Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - How Well Do You Know That Domestic Staff Of Yours?


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Saturday, March 05, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - How Well Do You Know That Domestic Staff Of Yours?

Oh Dear....!

Q eventually bowed to pressure and agreed to walk down the aisle with his beautiful girlfriend of almost 10 years recently. The engagement ring which Q gave R almost 6 moons ago was just in the process of "briefing" DJ Switch and Marcaroni (Freaky-Freaky) before the good news broke. I did not say #EndSars "things sha oh".

Q's parents had two maids prior to this period but for strange reasons they chose to disengage their services from the employ of daddy and mummy less than 2 weeks to that "wedding of the decade". Due to the timing, daddy and mummy decided to replace the 2 maids but this time around they decided to employ two boys. They were in luck, they got two boys. Both boys hailed from a certain section of the country (but details would be withheld as the writer does not promote stereotypes and stigmatisation). The boys resumed almost immediately and daddy and mummy were really excited about the replacement.

Day 2, mummy left for work and since daddy is self employed he strictly left home and returned at will. Daddy never joked with the tradition of having a cup of coffee every morning so he ordered the new steward to fix coffee for him. The steward wasted no time in carrying out daddy's instruction. 

Daddy had coffee and what followed would shock you. Mummy had a tradition too, the moment she arrives at her office she would either send an SMS to daddy or put a call through to announce her arrival. On this fateful day, she tried reaching daddy without luck. It was strange because daddy hardly ignores or rejects calls.

 Mummy became worried and she dashed back home to assess the situation of things directly. On getting home, daddy's lifeless body was lying on the floor. She shouted and searched the whole house but behold, the 2 lads were gone! Through the assistance of her driver, mummy was able to rush daddy to the hospital. Daddy was wheeled into the intensive care unit, several tests were run and in no time the results had come out. Daddy had been poisoned! 

Who are the suspects? Those 2 lads had swept the house completely. They stole mummy's jewelries and daddy's money both Naira and foreign currencies running into 8 or 9 digits. Thank God daddy made it.

You needed to have seen daddy at Q's wedding, you wouldn't have had any inkling of what he had been through. Thank God we don't look what we've been through.

Stay safe...

Its Kunle.


  1. Glad daddy made it to life. All that was lost can be replaced. Thank God for life and to daddy's family

  2. Replies
    1. This is the importance of closeness and communication between a couple. But some people will not understand.

  3. Thank God daddy made it,I hope they catch those criminals soon.we really need to be careful with strangers.

  4. Oh dear,Thank God Daddy was able to survive. You can't be too sure about those helps, if they are not spiritually bad, they are physically bad. since the death of Mama Lucky Igbinedion, my fear for househelps has increased.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  5. What!
    Sometimes the devil you know is better than the angel you are yet to know.

  6. Thank God for sparing his life

  7. Phew! The end was a relief. Thank God ooo

  8. Some house help are purely evil, people who are employing them should be very careful.
    Thank God that he made alive.

  9. This is not my case.

    I had a maid about 26 years. She just left yesterday for mission work. The church she was attending before she came to my house just reached out to her for missionary work.

    I was restless when she broke the news of her leaving to me. She was good. I mean exceptionally good in all areas, as in cleaning, honesty, cooking and hard work etc. In fact I can score her 95%.
    Not all househelp are bad. I never really knew her. She was sent to me. I neither know her parents nor much about her. But just trusted the person who did the recommendations. I wasn't disappointed at all.
    Her last day in my house (yesterday) was immotional for me. She held my hands in my room and prayed. I broke down in tears. She held me in the presence of the new one who just arrived the previous day. She had shown her round and put her through the house chores.
    She is off this shore now. Even this one that just came even though younger. I am trusting she will be good as recommended too. This morning I made good food for her, showed her my style of cooking. Gave towel, toothpaste, dozen of sanitary pad, body cream, tissue. She is so excited being with me already. Gave her some clothes. Some of my daughter's clothes can fit her. She is cheerful. Still studying her to know if I will keep her or not.

    I have been having maids for over 25 years now back to back. Never regretted any. One was with me for 14 years. Another stayed for 9 years.

    May we never meet our death or any mishap in the hands of any maid.

    1. You are a good person. My sister in-law each year would change househelps like 6 times. This is no joke. She can sack the help just for not coming to carry her bags from her when she returns from work. And this is their 5th apartment they are living in in 7 years in marriage.

    2. Thank goodness for daddy who surviving the poisoning, some house help are evil.

      Wow, you are such a sweet soul Posh, may you continue to experience goodness from your helps, God bless you.

      Justswt can you just imagine!
      What a troublesome lady, kaα»‹, my heart goes out to the helps cos they will be seeing their ears without mirror in her hands!

    3. The law of attraction is at work.

      Thank you for sharing. Some people only see and hear the worst and so they give out their worst and expect the worst. Only the worst the will get.

    4. I am not sure you noticed but this post is not about you. It is a warning to the general populace.

  10. I have witnessed a house help poisoning a grandma with gifts I give d woman,unfortunately for her the woman gave my babe back d biscuits and somehow God intervened,I seized it,fell hungry and ate half,I slept almost the whole day d teachers called to no end,they had to come drop the child at home,I became suspicious because most times,d junior house help complains mama sleeps abnormally,I called up 3 Doc's dey said it might be laced with date rape pills,
    1 adviced I eat it again,if is same reaction,I shd disassociate myself with d help.I did,same exact thing happened on a Saturday.
    Meanwhile wen I was close with d help,her wish has already been to inherit the old woman's house(The children built her a beautiful bungalow, dey r all based aboard)wen she is upset she speaks ill of the whole family and often ends it with,this old witch has refused to die.😳. Omo I borrow sense and distanced myself from her o.
    The old woman is super strong spiritually/prayerfully,I know she has tried all sorts to eliminate that woman but none has worked,she invites men into d house to spend 9ts,unknown to her I get 1st hand info from 3 security men on my payroll on the same street,I told someone she will DIE 1st b4 this mama,mama head too strong for her.
    Very devilish human,black,dark hearted. The lies,she tells will mk Putin deploy nuclear aswear.

    1. Please inform Mama anonymously, you might be the one that is to save her life. Thanks:

    2. Please inform the old woman and if possible, the woman's children anonymously.

  11. Thank God for preserving his life...


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