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Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Greetings Madam Stella and all my fellow ardent BVees

Please I need advice on what to do to take my mind off my ex.

I can't believe I'm still stalking(on social media) this guy after 2 years of breakup (yes, he broke up with me).

Whenever I see his post on WhatsApp, there's this sudden urge to say 'hello' first and whenever he posts another woman's picture/video on his status I'll just get emotional and start crying.

I still miss him so much, and sometimes I wish we were still together.

Not like there's no man in my life right now. My man is even talking about coming to see my people this march ending.

All I really need is advice on how to get over my ex boyfriend and totally move on with my life as he has done with his.
Please BVees help me. What should I do to totally get rid of my past???


Go on social media and block all his handles that you follow.....
Reduce contact with anyone that is very close to him and do not ask after him.

Soon you will get used to not monitoring him and move on....


  1. Since you know seeing things about him upset and change your mood, block him.
    Move on with your life. Stop monitoring him status wise and all. He is not coming back .
    Be bold to move on from your past.

    1. This is what I did when I was not only jilted but also invited to his bachelor's party in 2011.

      1. I closed my eyes and imagined him entering the house, playing music inside the DVD and I stood up, removed the CD and broke it.

      2. I imagined that he was singing for me and I refused to dance to it.

      3. Finally, I took a baseball bat and beat the hell out of him.

      I blocked him everywhere. He couldn't reach me and had to use a third party to talk to me when I was getting married but I told him to stay off else, my hubby will kill him {he's military but all na sakara}

      11 years later, I'm grateful to God that I did not end up with him because even after 9 years of marriage, it feels like we just got married just yesterday.

      You'll be alright eventually and even thank your God that you didn't end up with him.

  2. First, while still keep his contact knowing it would cause you pains. Follow Stella's advice, get rid of his contact and everything that reminds you of him. Block him on social media and then focus on your relationship. I will advise you do not enter a new relationship if you cant keep your mind off your ex because this is capable of affecting your loyalty and concentration to your new relationship. Again, you can get yourself busy with something. Focus on yourself and goals.

    1. Aside from blocking all the blockables, always remind yourself of all the things about him that wasn’t perfect. Keep remembering how you humiliated yourself trying to get him back but still he refused , but above all never stop telling yourself that you deserve a man that would stay no matter what transpired and stop blaming yourself, shit happens but then again we move. All the best

  3. You just have to condition your mind enough to be able to do it. He has since moved on what stops you from doing same?

    1. You have not moved on at all.
      If your ex comes back you will still fall for him.

      If he is that good.
      He won't break up with better carry yourself well.before one ex will mess you up.
      Focus on your relationship and stop dwelling on something meaningless.

    2. Follow Stella's advice.

      Block the blocables, cry once more, pray and move on.

  4. Follow Stella's advice,you will be fine.

  5. You have a penchant for emotional suffering?

    1. Very unnecessary emotional trauma.. Self inflicted for that matter. She has even met someone who saw value in her and wants to wife her, the value the other person did not see.

  6. You can't block him or what? You're not serious

    1. Lol..maybe she's enjoying the emotional torment.
      Love yourself a little bit more... Block him all round

    2. Just block him everywhere! You deserve better. Tell yourself that.

  7. Hmmmm.Wetin you still dey look for? Oya move na

  8. How do you stalk an ex? Once we are done, we are done.
    Why do you still have his contact anyway?
    Block him and delete his numbers.

  9. The only person I feel pity for is the man that's coming to see your parents.

    1. I swear.
      Because if that ex blow whistle.
      She is ready to run to him.
      Some people don't know what they want.

    2. Honestly, she is still emotionally attached to the ex

  10. 2 years is a long time to be pining over someone and that’s because you kept him as a contact which stalled the process of moving on. He’s your ex and belongs in the past.

    After you are done deleting him from your phone, delete him from your brain too cos your type always have their ex number offhand. Keep yourself busy, take up things you have always thought of doing. Go out with friends and surround yourself with family whenever you are feeling down. Take up running, it’s a great way to tire yourself out when you start thinking about him and start treating that man in your life better but if you are not feeling him, pls let him go than using him as a rebound. You do not need a man in order to feel happy or fulfilled.

  11. The Original ShugarGirl8 March 2022 at 15:25

    You will have to block him all round to move on. I mean all round else it will be a problem in your marriage.

    Please discuss this with your man and walk through it with him.

    Don't go ahead if you're not ready and don't marry for revenge.

    2 years is too much now were you not you before your ex met you? It's normal to snap out of this mood. Please aim at it.

    Soldier go soldier come barrack go still dey.

  12. I really feel pity for the man coming to see your parents.if you don't love this man, do not let him marry you!! Do not waste his time!

