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Monday, March 14, 2022




What is the reason for all the disagreements in the comment sections? Ladies, if the men here have a different opinion, then state yours and leave them alone nah... I feel the attack on them is too vicious cos of the kinds of words used...make una take am easy cos its not easy for me abeg una..
I am not taking sides but asking nicely that it is toned down, its becoming toxic!

God bless you all.....



So I started growing my hair out and few weeks ago I decided to make my hair just to look different ....

I went to the salon and my hair was woven and crocheted, it was quite painful. I expected the pain to reduce after few days and used painkillers but the pain got worse, I started to feel feverish so I yanked it off.

Few days ago I decided to give it another try so I went to the salon again , I made another hair style and the pain has been crazy. I noticed that when the hairdresser was making my hair she was in a rush, she didn't make the back of the hair properly so they fell off when I got home.

I had to go back to fix it. I am going through the pain again. When I went to make my hair this time around, I noticed a pattern, that every Saturday my hairdresser is always in a rush. She does everything to turn down jobs and does a shoddy work with the one she does. This is my fourth Saturday in her shop, I normally just wash or retouch my hair.

This was the first time I would take my time and she does this so that she can attend parties. I was surprised, guess some people are wired that way.

So far I have been managing the hair pain with painkillers it’s just day two, I don’t know if I would be able to endure for one or two more weeks. It’s not helping that my kids won’t stop pulling my hair and I can’t find a comfortable sleeping position but I am trying to see how long I can go before yanking it off.

Your hair dresser turns down Jobs or makes bad hair on Saturday so that she can attend parties? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha 



I hail o my fellow SDK yard people dem dem!

How una dey?

Stellacocoscopic...I greet ooo!

With all the hustu and bustu wahala for City and the rate wey people just dey miss anyhow for road.
I say make i give una one tori wey happen to person wah know back in the days before dem carry her go.

This lady dey always comot house around 5am go tanda for Ojuelegba bustop, to go work for Victoria Island, Lagos.

The resumption time na 6:30am, their Manager nor dey waste time knack person query!

So dem go do meeting for 1hour, 15mins for staff to take position for counter, 15mins to prepare for door opening to customers.
Fiam! 8 o' clock don knack!

The kain pressure to meet target for that time no be small matter! She go call me and members of her family, begin threaten us to come buy market wey our salary for 12months nor fit clear. Jesus abeg O!

Sometimes, her matter be like person wey wan carry waist trainer advertise give Mr Ibu?? Or person wey wan sell Manual on 'How to pamper your daughter-in-law' give Mama Gee inside film! Abeg na how una reason am?!

As girls dey accept complimentary cards from customers, dey go lunch and dinner after and during office hours no be here o!

Even the male staff too nor dey carry last to dey compliment their Mama age-mate say 'you look 21,Gorgeous!'. Choi! You go hear, when do you get off work handsome?! Here's my card!

Na for that City there, she dey see say person wey him job na to just wake up, wear clothe, look fine, begin waka upandan like 'spirit wey dem thief him pikin', no job, nothing o!

Dem go carry better complimentary card wey get 'expensive aroma' give any potential mugu inside any hotspot especially, working class ladies out for lunch or a business lady on a leisure trip.

You go see card wey dey scent like Dubai, fit just be All-black with inscriptions like:
Jona C. Nineveh, under him name you go see CEO, Whale Rogue Inc...followed by an International phone number, wey the simcard nor dey see ordinary light of day o!
Simcard wey get timetable inside phone! *clickstongue*

The Man go then say, Erm.. let me have your phone, I'll dial my local digit init.

And some young girls nor get sense say, the Android wey dey their hand get something wey get sense pass dem (Google), wey dem suppose use go check and balance the person profile!

Na when the villian don near dem, chop dem, clean mouth, dem go see say the House for Banana wey he carry dem go, na property wey Bigman give him friend dey find buyer for!

The period wey the house nor dey available, wey the real Agency wan show potential clients, na to tell the victim say he nor dey country...or he carry dem go another house for Ikoyi...Begin use borrowed properties acquire real ones! Choi!

And some single working class ladies wey time don dey go for marriage dat time, na so dem dey jam these kain men O! Wey dey package with their friend properties.

Small time na the lady go begin use her savings dey pamper the guy make another woman nor collect am. After she don show the man off to her fellow single friends.
Those kain men dey always fine, speak better English and their dress sense na die!

Na dem dey get access in and out of the creme de la creme places for Lagos City o! Most times sef na their connect or friends dey manage or get those places...So na complimentary something dey arrange codedly!

Nne, nor be regular complimentary o, na the one wey na their friends wey get the lounge or restaurant go come clear their bills after after!

Time wen Tab don dey full and running over! We dey see dem plenty back in the days na!
Some go even rubbish Bartender and Waiter for woman front o! Choi! Staff wey sabi your parole! Say na ontop credit! God dey!

Small time wen the lady see say the guy nor get anything, time go don too go, to end the thing!

Shame sef nor dey gree some innocent ladies to tell people. Na so dem go continue to dey do 'breadwinner' while the scammer go dey carry the money spend for other girls wey him really really like fa!...
Una see wetin unnecessary pressure on top single ladies between that kain 35-50 dey cause! Abeg make una dey leave dem alone o! Na only God sabi better husband wey dey come for road, biko!

