Stella Dimoko Woman Confesses To Sleeping With Her Teen Son And Explains Why She Did It


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Sunday, March 06, 2022

Woman Confesses To Sleeping With Her Teen Son And Explains Why She Did It

I cannot tell you how shocked i am reading that a mother confessed to having s#x with her biological son just to have a baby for her husband!!!!.... I am in shock!

Matina Agawua, a native of Yelwata, in Nasarawa State was married with a son until she lost her husband to herdsmen attack in Northern Nigeria.

She remarried years after but had difficulties getting pregnant for Mr James, her second husband.

After six years of marriage with no child, Matina started getting pressured by her mother-in-law and her current husband..... She threatened that the marriage would end if she did not have a child....

Matina’s husband threatened to take a new wife and this bothered Matina because she and her husband had contributed money to build the house they live in, with Matina providing a greater share. It troubled Matina to have another woman living in the house she built with her husband.

As a result, Matina decided to have s#x with her teenage son from her first marriage to see if she could have a child for her second husband.

“We had been married for more than six years but were still childless due to my husband’s fault, according to doctor’s report, and I was hearing from the grapevine that he was planning to take a second wife on the grounds that I could not give him a child,” Matina told The Nation.

Matina told the publication that she had undergone a test on her own since her husband refused to go for one, and the result showed that there was nothing wrong with her medically.

To prove that she is fertile, she decided to lure her own son, a student in Akwanga, into a secret affair, while warning him to keep it secret.

She told The Nation: “Since he is not comfortable with us going for medical checkup on the assumption that nothing was wrong with him, I decided to convince my little son, who is just about 16 years old and schooling in Akwanga.

“I visited him regularly. He stays in a private apartment with my relatives, so I was going there to spend some time with them, especially on weekends when my market is off.

“It was actually difficult making love with my own son, but circumstances forced me to go into it. I needed to be sure of my fertility.

“I know my husband very well. If he discovered I had an affair with a man outside, he would kill me.
I love him so much and I’m afraid of him; so this evil plan kept ringing in my mind to know how fertile I am.

“I tried to visit my son in Akwanga mostly; when I was on my ovulation period. I decided to develop a crush on him and draw him very close to me. We got intimate and ended up having s#x.

“One faithful day while I was on my ovulation period, I visited him. It was at about 11pm. I held his hand and made him sit beside me.

“I asked him if he had ever had s#x; and he said no. I held him in my arms. This time, I felt warm and I think he too did.

“After that night, I felt extremely embarrassed, and guilty that I committed such an abomination with my own son.
It was actually a taboo, but I warned him to keep it secret.”

Matina said that prior to having s#x with her son, she didn’t have s#x with her husband for three months.

After intercourse with her son in Jan 2022, she said she missed her period that same month and a test confirmed she was pregnant.

However, when she shared the news with her husband, he suspected foul play. He reminded her that they have not had s#x for three months and insisted he is not responsible for the pregnancy.

Mr .James accused Matina of adultery and threatened to kill her, so she confessed to having s#x with her son.

Matina’s son was questioned and he confessed to the s#x act with his mother.

Matina told the publication: “I am not a loose woman. I am just a woman who loves her husband very much; and didn’t want to hurt or lose him.

“I did what I did to save my marriage. I got reliable information that he was planning to take a second wife; on the advice of his parents and that the wife would occupy one of the apartments we suffered to build together.

“I was not comfortable with that idea; and felt I could test my fertility with my son and impose it on him.

“I did that to get him a child and to stop him from taking a second wife. Taking a second wife is an indirect way of pushing me away, losing all we have suffered to put together.

“Look at my age. I’m not getting younger and my husband was not prepared to address the matter medically.

“Look at the result of the test; it shows low sperm count. There is no way he would have been able to impregnate me.

“I know I was doing the wrong thing and betraying my husband, but I saw it as a lesser evil than going outside.

“Now the man is even threatening to kill my son for impregnating me, so I had to move my son out of Akwanga and take him somewhere else to save his life.

“This is more so because I was the one who put him into the whole mess. I have to protect him.”

Matina’s husband insisted he would not accept a pregnancy that is not his.

Matina fears her husband may kill her and has left the house for him.

However, she says she intends to engage a lawyer to fight for the house since she contributed a larger share in building it.

