Stella Dimoko Bishop Oyedepo Explains Why He Celebrates His Birthday Once In 10 Years...


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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Bishop Oyedepo Explains Why He Celebrates His Birthday Once In 10 Years...



  1. I just read apostle Suleiman opened a free for all restaurant, it's amazing how it's the so called fake pastors that give back to the society while the so called real men of God only take, establish businesses with other people's sweat and yet these people still patronize the businesses with their money, they never give back to the society that has given them so much. I'm just happy that so many Nigerians are gradually beginning to have sense. This particular pastor up there is one of the greediest if not the greediest, to his sheep, I just pray one day sense will fall on you all.

    1. God will forgive you oh,if only you know the thousands of people on scholarship under him and the ways he blesses people..

    2. If, he is that generous, why did he fire all those Pastors. He pushed them into an already saturated unemployment market.

    3. Is the scholarship provided by him or tithe and donation money.

    4. Why don't you build your own church,collect the tithes,and share the money. The best way to run people out of business is to beat them at their game. Can your own self approve of your dealing with it? You sit at your obscured corner and judge someone whose record haven't been attained in your generation. Shame to the devil on your behalf. Never judge a pastor when you haven't pastored a church. Never condemn the acts of a mother,when you aren't one. Allow the caller to judge to callee...selah.

  2. Its okey not to celebrate,birthday wishes and prayers are still better

  3. Still trying to understand what I just read

  4. Who asked him ?

  5. How e come take concern food dia like this

  6. he is essentially saying he only celebrates his birthday every 10 years e.g. When he is 50, 60, 70, 80 etc.

    Truth is - As a christian, I am not a fan of David Oyedepo. But I have studied him over the past 6 months and you can't deny that he is a hard worker, disciplined and highly cerebral.

    1. Dude doesnt wear any other clothing except his white suit. It shows someone who prefers to make high quality decisions.

    2. Excellence is important to him. If you see his churches, his residence & schools, you can tell.

    3. He is a hard worker and very intelligent. If you know how aggressively they build churches, and the method of income, you willbe shocked.

    I have learnt to stop criticizing people now. ALl i do is pick the good things I see and use it in my life and get result.

    I am still not a fan. But admire the good things I see while ignoring the bad ones (which are significant by the way).


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