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Saturday, April 02, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Hello house,

I am so confused and sad, I am so lonely.

I am in my 30s and during prayers they keep saying a veil has hidden my beauty, I have been to mountains and fasted, I am beautiful and dress well, now I dont even enjoy going out again, so sad.

You have gradually allowed these people to poison your mind...Who used a veil to hide your beauty? With this mentality that have put into you, this is all you will keep seeing.... Please build your faith and join prayer groups ( Like NSPPD) that dont come with mind poisoning. I am sure your spirit will be healed and the alleged veil will fall off...

Stop being sad please...
Stop being lonely, go out there nd be bold...




I've been having a painful s#x for the past two or three weeks after losing my virginity. Even though we have the s#x once or twice a week, the pain is too much and it's like a burning sensation until I go to wash myself with cold water.

 Who else has experienced this and how did you sort it out?? I always end up pushing my husband away or yelling at him and other times, I just let him enjoy himself while I bear the pains and I cry silently.

Must ladies always go through this pain?? I am honestly tired!

Ah, this is serious oh....Can anyone help with advice so that she can enjoy her new Marriage....


  1. Anyone who by the unction of Jesus talks about a veil should be equipped with the power of Jesus to deal with it🎈🎈

    1. You are very accurate @Anon. 15:05. One of the ways to recognise false prophets and charlatans, is that they only see problems never solutions to the problems.

      Dear poster, pick up your Bible, read and know God for yourself! Read books and verses of scriptures that talked about who you are in Christ and personalize them. Invite the Holy Spirit to read with you before you commence. Be consistent and things will never remain the same for you.

      Meditate on these scriptures. Confess them out loud and personalise them. The first three are examples.

      Roman 10:9-10
      9... if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
      10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

      CONFESSION: "I believe in my heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe He was raised from the dead for my justification. I confess Him as my Lord and Saviour. Jesus is my Lord. He is dominating my life. He is guiding me. He is leading me."

      2 Cor. 5:17
      17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

      CONFESSION: I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. I am a new creation being with the life of God, the nature of God, and the ability of God within me.

      Col. 1:13-14
      13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
      14 In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.
      Eph. 1:7
      7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.

      CONFESSION: I am delivered from the power and control of darkness, I am set free from the
      manipulation and oppression of the devil. I am moved out of the reach of darkness, I reign with Christ as head over all situations and circumstances. Christ has already forgiven me, all my sins, therefore I live a life of righteousness and freedom.

      Do the same with these other scriptures:

      Acts 17:28
      John 15:5,7
      2 Cor. 5:17
      Eph. 2:10
      2 Cor. 5:21
      Rom. 8:1
      1 Cor. 1:30
      1 Pet. 2:24
      Matt. 8:17
      Rom. 8:2

      If you can, get the book by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin - Welcome To God's Family.

      You are blessed.

  2. Poster 1: the pain shouldn't go on for that long, i think you should go do an infection test.

    1. It's not infection, she is bruised.
      Poster buy lubricant or petroleum jelly.

    2. Poster2 there was a post by a married lady who had such issues on this blog. Please anyone with the link help her out.

  3. Poster 1: that's what I was told until I was directed by the holy spirit on how to pray about my singleness and I met my husband exactly 3months after I changed my prayer points. I didn't visit prayer houses.when people thought my case was hopeless (38yrs) I met and married my husband and God has blessed us with a baby.

    1. Please publish the prayer points to help your fellow BV. Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. Anybody who knows effective prayer points or effective ways to pray should give it out full when a heartfelt request is made as done in the chronicle. It is not enough to say I prayed.

      I thank God for your victory.

  4. Poster 2, u guys should use lubricant naa.. lube up his deek n let him dive in fiaaaaam.

    Poster 1, if the mountain fasting don't work, it means you were lied to.

  5. Poster1 - Oh God..all this "they say" "he say" "she say" this is why I don't like church and their drama. It is all this prophetic shenanigans that break up homes. Which veil did "they" see? Why didn't "they" unveil you nau?? Why is the veil only covering your beauty? What kinda nonsense revelation is that? Abeg don't believe anything negative about your life. You determine the course your life takes not those scammertozoa pastors and prophets.

    #Poster 2- I don't know how to advice you but don't worry, God will help you out because sex with the hubby is "supposed" to be lots and lots and lots and lots of fun whether with a big member or don't worry, I'm sure before the end of today, someone here will bless you with a solution. There are too many sex freaks here😌😌😌 (minus me)

  6. Poser 1 whatever it is god will fix it for you in Jesus name. Poser2 are you sure it is not an infection because once your hymen is broken, pains is suppose to decrease with time

  7. 1st story: Not all problems are spiritual and there are both fake and genuine pastors. One met my brother at the park when he was a student,that the step mother is after him,my father married only my mother and today a medical doctor wt 5 kids.
    Try and access your life. Hv u ever been in a relationship, what led to the breakup. Try and also socialise more, being social is not necessarily hv to be going to parties.Look for your interests and join the club. Many pple hv met the Love of ther lives at d gym, dance club,book club,twitter,facebook and even Parks.

    So my dear, relax your on yourself,look at what works for you and enjoy ur life. Not everything is spiritual.

    2nd poster: were you wet before he inserted into you?. I will advise you both do more of extensive foreplay before thrusting into you. He can also use his fingers to see how you will feel....
    Google "how to enjoy painful sex as virgin" or something similar.

    1. inserted kwa,na sim card they dey insert???