Na yeye men like that, dey enter my friend office, dey find potential mugu & target among dem customers wey dey come the office and potential baby girl among dem young female staff wey dey work for the office. Una see am!

Back to the office matter o jare...

If customer make mistake report you like this, na from HQ you go receive mail! Dem go copy like 1million people.

By then, top, top people for management already conclude say the Staff 'nor jor get sense' before dem even meet you face to face! So sack nor dey mean anything for dia side!

HR sef go just dey comot query left, right and centre for person file!
Na you sef go ask HR may she jor pity you, give you transport go house!

Some celebrities wey dey show for dem office dey sabi throw tantrums like 6year old pikin, once nobody give dem face or idolize them above other human beings, wey first dem to declare war begin lose home training!
Some celeb go dey find staff or customer wey wan follow dem snap picture. That time na only Facebook really dey outside, like that, like that!

Even though these ones wey dey find attention that time na upcoming, wey do wakapass, but na dem get bad character pass!You famz dem na insult! You nor famz dem na ridicule!

I even hear say one celebrity slap dem female staff! On top say she tell celeb say her card declined twice.
The Staff say make celeb sidon sort her card issue while she attend to other people on the 'kwi'...And the staff geh natural loud voice like thick, man own!
She land the poor geh slap nor be play! Na the voice make am be like insult!

Na those kain people wey usher dey like put near loud speaker on Sundays! Dey nor sabi keep secret cos dey nor get tempo.

Na manager wey nor dey use eye see fine woman, go carry the angry bird...sorry celeb, enter him office begin behave like pikin wey see Coaster Biscuit...
Their Manager wey go dey speak English wey enter keke go Poland!

I don go her office before, so I been use my own eyes see different characteristics of wetin God create and wetin circumstance don remix!

Persin wey get blood pressure for Family history nor fit work for dia o! Hian! Na like market place wey everybody carry shakabula come!

If high value customer come, wey another staff dey eye come follow you talk...My friend say na make you nor make mistake leave your food or water look another place o! Hmm..say nor be friendly match o! Dem dey go work with bullet proof and dagger!

One time wey trailer spoil for bridge enroute Island from Mainland, this 'very wise' a girl carry okada from Ojuelegba reach V.I!

Stella, imagine dat kain risk o!
When she come house teh me, be like mah carry broom flog her!

Okada people make better money, almost buy Ferrari that period o!...lols.

As manager dey pressure my friend to come and 'collect' inside him office, na so customer dey wink-wink for counter! She nor dey gree me sleep for night!

Na lamentation upon Chronicles! Small time na me go begin dey feel depressed, she go dey feel relieved as she don offload her frustration, come begin snore! Na me no go come see sleep sleep again!
When Jesus say cast your burden on me, he get why! I nor even know as therapists dey take sleep for night!

The bobo wey she wan marry dey him parent house, he nor even get better hustle! Still dey latch for him Mama bwess at 35!

He geh luck say him Mama never watch any Eagle documentary that time! Wey Mother Eagle go do like say she wan carry her pikin go lick ice cream, as dem reash outside, na so Mother Eagle go drop the pikin from Up! Up!

Abeg make una teh me if this kain pikin wey she call husband-material go fit comot wings and fly?! Person wey fit use small pikin scooter for staircase.

He lazy nor be Small! Ordinary church mass, we nor dey see am! Choi! But him mama too nice and fine abeg! Fine woman at almost 70! Omalicha! Egovin! Na better MIL, na the pikin jor ment small. We say we go manage am.

Their marriage plans jor be like the City of Babel! Everybody just dey speak wetin dem like, he nor Mata if you understand or not, mouth sha just dey in motion! Action na impossibility.

One fateful day, thieves come rob for our area, so she nor fit comot house until day break small. Me I nor even bother go work as na my off day.

I just relocate go parlour go sleep! Because when this my friend wan prepare for work like this, she fit empty one whole bottle of anointing ontop her self. So she go fit meet target for the day and, begin bind all the demons wey carry her manager placenta, wey he nor dey use eye see woman!

Abeg, when she come carry bag, comot for house, who the demon go come show pepper inside room!?

Nor be me and you! I go carry my wrapper kwantinue my sleep for parlour!

She reach office for 7am, with plenty risks involved o! Hanging ontop okada with backpack and pashmina wey almost cover okadaman face on top express! Three people on top okada for express!

Manager still knack am better query wey get Habanero pepper!

He tell her say her 'himalaya monkey-looking suit' from 'Super' dey rumpled and the creature wey curl and die ontop her head dey very unpresentable!
He say make she go back house, change and come back office before 8am when office go open for business!

Person nor fit go through dat kain journey make the suit even dey normal! He nor possible! Wey two men squeeze person, front and back on top okada! One hand dey hold handbag, the other one dey try hold wig!

Even the Yaki wey she carry for head don 'flip' with the kain cold wind on top third Mainland Bridge!

Na to soak that wig inside hot water for 12 full months!
Meh the wig rest from the humiliation wey im don face for that office! After, make she dig ground, give am befitting burial!

Na only palm oil remain wey she go rub the wig as the thing get the spirit of disobedience inside!
I still dey ask her if she pay complete money to buy the wig because, we almost begin borrow Rake from Landlord brush that wig!

Na another male staff sha help her beg manager!

So the unfortunate next day, she tanda for Jibowu around 5am. Na im my friend enter one chance, wey kidnaper/ ritualist carry her go o!