“I will engage a lawyer if my husband tries to do anything funny. He should not take me for granted as I’m prepared for him,” she told The Nation.

“He can’t father a child. His sperm count is very low and he is not ready to address it. What does he want me to do?”

She added that she will not abort the baby she made with her son.

She said: “I won’t abort it. Rather, I will allow it and deliver my baby. I have been looking for it for long, so I won’t let it go. It belongs to my son.

“I have decided to keep it because it is blood within my blood. I will keep it. All I want is that since the marriage didn’t work, we should sell the house, share the proceeds and everyone will go his way.”

The husband expressed his disappointment at his wife’s action.

“How can she allow her son to impregnate her and try to foist it on me? How would she do that? That is my angerΓΆ
But if she is ready to go, let her go. We built the house together and whatever she wants, I don’t have an issue with that.”

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  1. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”

    1. I can't even read it, won't let anything spoil my day.

  2. False prophet ®6 March 2022 at 11:37

    I see the possibility of birth deformity, they are extremely high with inbred person(s). Pakistan/India has 70% inbred marriages.

    1. @False Prophet and enchantress
      You both are pea in a pod worried about deformities instead of God's wrath if they both do not repent. Read Lev. 18. An abomination that has eternal consequences has happened and you are talking about only the possibilities of earthly consequences.
      When will you stop falsely prophesying and enchanting.πŸ€”

    2. Oh this is the reason for the funny children they birth and worship as gods... Now I see

    3. Anon 12:39: Both your worry and theirs are valid. Morally, medically and spiritually. They expressed theirs as you, yours. However, let's not pretend there are no precedents in the same bible. After God made Adam and Eve and they had children, the world as we have it today was populated by their offspring; meaning siblings married or had sex and here we are today. Then Lot's daughters also had sex with their father and bore him sons (Moab and Ammon). See Genesis 19:30-38. Abraham (the friend of God) married his sister, Sarah etc.

      We are first humans before we chose religion. We have laws guiding our behaviours as humans and so, this woman should be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for messing up her young son's life. I don't care about her demonic excuses. She had a choice, the boy didn't have much of one and she manipulated him preying on his naivety. She destroyed a child she should protect as a mother and if that is not advanced witchcraft in 2022, I don't know what is. Before she is condemned to eternal damnation, let her first suffer temporal punishments in a jail in Adamawa. If that child had taken a wife in future, the innocent wife would be wondering why her olosho mother-in-law hated her not knowing they were sharing preek on code. Tufiakwa!!!

    4. @Amebo
      Nice to know that you read your Bible.
      Foremost, Lot was drunk, and was actually raped by his daughters. God never approved of their actions; did he?
      Did you check the history of Moab and Ammon? Didn't you see that they were immersed in idolatry, intense occultism and war with Israel for the whole period of their history? Please study your Bible more and more.

  3. This woman is EVIL.
    You seduced your own son to have a baby by a husband who hasn’t touched you in 3 whole months?? How was it supposed to work out?

    She’s accusing that man for her own selfish gains! That man isn’t the reason you did what you did.
    She wanted a baby by her son. Just destroyed that poor boy for what??

    1. I don't think she was sexually drawn to her son from the beginning. These kind of stories are quite common with women in her socioeconomic class in different parts of Nigeria. And the background story is always the same.

      A middle-aged man who has never had a child chooses to marry a woman who already has one or more and then after getting her to make heavy financial investments in him, begins seriously pressuring her to conceive and even threatening to marry another wife or leave. The woman, desperate to keep her man and investment, goes outside to obtain the desired results but with better planning than send in this case.

      When women decide to do this in a way that the man can't possibly claim the child, they follow by embarrassing him before his family and spilling the beans of his reproductive challenges to the entire community (a kind of social death for the man) but if they want to continue with the marriage, they time the affair such that the man is sure he won't be challenged about the paternity of a child he knows is definitely not his. He believes the woman won't turn on him as confessing to an affair will hurt her social ranking badly.

      There are a million and one of such stories in Nigeria. It just bothers me that of recent, the women involve their sons to be sure the secret is buried.

      When the men threaten murder if the wives step out, what they are really saying to the woman is "go far away to make this baby".

      I hope many women learn from this. The unhealthy attachment to marriage at the cost of even your children and your peace ends badly. To keep a man that never loved her, she has probably lost a son that that actually did.

