Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Reportedly Mandates NBC To Sanction Media Stations Over Inciting Broadcasts.


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Sunday, April 03, 2022

Nigerian Govt Reportedly Mandates NBC To Sanction Media Stations Over Inciting Broadcasts.

The Federal Government of Nigeria via the Minister of Information Lai Mohammed on Friday, April 1 2020 directed the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, to sanction television and radio stations airing inciting broadcasts as politicking for the 2023 general election hots up.



Mohammed said: “The most important task facing NBC today is to successfully transition the broadcast industry from analog to digital broadcasting; through the Digital Switch Over, DSO, project.

“While NBC is the implementing agency for this all-important project, a Ministerial Task Force on DSO, under my chairmanship, is driving the project.

“As quick background information, we launched the pilot phase of the project in Jos, Plateau State, on April 30, 2016. Since then, we have launched the DSO in the Federal Capital Territory; as well as in Kwara, Kaduna, Enugu, Osun, Lagos, and Kano states.

“We have an ambitious plan to fast-track the DSO this year by launching it in at least two states every month.

“Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet this target. But we are working hard to resume the DSO launch as soon as possible.

“I urge you all to buy into this project to ensure that NBC is able to deliver on what we perceive as a legacy project; because it will change the face of broadcasting in Nigeria.

“Also, please note that as we move closer to the 2023 general elections, the NBC will come under increasing pressure to step up its regulatory role. This is to prevent a repeat of what transpired before, during; and after the 2019 general elections, when some broadcast stations threw caution to the wind; and engaged in inciting, incendiary and unprofessional broadcasts.

“It is important for the commission to ensure that its licensees adhere strictly to the tenets of the broadcasting code.”

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  1. Will they ban call-in programs too? Will they ban programs like Political Platform on RayPower so they don't get talked about.

    Don't they know that the works of their hands are the greatest campaign they can do? Now you want to shut people up. Beat a child and tell him not to cry. Who needs the radio to tell him this government has failed? Them de tell blind man say rain de fall? If he no see am, he go feel an and even hear the sound.

    Nonsense and Lai Buhari.

    1. Just listen to yourself, let's even agree that government has failed, is that why they are reporting what didn't happen just to incite the masses against the government? Its not even a one-off thing for them again. It has become a daily/regular thing.

      If the media are allowed to continue this thier media banditry, what they are promoting will consume all of you, it won't miss your addresses. Just as they promoted Ipob as ungun known men till they became what they are today and they are now biting those who supported them from the onset in the arse!

      You see that Raypawa you mentioned ehn, they are on the forefront of those that needs to be sanctioned including Ariz*, TVCee, AITee. They've become media bandits. All they do is report Anti-Nigerian news daily and serve as mouthpiece to terrorist and bandits, promoting insecurity just to incite people against the government. You can naver or hardly see them report any good thing about Nigeria

    2. tHAT PART ##wont miss address'' means what?....

    3. It is what it is. