Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists - Parental/ Generational Curses Transferred To Children


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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Saturday In House Gists - Parental/ Generational Curses Transferred To Children

 Some of you are suffering now because of things your parents did knowingly or unknowingly.....

Let us call it Parental curse!

Some of you have toiled and done everything to change your situation to a better one but it remains the same because you are suffering from Parental curse....

Who knows about this and who has ever confronted any of their parents on something to do with the Parental curse?

This topic is deep and may be emotional for some, please do not come in here to Judge or make fun of anyone's story ....

Have you been able to overcome the curse? Was it with your parents knowledge? Are your parents still alive?

There is also the generational curse... Are you under this as well? Inheriting curses that your parents inherited!!!

Lets gist!


  1. The late king of a certain community had ten wild dogs. He used them to torture and eat any of his servants who made a mistake. One of the servants gave an opinion that was wrong, and the king didn’t like it at all. So he ordered that the servant be thrown to the dogs.
    The servant said, “I served you for ten years, and you do this to me? Please give me ten days before throwing me to those dogs!” The king agreed.
    In those ten days, the servant went to the guard who looks after the dogs and told him he would like to serve the dogs for the next ten days. The guard was baffled but agreed, and the servant started feeding the dogs, cleaning for them, bathing them, and providing all sorts of comfort for them.
    When the ten days were over, the king ordered that the servant be thrown to the dogs for his punishment. When he was thrown in, we were all amazed to see the ravenous dogs only licking the feet of the servant!
    The king, baffled at what he was seeing, said,
    ”What has happened to my dogs?”
    The servant replied, "I served the dogs for only ten days, and they didn’t forget my service. Yet I served you for a whole ten years and you forgot all, at my first mistake!"
    The king realized his mistake and ordered the servant to be set free.
    This post is a message to all those who forget the good things a person does for them as soon as the person makes a mistake towards them. Don’t put out the history that is filled with good because of a mistake you don’t like.

    1. Thank you very much. The way we the our elders, parents and ancestors under the bus is rather unfortunate. Is it that they did nothing to cause blessings for us to enjoy? That they didn't do a single good thing? Jesus said only God is good. This means even the most evil person doing good is because of God using him as a vessel. Even Hitler was good to some people.

      Just because of a flaw or the ignorance of their time, we just dismiss these ones who came before us as evil and godless... The same people your God says he loved and died for. Read Peter's understanding of the unknown God when he preached to the Greeks. Everything good has God in it, even the advancements in social justice eg women's rights that the Yorubas and Greeks had before women were permitted to sit on thrones in most of western Europe.

      Jesus, in Matthew 5 said a person who has parents should not pledge his life to religious causes, ignoring the home front. No wonder he followed Peter home to heal his wife. Your faith should not make you abandon your family no matter how evil you think they are after all, the light in you is supposed to repel darkness and attract the oppressed to freedom.

    2. Don't tag your entire ancestry and history as a bewitched or accursed and the cause of your challenges because of something they did on earth that you don't like. Whose ancestors didn't participate in slavery, war or human sacrifice?

  2. Hmmmmmm..

    How I wish to write something on this but I prefer to be mute cuz I don't like going anon to post anything....

    Thank God for my life. was able to get myself out of that rubbish called parental curse or generational curse

  3. At times I do get scared that all the kids my late dad had outside his marriage and denied ever knowing them ,might have placed a silent curse from the bottom of their hearts.

  4. This subject is well discussed in Ezekiel 18

    Ezekiel 18:20The soul who sins is the one who will die. A son will not bear the iniquity of his father, and a father will not bear the iniquity of his son. The righteousness of the righteous man will fall upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked man will fall upon him.

    Read the Word of God people, that is where all the answers to life is found!

    1. The same word of God that says iniquity of the Father will be visited to the 3rd and 4th generation or are we picking the one that is convenient?

    2. God's heart is not about punishing people but he wants us to repent from our sins and be saved.
      Whosoever sin will be punished for the sin committed not the children.
      You quoted the right bible passage anonymous.

    3. Anon 14:38 please help me ask the above anon very well. You have to do the work in prayers, repentance and a continual/sincere walk with God before any true change can take place in that person's life.

    4. That's between God and the sinner, I believe.
      However, there are curses issued via juju or traditions, those types transcend generations.
      The good thing is that in Christ, one can boldly declare that Jesus has been made a curse for us.

