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Tuesday, March 08, 2022





Hello House........
I hope that the day is going on as planned?
My PA will call some of you on the phone as soon as i send her the list of those to call for something important... Please pick all your call this week oh.... If you miss her call, you miss it....

My friend in the US gisted me that her Oyibo friend called her to tell her that her Cat almost died but an emergency operated saved it.... My friend said her friend was crying.. After their talk she discovered that 7k dollars was paid for the operation on the cat.....7k dollars for cat? Hmmm people dey try!!!

How much be that for naira so?

Enjoy the rest of the day.....



A friend posted how she will be going on a child free vacation once her baby is six months old and that is all I have been daydreaming about. I can only dare to imagine spending a few days being pampered without my kids or worrying about them( if that’s even possible).

So in the last few days I have been planning an imaginary vacation, I have a nice schedule in place too. So first thing first, I would check in to the hotel early, shower and just sleep. I mean sleep uninterrupted without tiny voices screaming mommy and tiny hands and feet poking me.

First thing the next morning after devotion, I will order breakfast and eat while in bed, call everyone and sleep again. Wake up have brunch, go to the spa get facials, manicure, pedicure and most importantly deep tissue massage done.

After this I would have a large dinner speak to everyone, pray and sleep for at least twelve hours. Wake up continue the cycle at least for a week, would go sightseeing, shopping and long walks.

I don’t know when I will be able to do this, a year, five years or ten years from now maybe, but whenever I have the opportunity to do this I will for sure but for now a girl is allowed to dream.

I don’t mind going on this kind of vacation with the whole gang sef, I don’t need an exotic location, going to a nice hotel in Lagos , beach, spa and all with someone to handle the kids will do but No!

 I really think a child free vacation is better. Let me keep enjoying my dreams and imagination in my alone moments. It is relaxing.

Make it happen soon, you really need it.



Una weh done o my people.

Dearest Stellalimpopo, how market today?

I remember one house wey dey near my former house for City.

The house na old bungalow but dey come sell am give Developers when the owner and him wives die at old age.

Na so Developers level the Graves with concrete and build better two storey building on top and carry Tenants put inside.

Na so I come from village rent one room for the next compound.
I meet one young lady wey we from come from the same hometown. Make i no lie you O, the first 2 months for that house, things begin work together well for her no be small.

Some other young Tenants even marry, buy car, open shops etc within a space of 6 months in the house. My friend collect promotion from office, dem even double her salary that time.
The house get good luck for body no be small.

Not until one night wey I say make i quick go find fuel put for my generator, na as I dey come house I see say one tenant for next compound don kill a sick-looking cow and spread the blood for their gate entrance.
Wey be say the thing dey impossible to enter or comot the compound without crossing or stepping on the blood.

Few days later, the pikins of the real owner of the house come the compound to fry Puff Puff abi na Akara for their Papa remembrance.

Make i no lie you O Stella, since that month wey dem do those two events for that house, nothing dey work well again for the tenants again except the tenant wey kill cow.

Problem start for work for my friend, customers no gree pay as dem sef no see money to pay or patronize the woman wey open provisions store.

Every where come tight like something else. The tenant wey get car begin fall sick. He lean no be small. I see am for road resemble HIV patient. Person way dey mingle with celebrities with better money and connect. He quick pack comot for the house that time. Be like person don warn am to relocate.

Na when time reach to collect NEPA money, Tenants go begin fight and beg NEPA officials as na only the tenant wey sacrifice cow dey see money pay and the rest na half and half.

Stella, na there I take see say, something don dey truly happen for that compound.

Na as my friend come my compound we begin discuss, she lose her job begin find money to even buy ordinary Garri chop. Person wey her house na Land of food before. Choi...the matter shock me no be small o. I no come even get much to assist her with but we dey rough am together that time.

My own neighbour wey be elderly woman na Im come tell me and my friend say the house don dey bewitched from prosperity. Na the woman tell us the secret behind the house as she don dey live for that area for more than 10years.