      The moment that guy did the calculations, he panicked especially since his wife was the one who stayed away from the marital bed. The new wife will get pregnant but I bet you that husband dearest will be more active in such arrangements going forward and his parents will have no say in this new marriage. The new wife should just be very concerned for her safety after making him a father.

  4. All these weird news always coming from nasarawa state. It's either son impregnating his father's wife or woman getting pregnant for her son in law. I dont believe again abeg.

    1. Nasarawa people have always been feared. I grew up hearing stories from grandparents about the wickedness & diabolical things that happen there. Ask people from neighbouring states and they will confirm.

    2. That state will soon be named the center of taboo. Every incest I have ever read online has come from that state.

    3. Na dem nau. I no surprise.

    4. Tiana, the stories could be false. someone just takes pictures of random people and fabricate the stories. How come it's so easy for the people involved to open up to the reporters with their real name in pictures as if what they did is commendable?

      Dainty T, what exactly do you mean be na dem?

  5. Some men need to do better in this life I swear. Why make a woman goes through the insults, humiliation and disgrace knowing very well the fault is from you? You refused going for a test but quick to point a finger on your wife as responsible for your childlessness.

    It's very wrong for her sleeping with her son to prove her fertility but then I see a desperate woman trying to protect her home.

    1. My sentiments exactly. The woman felt she had no one in her corner. The man knew he was the problem. This is the commonality in all such cases I've read. This is the kind of guy that infects a woman with HIV so she doesn't leave him. A wicked and desperate man will sit idly by when there's a serious problem till those around him become just as wicked as he is.

    2. See how You made the woman the victim.chai....women!!!!

  6. This one no well

  7. The Original ShugarGirl6 March 2022 at 12:06

    You dey see am?

    All your husband and his mum ever wanted was that house to himself. How could you not see it?

    Now with your story of engaging in the lesser evil your situation is way worse in this current development.

    Which kain yeye love be that one? Go to court and collect your share of that property.
    Sef I trust you to have blindly agreed to writing your evil husband's name on the property documents.

    1. @Shugar
      How can you finish reading this chronicle and the evil person you saw here is the husband; not the woman that seduced her son, committed adultery/incest of the basest kind and is shamelessly trumpeting same? Is this really your character?

    2. The Original ShugarGirl6 March 2022 at 18:13

      Seriously I can't fathom what she did with her son.

      It makes no sense for an excuse. I only pointed what she should have done instead of committing the abomination.

    3. The Original ShugarGirl6 March 2022 at 18:16

      Please read and assimilate my 3rd paragraph.

      The 'lesser evil' she chose is even worse.

  8. "you haven't walked in her shoes" gang. Shebi you people will try and justify this one too?

    This is like the most disgusting thing I've read in a long time. Just see the stupid excuses she's making. You knew your husband was the problem. You knew about lawyers. Yet you were scared of another woman taking away your property. Why didn't you think of using a lawyer for that?
    Just because you sha didnt want to lose a seemingly irresponsible husband, you decided to destroy ur own son! May God forbid bad thing!! What a degenerate

    1. How can I love this your comment a hundred times at once Lily Rose?πŸ’ž. Imagine the justification for the aruru ala! And instead of totally condemning her actions, some are worried about how she can claim yeye property. If there's any justice in this world, that woman shouldn't see the sun for another ten years at least. Bloody liar like her! Her son don dey enter her eye since; property na just excuse. You love your husband, my foot!

      You don't want to lose your husband, marriage and property, so you go and nack your underaged biological son to get pregnant for your medically-unfit husband (who already knows his predicament but threatening to marry a second wife that'd bear him children? With which sperm kwa nu?)? Hian! The person that is supplying this woman adulterated skunk in Nasarawa state should fear God o!

  9. This is really shocking πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†. Things are really happening. I just pity the poor boy.

  10. Desperation at its peak. What was this woman really trying to keep: marriage or house?

    Trying to use a baby to keep a marriage in order to remain in the house you contributed heavily in building was not worth it.

    Is this a wake up call to women who give their all in marriage and are left empty-handed?