    5. @14:38
      You did not bother to open to the chapter 18 of Ezekiel. The first statement is that "it will no longer be so in Israel that the fathers eat sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge. . ."
      Before you attack a Scripture, go and read it.
      Just like Jesus said in Mathew 5, "you have heard that it was said to them long ago... do not commit adultery but I say to you. . ."
      Study the Bible beloved and do not just depend on what "pastors" say to you.

  5. Stella, nwanyi oma, this case is deep ooo hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm. Life is a mystery, even the whites have their own but Africans hmmm ele igidi gan ooo( hope I get am)

  6. It is in Ezekiel
    18:18As for his father, he will die for his own iniquity, because he practiced extortion, robbed his brother, and did what was wrong among his people.
    19Yet you may ask, ‘Why shouldn’t the son bear the iniquity of his father?’
    Since the son has done what is just and right, carefully observing all My statutes, he will surely live.

  7. I believe that my grandfather committed a lot of atrocities against people. He had human slaves (Osu in Igbo land) and probably sacrificed human beings to his gods as was the practice in his time. He also was very diabolic. My father lost about 5 siblings in a very mysterious way. About 3 of them developed mental problems and strayed away from the family, while some others died young. My father converted to Christianity from a young age and became a minister. He does not like speaking about his family and has never spoken about his dad or siblings with us. I grew up in a Christian home and embraced Christ from a young age too. I also have prayed and continue to pray for my father's family. I did not meet my grandfather and do not care about him. I am not him, neither do I believe in the deities he worshipped. I have read about generational curses in the bible but I do not believe that what my grandfather did, will in any way affect me or my siblings. Each time I pray, I remind God that we are innocent and did not partake in whatever evil things my grandfather did. And God has been gracious to me. None of my father's sisters got married. They all developed mental problems. I am the first female married woman from that family. In fact, I was scared that my husband's family will discourage him from marrying him. We also were very poor. It was as though something was working against our family. My father's brother said the same thing and had to go somewhere for power and spiritual fortification. My family serve and worship God alone. And He has been gracious to me. I live in the US, have a good paying job, a family and child. My family also is doing better in Nigeria now. PLEASE and PLEASE, before you do or go into anything spiritual and evil, think about your innocent children and descendant. If you are like me or come from my kind of family, please know God for yourself. I am not talking about being religious or attending every deliverance you hear of, I am talking about having a good personal relationship with Him. God is a righteous judge. Go to Him and present or argue your case. May God help us all in Jesus Name.

    1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ‘

    2. "I believe" - there in lies the problem - what you believe. Why not fous and believe in God's goodness and grace instead of ruminating on the mistakes of a man who is resting. There is nothing Grandpa did that the ancestors of every great man and woman did not do. Things were much worse in Arab countries and Asia but they are thriving. There is no point disqualifying yourself from the best of God because of what the dead have done. It is your responsibility to shape a better world for those coming behind and live in the joy of God right now.

      Read the history of the Vikings or Hans and then wonder why they are not suffering in squalor like the deliverance chasing pentecostal Christians.

    3. Thank God for your family

    4. Anon 14:40 glory to God Almighty who is faithful,thank you for sharing

  8. Hmmm....

    I have a lot to say about this as I am experiencing it first hand.

    Please permit me to go anonymous as I wouldn't want anyone using these revelations against me in the future.

    I am married and have 2 children. But my maternal family has a curse: all the women, though seemingly successful, they NEVER stay in one marriage so they have multiple marriages. As for the males from that family, they're rendered useless. Nothing good ever comes out of them. Unfortunately, all the Children (my Mom & her siblings) are blind to these facts. They just feel that it's life that happened to them hence the reason the females all have multiple marriages.

    I am having series of attacks in my marriage because, in the history of that family, I am the only one who has had a marraige that's lasted longer than 5 years. My marraige will be 11years in few months time. The familiar 'spirit' behind all these has appeared to us ( in several forms) telling me (in particular) that I think I'm special, abi? That my marriage will crumble. I always rebuke them when they come. We've overcome several attacks and they keep returning in various formats. Can't type everything here.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    On my Paternal Side, popsie is late. Died a Pastor. Unfortunately, we discovered after his death that he was linked to an occult group from his village, something his late father had warned his children never to get involved in. Now because hubby & I are born again, they tried everything to get us to come to the village for some silly rites when Popsie died but we refused. Now they're attacking us spiritually on all fronts. Our finances, our marriage, our health, everything!