    2. ��������������������

  8. Poster 1: We have a group for people like this.. reach out

    Poster 2: I would say it is your mindset but let the medical people talk since you say na only when you use cold water wash the pain dey stop

  9. 1. Evil veil
    2. "spireeshua" husband
    3. Evil foundation
    4. I am "prouding"
    5. Deliverance upon deliverance

    Sis, i left that church, joined a church that preaches practical Christianity...i started dressing well (former church doesn't allow earrings, trousers, weaves), joined a dept and guess what, i married a man who had always known me but hated my shabby dressing. Na so i marry. Babes join NSPPD as Stella advised, worship and pray and God will def step in.

  10. Burning pain is not good. You could have been infected with an sti or you’re not wet enough. Both of you should go for HVS mcs and semen mCS, then always use a lubricant. Be sure you don’t react to the lubricant. Cos some lubricant cause burning pains for some people

  11. Painful sex;
    If it is not a case of extra large penis,
    Please go and see a gynecologist.
    Congratulations for keeping your virginity till marriage.

  12. Most likely you have an infection down there. Get checked Asap

  13. Poster 1 we are in the same shoes. I am almost 50, good looking with a high paying job. Very comfortable.lives in my own house with fleet of cars but No man. Each time I go for consultation they will say there's a veil covering my beauty.

    I have heard this over and over since when i was in my 30s
    That what the men see is an over-80 years old woman. That why they can't approach me. Much as i find this difficult to believe. Men do approah but they dont stay if they cant get what they want which we all know.
    I still have faith in God.

    Hold on to God, he is the finisher of our faith. Hold on! God will do it at his own time.

    1. Pls go approach your own man and forget l this church people
      They tell everyone this veil covering thing

  14. Sex, sex sex, bla bla bla. That's all we see on the internet these days. Yes poster 2, sex is rubbish. If the man you're doing it with does not take enough time to carese you, if he's not sweet smelling and a good kisser, if the environment is poor and not conducive, if he uses his teeth to bite your breast rather than gently fondle and kiss them, etc then you've just been used! Once a man cums, the act ends. What does a woman get? The sensation of sweet foreplay is the only thing that makes it worthwhile for a woman. Most men cum in 2 minutes by the way, except for the second round. I cried the first time I had sex, like is this it!? I thought it'll get better but not at all. I only met one perfect kisser and he also said I'm a perfect kisser which I already knew. So read up on how sex can be fulfilling for a woman added to what I've written and have a talk with your husband otherwise you'll be sexually frustrated, and before you know it bam, you're pregnant and it'll seem as if your sex life is already over before it started.

    1. You actually sound sexually frustrated You just lay like a doll with no moving parts then come here to rant. Go get cured plus the word is 'caress'

    2. I guess you encourage insults on commenters here Stella and it seems you have favourites too. This idiot insults me for giving valid advice, I reply her too and you won't post my reply. Ok. No wonder your blog is becoming dry with few comments because nobody wants to be insulted for nothing sake.

  15. It might be an allergy to the condom or is sperm or the lube if you’re using any of those
    Both of you should get tested if he’s not using anything extra
    A burning sensation seems like a reaction. If you said he was having a tough time getting in then that’ll be different

  16. Poster1, please read colossians 1:13-14 and chapter 2:14-15,meditate on it and believe it, build your personal relationship with God, keep your self busy, also meditate on these chapters that concerns marriage Genesis 2:18, 24 Isaiah 34:16,stand by the word of God and it must surely come to pass.

  17. 1st poster: they can see the veil hiding your beauty but they can't pray to remove it. I don't trust them.

    1. Thank you oooo, Northern Guy... If they can see the veil but cannot profer solution to remove the veil, that's definitely a Fake seer or Prophet or wharever plssss.

    2. They normally have their kind of solution o. But not through God's power. It's always a give and take but the victims may not know. I can remember when they came to do family liberation in my dad's eldest sisters compound. After that year worse problems kept arising in their family, sickness, death, losing of job etc. This is a family that had just one small problem that made them to call for family liberation o. Uptill now they have no idea where their problems are coming from. I saw this earlier in my dream but they never believed me

  18. Poster 1.: accept Jesus,pray warfare prayers, visit rccg open heavens gallery in rccg camp,enter into pastor Adeboye's prayer room and cry out to God,visit the Rccg alter at the camp ground if you are in Lagos,MFM prayercity,connect to Manna water programme of MFM on YouTube, PMCH,RCCG HolyGhost services and see great transformation. Praise God always.Avoid Sin,Make the Bible your companion,congratulations in advance.

  19. Poster 2, please go and do High vaginal swab maybe candida which is totally treatable.

  20. Keep yourself holy, read Bible to understand God's promises, fast and pray and also dress well, infact allow God to have his way. The last pastor I met for consultation told me to bring 140,000 to separate me from spiritual husband when my Bible tells me that I'm made in the image and likeness of God... I am a child of God, spirit husband disturb a child of God.

  21. My dear don't believe that report. It is from the pit of hell. Did you see anywhere in the bible that a veil covered anybody's face there by preventing them from marrying?

    Just make sure you play your part and leave the rest for God. In his time he will touch you.

    Another important advice from me is; don't kill yourself with fasting o o o. Maka ulcer. I didn't say you should not pray. Pray fervently but please leave fasting out of this. I could have quoted Scriptures but I can't remember their exact chapters. God can answer your prayers if he wants to answer even without fasting but prayers alone. Your fasting is leaving a sin-free life. Just leave right and pray

    I typed about some experiences you could learn from but they all wiped off. I can't start typing all over

  22. I learnt something from pastor Chris that has kept me going. Nobody can come and see such kind of vision on me and have me believe such lies

  23. Poster 2, regarding the burning sensation, if you guys use lube while at it, switch to a lube that is paraben and glycerin free ( KY jelly has a lube like this).


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