Stella Dimoko Indabosky's Church Reportedly Marked For Demolition...


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Monday, April 18, 2022

Indabosky's Church Reportedly Marked For Demolition...

Controversial General Overseer of The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Chukwemeka Odumeje (popularly known as Indabosky Bahose or Liquid metal) may lose his multi-million naira church edifice located at Bida Road, Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State.

According to the Will Nigeria, the state-of-the-art edifice which houses the ministry and some offices have been marked for demolition by Governor Chukwuma Soludo. As part of his urban renewal initiative and move to restore the beauty of Anambra State, the governor took the step to remove all illegal structures and demolish buildings standing on flood channels in the state.

The desilting of the Onitsha waterway commenced recently to avert environmental threats associated with flooding. The act necessitated the removal of structures, churches, residential and industrial buildings that would disrupt the work going on in that area. Unfortunately, the over 20,000 capacity sitting ultra-modern building which gulped millions of naira to erect was marked as one of the major churches to receive Soludo’s sledge hammer. 

It was gathered that the prophet has been having sleepless nights since the church was marked for demolition. He has been making frantic efforts to stop the state government from carrying out its plan but has not succeeded.


  1. Millions wasted if the demolition goes through.

    1. If only the right and proper thing was done from the beginning....

    2. 👍👍👍👍👍Jet!

  2. He bribed to have his building approved. Ndi otu ma nke a maka na odi chi uzo. Solution is not smiling sha. Wish him luck

  3. Oh my oh my....

    It is well,,if the church dey obstruct anything then it should be demolished but they must compensate him.

    1. Compensation can only occur if the building went through the proper channels to get building approvals.

  4. The government should do what's best for the state.

  5. I don't know wy they should build church on that side in the first place. Very close to the river...

  6. And to think they must have known about it before gping ahead to construct on such land.

  7. The beginning of the end of wickedness.
    Thought he fights with "spiritual ammunitions?"

  8. I pray that nemesis catches up on him someday for the sake of my sis.

    My sister in her early teenage years(about 13 years ago) lived with a certain relative of ours.
    They are or were(can't say for now) ardent followers of this man, Odumeje. For people that lived in Onitsha then, his church was popularly referred to as 'Intervention' or 'Holy Ghost Intervention'.

    In this family my sis lived with, there are about 4 ladies of marriageable age that were single as at the time my sis was staying with them. After consultation with this pastor, he told them that their housemaid(my sister) was the one that tied them down not to get married(this was barely about 5 months my sister started staying with them) and they won't be free till she confesses.
    They came home with that anger and rage and pounced on my sister beating and flogging her with any object they could find around, asking her to confess what she has done to them but my sister was just crying oblivious of what her crime must have been.

    When the pastor was told that my sister wasn't confessing, he told them that she can't confess ordinarily and that they need to bring her to stay with him for sometime so she would undergo some deliverance process which will make her confess. All those while, my family was kept in the dark. They sent my sister to stay in this man's prison for some weeks without our knowledge.

    When she arrived, they told her to accept and confess to certain allegations which would be recorded if she wants to leave there quickly and not get punished but my sister told them that she can't accept what she didn't do, and that was the beginning of her woes.
    Where she was locked, she was starved, molested and beaten like a rapist. Razor blade was in the cane they used in flogging her that after so many years, the marks are still very much visible in her body now as an adult. She was threatened that if she refused to confess to those allegations, she would be killed and nobody will know cos 'she doesn't have someone that will fight her case'.

    My sister later confessed to the allegations on record when she couldn't take the beatings and the starvation anymore. And she was told never to disclose to anyone the truth or what had happened during her stay with them else she would die suddenly.
    The family called my mum afterwards and told her that her daughter was a witch and that she herself confessed to it. My mum rushed to their house as soon as she could to know what had happened and met her daughters 'skeleton' with patches and wounds all over her body.

    She was brought back home and that experience left my sister traumatized for a very long time. It took her ages to even talk to anyone.
    I was young then and couldn't understand what my sister passed through but as an adult now, I feel a pang in my heart anytime this experience crosses my mind ( how about my sis?). It even worsened when he became an internet sensation, now, I have to see him and remember everyday.

    May the wicked never go unpunished!

    1. Lord have Mercy!!! What kind of wickedness from a so called man of God.So many evil things are happening in the church and their victims can’t speak out to get justice.People can’t even voice out cos they will be bullied into silence and no one will even believe them especially their gullible members.I pray ur sis heals totally from that torture.May he get his reward for his wicked deeds.

    2. The Original ShugarGirl18 April 2022 at 22:40

      Wow! Sorry for this sad occurrence.

      Where is that anon looking for solutions to their heavy problems from these shrines?

      All they offer you and others are lies and further pains. But no you won't see this bcz you have made them your god.

      Woe to him who puts his trust in men of satan.

    3. Jesus!! May the host of heaven fight for your sister. This wickedness shall not go unpunished on this earth.

    4. The man even looks like a fake magician

    5. This is so sad!
      Please how is your sister doing now?I hope she was able to heal from that horrible experience?

  9. Shebi na liquid metal? He'll bend it back to shape.


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