Stella Dimoko Wednesday In House News....


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Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Wednesday In House News....

 In house news don land gidigba!!!!


Something awesome and positive is about to happen........



My hubby's opposite neighbour who is in the same line of business was dating a lady for almost three years about five years ago, the wedding was fixed and wedding printed for their traditional marriage. 

This lady in question used to come to her fiance's house with the younger sis to spend time and enjoy as well as the guy is very comfortable, meanwhile, she came from a very poor home. My husband and friends departed for the ceremony on the D day, traced their house with their pictures printed on the banner, only for them to reach and find out that he was no longer marrying the fiancΓ© but the younger sis who claimed to be two months pregnant for him, apparently she has been sleeping with him. 

She insisted he either marries her or she commits suicide that day, after dragging on and forth, they exchanged her for the elder sis. My husband said it was a big disgrace and embarrassment, they came back and became the hottest gossip in the market but you can't tell an adult what to do.

 7months later, she lost the pregnancy and so has been subsequent ones. It has been from one quarrel to the other,sometimes she comes to me for advice on her ttc journey, I do my best but people keep saying it's karma dealing with them. The hubby threw her out on December, I just found out recently about it, called her yesterday and she was telling me it's due to their childless that he threw her out and want nothing to do with her again. 

She made mention of receiving treatment and it's hopeful, he will soon take her back. This is someone below 30 and this desperate, do you think she is reaping what she sowed? I think she still need to ask for forgiveness from the sis. 

Let me mind my business, never knew blood can betray to such an extent.

You better be careful of people like this.. If she could go to this extent to hurt her sister, she can also do you worse....... How will she ask for forgiveness from the sister when she is still with the man? She will be scared of settling with the sister cos she is scared, the man will hook up with the sister again... People who steal what is not theirs are kept on their toes 247 watching that no one re steals it from them... Na punishment... LMAO



Good morning bvs and Stella.

 Pls I need you people's help.My hubby is into supplies and there's this company he does supply for. They request for goods and he give his quotations and supply they pay after 2wks.

The purchasing manager like buying from him because his prices are always reasonable but there's this new admin manager they brought that likes frustrating my hubby,seems like one other supplier is his friend.

Now what he does is once my hubby supplies goods when it's close to payment,he will return the goods that they don't need it.or when they ask my hubby to supply,after sourcing for the goods and pay,the man will call and say he should bring the goods again.

These days my hubby comes back home frustrated. I want to take the matter to God by embarking on night vigil but I don't know Bible verses to use for the prayers. 

Pls bvs help me with Bible verses relating to this issue so u can use and pray. I believe that what God can not do doesn't exist. Thank you all.



Please ladies how do you take care of yourself after your monthly flow? A friend advised i use mycoten after my period to help clean out everything but I'm not comfortable using it every month. someone else suggested i sit on warm water and salt after every period. please what is the best option?

Sit on warm water and salt? what for? clean out what? 




I could remember the year I went to Ikere Ekiti(2010). If you have ever been to ikere Ekiti,you will agree that they have two indigenes.(the first one is PIG and the second one are the villagers). 

They love pigs so much but have no farmland to keep them. The pigs walk all around the streets and main roads which makes travelers plying that road to Akure to either slow down a bit or hit down the pig.

 I went for isekuse then, I met a lady on Facebook and we began the social media love that resulted to me visiting her at ekiti state (ikere).

 When I got to her house, it was a cool place and a very nice area but one thing spoilt everything, they had no toilet. There is a small hill behind the house where you can climb and poop (primitive method). 

We exchanged pleasantries and she took me to her room and I was delighted.

Then, I had back ache because of excess sugar intake, so took agbo before leaving Lagos and not only that, I bought malt extra into one small plastic bottle which I was sipping bit by bit. At exactly, 12am, when we needed to start the ministration, my tommy began to give signal, then I asked her to show me the loo.

She said  ''awa o ni toilet oo,wa lo yagbe si ori apata yen'' (meaning, we have no toilet, we use the hill). 

I got to the hill at that hour of the night, then tried to poop, the thing had not even dropped when 3 pigs ran towards my blokos. You need to see the way I ran without even minding the poo dropping in my boxers, she heard my voice and came out. 

I was expecting her to tell me something reasonable when I explained what happened, she just laughed and said, ''it's normal, you just poop and they will eat it''  then I asked, is it with my blokos? That was how I took the Cooler I bought on my way to her place, pooed in it and threw it away, can't allow any yeye pig chop off my kini.



A few month ago, my friend had just crossed age 45. Just about 8 days later she was struck with an ailment ... And she died swiftly.
In the group we received a condolence message that ...