    Generational curses are REAL. Same as Parental Curses. Some of us innocently inherit these curses and have to intentionally pray our way out of it.

    Just like the Chronicle Writer of yesterday said that love isn't enough when it comes to marriage, one has to make deep, spiritual findings to know what a family is all about before marrying into it. I pity my husband because of the several attacks he's experienced as a result of being married to me. If not for God on our side, I don't know where our marriage would've been today.

    We're still fighting it and we know we shall overcome.

    Please do remember us in your prayers!πŸ™

    1. Amen. We will all overcome as long as we sincerely and faithfully serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

      I typed a bit about my story, but changed my mind. I no get power for those who will use it against me in future.

    2. Be encouraged MY Sister. Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world. You are a Victor already because of what Jesus has done for you. Keep confessing what you want to see. Confess and say it to the air, your marriage will not break. Who has said it will come to pass when the Lord has not decreed it. It is well.

      Having done all to stand, stand therefore...

      It is well with your marriage.

    3. @Twins squared: God bless you.

      @Lady T: Thanks Sis, God bless you. I say a big Amen to your prayers.

  9. Jeremy ah 31:29 it says In those days they shall say no more that the fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge.

  10. HmmmmmmπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Šcan't find the right emojis to express my words,it is well

  11. Good day All....I will like to share my own piece on this topic.

    Parental/Generational Curse abounds till this day as a result of not properly breaking out of some tradition our fore fathers observed and eulogized. Most served deities that gave them protection, and so many I can't list.... When civilization came, we stopped doing those things our fore fathers/Parents did like performing rituals/sacrifices, and deserting it without anyone serving the diety...When you as a family abandon the diety, it begins to fight and starts to inflict the family with so much plaques, e.g early death, stagnation, madness, and so forth and so on....That's why you see most families suffering from one problem or the other.
    Another reason they react is because some are not meant to be abolished or do away with...That's why in Igbo culture, we have what is called, 'OBI'... Destroying an Obi is a very bad thing to do, even prayer people will tell You.
    Solution to breaking away from curses: Call a powerful man of God, and it's done...

    1. Of course, it is never about the Hid you claim to serve and who lives you. It's always about a fellow imperfect human being to leave what he is doing and get paid monthly ten percent to do what Jesus did for free.πŸ˜­πŸ€£πŸ˜„πŸ˜†. Some people just love their chains. Age old Simony.

  12. I always go by what the bible says concerning my life. Thank God I don't look for trouble. You don't need to be afraid if you are innocent and a curse placed on you. Proverbs 26:2
    2 An undeserved curse has no effect. Its intended victim will be no more harmed by it than by a sparrow or swallow flitting through the sky. For example, when Salvation ministries G.O cursed those that pointed out the errors in his teachings. God cannot honour those words from him because he was visibly misleading his congregation and it is not a sin to call him back to order according to the scripture.

    About the generational curses, from my understanding so far in the scriptures, if you are genuinely serving God and your faith in Him is not shrinking, then you have nothing to fear because the bible says:
    1Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 2For in Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set you free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8vs 1

    No sin of our forefathers can affect us if we truly are on the Lord's side. Yeshua Hamasiach/ Jesus Christ has made the sacrifice for our sake and no curse which is not ordained by God can have effect in a believers life. It is only fear that can make them affect you. If you are innocent and you believe strongly on the word of God you have no reason to fear.
    Hold God by His wordπŸ“–,while on it make sure there is no atom of fear and doubt in you. God hates it when you doubt/undermine his ability. If you doubt him he will leave you to your problems and you will end up making empty prayers for years without answer. that's the secret.

    I don't belong to any denomination and no pastor thought me this. It is a secret i got from the word of God that has kept me going.

    Always bear in mind that "the word of God is God himself"
    Let me hold on for now

  13. You want to commit crimes and think it won’t affect your children? My grandfather committed incest with his first cousin that bore a child! See serious shame on my family. And a very prominent and rich family at that time too. It changed the family badly, disunity and enmity entered the family from there. My Uncles did not like each other, we also almost did not like each other. But my father was intentional about forcing love between us no matter what. My father also did a lot of good and we are flourishing. One thing about my family, none of us lack at all. We all find favor even the lazy ones. We don’t have dependent family members. Even extended ones.

