they like let them keep it like treasure island,weekends they must keep it neat before breakfast, they do weekly cleaning after school. I don't do breakfast for them like tea, golden morn, even sometimes I don't serve them food, the older one do the job, I taught them measurements if they waste it before they time is meant to last, I ignore till time for another supplies that way they keep to, two to three scoops measurements, number of biscuits or slices of bread. I measure too much sha na upbringing na oldie teacher raised me. Youtube is on parental guidance,they don't even know anything about Nollywood cos as a family we are not into TV. One thing I do with my super champions i enjoy most is our discussion time maybe twice a month, I allow them talk about anything and everything they like, don't like ,don't understand, that way I can process what's going on in their lives. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing my job as a mom well, cos the job is tricky

    3. 14:24 (15:18) you are doing a GREAT job! πŸ‘πŸΎ

      Don't mind some of these parents that let their children grow up lazy and without guidance.

      A 10 year old boy that cannot pick up after himself, make his bed or wash plate. Sweet child but so careless - drops his clothes, school bag, books in the floor, does not pray in the morning but gets on the phone to play games.
      Not his fault at all but his parents. They are trying to correct it now.

      Then,a different set of parents with a 17 year old girl with the same traits mentioned earlier.

  6. Firstly,you need to understand the kind of child you're dealing with.he is really hyperactive,so I keep him busy by having a time table and list of what is to be done.
    I have just one for now,school days and weekends list are different.
    Now,he is on midterm break,what is on our list is as follows:
    Prayers in the morning
    Wash your dirty slippers or pant
    Brush your teeth and bath
    Breakfast(if he spills food,he makes sure he picks or sweep it)
    Home work from school(split it because he can finish all at once)
    Rest(he doesn't sleep during the day)
    Snack time
    Cartoon time
    Lesson(I am his home teacher)
    Snack again
    Play football with his friends,ride bicycle,or guessing game that's if I am not busy.
    Evening Bathing
    He loves to read and draw,anyone of the two
    Gist about his day,
    Goodnight prayers.
    Note:As for destroying thing,I dealt with that by not given him his toys or not watching cartoon for some days,at times I want to change my mind on the number of days but I needed to exert he understands better now.
    God help all parents.

    1. Maria bravo! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

      You set the tone early for the little one.

      Molding a child's character starts early with routine, discipline, love and commendations.

  7. From my experience, there are amazing ways to engage the mind of kids.
    Examples of activities that worked for my kids:
    1. Creative thinking: Ask them to write very good stories. E.g. detective stories. The stories should be good enough to become a movie. Then set a Tim, later in the evening for them to showcase it and award marks. Remember to give credit to their work!

    2. Drawing! If you can't enrol in an art school, all you need is to order a drawing set/art supplies.Then you can check out the 'Sketch and Shade' channel on YouTube and let them draw amazing hyperrealism portraits.
    3. Away day: take them out to lunch, or breakfast or a kids playground if available. The idea is for you all to have a bonding activity.
    4. Clean your room day: make it fun though. You will inspect their rooms and wardrobes after a stated time frame. Award marks for job well done.
    5. Movie night: do research on great family friendly movies and serve popcorn as you watch the movie at home.
    There are many great ideas. I will share some more.

  8. I need tips for a 2½ years old. I gave him a book and pencil to practice figure 1, while I was busy washing, but he tore the whole book this morning
    What educative thing can I do to keep him busy, apart from riding his bicycle

    1. There are many creative ideas.
      1. Building blocks.Get the big ones to prevent choking hazard. Build with him and watch him also try it out on his own.
      2. You can get a mini basketball stand. With a soft ball for him to throw, if you have some space. He is at an active age. Kids his age love to play with balls.
      3. Singing. Children love to sing. Get educative singing videos for him to watch, learn and sing along.
      Limit TV time. Too much exposure to TV makes a child inactive on the same spot glued to the TV... not cool.
      Get books made from cloth. That way he cannot tear them. Some kids stores have these items.
      Children should be engaged in fun activities. It is am essential part of learning and development.
      All the best and regards to him.
      *I gave suggestions at 14.37 for older kids.

    2. Since he tore the whole book,you can get A4 paper or just a sheet from his note.rule the book in boxes(horizontal and vertical)then you write 1 at the top of each box,so he will follow your can also get him age appropriate colouring books and crayon.

  9. Easiest way is to give them phone o.
    There are programs and games that are age appropriate. Call me lazy but I'm not alone πŸ˜†

    1. Yes, sometimes I download cartoon movies or age appropriate movies during the weekend for them to watch while I carry on with other things. That's our weekend deal.

