Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - Respecting Your Pocket In The University As A Jambite


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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - Respecting Your Pocket In The University As A Jambite

Everyone has exciting and funny stories from their first year in the University.....
Doctor Freak stayed women free cos of his lean pockets.....LOL

I was surfing the Internet and I saw a funny picture on a friend's page. 

The image had two ladies seated in a restaurant with their section of the table filled with assorted food and drinks. Meanwhile, there was a young man facing them who had nothing displayed before him and that sight took me back down memory lane.

I was in 100 level Linguistics at the time, fresh JAMBito. 

Most of us in the Faculty of Arts had some elective courses in common with Law students at the time, so our paths crossed regularly. I don't know about others, but I was what I call "Law-reject" as I had wanted to study Law right from my SS2 when I opted for the Arts but man proposes, God disposes. Thank God my journey of studying Law eventually commenced 10 years upon completion of my secondary school education and 5 years after obtaining my BA degree.

 Meanwhile "we don dey near 20 years at the Bar now oh." The digression is deeply regretted. There was this beautiful girl in Faculty of Law. Her father was a retired judge and she was quite friendly. We became friends and I was encouraged by my friends to take her out and "express my intentions".

 Considering the fact that I was a struggling young man, taking a girl to "Basement" one of the "happening joints on campus" at the time was a costly venture, but who cares, I was willing to catch a grenade for this "Carol" and even cross the ocean for her. I summoned up courage, extended an invitation to her and bravo, we were on a date and guess the venue? Basement!

On the D-day, my promptness could only be likened to your first day at work. I left no stone unturned. Combed my full hair. That was before baldness started to take its toll on me. I wore my "Bugle Boy" jeans and "silk" shirt and by my crew's standard, I was looking great. She slightly opened the door and asked me in whilst she rounded off. She smelled nice and I mustered up courage to pass that innocuous compliment and she smiled shyly.

The walk to the Basement from our shared dormitory took less than 15 minutes and it was time to dine and wine. By the time the attendant would bring the menu/price list, it had become more apparent that the "lean pay" in my pocket could only take care of her lunch but I was unstoppable. In fairness to her, she was considerate. She simply ordered a plate of rice with turkey and salad with a bottle of Coke. I "jejely" respected myself by taking a bottle of Coke. She insisted that I must take something but Socrates said "man know thyself" so I rather quietly romanced my bottle of Coca Cola and engaged in a robust, healthy and lengthy conversation all through the outing.

 That was our first and only outing anyway.

Our journey back to the dormitory took longer than the initial one. She was open, but within me I knew that I could not sustain a "relationship" at that rate and that was how I remained "babeless" throughout my first degree days oh. "Money wey never reach me take chop for "Bukka 2 or Campus Sheraton, I go come take am dey chase woman abi?"

She later had a boyfriend in her faculty and they are happily married now.

 Nothing intimate happened between us, we were friends for the 4 years and 1 extra year that was induced by ASUU strikes that we spent together in that ivory tower of academia.

The University memories takes one down good and bad lanes, depending on how you spent your time in there...

Stay welll...

Its Kunle


  1. You took me down memory lane. Thank you

  2. " So, i rather quietly romance my bottle of coca cola" 😁😁😁😀😀

  3. Lovely, mellanby days........

  4. Nice write up

  5. This reminds me of a guy that took me out on a date to New Bukka (OAU) then. I made my order, just fried rice, chicken and coke o, low and behold, guyman said he was not hungry.....say what! He ordered a bottle of coke and romanced it throughout like Kunle (hahahaha)

    That was my first and the last outing with the guy. I felt so bad because my spirit told me he didn't have money to buy a proper meal for himself in all honesty, I didn't enjoy the food because I felt bad throughout. I managed to finish the food because I couldn't afford to waste owo oniru and owo alata. Chai .. memories

  6. Great Uniben! That is my story. Na "bussie" (girls from town) I manage throughout my in Uniben. They go even bring foodstuffs for person. The small pocket money is not enough to run campus babe, though, I have an Ekpoma University and Auchi Poly babes that visit sometimes. Undergraduate days was interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lol, fond many hours did the romance of your bottle of coke last ? 😁😁😁


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