Stella, make I go pour water for body. I dey come with the main kidnapping tori!

Hahahahahahahahahaha permit me to say you are an idiot... I have laughed and laughed and laughed.. Your stories are always too long but really sweet and funny... We are blessed to have you and the others...

I know you already sent some but please the other ones, epp us and reduce it....



Seriously a lot is happening that some of us haven’t come out to say our stories doesn’t mean we were not victims too but thank God for life in 2021 I went to supervise my uncles project in the village and after all on my way back March 26th right inside Abuja , zuba to be precise I saw a taxi 9:45pm,and decided to board it with one gal whom we both entered same bus from Enugu state, since we were both going to kubwa ,not knowing it was the biggest mistake of my life 

My instinct felt odd about the taxi but I didn’t listen ..just immediately after zuba, that sharp bend, the taxi stopped pretending to have car issuesand the lady sitting next me started telling me she suspects the driver ,seems he got bad motives..

I quickly hid my fone in my bra b4 we could realise it, he brought out cutlass and guns ordering us to come out of the car 
while we came out about 5 guys came out from the big gutter and that was when we knew it was all planned.

We had entered wrong taxi. they started taking us rightwards inside that bush, cars were passing and I tried to scream for help but no one stopped ,I was frightened and thought of my poor mum.

My fone vibrated many times on my chest,I cried, I was traumatized
could not help my self cos the all had guns and cutlass that side of zuba is dark no light 

When they walked a certain distance they made us sit on the floor, the lady with me was trying to whisper to me that we should run but I didn’t answer her in my mind I said run with this guys, the guys spoke Hausa to each other, soon two left us and we were with four guys.

 I kept praying inside my mind, I said God this can’t happen to me, my mum and siblings would not be able to take this pls help me 

I promise to always follow my spirit/mind

few mins later I saw this babe I was with kick one of them on his manhood and the other on his hands and manhood, the other with me rushed to use cutlass on her and she kicked them too. she held me and she said ''run run run'' I told her babe I can’t I am traumatized

She held me forcefully , dragged me and started pulling me so I summoned courage to run.. they chased after us saying ''we shoot we shoot'' she told me keep running .

I remembered my mum ,my siblings and I ran so hard til we got to the park with  tears in our eyes….i ran leaving my luggage. I lost all I had and only my fone was with me .

We agreed to go to the police station the next day, It was in the police station I realised she was a soldier …oh my God that’s how he used her to save me, 
 I am alive and thankful 

For 4 solid months, I was indoors crying and thanking God each day .

one thing I have learnt is, when bad things want to happen, God sends signals to us ,our mind feels this discomfort ,please learn to follow that mind that tells you not to.......

Thank God for you!!!!

It is also probably fear that prevents most people from making a run from their kidnappers.. they just sit down and keep negging God to save them....



Stella and bvs I'm not happy,

I'm just sad and thinking of how to take my own pond of flesh. I'm married with kids, my hubby used to do sch runs before but kept complaining of how stressful it was for him.

To the glory of God he bought a car for me, not my dream car but it's ok. I resumed sch runs, go to my weddings without bothering him and stuff. I noticed he started complaining that I don't stay one place, always driving about town. I went to a wedding last yr, packed car in d parking lot.

After party finished I walked to where I packed my car, my people car disappeared, my car was stolen. I cried like a baby that day. When I finally got homey hubby was consoling me. saying maybe God wants him to buy a bigger and better one for me. He begged me to stop crying.

He started leaving his car for me to do sch runs or attend my stuff. It just lasted for a month, oga changed, doesn't allow me near his keys. i maintain face my okada and keke. There's this his best friend that I recently became close to his wife. She visits and spends time with me. 

So last Week she told me that she wants to leak a secret to me but I should promise not to spill. In fact I assured her that I won't spill. Only for this woman to open up to me that that my car that was stolen was a plan by my hubby. That he arranged for the car to be driven from the wedding and took it to her house before finally selling it. That my hubby complained that since he bought d car for me, my nyash no dey stay one place. I'm heartbroken, to think he was even consoling me. Now I want revenge. i want to arrange for boys to steal his car too. i must revenge......

Please let us know whatever you do because this sounds like a movie... Your husband get mind oooooo



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I am a child of God, born of the Word, which lives and abides forever. I no longer live by blood but by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God tabernacles me and He makes my body alive. Christ is glorified in my body. I live in health and strength always.

    1. Thanks to everyone who answered to my letter of attestation question, glad I got tips that helped. More questions loading, Love you all. this place is indeed family we are all looking out for each other.
      Thanks a million to you all

  2. Girls will drag guys for not giving them money..

    Shebi if you have the money, why then asking?

    That girl wey I meet for date, wey ghost me because I no pay for her uber.. you no try at all oo..

    πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ omor, the girl just ghost me like..

    Girls and money ehn.. na why una heart break long like palmwine tree.

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

      I refused to be confused by ladies

    2. Madam sisi, u too much o but crazy. Lol.

      Madam car, don't do what you will regret o. Be patient.

      May God deliver us from kidnappers and evil people, amen.

  3. Re: Stolen car

    That your husband is funny 🀣🀣🀣

    1. Kidjo, I saw your memo on sp.
      You and her need to call a truce. Let love lead.

    2. Its the her nyash no dey stay one place for me. I can imagine the pain of the man, wey him wife dey Waka Waka upandan and still no fit buy her own car.
      I hope she doesn't try stealing his car,make dem no burn the contracted thieves to death. Just confront and settle wit the husband..