"Sad .. she is no more with us"... RIP

Two months later I called her husband. A thought crossed my mind ..he must be devastated as he had a travelling job. Till her death she would oversee everything.. home.. education of their children... Taking care of the aged in-laws.. their sickness.. managing relatives.. everything, everything, everything...

She would express at times.." my house needs my time, .. my hubby cant even make coffee tea, my family needs me for everything, but no one cares or appreciates the efforts i put in. I feel they all take me for granted ".

I called her husband to see if the family needed any support, as, i felt her hubby must be feeling lost to suddenly have to handle all the responsibilities, for everything.. aging parents, Kids, his travelling job, loneliness at this age.. how must he be managing?

The cell phone rang for some response... After an hour he returned the call.. He apologised that he could not answer my he had started playing tennis for an hour at his club and meeting friends etc. To ensure he had a good time.

He even took a transfer so as not to travel anymore.

"All well at home? " I asked,

He replied, he had appointed a cook .. he paid her a little more and she would buy the groceries and provisions. He had appointed full time caretakers for his aging parents.

"Managing are fine. Life is returning to normalcy...he said.

I barely managed to say a couple of sentences and we hung up.

Tears welled up my eyes.

My friend remained in my thoughts... She had missed the school reunion for a minor ailment of her mother in law. She had missed her nieces wedding because she had to supervise the repair work in her house.

She had missed so many fun parties and movies because her children had exams she had to cook, she had to take care of her husband's needs...
She had Always looked for some appreciation and some recognition.. which she never got.

Today I feel like telling her..
No one is indispensable.
And no one will be missed.. it is just the play of our mind.

Perhaps it is the consolation.. A symbol of our understanding if you would like to call it that... That's the problem of putting others first.
You have taught them that YOU COME SECOND

Reality bites : After her death two more maids were hired and the house was in order....

We only measure our respect and our value.. ain't that true?


.. Remove the frame of mind that I am indispensable and without me the house will suffer..

My message to all Ladies :

make time for yourself .. the ME time.. the time for the self..

-Get in touch with your friends... Talk, laugh and enjoy

- Live your passion, live your life

- Once in a while do things that you love to do ...

- Don't look for your happiness in others, you too deserve some happiness because if you are not happy you cannot make others happy

- Everyone needs you, and you too need your own care and love.

- Women should come forward to help and guide other women who are unable to handle their personal stress and give them a hand to uplift their confidence .

-Let us HELP Ourselves and make this LIFE WORTHWHILE .

we all have only one life to live ....Life is beautiful ....

PS: it's a reality!.....A wake up call for women .....

#Copied from Facebook




  1. Replies
    1. Good afternoon Miss Ess.

      The sister that snatch her sister's fiance, sister from the pit of hell.

      Woman take care of yourself, if you can afford a help, please employ one.

      Mr pinky, you are very funny.

    2. Good afternoon Miss Ess.

      The sister that snatch her sister's fiance, sister from the pit of hell.

      Woman take care of yourself, if you can afford a help, please employ one.

      Mr pinky, you are very funny.

  2. Divine Health Confessions!!

    Christ is manifested in my body and in my spirit, which are God's. Infirmity and sickness have no place in me. I am the temple of the living God. I refuse to let sickness take a hold of my body. I have the unconquerable life of God in me; I cannot be sick! Hallelujah!

    1. But Apostle Paul was sick
      Galatians 4:13

    2. Anon 16:15,
      Whether Apostle Paul was sick or not, the fact remains that he did not die sick.healing is the children's bread. Focus on getting healed instead of constantly picking on Rhapsody.
      These confessions are basically calling those things that be not as though they were. By His stripes you 'were' healed 1 Peter 2:24. ..hence the confessions are as though you have already gotten your healing, irrespective of whatever symptoms that may appear. That's faith.
      Mark 11:24...after praying, believe that you have received/recovered and you shall have it. Keep confessing what you believe (that you're healed and you cannot be sick)

    3. 17:28 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    4. Anon why do you always come under Rhapsody's post like a dog on heat!

  3. You're going to be telling a different story very soon. A story of how miracles have found you. A success story filled with so much inspiration. You will give so much hope to so many people when they see how much you overcame and still came out on top.-The_Secret_Law


  4. Let it go!

    If you want to make peace with your mistakes and move on, you’ll have to let it go. Holding on to your past will only keep you trapped in it. You hold the key to freeing yourself from your past.

  5. The real Leviev family is suing that "tinder swindler" guy o, chaiiii I'm overjoyed, praise God. He can't just go scotfree like that.

    Good afternoon.

