Stella Dimoko Late Gospel Singer Osinachi's Pastor Paul Enenche Denies Knowing She Suffered Domestic Violence + Narrates What He Knows..


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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Late Gospel Singer Osinachi's Pastor Paul Enenche Denies Knowing She Suffered Domestic Violence + Narrates What He Knows..

Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Center has spoken on all he knows about the passing of renowned singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu.

Enenche, in a video on his Facebook page, said the late singer during a visit to his office with her husband, had complained of chest pains and respiratory stress.

He explained that after prayers, he helped facilitate her visit to a different hospital where she was checked and managed for the illness.

The cleric maintained that the church was not aware of the domestic violence she suffered in her marriage.

“Over two and half months ago, she came to see me with her husband with complaints of chest pains, and respiratory stress. I prayed for her and prayed again. And when the symptoms did not abate, I counselled that they should go to the hospital to know exactly what the issue was.

“They asked that I help facilitate the process and I called our head of the medical team to assist handle their situation. He called FMC Jabi and they were attended to,” he said.

Enenche said a CT scan was done and the doctor felt more investigation needed to be done either at UNIABUJA teaching hospital or National Hospital.

He explained that Osinachi did a biopsy of the lungs tissue at the National Hospital and the result was milder than what the CT scan earlier showed and he was happy they were relieved.

The cleric said Osinachi called him daily and reported progress as she needed no oxygen at some point.

“She called me literally daily and reported progress and I prayed with her. She told me they checked her oxygen perfusion and it was 100% and we were very excited at that progress. That was the point it was before we went to the crusade in Cameroon. It was the second night in Cameron that I got to know of the unfortunate incident of her passing.

“If there was domestic violence that led to it or coincided with those symptoms she came with, there is no way I will know. If there was domestic violence there is no way I will know,” he said.

Enenche said the things he heard after her passing was strange to me. He said Osinachi’s twin sister told him that the talented singer had begged her not to inform the church.

According to him, Osinachi’s first son who confirmed his mother suffered domestic violence also revealed that he didn’t tell the pastor because their father always asked what they discussed with Eneche anytime he and his sibling greeted the pastor.

He added they he confronted some of the people privy to the abuse and was informed that it was Osinachi that begged them not to reveal the situation.

Enenche further prayed that God will give Osinachi’s family grace during this trying time.

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  1. Now he is feigning ignorance but he has forgotten the post he dropped about her going through persecution as a Christian while admonishing that everyone should refrain from saying what they don’t know. The police should arrest him also.

    This is a lesson to anyone who finds themselves in such situation while carrying their pastor on the head like gala. When death comes, na you de go, the pastor will form selective amnesia and continue living his life.

    Jeweluchi Biko post. This woman’s case is something that could have been avoided but she chose to stay put.

    1. The police should arrest him because he was the one beating her abi

      If her own twin sister,her own family knew and kept mute. It's the pastor who wasn't privy to it that should be castigated.

      I'm glad you also wrote in the same breath that her death would have been avoided but she DECIDED to stay put

      Na you know wetin dey vex you

    2. The Original ShugarGirl14 April 2022 at 14:56

      No husband no ministry una don hear?
      Use your tongue to count your teeth wisely.

      Unfortunately Mrs. Osi can't confirm or refute this.

      Oga keep making your money jare since they want to stay gullible forever.

    3. @ Northern guy , ensure you remain in the south for at aleast 5 years . You need to be reorientated.

    4. Enenche feigns ignorance but his daughter who is also pretending not to know said they did all they could to remove Osinachi from the situation. Pray tell, what situation? The one you claim to know nothing about? Jokers.

      The twin sister said Osinachi stayed because it is said in Dunamis, "no marriage, no ministry". She knew she'll be abandoned by that church if she left her killer.

      Woman in this kind of sad situation, read Matthew 12. You are free to leave and even start over when you've found your feet.

  2. Why are some people trying so Hard to blame her death on this pastor?

    The message he preached some weeks ago about domestic violence prior to her death, a lady on this blog said it was such messages that encouraged the deceased to stay in the abusive marriage.
    A message where he clearly stated that couples should seperate in the case of domestic abuse.

