Stella Dimoko Imo State Comm. Of Justice' Country Home Looted And Razed Down By Unknown Gunmen + Aged Father's House Also Razed Down


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Monday, April 11, 2022

Imo State Comm. Of Justice' Country Home Looted And Razed Down By Unknown Gunmen + Aged Father's House Also Razed Down

Unknown gunmen have razed the country home of Cyprian Akaolisa, the Commissioner for Justice and the Attorney General of Imo State .

They also razed his father’s house in Obibi, Awo-Idemili, Orsu Local Government Area of the state.

Another set of gunmen had in 2021, burnt a part of the commissioner’s house, however, in the latest attack, they completely burnt the commissioner’s house and that of his aged father.

The commissioner confirmed the attack on his house, and that of his father in a statement late Sunday.

He accused people from the South East of being responsible for the arson of his house, and that of his father.

The statement read: “The Igbos are hardworking people, who through their years of toils, put up structures and leave developmental strides in their communities of Origin; maka “akụ ruo ụlọ, a mara onye nwe ya.

“Through my many years of struggle, I have managed to put a block on another; to build a befitting house for my family. My aged father also has a house he, built through his sweats.

“Today, both buildings are in rubbles and ashes – our fellow Igbos burnt them.

Firstly, last year, these arsonists burnt my country home in Obibi, Awo-Idemili, Orsu LGA of Imo State for no just cause.

This year again, they returned and this time, they perfected the complete burning of even the blocks/bricks.

“And last night, to my utter consternation, they leveled my father’s house. This is a house my father built by himself – the life-toil of an aged man.

“In other words, I wish to put on record that my family house is completely destroyed. This was after they used a truck to cart all the properties: fridges TVs, bed/foams, generator sets and other household materials.

“What are my crimes, who did I offend? And what were my father’s offences?
And I dare ask, where is the Igbo spirit? This is a direct affront to the akụ ruo ụlọ spirit. Who will invest in Ala Igbo nay Orsu LGA today under this type of atmosphere?

“The above are acts of arson ongoing in my LGA of Orsu. The complete burning of our LGA Secretariat, the house of my colleague – Chief Prince Ford Ozumba, the Hon Commissioner, Imo State Ministry of Labour, Employment and Productivity, the house of Hon. Ekene Nnodumele, the member representing Orsu State Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly. There are also houses of other political leaders which have been razed in my area so far.

“Other ungodly acts are the sacking and carting away of all the Police presence and armouries in Orsu LGA, the kidnapping and killing of well-to-do individuals and security operatives. This attendant scare has become a daily phenomenon in my Local Government Area.

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  1. All the time he and Hope Uzodinma invited the military to burn down villagers bc an attack happened in the vicinity, how did he think the villagers felt?

  2. this is insensitive and senseless,on top what gain?

    1. And they want to rule Nigeria? Like this?

  3. Commissioner of Justice??? Wow. His house was razed down few months ago, could this be another one?. Pray not to have many enemies surrounding you. It's well Sir. No one deserves this I'll treatment no matter what.

  4. Chai..see what these people have turned my state to..deadzone.

  5. War zone. Always keep your hands clean.

  6. It is high time Igbos faced the truth about IPO-NK. The support you have given to this ragtag criminals is coming back to haunt the region.

    IPO-NK was a terrible idea from the beginning,led by a hypocrite with nothing to lose and everything to gain and led on by people who instead of strategically plotting their solutions, got blinded by hate for others and started to self destruct.

  7. The East has suddenly become a nightmare. Igbos destroying as killing their own fellow kind.
    This is indeed strange and a curse upon their land. I don't blame those who invested rightly in the west Lagos and Abuja. So sit and home Monday is today after two sit at homes last week.
    These people really do lack common sense but then this is what you get when they decided to follow an illiterate on government benefits living in a council house in the UK.
    Why cant they go to Abuja and cause havoc, what is stopping them - fear?.


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