She tell us say the Tenant wey kill cow no be the first time o, say he don dey do am since and will 'kwantinu' until Power Jam Power! She say na wetin he dey use divert other tenants blessings and virtues to himself and his business.

Stella, to rent house inside city in this country, na the grace of God o!

Developers wey build bedroom on top Graveyard of Landlord and his three wives and level with block and cement!
Innocent tenant go dey battle unknown spirits and forces inside house.

I even heard some children will give developers go ahead to exhume the bones of their late parents and discard it anywhere. Just for the million naira cheques they will get.

If in the future, they ask those children to go and appease or pray on their parent's graveside, abeg na where dem wan go? I no know if na greed or wetin?

Some person even argue say Government no suppose allow people dey bury landlord or land owner's family on any property.

So after person don suffer finish carry block, sell pepper, buy land and build house finish. Na pikin wey never even fertilize go carry the house sell and collect cheque. Choi!....

Nne, May God restore all our lost blessings for us o. May we not use our money to rent house or shop wey go swallow person destiny O!

I say make I gist una small.

So who is that Tenant that killed the cow? how come nobody in the house noticed it and you did? what was the killing the cow about and why did the kids fry akara in the house? I dont understand 



*1. Bail is free*
*2. One Nigeria*
*3. Police is your friend*
*4. Youths are leaders of tomorrow*
*5. Education is the key to success*
6 *. The court is the hope of a common man*

Which of these lies vexs you pass? Nah all vexs me eeeeeh


Greatest Mistake Ever

I got to my house around 9pm yesterday from where I got to do implantation of something (story for another day). Thank God it went well because it is a blessing from God.

On getting to my gate, I heard noise from my landlord's apartment but as amebo, I asked my wife to go inside so I could just go there and check if there was no problem because in there was hot(I mean the noise na another level). When I got there, I met a particular guy or let me say man that I have been seeing for long and what I noticed is, whenever he wants to go into the landlady's apartment, he do sneaks in like a thief(Reasons l don't know).

I thought he was the landlady's son but never knew he is an inlaw(he is married to the landlady's second daughter). The issue is, he has been staying with them since 2016 without even planning to get his own apartment and not only that, he stays there with his wife and two children.

The landlady's second to the last born who happens to be a male(a guy for that matter) and also a womanizer comes home with different ladies, uses the in-laws things anyhow without taking permission, goes into the room, open their pot of soup to entertain his visitors. The sister's husband got angry over the last one he did on Saturday (based on what I heard from him). He went into their room and took the remaining soup the wife(his sister) left for the husband and when he came, he had nothing to eat which cause the little rift.

The mother in-law was seen and heard clearly supporting her son for that wrongful act and the son also standing fit to beat his sister's husband if he decides not to leave that house yesterday night. In order to make peace, I told him stylishly to come sleep over at our apartment then he can find his square root the next day.

Now: What do you advice such person in this case because I faulted him when he came to my apartment for even agreeing to stay with his in-laws not even for a night but since 2016. He gave several reasons and told me the challenges he was passing through but I told him clearly that, it wasn't enough reason to stay in his in-law's house.

As a man, don t ever make such mistake,it is better to live and sleep under the bridge than agreeing or keying into the idea of staying with your inlaw when you are faced with housing wahala. Your wife can go stay with her family but as for you,don't ever make such mistake.

My dear suffer dey turn man to woman sometimes, dont blame him!



  1. Good afternoon everyone!
    IHN is here.

  2. Pls help me ooo

    Ever since I started giving birth coupled with house chores, I always have this knee pain especially when I want to climb stairs. What can I do to relieve myself of this pain. I don't know maybe its the muscle or ligament of my knee cap.

    Any advice from experienced bv's is highly and greatly appreciated.


    1. I don't know if I'm experienced enough but the truth is

      *Stop taking cold things

      Then also, get a raw ginger then use two per day,pill and boil with a cup of water or two.drink morning and night everyday..

      It helps to reduce knee pain and internal cold.