  13. Block him off all social media and pray to God to mend your broken heart.

  14. I really feel pity for the man that's coming to see your parents. If you don't love him, do not let him marry you. Do not waste his time!!!

  15. Delete every of his contacts you have, stop following him on social media and stop thinking about him you will be fine.

  16. You wee not ress until ur Hi turns to ofeke belle which new mumu husband will carry till u write anoda chronicle.i pity ur husband

  17. Which kind of person are you, to me this is wickedness on your part. Some poor guy has planned to see your parents and you are here crying for another guy.
    You are not supposed to be in any relationship if you still feel this way about your Ex.
    Get a grip and stop being a doormat.
    Person say he no want you but you wan die ontop him matter..
    Abeg recieve sense IJN..
    I pity that guy that is loving you sha

  18. It's obvious you don't love your present boyfriend,if you do you won't have time to be stalking an ex that has moved on.

  19. Poster, get rid of that stalking spirit in you, you deserve better and I believe you are in a better place, dont mess it up.

  20. Come on people this emotional stuff doesn't come that easy for some people. There is no sure way of getting over an ex if you had truly and genuinely loved him/her.
    Poster this your feelings might linger longer than even you could imagine but you can sure handle it better.
    Block every means of seeing/ discussing/ chatting and reaching out to him.
    Gradually you will see reasons why he wasn't the best thing that could have happened to you. Do not make the mistake of comparing him to other 'men' you meet.
    If he was best for you, he would've stayed with you.
    Tough but doable.

    1. Can I send you an e-hug? Lolzzz. Don't mind all these awon tough babes later na dem go dey knack outside even when married. If you truly loved someone there is no unloving that person,all you can do is move on knowing that if the genuine love was equally reciprocated, he would NEVER dump you.Moving on is painful but possible. Cheers poster.

    2. Thank you o. People are too harsh.
      My darling poster, see ehn, if I could forget my ex, nothing is impossible in this life. Mine lingered for 4 years. The 1st 3 years were hell. I cried almost everyday and remembered him too. He had even blocked me to make matters worse. But you see by the 4th year, I had had enough emotional torture and took control of my life. First thing I did was to block my absolute best friend in the whole world who was his friend and colleague. I even blocked my bestie's family members and friends. I started to analyze a lot including how stagnant my life had been. I didn't have a bf or mixed with people in that 3 years. The love I felt for him became hate for myself because I couldn't even blame him. And then I started to forgive myself. Don't get me wrong, he is a great guy and true friend to a lot of people and even me but as a whole, he did me dirty. Nearly ruined my life. And that was the beginning of my healing. He unblocked me after the 3rd year and I won't lie to you, the feelings came back and hope rekindled but I quickly caught myself. And that's when I blocked him. Now? I've unblocked him because it looked like i was bitter or still into him. He messaged me sometime ago, I read it, posted a picture of my niece to let him know I saw his message and wasn't too busy to answer but was intentionally ignoring him. Oh my darling, it felt so gooooooooodddddd. I still love him. Probably always will but I love myself enough to let him go. I Don't talk to him. Haven't spoken in a year. Still haven't unblocked my best friend. I love and miss my bestfriend so much it makes me cry and I'm actually teary eyed right now but I can't let him back into my life because of his friend.
      Oh my darling. You will be fine I promise. Just give it time and be intentional about it. Did I mention I prayed and fasted for God's help? I don't know if it worked but I was only able to make progress when I decided it was enough torture.
      If he can live without you, loved other girls, then he doesn't deserve that level of affection from you. Not that he is a bad person o but my dear, Your tears are expensive. Don't waste it on someone that doesn't want you. Don't let him rubbish you. If you don't love your current bf, leave him and focus on improving yourself.
      I made up for the stagnancy I suffered for that 3 years. If he sees me now, he'll go home and wonder what he was thinking.
      Don't let anyone make you feel stupid for what you are going through. You are just more emotional than most people and you will be fine. Just remember that there's one hot gee looking for you everywhere. That wants to love you like you want. Bath, rub powder and lipstick and go and find him baby.
      Hugs maami.

    3. Thank you to the three of you for actually being real and letting poster know that how she’s feeling is normal and she’s not experiencing what nobody else has experienced.
      Forget the people talking like feelings are light bulbs that you can switch off and on in a second.

    4. The Original ShugarGirl9 March 2022 at 04:40

      After 2 years?😳😳😳

      I was being real with my advise.
      I have never had to hold on for so long except in my early 20s and we never even dated, he was my crush until I deleted his line completely. I hate to stalk. We are different sha

      From there, I decided that no expired relationship deserves to live rent free in my head.