    3. 14:33 I called a truce once but the mad woman was still throwing shades so let WAR lead na

    4. True @ anon 14:33. I feel sad when two people I like are fighting.

    5. Sad indeed.

  4. So I had a very free weekend to myself and chose to watch the talked about meaningless series "Euphoria".

    The substance abuse and sexual scenes of high school students was very annoying to watch like what exactly were they trying to promote. At some point I wanted to cancel the series but I don enter be say I don enter. I must finish it cos I don't do things half way. I was curious to know how the mind of those teenagers worked. What led to their lifestyle and why it got that bad.
    The part that got me really sad was somewhere in season 2 when Rue the lead character was going through withdrawal stages of prolonged drug abuse. It was a very very sad and pitiful episode. The torture and near insanity she went through just cos she was denied drugs. From sad feelings to rage, tears, pleas, destructive and back to anger. Mehn, it was really sad and made me wonder why they go into it if it turned them that way.

    Next day, I found myself praying for those with any form of addiction to overcome the demons they be fighting so as to enable them live a normal life.

    1. That series shook me
      I pray for every child not to get in contact with substance abuse.
      It’s so sad
      Her mother was exhausted

    2. Flee every appearance of evil 1 Thess. 5:22
      Nne Rhapsody, you are watching pornography o.

  5. Sometimes take 5k or 3k out of the money you worked for and take your self out,eat good food buy youghurt, and tell God thank you for allowing me eat out of my struggle.

    Some people didn’t have the privilege,don’t be greedy to your self,if you die nah another person go eat the money wey you suffer for.

    The gender war is becoming so toxic and tiring.Please live and let live.

    1. Stolen car lady,that your husband has mind oh. People like him can kill.

    2. Milkshakes, Anon 14:06 is right. It's 'live and let live' not 'live and let's live.'

    3. Yes ohh, once I receive pay like this, I take myself out, even if na only £50 I spend, I thank God,drink water drop cup, I no dey run kiti kiti run kata

  6. Things dey happen for some marriages sha. Why will he arrange for his wife's car to be stolen? Na wa!

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣
      Why she no dey sidon one place?
      He told her, tried to make her change but no,she won't..
      He would have just collected the car🀣

    2. Ssme thing I thought too! If he doesn't want her driving about town, he should've just told her instead of making her go through all that emotional trauma of thinking she'd lost the car.

    3. And you obviously found such extremely wicked act of his hilarious judging by your emoji Mrs Sharon?

      Poster,I wish you won't go ahead with your revenge on your husband, just know that your husband is a very wicked man that doesn't care about you.
      Don't even confront him on this because he might suspect that his friend's wife told you.
      Just be careful with that husband of yours.

  7. Una good afternoon o.
    That your hairdresser must be a Yoruba woman,I used to have one like that.

  8. Madam, don't steal his car back with hoodlums. What if they are caught in the act, how will you bear the shame?
    Why don't you use same energy to work and buy a car for yourself. Then, he can't have a say how you use it.
    Moreover, don't let car spoil your marriage.

    1. Your last paragraph. True

    2. Very good advise. God bless you for this.

    3. My thought...
      what if she arranges and they mistakenly hit her hubby with something when struggling...

      Wisdom is profitable, start saving money and let him add the remaining n get you a car.

    4. You are right @ Prestige, the oga no go forgive her ,her trying to be vengeful over what her hubby was complaining of showed her type. If she had minimized the use of that car, the man may ignore.

  9. Good afternoon everyone.
    iHN is here.
    poster of womanhood kpele, you will get used to plating.
    kidnapped bv, I am very sorry for your ordeals in their hands, may God heal you.

  10. Oh my this kidnap issue is getting worse by the day.May God keep directing our daily lives.Good afternoon my people...

  11. The men and women wahala for this blog is something else.

    Woman going through motherhood, sorry about your hair pain. Some people like party so much. I can't remember the last time I went to a party sef.

    The kidnappers story, thank God for your life. That soldier woman must be very brave.

    My people, how una dey?

  12. Good afternoon to you all.

    See sweet gist up there...make I find cold zobo take chill body.

    It's high time you engage ur children in some self defence exercise...No matter how difficult it is, you must be strong enough and u must have some tactical experience when need arise for u to defend ursef.

    My children,by God's grace will all learn Taekwondo garnished with a little touch of Judo.

    This morning was a great day for me cuz I had to go for 3hours training..woke up by 3am and had to start my training to keep my punches and kicks validated.

    1. Pinky it's very good for every child to learn self defence or attend martial arts class, especially a girl child in Nigeria. learning Martial arts as a kid saved me from dangerous situations several times in my adulthood. A kick to the balls or a punch at the jugular vein is my best strike.

    2. No punch your neighbor and see yourself for police net o.

    3. @Kidjo..That J's

      There are several places I can punch someone and he or she will faint immediately and I have never missed my target.

      Ap shargi ,dolio shargi, aria marki are suitable.

      My kicks are so accurate and easy to make a 360 kick which will stop blood flow to the brain and result to going I to comma

    4. Ehennn Kidjo, so you can fight?no wonder

    5. Pinky you better stopeet. Last time I tried to learn Takwando, I felt some pain in some body parts I didn't even know existed until I was done with the lesson o. I can't fight abeg. Let them beat me jare. I kuku like wahala.😀

  13. some men Sha, why steal the car he bought for you. poster is well with you, if you can buy your own car do it.