    1. I was happy when I read it too..his real enemies are after him now πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    2. Interesting cos after I watched the movie, I checked him out on Instagram and saw how he was still running his mouth.

    3. Good! Imagine using their family name for dubious purposes

    4. That guy is just a crazy ass dude and to think that the miscreant I'd now charging 20k per appearance.
      I hope he gets served .

  6. This quote is actually for me this afternoon,boiling in my spirit,but I won't say anything again ,I won't fight you.I don't know why people keep doing what they will never accept?Thanks Stella!

  7. Good day all.

    Me time is very important. I am making conscious effort to have it.

  8. Welcome all. Peace be unto whoever wants peace, and if na wahala you want, that one sef dey.

  9. Landlords should check the kind of people they allow to live in their houses. How can you rent out your house to nuisances that disturb the peace of others in the neighbourhood.
    Inside Lagos

    1. Ibeju Lekki lagos has them plenty as light no dey d local government,these Yahoo boys pack in with like three generators,rotate the three for light everyday,put on their TVs and laptops then make hella noise with their friends,they don't care if next compound has an aged man or woman who needs rest.. it's painful

  10. Pinky🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
    U for allow them eat small

    1. Me ke..all those nonsense pig looking like vampire..they are not well trained and fed..

      I can't even allow myself be on sick bed just to stitch my kini

  11. Good day friends. Stella that sign out meme is apt πŸ‘Œ. No need to fight with a pig. If you do that, the pig will be like, 'so this man can also rub himself in the mud like me'? You would have succeeded in having same mentality with that pig.

    Nice day y'all

  12. Adieu to your loving friend;
    So if your friend "enjoyed her life" she would not have died now?
    Really it marvels me how people reason; no thoughts of afterlife; heaven or hell and making the right choice. It is all about here.
    Isn't that being myopic?

    1. It's not what the poster meant. She means she should have enjoyed her life or reduced the stress on herself. No where did she talk about not dieing. All what the write up is about ladies/women should not over work themselves thinking or feeling without them.... or indispensable. Few months after her death, her husband hired helps. Why did he not hire helps to reduce the work load for her?

      Must you suffer avoidable suffering to make heaven? Your mentality and understanding though.

    2. @Baltika
      You ended up insulting/questioning my mentality for making a simple observation. Please make preparations for where you will spend eternity.

  13. Kunle please move to Ikorodu,Mimi man.
    That memo to women is the real dealπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  14. Snatcher;
    When it comes to marriage, most women do not have mothers, sisters or loved ones.
    The only love is for the wedding gown on the isle.
    It is not as if they love the man in question; the love is for the comfort, money; the victuals of this life that is too ephemeral.
    What a shame; something God will judge.

  15. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
    Mcpinky, please don't kill me.

    The story up there reminds me of my dear friend who died almost 3yrs ago.. The husband got married last week.
    She died from sleep, no body could really say what killed her. She had HBP before her death.

    This life na jeje. πŸ’œ

    1. It is well with us all😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. "She died in her sleep". How can someone die "from" sleep?

  16. That Facebook post really irked me. The woman died slaving for her family but her husband knew to hire people to help him run his home when he could ve done same for his wife or even assist her. She went out sad.

    This man prolly has a friend that often advice him to make sure his wife saw him as his JESUS and to never lift a finger to assist her or he’s just a Ceaser. Either way, he ain’t shit.

    Yo! Find you a kind man. This is a very important attribute in marriage.

  17. Una good afternoon ooo. So because I tell one guy say I like am, en come dey tell me say make I sub for am. I jejely tell am say Oga na like I like you, I no tell you say I dey work for MTN. The like just vanish Asap. My dear shine ya eyes ooo, guys dun leave gold na diamond dem dey dig now.

    1. It's sad I met so many leeches when I was single, thank God for blessing me with a good and hardworking man.

    2. I am telling u..

      No gold diggers again..they all the want diamond asap

    3. Shameless guyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ see him mouth like you should sub for him. for him little mind he don meet babe wey him go milk dry.

    4. Why even tell a man you like him in the first place sef

  18. Bible verses;
    Let your husband apply the principle of giving to the least of the Lord's brethren; the poor, widows, orphans
    and get their strong defender to rise and fight his case;

    Proverbs 23:10Do not move an ancient boundary stone

    or encroach on the fields of the fatherless,

    11for their Defender is strong;

    he will take up their case against you.

    1. My hubby is a giver,infact all the windows around him have benefitedd one way or the other from him. thanks for comment.

    2. @14:47
      Okay let him tell the Lord to "remember how he has helped the WIDOWS. . ." Isaiah 38:1-15

      Also Acts 9 the story of Dorcas, Thabitha who was raised back from the dead because he was sewing clothes for widows.

