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Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Is it okay to use a dildo when being denied as a married woman all because we have money issues?. I have started touching myself when the torture is getting out of hand plus emotional neglect. 

He hardly talks to me. 

Every time I try to initiate a conversation it ends in a quarrel so, I'm learning to live without him in this marriage and he doesn't care...

Madam take it easy on him ...
Maybe the pressure you are applying to get what you want is too much so he feels not talking to you would be a better option. I am not excusing his behaviour but i have read on this Blog and somewhere else that men who are broke feel no desire to do the do....

Stop trying to force it and maybe look for a time to really discuss your problems with him without having s#x at the back of your mind..



World people will never cease to amaze me. I trained my poor wife, opened shop for her and a few years into the marriage she's still flirting and asking other men to send pictures of their d*ck to her. Please is it a spiritual problem?

*Have you discussed this with her? did you see proof of what you are accusing her of?.....Maybe there is an explanation... Have a talk with her on why she is asking these men for these kind of photos

If she is asking for, she might also be sending hers


  1. Dude 2 I know this story
    Is your dick small or is your sex game weak
    No amount of money will make up for that to some women
    Have a real talk

    Madam dildo pls use it. It will help relax you and bring down tension in the house. Once you’re happily working and doing home stuff, you won’t be too frustrated and can give him space to figure things out. A dildo may cause problems if he finds it cause some guys don’t like that at all so why not use just your hands for now
    It’s your body. Pleasure it yourself

    1. All your excuses for Dude 2 does not excuse the wife's behavior. How can a woman, married be asking other men for pictures of their PENIS. I had to write it in upper case if you did not understand his diction.😮😮

    2. Not excuses
      I’m just saying she’s dabbling around with cheating. He’s saying I did financial things for her. Those are two different needs. Focus on providing sexually bc sex is also food

    3. Probably small and madam likes it big.

    4. 17:42

      So all men who do outside it is because their wives are not enough for them?

      There are 99 excuses for a married person who cheats. Only 1 reason why he/she should not.

  2. Poster1 even some women like myself don't feel horny when there is no money, but I am trying to work on that. Money makes the do sweet😉. Try and tell him your mind though, I hope it works

    1. Who even thinks of sex when there’s no money hmmm..... when there are things to be done and it can’t because of finances, then i’ll be thinking of sex . Abeg let sex wait fess ....

  3. Poster 2. Go and watch War room. Fast and pray for your wife to focus on you. Remember, the devil you know is better than ....

    1. He shouldn’t forget to drink coconut oyel

    2. Enter your reply...I don comot una name from people wey dey go heaven😅😅

  4. Poster 1: Discuss the issue with your man and find a common ground. Do not use it if he refused to give his consent. Also try discussing possible ways of finding solution to the lack of sex. Its not easy being a man with so much responsibility. Debt and wahala fit make man lose erection.

    Poster 2: It might not be a spiritual problem. Your wife is also sending hers to them as well. Taking care of a woman or investing so much on wont stop a woman from cheating or engaging in such an act. It takes the grace of God and self respect to do away with old habits. Since you know her secret, have a heart to heart talk with her if you have decided to do what most men will do, let her know what you will do if she doesn't change. Abi the marriage na by force?

  5. Poster one. I wish you are here. I will give you chilled coke to drink. Sex for some of us is an emotional thing. When life challanges come we will forget entirely that part of our body and deep our soul towards solving issues. The boy is fine for most men is MONEY. When this category of men don't have money they feel depressed and wish to be left alone. Your husband needs you emotionally now more than sex. Keep your mind off sex for now and bring topics that are geared towards making Money above all get something doing and pray as if your whole life depends on it. God is able to do exceedingly above all

    1. Not all men ooo , some think of sex even in debt and money issues.

  6. Narrative one

    I have to be sincere with you...This also happens to me once a while,I always feel like not doing anything whenever I'm broke and it makes me sad..