  10. I'm here to learn. I'm going to bookmark this..

  11. Very helpful topic pls parents who have successful ideas pls share we parents need it thank you

  12. Thank you all for the great ideas, however, for those of us that are here to learn, let's indicate the ages of those children, a 2 years old can't read yet. Thank you

  13. There is no rubber-stamped mode to parenting. Just study your child and use the method that suits him/her. We learn and relearn everyday

    My four year old loves writing. Infact,her textbooks are always filled up before the session ends. Just make sure to hold your red pen on hand and be ready to mark her book. Already the elder one loves reading too so it's just to give them space to write and read. The only person that will disturb is the one continuously coming to ask for marking

    On days that the book writing doesn't work,she and the sister do their play play cooking outside. I cannot come and go and kee myself

    For the eldest,her duty is to read on five chapters of the Bible every week, summarize for me in her book and also vocalize it. We answer any questions that arise from there. It helps her with her reading, helps her on how to put her thoughts to writing and teaches her Bible truths
    There is a maths practical book that she must solve every single maths in her textbook. I made a deal with her teacher that she must submit it Evey Monday for her to check. I no dey get time check am abeg
    For plates,you wash after eating. I used to be very lazy growing up so make them no follow that pattern.
    Unless on nights that I come back late,we have our own small night devotion. We don't do morning devotion... morning sleep is a very sweet something.

    1. Darajah thank you, in my house we wash plates immediately after eating. Dirty plates breeds cockroaches & others

  14. Na this kind important post comments go scarce if na one yeyebrity matter now comments go full everywhere it shows where our priorities are small wonder you have kids drinking beer and all sorts.

    1. Funny thing is you did not leave any meaningful contribution to the post.

  15. My daughter is a very sensitive, rambunctious and observant 2.6 years old.
    She can sing nursery rhymes and dance, knows A through to Z, can count 1 to 10, identifies up to 15 colours, knows her teacher's & 2 classmates names, is currently potty-training, anoints me with oil and says 'amen' when you call the name of Lord Jesus.
    While pregnant, I learnt they can hear and distinguish sounds in the womb. I played her lots of music and talked to her from the 5th month of pregnancy.
    I also learnt from the Chinese the practice of flash teaching (fast speaking, colour or object flashing based teaching to awaken the right side of her brain). I put it into practice.
    I bought a lot of excercise books and we draw and paint every weekend. She just started using watercolours last month & I wish I'd stuck to pens, pencils and crayons but we move, any mess that cannot be cleaned, we will call art!
    She watches lots of Peppa Pig, Pocoyo and PJ mask among others. They teach manners, are educative and engaging (she often says phrases or speaks the lines with the characters, showing her long term memory is developing well). Once she is 4, we will start watching documentary and science programs like Bright Sparks, Dodo the kid from outer space & such.
    Kids brains need some sugar to develop, I give her natural fruits, cookies, Capri-Sun and lollies (once in a while).
    We also have wooden blocks alphabets, magnetic numbers, alphabet and signs, coloured logos, a small step-bucket she stands on to reach the sink to brush or peer out the window (she's tall for her age) and several odd toys. She hates fluffies though so no stuffed toy. I got her a plastic dog we named Bingo (of course) and I call it her baby. I tell her to brush its teeth & bathe it. This made it easier for her to accept me bathing her and cleaning her teeth.

  16. (Continued) To successfully get any of my chores done, she's either watching cartoons in the same room as I'm working in at the time or we are doing the chore together.
    It's not easy to parent any child, talk less of very active ones. It can be so stressful you almost resent the sense of responsibility sometimes but just remind yourself that you are raising someone who, if you do it prayerfully and with love, will change the world for the better as they grow.
    You also have to be present at all stages, especially the formative years. Right now, I hardly have a social life as I play physically with her, we sing and dance together and I watch all her shows with her and we laugh and experience them at the same time. I'm relearning a lot through her eyes and I take the hard knocks on the chin and keep on moving forward.
    Stella, please do a post on picky eaters (children). Mine is healthy and weighs almost 15kg at 2yrs & 6 months.
    However, we still eat cereal daily as she only will eat rice, potato, chicken, pasta, fish, egg white (boiled) or the whole egg (fried), plantain, ketchup, fruits, drinks tons of water and some yogurts.
    She won't even look at beans in any form, swallow or soups. Even if you force feed her, she'll spit it out. She doesn't like tea or the milo kiddies drink. She likes to lick a bit of my milk-heavy ijebu garri soak. I know it doesn't seem like a lot to worry about but I'd like to know how other parents do it or cope. Thank you.

    1. Mothers abi parents, may God continue to bless you oooooh it's not easy to train children rightfully

    2. Amen to your prayers MC. May God continue to bless us in Jesus name, amen

  17. My little baby friend that comes to my office to keep me company. Once she comes and starts disturbing, I will just give her pen and paper to keep her busy. She will quietly sit in her own corner, drawing what I don't know.


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