      And learn to read your Bible daily

    3. Prov.21.1 - The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

      Tell God to arrest the man's heart and cause him to start favouring your husband.

      Ps.72.9 - They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust.
      Ps.72.10 - The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents: the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts.
      Ps.72.11 - Yea, all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him.

      Declare that your husband's enemies bow down before him and lick the dust. Start declaring "using the man's name" that he start serving your husband.

      God will answer your prayers.

    4. Thank you very grateful.

    5. Thank you so very grateful.

    6. @Tunde
      Why do you Nigerians always think and pray against enemies?
      Jesus said in Matthew 5 "Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your father for he sends rain to the just and the unjust. . ."

    7. @anonymous
      The above prayer points are not targeted to kill or maim enemies because God may not answer that.
      They are prayer points to dominate enemies and the dominion is already given through Christ. We just need to establish it in our lives and on all cases through fervent prayers.
      Thank you.

    8. @Tunde
      Jesus said, "Pray FOR them. . . " not "against them. . ."
      Not to dominate them.
      Look at the Scripture there, don't you see that what you are being taught in churches are against the
      teachings of Jesus in the Bible.
      See; Romans 8; "when your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him something to drink. By so
      doing, you heap coals of fire upon his head. .."
      Read our Bible people.

  19. Pleasant day to you lovelies �� ❣️

  20. Great afternoon guys...

    It's being two weeks of absence here. Did I miss the blog and some persons here? YES I DID, but It became so necessary at the time that I keep away from all the pointless drama and attacks orchestrated by some toxic persons here. I needed time away for myself just like I told a blog friend who reached out to me and felt disappointed over my decision that very day. She made me see reasons why leaving the comment section wasn't a good idea. Even though I had promised to return, but then, I needed a little break for myself.

    It's funny how the people who know the least about you, always have the most to say.

    Good to be back here again......


    1. It's "been" two weeks...been.

    2. Welcome back Teejay. Dont let the trolls get to you.

    3. πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ @Anon1446.Being bawo

    4. Carry on with your format,if I post comments your enabler will cease the comments then post at 2am wee hours when no one was interested again. Enjoy your reign inside game wen clear for our eyes

    5. #gratefulheart#

    6. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

    7. Teejay the boss. Welcome back.

    8. Try to do away with this victim mentality

    9. I hope you feel rejuvenated πŸ€—

    10. Ezege 1.....welcome back my bro. We missed you oh, some will be absent for a while and no one would even ask about them!
      See as people dey hail you, nwokeoma, you are loved jare.

  21. - Some sisters nor dey fear God. Sad!

    - Pinky kuku keel me naπŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    - No one is indispensable. Know this and you're bound to live long.πŸ€”

    - Don't fight battles with small-minded people. Don't even fight let alone battle gan. They'll drag you down.🀷🏼‍♀️

    1. Yeye person...

      Fighting a battle with shallow minded being is like you trying to fetch water with the use of basket.

      Omoiyami, wetin dey now?

  22. A comprehension passage from English project SS2 titled 'the indispensable'came to my mind as I read through the story of the woman who gave her all for her family with no appreciation in return.Since I read that passage in sec school,I decided to love and take care of myself because I can only give my best to the world if I am in my best form.
    Beautiful and timely signout post

    Things dey happen for this life.

    Happy Ash Wednesday

    Good afternoon fam😍

    1. Same here. I also read that comprehension passage in school. The passage made me realize that anyone could be replaced in a minute.

      Good afternoon, how's your son?

    2. The doc was replaced speedily with a younger Doc and the hospital didn't close even on the day of his burial.No one is indispensable at all.
      My son is doing great,thank you.How are you doing @beautiful soul?

  23. Good afternoon good people...
    How is the sun? Its on another level here.

    Enjoy the rest of your day all.

  24. Good Afternoon Beautiful People! I lost my friend in cotedivoire last month and Thursday was the wake keep,the children were not allowed to attend the wake keep which is just 10minutes walk from the house, suddenly,the spirit of the wife came into the first daughter and she started breaking things in the house starting with the aluminum doors,she tore her clothes,broke the tv and was filled with rage. My husband was with the children and few people in the house,it took 3 men to hold her down,then she started mentioning the names of the three aunt's from her father side that killed her including the attire they wore to the burial,they called 3 pastors to pray for her,she fainted and the spirit entered the second daughte( 7years old)she asked for a full scap sheet and wrote the millions her late father left her,the exact amount in each account,and mentioned all the properties he left her plus the way the aunt are planning to shake her husband during the burial,the same way they shook her and killed her,she warned her husband not to shake anybody,that he should continue to pray for the family,she started weeping,waved and said goodbye,her husband was called from the wake keep to come and see the manifestation of the daughter,at first,they thought she was possessed,you only see this kind of things in Nollywood movies,I thought after death is judgement?the whole thing is mortifying!
    She was passing a message through her daughters,this life is not fair,she was killed because her father willed 80% of his properties to her when he died 4 months ago,so sad she didn't enjoy it,may God continue to protect the children,the heart of man is indeed very wicked! Just handshake!