      Internal code causes knee pain

    2. I have that pain too, pls help us

    3. Eyaaa sorry. Things that come with child birth. Try resting when necessary, stop over stressing your muscles, it's not good. I'll advise you to go for a massage from time to time, buy a good Muscular Skeletal Relaxant like 'metacarbamol' from any pharmacy. Also, get yourself a pain relief gel like 'lofnac or diclomol' bother are under Diclofenac. Hope it helps.

    4. If you added so much weight, try and do work out to lose weight. .

      Try and be wearing flats slippers for now. If it persist, visit a doctor... Labour pains weaken a woman bones. Try getting a good brand of calcium supplement too.

    5. Go for blood cleansing,I believe there is still some bad blood that you supposed to flush out.
      Secondly if u're taking cold drinks or water stop it,reduce taking sugar!!

    6. Go to the hospital. U fit start exercise o.

      God bless the givers.

      Staying with in laws, not easy. May God help him, we women can support rubbish eh.

      That guy killing cow, does that mean the tenants cant come together to pray agreement prayers? That tenant go soon pack out.

  3. The Bamise girl who was murdered brought out so many dark memories from a night last year I want to forget so bad. Nigeria is so so unsafe for women right now.

    Someone said yesterday "so even BRT is not safe". Guys nowhere is safe! NOWHERE! If a man in a jeep could attempt to snatch and run me over by 7:30pm on a street think about other places. You could take necessary precautions as a young woman and still end up murdered! Never in a million years did I think something like that could have happened to me! Those were for Hollywood horror pieces or so I thought. That night traumatised me. I wrote to stella after some time away from the blog and she posted my experience here. It took me a while before I could even feel close to myself again.

    Few weeks ago a friend was asking me how I was feeling and I said when I think about that night, I just wish I saw his face or caught his plate number ( One of the men who ran out of their house to help me ran after the jeep to catch his plates but was unsuccessful too). At least I could have had something to give to the police. It worries me alot and I lie awake sometimes at night wondering if that bastard is out there somewhere laying in wait for unsuspecting young women. I ask myself has he succeeded since then? Who are his victims? Where they lucky like me? I ask myself these because I feel like that was not his first time and that would not be his last. I can only hope that I am wrong and they are OK. I feel lucky. Writing here I know how fortunate I am to even be here. I could have turned up dead in a Bush or somewhere with God knows what they could have done to me. It just breaks my heart that these other women like Bamise were not as lucky as I am. Praying that on a day as today being international women's day that the world becomes safer for women. That Nigerian women become safe. Let's keep up our voices for #JusticeforBamise and for the countless others..

    1. When I was doing office work, I boarded so many private cars o. Na God just dey save me that time.

    2. Thank God for saving you

    3. I remember your story vividly
      Thank God for your testimony.
      I pray that bastard be caught and killed!

    4. Awwwwwwwwww you are strong. When those thoughts flash through your mind,remind yourself how you conquered that day.
      Just like God protected you, he’ll do same for others.
      Nemesis will eventually catch up with him, that’s if it hasn’t happened already.
      Weakass men preying on women.
      One thing I know is that the wicked will never go unpunished.
      Stay strong sis πŸ₯°

    5. Geez! I'm so so sorry about your experience and sincerely I thank God for his protection upon your life may HE continue to protect you and yours Amen. These heartless people are more confident because it's almost like higher powers(the government and elites) are in support of them na wa!!

    6. I'm happy you escaped unhurt. I feel so scared for the women folk in these times

    7. I remember you telling us about your ordeal ,my prayer everyday is that God would give us the right leaders ,nit some selfish ,churlish ,greedy leaders.
      A lot of things needs to be put in place in Nigeria.