    Why are some ladies always looking for a way to blame a man in any bad incidence???? Why do some women have so much bitterness.
    How come no one have blamed her sister who knew about her ordeal. It's rather unfortunate

  3. Hmmmm,it is well,may her soul rest in peace.

  4. You "knew in Cameroon when she died"
    Your lawyer said "you haven't been briefed"
    You came back and held a Sunday service where you danced; 3 hours plus service and you never mentioned that your lead singer died? You and your church members danced the whole service? "Mourn with them that mourn" Romans 12:15
    Isn't that what Jesus taught? You are actually supposed to be the mourner her, aren't you?
    So the people in your church are "expendables?"
    This is not the character of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

    1. Judge Judy

    2. Thank you. You are merely statistics and collateral damage to pulpit bandits. Better put yourself first and choose life.

      You claim you knew nothing of her situation and your daughter said you tried all you could to get her out: which is it? You say in your organization no marriage no ministry so how was Osinachi supposed to feed her kids?

    3. @20:49
      I hope Jesus is your Lord too. Just referring to the last line there.
      That "pulpit b-whatever" insult was not necessary.

    4. 'Judge not' isn't applying here?

      It only applies when u ppl's fornicating ways are under query?

      Abeg, free the Pastor. Even if he knew, is it his place to do what no member of her family was prepared to do? If he had intervened, u ppl wd still have a problem with that. Una neva talk d one una wan talk.

  5. I'm so tired of commenting on this woman's death.
    I pray this be an eye opening for people, and that we all learn a thing or two from this whole experience.
    Na who die lose

  6. It is well. The woman wanted to die as she made people keep her secret. May God Almighty heal all affected by her death Amen

  7. I only feel for her children,

  8. My problem is I too sabi o

  9. Why I believe this man's story?
    DV victims don't speak out most times. In some cases, even close family members will not know, they bottle it all up.

    A close friend of mine, her younger sister opened up for the first time about her abuse in the hands of her husband. She and this her sister were very close. She told her that it had been going on for years, she said the last one, he almost killed her and that she wants to leave the marriage, she now said she needed the services of a lawyer. She showed my friend her scars which she covers with clothes.
    My friend was shocked. Reason is, the whole family thought they were the best couple, always posting each other online and always doing lovey dovey whenever they visit home or when visitors are around.
    My friend now called me and told me she needed a divorce lawyer for her sister and explained everything to me. I asked if they had informed their parents, she said her sister pleaded to not tell their parents and that she will do it herself at the right time.
    We called my lawyer friend and she agreed to handle it. We now informed this woman in order to fix appointment with the lawyer. Bvs, she told us they have settled and would not be divorcing anymore.
    The thing pained my friend ehn!.She angrily told their parents everything and those ones called them to a meeting.
    This resulted in a fight between my friend and her sister. She was angry that my friend spilled to their parents.
    Till today they don't speak and the family did not hear anything from them. She stopped telling anyone anything.
    I told my friend to call her and make peace with her so she doesn't get killed one day. This one that he husband knows she is fighting them, he will be free to do anything to her. She has refused , saying her sister said hurtful things to her and should apologize first.

    1. She is an adult that has chose to make her bed, you people should mind your goddam business. If she dies, the husband gets arrested for manslaughter and the children suffers harsh reality. Both she and her husband know what they are doing so leave her alone.

    2. 13:30 you are not well
      Is a sister chicken that someone will just say if she dies they will arrest the man
      Will arrest bring back a human life

    3. Don't bother anon 13:30. Actions speak louder than words. The victim clearly wants to continue with the abuse so there is nothing an outsider can do except wait for her to come out. She has a right to take her life and die by her husband. She won't be the first to orphan her children and leave them damaged for life.

  10. Let me just be going. My mouth. Shout up. No matter what anyone says or does.. Osinachi can never rise from the dead. Everyone has a concience. Let our concience judge all of us.

    I have consolation that maybe God allowed Osinachi to die so that women going through domestic violence will wake up from sleep and flee.

  11. She obviously has a wrong mentality

  12. Sir, it's good you came to clear the air but that notwithstanding,there are people who will never believe you. Those ones who are always getting turned on when they hear bad this GS coming from the church. It's like they are always waiting for an incidence to happen to justify their stance on why the church is bad.

    That aside,so many women will rather die in a toxic marriage than leave for the sake of children. Forgetting that that environment they are bringing up the children will turn them to a future menace to someone's son or daughter.