    1. He just wants to add to what the woman is going through. He went too far o. Please no need revenging his conscience will judge him n he will open up to you.god will come through for you.

    2. I think the man don't know how to collect the car back or make her stop her waka Waka.. sorry poster u hear, forgive him

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Honestly tho, the insults and the insulters and the insultees matter for this blog dey tire me to even read these days. I don't know how una dey do am. As in I don't even know how you take all that energy and put it on a virtual space.. even unsolicited opinions are trampled on by in it's all a different level of psycho-lunaticism-madding.. WE ARE ALL MONIKERS ONLINE! So much negativity and shalaye sha. I tire sometimes sha. How can someone's opinion or comment rile you up? I can't see you to slap, you can't see me to slap, you don't feed me, I don't feed you, some maybe typing dressed, some maybe typing naked, some maybe cruising on borrowed data, some maybe cruising on borrowed phone, as in what is all the wahala for gan?

    Anyway, I hail una.. awon Super, Pinky, Mor, #thatOgojadude, Dante and all the people that have shaking heads like mine.🀭😌πŸ₯°

    1. Hailings YP. You're right. Let love lead.

    2. Omo iyami...I gallant like early morning d**k wey never vomit.

      What's good now?

    3. "How can someone's opinion or comment rile you up?"

      Like I don't get it. Must be the poverty and frustration they're facing

    4. Pinky and Mor..all the love from this hot sun❤❤❤❤
      Shooter mi..warris going on? Which way?πŸ₯°

    5. Yeye Person good afternoon oo Omo Iya, how far na?

    6. You who has married four times,na you know how many of d exes re SIMPS.

      You na authentic yeye person,ride on with the craze with her fellow kokomentals

    7. Super my Lofa and Oga Dante..all the love from this side of the planet o❤❤❤

  16. If I pray that we don’t marry idiots as husbands, some of their fellow idiots will come and attack me!

    Poster that her husband stole her car, sorry oh. Let me not say too much. I don’t have strength for drags today because I will not have one good thing to say about that ur husband. But na Igbo man Abi?

    1. Yes, na Igbo man.

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
      The man wicked

    3. No na Isoko man,don't go hide under table,if dem call assembly for happily married women,u sef go show face πŸ₯΄


    4. No he's not igbo but Delta man.

    5. You call him idiot, on top car he bought with his money. Gift can be seized if abused. Kudos man, no simping

    6. Same as yours is one.

    7. 15.55 pls leave her in her ignorance, the shock e go shock ehn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    8. Anon 15.55 so e dey pain u say Eka marriage na happy one abi? No worry, make u pray make God bless ya own too.

    9. You are not yet up to 5 years in marriage yet you've turned marriage counsellor. You really should tone it down a bit. Cos remb pride comes b4 a fall.

    10. I hope u won’t remain on this blog when I happily celebrate my 5 years anniversary cos I know I will and my marriage will still be beautiful. I married a good man and I treat him just as good as he treats me. We will always be fine.

      This isn’t pride talking. This is the fact that I know my right from my wrong. I have hailed people’s husbands that are deserving of praises here. Check today’s chronicle poster. I have seen men who treat women the way they should be treated and I will never call them idiots.

      But u see the ones that treat women badly will always be idiots to me and I will never stop calling them that. You can find a very big bucket that will contain ur tears

      The one that wishes my marriage evil because I call out bad husbands, it is that evil that will befall u.

    11. Ms Joy, I think you're misunderstood. I am like you because we think alike and I always look forward to your comments. People always attack what they don't understand. Don't stop being you and never apologise for being yourself. You're a star.

    12. Your naivety is almost kind of cute, but mehn it's costly to be this naive.

  17. Amen to that prayer up there
    Good afternoon bvs

  18. pls which charger will be good for a redmil fone.. I just got a Tucas charger..but I'm not convinced

  19. Sisi Senaponi sebi your frd na banker, na why she go buy yanki flip wey una dey use rake and red oil dey comb nahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Most female bankers re slay queens and wear the latest wig, abi your frd don retire from slaying?

    @Friday night poster, please do not arrange any boys to steal your husband's car, what if they end up harming him in the process. just confront him but don't tell him how you got to find out the info.

    Goodafternoon Alpha males and females😏😏

  20. Good afternoon good people of SDKville

  21. Only God will save us in this Nigeria. Please before going out, pray with psalm 91

  22. Kidog, you must think yourself special to assume a whole me will go anon to troll your dirty ass. Same you that always hide under anonymous to troll your 'perceived enemies' and even Stella. I remember you thoroughly abused Stella and called her a hypocrite for not posting your useless comment.

    How a simple one liner will make you go off like the retard that you are is shocking. Why so pained?

    Come to Maitama extension and ask of Shooter na 🀣🀣
    I won't roll in the mud to fight dirty cos it's for ugly girls like you so I'll employ capable hands in form of thugs, to beat you and murder you in cold blood. So I'm waiting my darling

    PS: I didn't even read all the rubbish you wrote there sef so I'm responding to the few gibberish my eyes caught. Your unappealing picture is fight for another day bcos what is that antelope abeg

    As for the cretins under you, ya'll already cursed in real life so there's no point engaging swines

    1. Murder her in cold blood ontop blog.

      Can you just do a month without fighting. Let this year be different.