    8. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ₯°❤️

    9. Rem that story... May God continue dey protect us, Amen.

    10. 😘❤️πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

    11. Thank you guysπŸ’›

  4. God is opening doors for you now that many have said couldn’t happen! It’s BIG!-coybarker


  5. Divine Health Confessions!!

    Jesus is Lord over my life; therefore, Satan has no claim over me. I declare that I am full of life. I do not walk in darkness, for I have the light of life. The devil has nothing in me, for I am born of God. I live in health continually. I thank You, Lord, for my life is perfected in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

    1. IHN is here. The sun is very hot.
      $7000 on a cat ?????????
      I reject proverty in Jesus name amen.

    2. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Caritas thanks for making me laugh.

  6. Happy International Women's day to all beautiful, strong, resilient, consistent women are much more than you think you are πŸ’ͺ

    7k dollars for a cat??? Chai, poverty stay far away pls. Have a great day

  7. Today gist them no be here.
    The weather is so hot here. Greetings to everyone......

  8. It’s paining me that some people for whatsoever reason will defend a murderer.

    On this Bamise’s case, I started seeing people both on Instagram and on twitter defending the driver saying he may be right and was just scared to report to the police.

    You watched the video Bamise made, you heard what she said, you saw the state of the BRT and all other very glaring evidence that shows the driver is very guilty yet u still defend him.

    I am beginning to think someone has paid some people to go online and start making these claims maybe to try and make people sympathise with the driver because the defence started almost at the same time.

    How dark does ur heart have to be to defend an obvious murderer whether paid or not.

    Humans are just something else

    1. Eka joy,,are u surprised about that? I'm not taken aback by any of those mumu was so clear that the driver's hand is not clean.

      Something happened and you failed to report the case at the office nor the police station..who does that?

    2. Some people just like to defend even if it's clear the person they are defending is guilty

    3. The people defending the driver must be ritualist themselves

    4. I just tire
      Rip to Bamise.
      What a country!!!

    5. The driver is just telling lies

    6. Such is life and the society we live in now.

  9. All what is listed up their are lies from pit of hell.

    Who said bail is free🀦
    Who said police is ur friend 😭

  10. Stella, that 7k dollars is almost 4million naira.


    Anyone staying in Bere(Ibadan) should be very vigilant

    1. But the said woman did not treat the cat in Nigeria na. Why are you all shouting 4m! Not like she spent naira to treat the cat. That 7k dols is small money over there. You guys should stop converting to naira biko.

  11. Una good afternoon o.How d day dey go? Heat don finally tanda for our domot n e no easy

  12. hahahahaa.... The lies in Nigeria eeehhhnnn.. infact ALL of them are lies including some i can't even remember now.

    Abt Pinky's tail, a full grown man living with his inlaws is a complete NO NO. Even if na face me i slap u, go and rent a place abeg.

    Aaahhh.. Grace find me make this week soft for me God abeg..

    God bless you SDK and all

  13. Good sunny afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  14. Good afternoon people, Stellicoco who is annoying you?.

  15. I pray not to miss PA call

    1. SDK pls tell yo PA to call in the evening or early mormor. Day time like this we are out hustling and may miss her call

  16. Renting house anywhere at all should be done with serious prayers.

    Since I had my first child, I hardly ever go out. I look forward to going on a similar vacation in future.

    This heat can fry akara. Chei.

  17. Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

  18. Hello everyone!
    How is the day going?
    The sun here tie wrapper. Las las, we go dey alright!

  19. Stella that your opening sticker is funny🀣🀣 is he angry? Wetin dey make am vex

    1. It has twisted legs, twisted mouth come put hands for waist. It's angry na

  20. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone.

    The sun is just too much,chai na wa o

    Jewelu you say wetin..7kdollars for in nwa bussu..chai poverty ntoor.

    Motherhood poster,I feel you but don't worry,one day that dream will become a reality.

    New column..this ur gist heavy o,things are really happening.. strange things.

    Pinky corner,that man sold his pride and dignity the day he moved in with his in-laws.See finish of the highest order.

    Bvs enjoy the rest of your day.

    E go surely be ✌️.

