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Saturday, April 09, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - The Big Lie

"When A Child Knows How To Wash His Hands Well, He Eats With The Elders" -African Proverb

The event took place some years ago in the ancient city of Ile-Ife. Interestingly, I lodged at that same hotel where a post-graduate student reportedly died under some suspicious circumstances recently. Although it was under the control and management of a different person at the time. I was indeed in luck!

Some students of the "Africa most beautiful campus" (OAU boys get mouth sha!) had packaged a programme in honour of my then boss and he had graciously extended an invitation to us, his juniors in chambers. 

How we looked forward to such trips. Oga would approve funds for our feeding, accommodation and out-of-station allowance and frankly speaking now, that meant a lot to us at the time. I think four (4) of us made the list and he instructed the office driver ("Mr R") to convey us to and fro. The journey was quite eventful and short. In fairness to my Oga, he ensured that everyone gets paid according to his level in the firm.

 The driver, like the lawyers got his full allowance and he was expected to pay for his hotel accommodation but he approached me and begged to share my room with me for the period. I gladly obliged him because his allowance wasn't as "fat" as mine (for obvious reasons) and he had greater responsibility at the time. The first night was okay. He wanted to sleep on the chair but I offered him space on my 6 by 7 bed.

Day 2: I instructed Mr R to take me to a nearby town to pick one of my colleagues who had opted to spend the night with his wife who was at the time working thereat. On our way out of the hotel, a call came in for Mr R and he picked swiftly.

 With the smile on his face, one could tell that he was "in love", however, the caller at the other end was not his wife as it turned out that it was one of his side chics. The conversation was a long one but the relevant part is the meat of this piece. 

For strange reasons I decided to do "amebo" this time around. Mr R apologised to the side chic for not bringing her along and the defence which he put up triggered this write-up. 

Mr R emphatically stated that as much as he would have loved to bring her, his hands were tied because he was compelled to assist his "colleagues" by conveying them down to Ile-Ife in that "bigger car"of his". I pretended as if I didn't hear what he was saying though.

We went about our daily activities as if all was well. At the end of the day, it was time to retire to our various rooms. Mr R wanted to follow me to "our room" again, but I humbly "bounced" him at the last minute. 

I was like Bros, I would be sleeping alone tonight, good night. The following day he came to knock on my door and seek my permission to use the bathroom. I obliged him though but I was glad I did what I did.

Stay safe..
Its Kunle


  1. Good for him, small money wey he suppose dey use manage his family, he will still be spending it on side chic

  2. I have never heard of a European or an Asian proverb. The proverb referenced above is a Yoruba proverb: bi omode ba mo owo we, a ba agba jeun. Please rid yourself of the mental slavery that makes you conclude you are too small to share wisdom.

    1. And Yoruba isn't Africa? Do you also know other tribes also make use of this proverb and they can all claim ownership too, can you prove this proverb actually originated from the Yoruba?

  3. Fake life that can lead one to his early grave. No contentment anymore, everybody want to be big at all cost.

  4. Good for him.... Fake life things

  5. Some persons be claiming to be who they're not just to "belong"😐

  6. Fake lives never end well.

  7. He couldn't pay for a room to sleep in but can afford to keep a side chic. Misplaced priorities


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