    See, whenever your wife ask you for something and you noticed you keep giving same excuses all the time, the will to do the do will never be there except if you are a man who has no foresight. They say, poor men have sex and satisfy women than the rich men(this assertion is only for a poor man who has no brain and has nothing to think of than sex).

    Whenever,I feel that way, I try as much as possible not to make my wife angry,I sit her down and let her know the things on ground and I'm so happy and keep giving thanks for the kind of woman the Lord gave me.

    Poverty is a disease I swear...Madam, please, try and discuss things with ur woman has a way of making me happy whenever I find myself in that situation..she tells me an encouraging words and gives me reasons to be focus.

  7. Poster two.. spirits have suffered. Which kind spiritual problem. Beat that nonsense spirit off her head with your dick. If possible take drugs and her one day till she speak in unknown language. Give her overdose of that thing she is looking outside

    1. Haaaa🤣🤣🤣this your advice weak me o

    2. Take drugs and fuck her because of what. He should put his health and life in danger just so he can please his wife and stop her from looking outside.
      You think excess fucking will stop a cheat from looking outside? Once it is a habit it will be hard to let go. Unless the person decides to forsake that kind of life no amount of fucking can stop a cheat from fucking around

    3. Take drugs 🤣🤣😂😂 Oga don’t kill your self ontop using sex to cure her whoring ways.
      Remember if you die, she’ll move on with her life next minute.

    4. Would you advise a wife to do same to a whoring husband?

  8. Poster 1: A hungry man is an angry Man, Get yourself busy biko, sex no be food.

    Poster 2: Didn't You notice that from her when you Both were dating? Imagine asking me to send their dicks to her... shameless Woman.

  9. Poster 1:please take it easy,your partner need emotional support not sex talk,talk to him and draw him close,assure him that things will get better soon,pray for him then sex will happen naturally.
    Poster 2: sit her down and talk some sense to her.

  10. Poster one I wonder why husband don't want sex because of money issue when from time IMO river that they said poor or broke men love sex since then no get money.

    Communication is key. Look for time when he is in a smiling mood and discuss this with him to know what the issue is. The country is not helping matters.

    Poster two not spiritual, your wife is just useless

  11. Some of your ladies push your husbands into the fire; all manner of crime and pretend as if you don't know what you are doing.
    "If you have food and clothing, be content" (search for this quote)
    If you had peace all along until "financial stress" came in, then you introduced war. It means you never loved the man. All you
    have ever loves was money.

    1. 16:37
      Thanks. God blessings.

  12. Husband and wife matter
    1- try hugging and cuddling with no words,he will pour out his heart to you.
    2 -maybe it's spiritual. She definitely needs Deliverance

  13. If as a married woman your wife is flirting, asking men for nudes and all, don’t you think she’s already sleeping around?
    Will this one not bring another man’s child for you to raise?

  14. Poster 1,are u me?am experiencing the same thing but am a man.she told me to change our car(EOD) BUT I told her to chill as per the way the country is.the car is clean and work planning to cheat on her for the first time since she rejected me����

  15. Poster 2: I don't believe your wife has a spiritual problem. In this part of the world, we tend to attribute the spiritual to things that we simply refuse to accept or take responsibility for. If what you wrote up there is the "whole story", either your wife has checked out of the marriage, due to a past occurrence/ or she lacks self control and self respect/ Or she's bored and chasing some sort of 'rush' or 'excitement'.
    If you are still interested in remaining married, Sit the woman you married down and have a calm honest conversation with her, and understand where her head is at. What does she think your relationship is lacking (and i mean physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)? Did she marry you for love or provision? Is she remorseful? Is she ready to change? Is she even still interested in the marriage? So you know if you're alone in the "marriage".

    And you should seek out a marriage counsellor (faith based if you prefer), there are many good ones you can find on social media and arrange sessions with. And they don't cost a fortune. Sometimes, rather than venting to family, friends, pastors and co, you need to be venting to a trained experienced professional, who can give you real solutions.

    If you try everything and nothing changes. Then you need to ask yourself if its a cross you are willing to bear for life or walk away from. Goodluck!

  16. It is not easy to be married and still looking for money


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