Stella Dimoko Europe Expels 180 Russian Envoys In 48 Hours Over Bucha Civilian Mass Killings...


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Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Europe Expels 180 Russian Envoys In 48 Hours Over Bucha Civilian Mass Killings...

 Did you see the photos of over 400 civilian bodies piled up in Bucha? Oh my God, it is a horrible sight to behold!

Ukrainian President Zelensky has accused Russia of committing Genocide in Bucha but Russia has denied saying they had nothing to do with it....

Residents who survived the Massacre in Bucha have given testimonies of how the Russian army killed anyone on sight for no reason at all....

European Countries in shock and response to the Bucha killings have expelled over 180 Russian Envoys in 48 hours and Europe and the West are planning more sanctions on Russia...


  1. I couldn't even concentrate when I saw that nonsense...

    May God help them all

    RIP to the innocent souls

  2. Don't really know who is winning this war. Everywhere is just bad news.

    RIP to all who have lost their lives through useless wars caused by unfortunate people

  3. Why the helpless and innocent citizens why ??? Putin the blood of these innocent citizens be upon you.

  4. Russia like always denied. Does Putin prefer isolation as it was during communism or wants to live with the free world? I wonder how anyone supports this man!

  5. This is bad, why kill harmless citizens, is it because they can't defend themselves.
    may their souls rest in peace

  6. May God have mercy upon us

  7. May their souls Rest In Peace. However, this way has shown that the colour of your skin is sooooo important. We saw mass graves and civilians killed in different parts of the world yet no one did anything. Why is Ukraine so different?

  8. This war has so many lessons to teach. Let us always be mindful that no matter how good of a life we have it can all change overnight through no fault of our own. Putting faith in earthly things and conditions is forever unwise. Only God is a safe investment and offers a guaranteed return.

  9. All the morons that were supporting Russia’s invasion, giving their asinine and obviously regurgitated (copied and pasted) opinion on this issue, hope they can see this.


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