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Monday, April 18, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



He was my mother's doctor before he traveled out of the country and returned he is married. I am not dating him, we just chat on WhatsApp about politics and government.

This week he asked that we should fix a date I can pull it off. Today he send a message to me to send my account number that he wants do Easter for me. Please What should I do?

He has not come out to say anything stupid...He says he wants to give you a gift so collect it and stop chatting so much with him.. If he sends you a message, leave it unread for weeks and don't pick his calls.. That should teach him a lesson....

Please do not meet with him anywhere....



When a man one is dating suddenly wants to see his ex (just to have a talk according to him) what does that imply?

Just to have a talk? Well some people are still friends with their EX and this might not mean anything but please watch him closely after the meeting with his EX...... he maybe trying to get back with her.....

Just prepare your mind for anything he might soon spring up as an excuse for wanting to leave you.


  1. Poster 1 if you are married, inform your hubby about this docr5who wants to see you and send you money 💰. Your hubby needs to be in the know and also approve. If you are not married, please inform close family members like your mum. Tread carefully.

    1. why not simply tell her to reject the money and keep her peace and dignity.
      Why is it so hard for Nigerians to reject monetary gratifications?

    2. Because the country is har @ 15.55

    3. @15:55
      Poverty of the mind, spirit, and pocket. Or plain greed.

      Poster knows what's going on.

      Let her continue, "make pant dey wear am".

  2. That married man is wetting the ground. Don't go on a date with someone's husband.

  3. Poster 1, if the doctor is your husband and he is chatting with another lady as two of is doing. Will you like it?

  4. If you receive that gift, be ready to give what he demands, including your nude body.
    Acts 20:35 It is more blessed to give than to receive
    Eccl. 7:7 A bribe corrupts the heart and twist the words of the righteous.

    1. Hahaha will he remove her “pint” pant on his own
      Excerpt na r#pe

  5. Shouldn't you be rather talking to your mom; that this married man wants to give you a "gift?"
    Do you write a blog before you collect any gift from people?
    Don't you see that your conscience is already riled up with regard to this gift; that is actually a bait?
    Are baits put in a hook to feed the fish or to catch (and kill it?)
    Think baby girl, think and act wise.

  6. You want to receive dollars, are you also willing to receive babies?

  7. Nne, second poster, you are being dumped! 😮

  8. Hmm, sounds like "I want to go to the brothel, just to visit."

  9. Don't accept the money else it will be a commitment. This is all I will say to you.

  10. Poster 1, since you're getting uncomfortable with the gifts, why not tell him and ask straight up what he wants. Also, if he visits,he can come to the house if ur folks are comfortable with it,especially since he was ur mum's doctor.
    Because I think even if he didn't have any bad intentions, the vibes,constant talk and a date may give the wrong signal that you're interested in him.

    Poster 2, why exactly are you worried? Just tell him how you feel about it and if he gives an unsatisfactory answer, then you should know what next to do.

  11. This is a values question and only you can answer it. What are your values about accepting monetary gifts from married men? Why does he want to give you a gift, birthday, student, a charity you asked on behalf of? What legitimate reason exist for him to be giving you a gift? Are you married, if you are married is it acceptable for you to collect monetary gifts from another married man?

    Whatever your values are that's where you will find the answer.

  12. Accept the gift biko. Economy is hard! It's a harmless gift.
    Don't leave msgs on read as Stella suggested, it's outright rude.

    You are an adult, go to a nice restaurant, have quality discussion,if he finally says what he wants(your suspicion) politely decline.
    He will get the msg.

    You should learn how to develop and maintain people network, while politely maintaining boundaries and uncompromising your standards!

    Everything should never revolve around sex biko.

    1. Thanks for this reasonable response. I don't know why everything is sex for people. That is why men have better social capital than women and after we keep shouting equality.

    2. I support this idea

      Poster 2 It's well with you and your relationship

    3. See them..

      Self deception.. even Steven wonder can see why he wants to give her money and meet up,. But greed won't allow some of you tell yourselves the truth because you do the same and lie to yourself that it's an innocent gift

    4. Pls I agree
      Collect the money and say thank you brother or uncle
      Invite him to your house for lunch
      If he get clear mind, he should be able to meet there with your mum and husband around. Don’t kick him away afterall he’s your mothers doctor abc he saw you before he married

    5. You people should calm down when reading. Where did the poster specified she’s married?
      Anon 16:11 gave the soundest advice. Poster abeg waka for him advice.


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