Stella Dimoko Blackout In Nigeria Allegedly Due To 'An Act Of Vandalism'


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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Blackout In Nigeria Allegedly Due To 'An Act Of Vandalism'



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    1. The Original ShugarGirl10 April 2022 at 11:54

      If you all had chosen high value principles over mediocrity and corruption you wouldn't be sounding like a broken record.

      Fix your values Fix your country like mature men with functioning brains.

      Recaptioned: This is an Act of Corruption

  2. It's all about 2023 and it'll continue till then. All of a sudden, this Nigeria where some neighbourhoods have at least 22 hours of daily uninterrupted power supply are now experiencing shitty electricity. Electricity systems are now experiencing vandalism and sabotage back to back to back. While ignorant Nigerians who don't even know that electricity in the country has been privatized and that the gencos being sabotaged are owned by thier faves will heap all the bulk of the blame at Buhari's desk.

    1. Who else should take the blame sir? who makes and implement these policies? If he's not satisfied with job of the private owners, let him revoke their contracts. Until something meaningful is done about electricity, he will continue to receive the blame

    2. The Original ShugarGirl10 April 2022 at 12:14

      You need to educate yourself before educating your audience!

      There are 3 phases in power supply; Generation, Transmission & Distribution.

      The Transmission Company has NEVER been privatised. National grid is powered by TCN. Which is 100% owned by FGN!

      Who is the ignoramus now?

      Copied from Twitter- Adetutu Balogun, MBA

    3. "If he's not satisfied with job of the private owners, let him revoke their contracts" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    4. Sugar, Generation and distribution have been privatized and belong to the drunkards your hero Jonathan sold them to. And the drunkards do whatever they want with it.

      The author of that gibberish you copied also deliberately refused to tell you that the cause of this collapse is due to vandalism by criminal Nigerians.

      When you and the author of that nonsense you copied are ready to call out your criminal brothers and sisters (Nigerians) who destroy public Infrastructure, or when you copy something more reasonable from another more educated fellow, come back let's have a discussion

    5. The Original ShugarGirl10 April 2022 at 21:45

      I forwarded that here so that you can at least stop being and displaying your emptiness with so much arrogance. Always blaming another even where you have publicly failed woefully. Excuses are made by babies not adults. Addressing you can be likened to pouring water into a basket.

      What a pity, as usual your block head can't assimilate no matter how easy it is made for you. What a waste. You go school so? How did you manage to pass your assessments?

      And you think Adetutu is your mate? did you forget that you said something about privatization of power?

  3. Funny enough,we have light for more than 24 hours uninterrupted..

    1. As in! It's as if I'm not in this same Nigeria since people have been complaining about black out. We have had steady supply of power for years. Minimum of 20 hrs per day.

    2. The Original ShugarGirl10 April 2022 at 12:20

      Na we dem connect to national grid. The rest of you are connected to the cabal's grid.

    3. Enter your reply...see them liars football club.
      Put your location let's check.
      Even Aso Rock no get light pass 16 hrs in a day

    4. The Original ShugarGirl10 April 2022 at 15:33

      Seriously, I visited someone and they had power supply. I began to ask myself which national grid is down.

    5. Anon 13:15,why calling people liars? We have steady light here in Lokoja.even the last time they said national blackout,we were having at least 18 hrs light steady

  4. It is well with our country

  5. falegan ado Ekiti,we have at least 20hr light daily and one day off occassionally.

  6. Na thunder go fire all of una wey dey give daily excuse. This power issue was one of the campaign points they used to get people to vote for Buhari. What do we get? For Aboru, Iyana-Ipaja here, I haven't seen light since last week Monday. And from what I heard they are rotating it and we will probably have light on Tuesday of which some other community will be off. Just imagine!


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