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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - When Silence Is Golden

Recently, I wrote a letter to a senior citizen at the behest of a client. The old man elected not to brief a solicitor to respond to the letter under reference, instead he opted to personally send me a stinker via my WhatsApp. 

His messages hit my mobile phone in three tranches. The first one reminded me of how stupid I was. 

The second alleged that I was a cultist. ...

The third one informed me that he was a politician in Lagos State and an elder in his church and threatened to deal with me and my client. 

My client would have liked me to respond but I held a different view. I didn't say a word! 

A day after, maybe he was astonished at my unusual silence or he was relishing in his perceived victory, he sent in another message with a mellow tone this time around calling for an amicable resolution of the melee. In all of this, I kept mute till date. Let him deal with his conscience.

Years back, someone who had a degree of control over me decided to lord his decisions and choices over me. What did he not do! 

He blacklisted me before the whole wide world but I was resolute and unswerving.

 Oga invited me over to his office and "blasted" me for over four hours just in his bid to make me accept his ideas and ideals hook line and sinker. 

I did not utter a word. It was actually a monologue. My opinion did not count one bit as far as he was concerned. After the unending monologue, Oga invited me to respond. 

Guess what?

 I responded in one line thus: "you are an elder, you have spoken as one and I've accepted all that you've said." 

He became infuriated by my response and practically walked me out of his office.

 The rift which that encounter generated continued for over four years but we've since made up and I actually earned my respect back through that singular act.

In any event, my experience is not a one-size-fits-all approach to every situation in life. In some cases, if not most, you just have to demonstrate some level of madness (wereh) especially in Naija. But sometimes, trust me, the silence approach works. Receive the wisdom to chose right whenever you find yourself in a tight corner.

Happy Holiday!

It's Kunle!

*WOW, may God give us all the wisdom to use this silence is golden approach oooooh.
BTW, the comment i highlighted really really cracked me up.


  1. Silence is golden but sometimes we need to deal with some useless people.

    1. Just serve them silence, unless the person carry 'wahala' pass his boundary come meet you. Then you serve it hot.

  2. That highlighted comment Na coded insult
    I once used something similar on my uncle
    He acted wickedly to his wife, took food from her pot when he didn’t drop money for food, then walked away and smiled wickedly
    only to ask an irritated me if I love his action
    I responded with “ You are the head sir, I am sure your conscience feels so”
    Baba almost slapped me🤣🤣

  3. I really prefer the silence treatment, but in some cases one needs to salaye small

  4. These days I use this silence treatment especially when people pass their boundary,it works,indeed silence is golden

  5. The silence treatment is good but, sometimes show the wereh in you so you wouldn't be taken for granted all the time.

  6. Silent treatment is not easy, sometimes it birth resentment and hatred but it is a solution to some problems especially when dealing with over wicked elderly people.

  7. Someone said something that on a normal day, I would have scream, talk and shout but i kept mute and gave her this silence treatment till today. And i notice it is the best way to treat some people. I never knew how peaceful that can be. More peaceful than screaming and shouting. Treat them like they don't exist while minding your business and avoiding anything that has to do with them

  8. This girl I was very close to at work ( she is my subordinate) blatantly refused to take my directives in a meeting in the presence or our other colleagues. I gave her a memo and she came to my office to rant, telling me" all this friendship will stop from today. Don't need this friendship again, no more chummy bla bla bla".
    I was just looking at her like a dummy. She said" I am talking to you, will you not say anything?". I kept mopping at her like an ode and didn't uttter a word. When she was done she left and that was it. I got my respect back.

  9. Silence is the best food to serve when you know you are on the right track. Just keep mute ,the guilty conscience will be restless. Silence is indeed golden and the best answer for fools.
    Weldone Mr. Kunle

  10. Well done Mr kunle, I interpreted that highlighted part in Yoruba.... Agbalagba niyin, eh de to soro bi agba, moh gba tiyin😁😁

  11. A lot of problems can be avoided if one can adopt this silent treatment when there's a need for it✌️

  12. Silent treatment is okay sometimes, but in the case of a genuine relationship, it can be a form of abuse. In some cases talking things out and letting each other know and understand your views will strengthen your relationship. Communication, respectfully done can be better than silence. If being silent is done for a little while to calm tempers, it is sensible. But prolonged silence without any attempt to face the main issues at stake with a view to resolving them, will lead to the complete breakdown of the relationship. Sometimes indefinite silence can be for the best, especially in instances when no further communication is desired for significant reasons, such as privacy or safety. My half kobo. ��


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