  25. That sign out post got me.
    There are people I see around that see themselves as Alpha and Omega. You can't talk shit without you being threatened with power and having connections.They keep intimidating shallow minds like them that don't know their rights ,trying to take everything by force including what doesn't belong to them. The guts??
    What baffles me how they tried to control someone that can alleviate poverty in their families. Funny thing is that they are coded beggers upon all their gra gra ,doing big madam and big man for mouth. The way they look down on others will make you wonder who they are, cos you can't see what makes them special.
    Now Someone is up to put them in their places.

  26. To the ones who lost a loved ones the past few days; Lucent, Blackberry, Gwagon, please accept my condolence, may their souls rest in peace.
    Stella I can't access this blog with fiber one network connection, don't know what's happening as its been like that for over a week, I can only access here when I'm connected to my mobile network.
    Hope everyone is good outchea. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  27. Good afternoon everyone

  28. Chimoo what did I just read,which kain sister be this..Good afternoon everyone.Its ASH Wednesday..

  29. Good afternoon everyone ☺️
    Better days are coming ☺️☺️

    1. Hiya BlackyπŸ€—. Oh yea, better days are coming.

    2. Hello candy dear, I'm sure your day is going well πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜

  30. Good afternoon beautiful people. The heat here is toooo much. God pls send down rain.

  31. The sun no come joke at all ooooo for Ibadan .

    How una dey now? Hope great?

    Just checking on you guys..

    Yeye person, wetin dey sup?

    Teejay where are you?

  32. Good day all,hope your day is going well,Amen to your prayer Stella,it's ending in praise.

  33. Pleasant afternoon everyone

  34. Women una no dey hear word! Clean out what exactly?
    The vagina cleans out by itself.
    So go injure yourself cos you are forming miss clean !
    During your monthly flow use 2-4pads within 24hrs, Bath atleast twice, always wash with water & soap after easing yourself(no put soap inside your vagina hole)
    After two days of your menstrual flow your vagina should smell fine and be free from period blood smell.

  35. Vaginal insertion every month... For what nau

    The kind of advice people give sha

  36. Goodafternoon BVs

    Some people are just shamelessly wicked, see where it has landed her.

    Nobody is indispensable

  37. Good afternoon lovely people on sdk street πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Stella the sign out post make a lot of sense to me by not fighting with shallow minded people.

  38. Sister from the pit of hell, even the man is not man enough, how could you be sleeping with your wife to be sister?, I got what he deserved and I thank God the elder sister jumped a bullet, good riddance.
    Good day good people of Sdk blog sphere

  39. Hello ihn 😘
    The sun didn't come to play today o..everywhere is so hot.

    Nazirate's ink poster,how are you doing.sending you πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—.

    Bvs enjoy the rest of your day.

    E go surely be ✌️.

  40. Pinky, your story cracked me up good πŸ˜‚

  41. Ash Wednesday should be done every month please. meat I bought today plenty cos not many people people meat today, seller complained that yesterday sales was poor. please Catholics there should another Ash Wednesday next month. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  42. Good afternoon.

    Pinky your story is funny.

    That sister is such a wicked sister, God forbid bad thing.

    Women find time to relax and enjoy yourselves, this life is just one.

    πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’“ Y'all

  43. Hello ihn,
    ThankGod for a brand new month,February was just too long and business was dull and slow.lord I pray for better sales and bigger customers this new month.AmenπŸ™

    So sorry about what your hubby is going through.

    The whole of Psalms 35 should be read on water for bathing, fetch a bucket of water, read Psalms 35 over it at night,pray and leave till day break. when you wake up, read Psalms 35 over the water,pray again and he should bath with it first thing in the morning.
    the whole of Psalm 61 verses 1 to 5, 71, 72, 40(he should repeat verse 14 like thrice) for your night vigils. there are more psalms but I've forgotten them

    if you have the funds, cook food and share amongst beggars with drinks like fanta, sprint but no coke please. do this before his next supplies

    PS. make sure you re not keeping malice with anyone. call those that offended you(if any) and forgive them, at times malice and unforgiveness can serve as hindrance to our success.


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