    5. Thank
      you so much anonymous
      11:37. In my case I’d moved on. Then he reached out and we started talking again and now I’m so angry with myself. It’s basically self torture cos it took my a long time to heal the first time and now I’m back there again

  21. U better don’t marry that ur present boyfriend until u are ready to move on from ur ex,since u like emotional stress don’t marry that man and be frustrating him for nothing.Leave him alone and stay on ur own,heal properly,move on from ur ex totally before u marry another man and frustrate his life.If u really love ur present boyfriend and he is a good man to you,ull forget ur ex totally.

  22. Just start remembering all the bad things he did to you.. with that, you will forget him easily.

  23. Think of something bad he has done or did to you . Tell yourself you are way better than this and the treatment. 🤗

  24. Do what Stella has told you
    When sex was involved in a relationship
    That's how it goes.

    1. It doesn’t always follow. In my case sex was not involved yet it took me a long time to move on

  25. Poster see you what you will do
    Pray first
    Then promise God that you will not go back thinking about him.
    Block and delete all your conversations with him on Whatsapp.
    You will be fine

  26. Poster I pity you! That thing you are looking for from your ex, I pray you won't find it because it won't be good for your life. Niko forget that expired boyfriend, he cannot love and uphold you highly. You think he is what you want right now but trust me he isn't what you need atall. A time will come when you will be glad you forgot him. Talk to the Holy Spirit if you are a Christian.

  27. Whenever I tell people that I always blocked off exes, deleted numbers, text messages, pictures and anything that would remind me of them, my friends would tell me i was being too harsh. Some even called me childish. But this is exactly what I meant. As long as u cared for someone, those feelings would linger if you continue keeping tabs on them. And ofcourse you will keep tabs because you have access to them.

    Poster, everyone has advised u correctly. Delete anything & everything concerning him. Block him everywhere! Focus on the man that values you; please don't be the typical basic human being that takes good people for granted & lusts after what doesn't want them. That is the instinct of basic, unintelligent & immature people. Grow up & be intentional by appreciating what/who appreciates you & letting go of who/what doesn't.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl8 March 2022 at 18:25

      Erase completely like you never met them.

      It helps you regain yourself and focus on your present and the future.

      No be everything be fight. It works 1000%

      Thank you.

  28. Poster pls genuinely help yourself. Be ready from your heart. I will add that after doing what others have suggested, include it in your daily prayers. Prayers helped me with an ex of mine, so am talking from experience. Make a conscious effort to help yourself.

  29. You have not moved on for 2years because you didn't take the first step to MOVING ON/GETTING OVER him when u broke up,first step is BLOCKING OFF EVERYWHERE so ur heart can HEAL AFTER HURTING,u kePT going back to check and sulk or so long,if your present relationship is important to you,take that step NOW!

  30. I read somewhere on ig that a woman who was about to get married was called by her ex to have sex one last time before her wedding and she went. Her wedding has passed, but now she is carrying a pregnancy from her ex and she doesn't know what to do.

    What i can tell you is don't be this lady. Don't mess up things for yourself. Your ex is an ex for a reason. Imagine, a man didn't respect or love her enough to want to marry her, but when he heard she is about to wed, he became selfish and evil to want to ruin things for her.

    Why did this happen to her because she had not cut all ties with him. Learn to cut ties no matter how hard it is. Learn to let go. Two years is a long time to stay in misery and stalking an ex. Viewing his pics, tracking his life and all. Learn to love yourself. You are worthy. If you continue like this, you will find yourself in deep trouble.

    Remember the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy.

  31. Poster Stella has said it all, just block him.

  32. Why don't you say hello to him and open up that you're still in love with him and ask him if he still wants you..

    No pride in this things..

    Alot of people are living unhappy lives and in regret because they're with someone they don't love, and they wish they had tried to get back with an ex..

    No gain in unnecessary pride and ego oh..

    See Maraji sef go back her ex, and the true reason a lot of chics are sad and calling her out about it is cos they followed advice from bitter people who encourage one not to put in efforts to making a relationship work, now they're mad that Maraji went married the guy that served her breakfast, because they envy her courage. They wish she stays bitter and unhappy like them. Misery loves company.

    Na my own advice be that.. forever is too long to be happy. At least be sure you exceeded all your options before you bounced.

    Good luck..

    Sign out: Realest Man✌️

    1. NY dear poster I'm not saying you should not call him and profess love o but be 100% sure he wants you first. I've been there and done that will not advise it at all at all. You think you are in hell now but if he should reject you, you will wish for death. Start working on forgetting him. It's a gradual process but doable. You will be fine my darling.

  33. Call him and f***k him.. and if you still dont get over him..
    Keeping f**king him.
    Carry belle for him and give it to your husband.

    Don't worry "Men are Scum!!!"

    Ode oshii

  34. You'll start crying for what?
    You no well o

  35. I know that feeling dear poster, but it’s obvious he doesn’t want u anymore…that thought should make u avoid him..
    Think about the bad things he’s done to u… it will make u move on easier…


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