  21. Until you have a pet, you won't understand. Una doh o

  22. To look good these days is very expensive. Prices of everything has gone up.
    Hair attachments like Expression And the rest are so expensive now ehn! Other hair products too nko? Men are enjoying .
    No wonder many women now wear low cut but that one will not pay hair vendors like us. Na to go learn barbing remain🀣

  23. Good afternoon people..
    This weather o πŸ˜₯

  24. Hi Choc Noir❤️
    Hello Everyone Good afternoon.
    I'm curious if things were going good for everyone in that compound what was the need of a tenant killing cow? Did the tenant just love to see people in misery? God help us. On this Bamise case some people are reporting the man apparently he has been a rapist for long! one even said she reported to the police and nothing was done that man is cruel and evil he deserves jungle justice. Ladies please go out with little instruments of protection it's advisable get pepper spray,harsh perfume or a penknife.. I have a penknife before you harm me I'd harm you first and please listen to your instincts.I pray she gets justice this is just too much for her loved ones to bear.

    1. Hi my love, it's so good to read from you how are you doing sis ? You're in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  25. Good afternoon beautiful people πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹. Hmmm, I still believe no. 5 Education is the key to success. As for no.6, I just hope to differ, to bring liberation to the oppressed, to give the common man hope upon hope. To put smile on their poor faces. Alors aidez moi Dieu.

  26. Good day everyone,this weather is hot too,Stella,I guess that cat is family to her to spend such money,one needs to pray while renting houses oooo,life is more spiritual than physical,it's well and it's ending in praise.

  27. Good afternoon and happy international women's day πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ.
    Nothing is true in this country!
    Absolutely nothing!!

    It is taboo for a grown man to still live with his parent.i can't date u talk more of marry

    Good afternoon everyone πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  28. Stella $7k is even better, the one I read. a woman was traveling so she hired a baby sitter for her dog. Name the baby sitter dey gist oh. Later that same day she called the sitter and told her to get her dog ready as they will be flying out to meet her, reason is that she misses her dog already. So they flew a private jet to go meet her, and the plane brought back the sitter. So after she called the sitter and told her that she will have to come and pick up the dog, because it was sick, so the jet took the sitter again from DC to LA to pick up the dog hoping that they will be going to the vet, but the dog owner told her that the dog was homeSICK he is not happy in LA and needs to go back home. So in all they paid $80k for the trip😱😱 for dog oh

  29. Pleasant afternoon people 😍.

  30. Sunny 🌞 day lovelies πŸ’‹❣️😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜
    Woman going through motherhood, I'm also in your shoes. Sometimes, It's tiring hearing the shout of mummy! Like someone fainted or the gangup follow follow.

  31. Good afternoon everyone,πŸ’‹❤πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’ŸπŸŽˆπŸ’žπŸ’šπŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ’™

  32. Pinky your life is one adventure😊. you are so interesting sha, you remind me of a friend of mine, her life is a movie, she always shares the sweetest gist.

  33. Why is there too much killing in land. For quick wealth. God please continue to shield us.


  34. Everyone makes fun of him but no one knew that Mario Balotelli gives almost half of his salary to kids in Africa.

  35. Pls o, I want to ask a question. Why is it that it's only male crossdressers that are ppopularopular and trending on social media? What about the females?

  36. Shout-out to all the pregnant women in the house, this sun can roast corn.

  37. Stella naso ooo.. nothing make oyinbo people no Dy doπŸ˜‚ be even the money I Dy look sef,na the thought of operating on cat?😳😳

  38. Good afternoon
    I have been dealing with heartburn for the past week
    Even ordinary pap gives me heartburn

  39. Good afternoon all, happy international women's day to every woman on this great blog, God gat us all.

  40. Such a good read , I always look forward to this stories

  41. Such a good read , I always look forward to this stories

  42. I laugh each time I see that phrase "The court is the last hope of the common man"

    Common man that hasn't even seem food to eat

  43. This sun in lasgidi na a oooo. Who we offend bayi?

  44. It's not safe out there for anyone please we all should be careful.

  45. Good afternoon everyone. Happy international Women's Day to you Stella and all the amazing female bvs here.
    We are women
    We are beautiful
    We are amazing
    We are specially made.


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