    2. 15:46 you didn't see where she wrote her own on sp abi

    3. Ewwww. Kidjo antelope? 🦌 hmm

      Shooter Gyal,wooo the chic you're abusing is better than you,as I dey so your location is showing here as Kubwa,who carry you enter Maitama extension,u can lie eh

    4. πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜† I choputas not

    5. Heeyzzz Shooter my lova.. wetin na... haba na. This is not cool na. No na..stop this na abeg.. i don't like this. Pls stop. It doesn't matter what or how. Abeg pls biko. Rest this drama. Really not cool for real.🀦🏼‍♀️πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    6. Shooter dear, you know I love you. Pls give peace a chance. You're a classic babe and above all this.

    7. And tomorrow now someone will come and say shooter is a darling. All of you supporting bad behavior on this blog are no better than these yeyebrities.

    8. Am telling you,anon 16:40. How people on this blog support bad behaviour surprises me. Guess they are low key sadist also.if not what?let's call bad bad, and good, good abeg.

    9. Shooter, that is way too much haba! You do too much, way too much.

    10. Hehehehehe.Glad you took the high road 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    11. Someone challenged you to a duel and you tucked in your labia?
      What then is the essence of going for peeps on here if you cannot walk it like you talk it 🀦🏾‍♂️

    12. 21:57 everybody know say I no sabi fight(can't afford to damage my beautiful light skin) na only caustic mouth I get for troublesome humans

  23. So how will stealing his car appease your hurt?
    You just believed your friend without question; what's her motive of spilling even if it is true?
    You may just end up scattering your marriage while hers is intact.
    Why not face your husband with the fact and let him know what you know without revealing the source.
    Hear from him and just move on.

  24. Good afternoon to you allπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’žπŸ’Ÿ❤❤πŸ’‹πŸ’™πŸ˜

  25. Good afternoon everyone.
    Sisi gist, wetin happen? Headache inducing 🀦

    Madam from Friday night post, I just knew it has to your husband. Some men Sha.

    Motherhood poster, hugs dearπŸ˜˜πŸ’—
    The day is blessed

  26. Stella I've modified the comment so approve it for that hoe biko. Thanks

    1. No use name calling. Not nice.
      You females do the most.
      Didn't we see when MM and D had their back and forth without insults.
      Both of you should learn to be ladies or take your nonsense to the streets. It's appalling

  27. Some women are specialists in wrecking other people's home. Same way this woman leaked so called secret to you is how she will leak your to others.

    1. No, the man is the one wrecking his home by himself. You have to be evil to perpetrate such act against someone talk more of ur own wife.

  28. Supposing the car thieves end up killing your husband?

  29. That man is mean sha,why steal your wife's car when you can tell her to tune her waka about attitude.

  30. A pleasant day to y'all lovelies πŸ’‹❣️πŸ’—πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’“ Do have a great week ahead


    We all know asuu has rolled over the strike for the next 8 weeks. As usual, many of us will stay idle for the next 8 weeks. Many of us will be on Facebook, Instagram, tik tok burning data with our smartphones, while we can make good use of our smartphones to learn skills that will offer us fanancial freedom. The Nigeria education system is failing and we all know offers little or no knowledge to what is relevant today.

    So, why not upgrade yourself for the next 8 weeks?
    What SKILL can I learn for the next two month? Or what skill should I give a headstart?

    I feel this is the right time to channel your energy to learn a skill.

    Ps: if you need a mentor in photography, graphics design, web design, coding and programming,will send a message to SDK.I will not be collecting a dime.

    1. Anon 14:42. Where is your base. I'm interested please. Thanks for this opportunity.

  32. I think she should find a way to confront him about the car without mentioning who told her, I don't support stealing his car back. The lady that escaped kidnappers, thank God for you oh. Sisi Pidgin Column, we are waiting for the conclusion, insecurity is a big problem in Naija oh, God help us!!!

  33. That mam is mean. What!! Steal his car back too

  34. Stella, on your memo above, the insults, attack and bully is way too much. All I noticed is that, the troublesome women here are trying to chase away the few guys here, and I want to ask, do they really want to make this place an all women affair? Will here be fun or entertaining if only women are bvs here? Active guys here aren't up to ten and most of them are being attacked often. Too bad I must say. If you don't like anyone's comment, it's fine and you have a right to drop a rejoinder and not insult or curse. Better still, you can ignore and drop your own comment elsewhere. This is the reason I will always love Ronalda so much and Bv Iphie. I miss them here.

    We only have few women here that will call a spade a spade and rebuke a woman's bad act here. Respect to such great women.

    Abeg make I rest look for something to eat.

    1. No na! We are the demons! We just chose to attack them!

      You will talk good about ur spouse and one idiot will come and codedly call ur own husband a Simp just because he is treating his wife right and when u retaliate, u are attacking men????

      Una well done!

      These same men have been consistently calling women names on this blog, Ashawo included, unleashing immense hate on women yet na our own no good????