  11. Their spoken English makes sense. I like!

    The woman is beyond disgusting

  12. Madam u no do well Cha Cha. Of all the men to test your fertility on it has to be your own biological son.
    Firstly, you committed adultery, to now crown it, u added incest to the equation, let's not even talk about the child/sexual abuse angle...FFS the boy is just 16.
    Left to me alone this woman should be behind bars already.. .nonsence and Nasarawa woman.

    1. God bless you! Lock her up and throw away the keys forever. She's a desperate paedophileπŸ˜’. Imagine this one as a secondary school teacher in another life. Na to dey use preek and nacking do continuous assessment for Year 10 boys go sure pass. Let's condemn evil even when we are not personally affected.

      If she who already has a child is this desperate, how are we to advise those who do not yet have any? Evil woman.

  13. She should be forced to please the land. What an abomination.

  14. Ewo!
    Talk about playing draft with the devil; in the end you lost the house, your husband, your son probably, your reputation, your everything.
    The only reprieve you have now is God if you repent.

  15. Once it comes to marriage and pregnancy (both looking for a child or getting rid of one), most women do not think straight. They are unhinged and unyielding to sound reasoning.

  16. This is an abominable act.
    Why try to remain in marriage with an irresponsible husband? He wouldn't go for test but threatened to take another wife, why didn't you allow him take another wife and let his secret be exposed as the one with infertility problems when his new wife does not get pregnant?
    You could have still engaged lawyers to fight for your share of the property even if he took a new wife. I think she was horny as a result of no sex for three months and decided to help herself using her son. What a shameful act. She should be exiled from that community.

    1. The husband wasn’t irresponsible anything. Threatening to take another wife is not enough reason to commit such sacrilege. He doesn’t want to get tested? Then leave the marriage.
      She knows exactly what she was doing.

    2. Your second paragraph is the holy grail @Dreza. Na the 3 months konji push her no be her husband. Super story. How can a man with low sperm count be threatening you with taking another wife? So tey you now opened leg for your own child to cum inside! Hei! Nasarawa people's eyes have seen their ears😒.

    3. She knew that the new wife wouldn't waste 6 years trying.

      After finding out he is childless at his age, best believe she is coming in pregnant with twins after a short trip home to greet family.

  17. It's now she's considering employing the services of a lawyer to fight for her. Why didn't she think of that before doing the disgusting thing she did? This woman is a disgrace.

  18. 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  19. Replies
    1. The Original ShugarGirl6 March 2022 at 18:48

      She's cray cray, I tell you.
      She's lost it.

  20. In a bid to save her home, she committed a way worse evil. It would gave been better if she lost that husband, besides I think that man knew he was impotent. She should have left and fought for her share of the house. She is saying she will keep the baby, this evil can never be erased and will follow them for a long time.

  21. Abomination. Tueh!!

  22. Child abuse. She has damaged the boy .

  23. So will the baby be her son or grandson now πŸ€”
    Or will he be her son's brother or son's son eeeeeeh 😭😭😩😩

    My head is 'headaching' me

  24. Stupid pig!!!! How dare her even touch her son? How dare her??? She doesn't deserve to be walking free, that boy doesn't deserve to be associated with this kind of mad person.
    Gosh, su h stupid and untenable excuses.

  25. eh eh... nothing make eye no Dy see oooo😳😳

  26. I can't even finish reading it, abomination

  27. In a sane society
    Her son needs therapy after such sexual abuse

  28. As for her
    No words

    Nothing good comes out of desperation
    The husband is a noisy nuisance who would rather threaten to destroy the marriage than find a solution to their lack of children

    1. No words after she committed incest abi? But plenty words for the husband yea? When will you stop being partial and tell it as it is irrespective of gender? They're both wrong but the woman's crime is even worse than the man's. Be truthful for once!

  29. The old mother in law
    Mama senu, wife senderaway committee chairlady

  30. This is an abomination. And only God can wash that stain away from them.

    What marriage is worth such actions? Women, please stop idolizing men. Look the depth of depravity just to please a mortal man. Look how you let Satan used you in the most destructive of ways against yourself and your child, and the husband you wanted to prove something has more to speak against you now.

  31. Nasarawa State people are definitely special breeds. Can't deal with all the weird weird news that come out of that place please.

  32. Madam, bury your cursed head in shame, idiot. You didn't want to lose your useless marriage and had to resort to sleeping with your own son?? Shame on you.

    Ms Abroadian


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