  14. I pray no evil generational curses will have effect on me and my entire family in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.
    We aren't that close to the village so can't tell but I observed that almost all male in my family has undergone an appendix operation, it also killed my grand dad. I henceforth cancel and rebuke it now and forever more in my life and family in JESUS Mighty Name Amen. I also notice failed marriages in my mom's daughters abi is it normal that my sister and I are divorced while the third died in a ghastly accident? My failed marriage pained my ppl cos I was the typical good wife. I also crush the evil spirits responsible for any marital badluck now and forever in my life and family in the Most Powerful Name of Jesus Christ. AMEN.
    I have thereby confessed and renounced our sins publicly. We henceforth accept only Godly Blessings in our homes and families in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. We accept long life, good health, good wealth, Divine favours, joyful marital stability, goodly children, heavenly Blessings and all the Almighty God has blessed us with in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN.
    sparkle777 for JESUS CHRIST

  15. It is mind-set that keep people in those "bondage and curses". Just as they imagine it, so is their reality..

    I speak for myself because my life revolved around circles of failure and stagnation and I sort for ways out; fast like I wan die, Bible schools, change form Catholicism to Living Faith, tithe, evangelism, back to my Catholic roots... Nothing change till I began to change the way I think by reading books. Power of Positive Thinking, the Secret etc. I stopped believing in anything negative; curses, limitations etc. I changed my prayer pattern and began to focus on things that are going well, I only go to places that bring me excitement, I ate food and fruits that I loved, wore clothes that make me look in the mirror and love myself. I stopped being a victim. I stopped believing the devil even existed and focused on how I am God's favourite. I became daring and brave in going for what I want and feared less about failure or mistakes...then... BOOM!!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

    When my rain came, it poured. An avalanche beyond my prayers. And it never stopped. I know how to get anything I want from my Father with no stress. So, I doubt if curses exist in reality. I know it's only in the mind of the cursed.

    1. Sapphire baby.... You read and listen to Joseph Prince right?

    2. Thank you so much Sapphire. You've saved me time. May God continue to bless you. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. If you think you are blessed or cursed, it is the duty of your mind to continue to find evidence to convince you.

      I feel so much for the old and those left behind in our hometowns by this new zealotry that has hit African churches. If our elders knew the kind of dangerous nonsense these doctrines would bring, they won't have taken their children to worship there. Heaven forbid someone experiences a challenge. They automatically start blaming their parents, children or neighbors.

      Which culture/ race/ tribe didn't have a history of slavery, murder, abuse, rape, racism etc? But only your own ancestors got curses and are disturbing you while the Americans, Europeans, Arabs and Asians got advancement and prosperity? This your own PHCN Christ that is rendered ineffectual by so called curses?

      So your entire ancestry is burning in hell but you and a few of the kids in your nuclear family will be the minorities in heaven?

      Na your mind. Believe as you wish. In a few decades, just like slavery and racism, it is my hope that we'll see just how silly and hurtful this kinds of beliefs are

    3. @maude, I will check him out. Thanks.

      17.48 "Heaven forbid someone experiences a challenge. They automatically start blaming their parents, children or neighbors".Oh God bless you. Mutual suspicion.
      And how they all believe their ancestors were all evil and in hell because they were not Christians breaks my heart.

    4. *sought, not sort.

  16. Why do we hate old people so much? This same attitude is what makes communities banish old women who are schizophrenic or suffering dementia in the name of witchcraft. It is what makes people sit their own children on hot stoves simply because they dreamt that the child is a witch or a hungry psychotic patient wielding a bible told that lie.

    Why is it that the sacrifice of Christ is completely ineffectual in the lives of African Christians? How come his sacrifice on the cross does not pay the price and wipe away every debt you may think you have?

    Stop buying into these lies. If you think the children of your "enemies" will suffer for their actions, you are just as wicked as that evil person. We are a culture that is comfortable with the suffering of innocents, children inclusive and that is so wrong.

    What you give is what you'll receive. What you believe is what will come to you. Nobody delivered Dangote or Otedola. Emeka Anyaoku and Woke Soyinka didn't do any deliverance to get to where they are. They simply rose up after they fell and seized the next opportunity.

    We can believe better than this. God's joy is free.


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