      Una well done

    2. So when they were busy insulting women and calling them derogatory names there was no issue. Women decided to reply them and defend themselves they are now tagged as vicious. Its ok

    3. Eka, No, I won't support a man to insult women in general but then, the same way you see men calling women ashawo is the same way women often say all men are scum here. I often read Dante's comment and one thing I understand very well about Dante is that, he frown at the hypocrisy of some women here and the double standard thingy. In most of his comments, he often admit his doings and can own it with his full chest. Is it not the same women that dropped all the stuffs we read on anonymous post here?. What Dante usually talked about is the pretence in some women here who will give one advice on a chronicle and when the reverse is the case, they will give another advice just to suit their ego. All he wants if for these women to own up their shit with their full chest. I won't lie aside the demeaning words he sometimes used, there are often points in most of his comments.

      Ceaser, he's exposed and also very intelligent. I love reading his comments and like it when the wordings aren't laced with insults on the generality of women. Though he sometimes go the extreme which I feel isn't nice. I've equally learnt a thing or two here from his comments. I have in two occasions dropped a rejoinder on Ceaser's comment with a different opinion. So you see, it's not in all case we give consent to some comments that's done against a people or gender.

      In all, I still love both guys greatly.

      Eka, we have good women here. Believe me when I say I love, respect and value the few good women here.

    4. Clean your mouth brother Teejay
      You are speaking from both sides of your mouth.

    5. Ceasar often goes the extreme, no! He ALWAYS goes the copy your English..Reading Ceasar's posts always makes me cringe...quite cringeworthy I must say...only weak men, make that much noise..

    6. Okay Anon 15:48, I read you clearly.

    7. Eka, stop the hypocrisy! Like you don't constantly take shots at Ceaser. When the guy now replies you, you will e wailing about. Mschew

    8. Anon 16:04, read my comment again. I didn't say Ceaser 'often' goes the extreme. I said 'sometimes' Pls quote me right.

  35. Good afternoon everyone, amen to your prayer Stella.

  36. Poster that her husband collected back his car.

    You said "he bought a car for me, not my dream car but it's ok"

    1st of all, this your comment shows that you are an ingrate. Only God in heaven knows the kind of insults you have given your husband and the car when he complained about your waka waka, because he bought a car that is not your "dream car".

    Your husband collected back his car and you said he stole it.
    Which responsible mother/wife will be jumping from one wedding to another.

    Uta ataro gi, na your husband wey collect the car for you back that I will blame for being nice enough. If na me, na for your front I go sell that car so that the pain will penetrate well for your heart.

    Instead of you to work hard and buy your own " dream car " you want to arrange area boys to steal your husband's car and sell it and you will use the money to go and do "doings" in weddings, okwaya? Udo di.

    Go steal am, when police catch you and the area boys, you will come back here so that your woke supporters will restore your dignity and marriage.

    1. I kuku didn’t expect better from u!

    2. 😁😁😁😁 Chike your comment got me laughing at the last paragraph.

    3. You have spoken well Chike but still tone down the small small abuses, biko nu.

    4. LOL..

      Chile my man..
      Cheers Bro πŸ₯ƒ

      For the Culture 😁

      If it was me, I'll do exactly what you said, I go just ask am for the key and sell am for her presence, no time for games and stunts..
      Make she dey fly okada dey do the wakawaka as she no won know were to draw the line..

      That one that leaked the gist lacks respect for her husband, she needs some shake up.. if she doesn't respect him she should fear him.. make him surprise am, if she has a car too, he should collect and sell, when she fly bike for a while, she go know say to go dey do amebo expensive.. she go sit down for house

    5. Lol@Eka
      You are funny because a liars don't remember their lies and when caught, they lie more to cover up their lies.

      Yesterday's BEP, you said you don't troll unless you are trolled... Eka your name no dey my comment.

      You are busy throwing indirect shade in your comment up there instead of advising the ingrate poster... Tomorrow you will say you don't troll unless you are trolled.

      TeeJay made a comment up there about gender war, you said you attack when your husband is called SIMP... Eka, for the comment I post, na the poster I dey follow talk. I did not call your husband SIMP or mention your name in that comment. I have never called your husband SIMP, ngwa Eka tell me what you are doing under my comment if that is not you trolling and try to chase me away?

      If you don't have any other thing to do with your time, jee nye nwa gi ala... Woman go and breastfeed your baby nwanyia.

    6. Chike, I wasn’t referring to u about calling our husbands simp. I wasn’t referring to u. The idiot knows himself.

      And maybe u should check the definition of trolling. Seems a lot of people don’t actually know what trolling is

    7. The MEN are not smilling😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    8. So going from one wedding to another is the height of irresponsibility for a married woman...woow, just wow, naija women una dey try sha...marriage na prison ooh...kai...

    9. Chike and Dante, I think organizing weddings is her source of income (I stand to be corrected though), the man was wrong to steal her car and there's no need for her to retaliate. This is similar to the woman that built house secretly, rented to her husband through agent and was collecting house rent from her husband every year, both acts are deceptive and wrong, no matter the gender.

      Chike, we haven't forgotten you and Chikito on this blog oh, last last, I no believe say you mean all this things una dey talk sha, maybe its just a "Boys' club" thing to rile the ladies. Let love lead always.

    10. EZEGE Igbo n'ile, akuko that woman adiro nma at all.

      RON, I no see the abuse.