    Women staying for their daughters sake so that future suitors will not reject them because their mothers left their marriages.
    This topic is very personal to me because I have a friend that the husband is maltreating seriously but she will rather die than tell me. Her mom left her own marriage so she has vowed to die put.
    If she herself is trying to put up a front for me,I guess it's same thing other women are doing.

    Continue to rest in peace Min Osinachi

    1. Don't mind them. Attacking the Church and pastors is their attempt at salving the conscience attacking their ugly lives and spiritual laziness.

  13. This matter just dey vex me, gaskia!

  14. Me I've gone past blaming anyone but the victim of domestic violence. Remember Flora? If anything happens to her, will people not still blame the society even after everything Stella did to get her out.

    I will fell pity for the victim but it still won't stop me from blaming the victim

  15. I find out it funny how the world is quick to blame the church for domestic violence..God have mercy on us no other social agents cases domestic violence except the church? You all looking for avenues to paint the church black.God ain't all should be careful.respect the fact that there is a supreme being over the affairs of social media ? Western media..? All evils we keep supporting don't encourage domestic violence it is the church..? Same church that ordained healthy marriage rules yet some of you flaunt those rules..God cam not be mocked..if you indeed a child of God truly,you will enjoy the best..if not let's keep deceiving ourselves

    1. The law allows for divorce and affords the women certain protections. Blame should go to those who said "what God has joined together" as if it is every marriage God joined. Those who say"no marriage, no ministry" or "divorce is not an option" but have no resources to help victims should also take their own blame.

  16. I find out it funny how the world is quick to blame the church for domestic violence..God have mercy on us no other social agents cases domestic violence except the church? You all looking for avenues to paint the church black.God ain't all should be careful.respect the fact that there is a supreme being over the affairs of social media ? Western media..? All evils we keep supporting don't encourage domestic violence it is the church..? Same church that ordained healthy marriage rules yet some of you flaunt those rules..God cam not be mocked..if you indeed a child of God truly,you will enjoy the best..if not let's keep deceiving ourselves

  17. Even if he knew, would Osinachi had left that demonic beast of a horseband if he intervened?? that oviakpo dan!!! Short man devil

    1. Exactly! She probably would have left the church instead, following her husband's directive of course.

  18. why re some persons blaming the pastor? if her family couldn't uproot her from the marriage, na pastor go come carry bulldozer take uproot her?? y'all should leave the pastor out of this.

    1. Are you minding them? They are the same people that always advise us on this blog not to carry our personal issues to pastors ,as they will use our situation to preach . They always tell us to know God for ourselves (which is a good advise) and not involve pastors. Now they are blaming this pastor for not being involved in her marital issues. One even said he could have rented an apartment for her. You guys are just unbelievable!

  19. Please let's stop looking for who to blame for her death. Everybody should rest in Jesus Name. She was asked to leave by the people she confided in and she chose to stay. So I don't understand why we are blaming the man of God. One person even commented that the pastor should be arrested. I don't understand. Is it the pastor that beat her to death? Was he there when they were beating her? Its a very sad and pathetic story but please everyone should rest. If she was advised to leave and she didn't then I don't understand why we are all looking for whom to blame.

  20. If only the dead could talk...but the fact still remains,the pastor didn't kill her.Even though I find it difficult to believe he wasn't privy to what was going on cos she was not just 'a member',she was more than that to the church.
    But Osinachi is dead and that is it, nothing we say or do will bring her back. I understand people saying he should have wielded more influence as a man of God she probably listens to.
    She is gone,she is gone,let's let the man of God rest,he is human after all.
    The story is sad but a huge lesson to all, enough of the blame game!!
    That woman choose to remain there.

    1. U don change mouth? You were blaming the pastor before na. You even claimed he was only interested in tithes and offerings. Now you know he didn't kill her.

    2. You people can be really funny,what does my comment on that lady post yesterday has to do with the Eneche's?
      The lady's post made me remember some certain things about the church of Christ which I pointed out.I ask again,what does it have to do with the 'Eneche's'?

  21. All these your churches where dem sabi gossip pass anything , your fada say e know no? Buahahahahahahaha
    May any man assaulting/abusing a woman die like a wretched strangled dog.


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