Stella Dimoko UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson To Resign Or Not?


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Friday, February 04, 2022

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson To Resign Or Not?

 The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to resign over parties held with his alleged approval during the COVID lockdown........

He is being asked to resign and he has refused and wants to overhaul number 10.

It is reported today that four of his aides have resigned....

Do you think he should quit? Do you think he will resign?


  1. This clown 🤡 should resign

    1. Just as power hungry as African leaders. But good at pretending. No surprise. Na them colonize us. Now this idiot says people do not have el wear masks again in the UK

  2. Yes he should as a matter of urgency. How could be having party when there was restriction all over Britain and the queen of England was made to sit alone during her husband's burial- the traumatic period of her life and the mumu was dancing and having fun. He has failed and should resign.... My opinion which i am entitled to

  3. The Tories need him dearly: Boris is their election joker. Rather unfortunate that the Queen had to sit alone as a leper while Boris spent the burial eve boozing in group. If this precedence is allowed unpunished, it will open up the firm and the kingdom it stands for to great disrepute. Those coming behind will do far worse or less but so many times because Boris did it and the sky didn't fall. If the Tories can have the courage to front Gove or someone like Rees Mogg, people who can deliver, it would be bye Boris.

  4. Replies
    1. Of course, e no concern you.

  5. What info did the party goers have that made them not to adhere to the restrictions at the time?

  6. BoJo should resign & save Britain from this monumental embarrassment

  7. After watching the video of him dancing with the black woman! The guy is a joke! Heheheheheheh! He should resign please!

  8. A vindictive former advisor called Cummings
    A lying bumbling manipulative wandering eye Boris.
    A scheming wife
    A crafty Rishi and useless to boot
    A "priti" useless Patel and bending backwards over France & suspiciously unbridled immigration
    A parliament not fit for use mostly
    A track and trace laden with fraud , covid PPE scam and jackpot
    And a very disillusioned British populace

    It is not Boris resigning but who scarily is replacing him!

  9. Be like say na only me like am. Bojo can do no wrong in my eyes, loved him since he was mayor of London. All the best my guy.


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