      DANTE, that amebo go "collect" when her husband hear wetin she do.
      They say make you no dey talk say woman suppose fear her man if she no fit respect am. They say na DV you dey encourage like dat... Lol
      They wan turn all men to "alpha male" by force or they go chase us out of blog, but we no gree as we no be gentle man like that... Lol

    11. Is this not the same chike that was rigorously licking chikito's bumbum then.

      So you don turn macho.Oriegwu

    12. Chike your comment dey give me joy. You dey talk am the way it is. Our "bossladies" will come for you. Don't pay heed to them. You and Dante are the real gee. Will like to hang out with you guys someday. No time for Nonsense

  37. Who has time to be arguing up and down on SDK with men who are hellbent on being obtuse??

    Not me. ✌🏼

    1. Asin enh… no time.
      Once you notice they reason a certain way, just avoid them. Your comment cannot change their reasoning.

  38. Thank God nothing happened to you πŸ™
    Good afternoon fam ❤️

  39. Yes I've abused Stella in the past which I regret till this day but nothing, I repeat NOTHING will ever make me disrespect Stella again cos I've grown. But you lower animals deserve all the cusses and abuses in this world if you ever come at me

    1. Lol Shooter baby. Calm down please.🀣🀣🀣

    2. I still believe you've a good heart Shooter. Just let this go. You're way higher than all these unnecessary fights here.

    3. Mad πŸ• continue barking
      U will still insult her,u are under curse,so it a must..

    4. They are not lower animals, they are human beings. Enough with the arrogance and rudeness.

    5. Teejay, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Someone constantly uses vile words and you are here saying 'I still believe you've a good heart'?!

    6. Na wa o. You sure say you nor read her memo like 100 times, this one you're running kiti kiti.
      Must have struck a nerve.
      Get well quick

  40. Poster with the hairdresser that does a shoddy job on weekends, why not try others salons and see if you will get a better job; their "hand" may also be less painful too.
    Kidnap victim, I am very happy for your victorious escape. What a harrowing experience.

    Good afternoon everybody.

  41. That senapolis story is quite funny. Struggled a bit with the pidgin though.

    That soldier was an angel, thank God for your life.

    Stolen car poster, please don't revenge but let him know you know the truth.

  42. This gender war should stop please. We are all human beings first. We should all take responsibilities for our actions, we all shouldn't have the same moral conviction level but we should be able to call a spade a spade. What is bad is bad, it might not be a sin but a crime, or might be a sin but not a crime. Which ever way we know that sin and crime are BAD.

  43. Thank God for saving your life poster.... A thousand and one thing happening out there. We just learnt today that a colleague of mine, sister has been missing for the past 2weeks since she went for a job interview at Ajah. We have been praying and believing God for her safe return. Not in a good mood since morning πŸ˜“

    1. Ahhhhhhh 😭😭
      God, I hope she's found πŸ™

    2. Teacher my lova❤❤❤❤

    3. I know only God is the ultimate protector, but you see that Lagos eh, I fear that place more than anywhere in Nigeria at the moment, I had to reject a promotion that required me to be transferred to Lagos Island, that Lagos is too busy and over populated, reason why it's so difficult to notice any strange happening when such things re taking place. have you guys tried to reach the company she went to for the interview?

  44. Front Snap Kick ( Ahp Chagi): This is a very linear kick. The practitioner raises the knee to the waist, pulls the toes back and quickly extends the foot at the target. The front kick is one of the first kicks learned in TKD; if mastered it can become one of the most powerful. This technique is mostly meant to push the attacker away, but can injure.

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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

      I don laff tire,. Wetin person no go see for this blog..

      Pinky kini gbogbo eleyi nah,. Why you dey teach us Chinese lang and kunfu 🀷🀷

    2. Pinky you really sabi them , I know the moves but not the names jor.

      Dante you better sit down learn o, A REAL man should know martial arts😏😏😏

    3. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  45. Good afternoon BVs

    Woman going thru motherhood, its not always fun for women with low cut to go back to doing all those hair things. They have already become accustomed to the comfort of low cuts. I was thinking I can easily go back to braiding and plaiting hairs but right now to even wear wig is a problem.

    1. We are in the same WhatsApp group, it's only church I wear wig to now immediately I come out of the church enter the car fiam I don remove the wig. Meanwhile Una wehdone o.

  46. Tiwa's verse in no wahala remix >>>> she stays bursting my head all the damn time

  47. IHN is here. So many things are happening nowadays. God keep your children safe please.

  48. Good afternoon IHN
    Amen to your prayer moomaπŸ’–

  49. @poster that her car was stolen.. chaiii God bless that your friend oo at least she made you realize who your husband is, very wicked man.

    1. That mind her jare. She should divorce the man abi?

      Or revenge abi.

    2. Ahhh... E never reach to divorce oo

  50. A big amen to the sign out meme

  51. Madam don't plan for his car to be stolen I beg you. He may be killed in the process, they may be caught and you will be fingered, that amebo may tell him later like she did before.

    Just confront him and trash it out with him, don't bottle it up so that it does not lead to built up anger and hatred. You don't need that in your life.

    The bv that escaped form kidnappers, thank God for your life. May He keep protecting us all πŸ™

  52. My own is allow people state their opinions, don't hurl insults at anyone because of their damn opinions, we won't all love and support same celebrities or agree on same topics, we are all different, some of you claim to be learned and well traveled , but end up being disappointments with your manner of approach on simple blog issues. Some of you claim to read foreign blogs, but you don't see how they constructively make their arguments,you hurl insults at someone who did not insult you, walahi, Most of you need to grow out of your negativity.

    1. Gbam, Una good evening o. I just dey see road since morning.

  53. Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

  54. Stella from wer you see ds sisi senaponi, my belle don tear πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


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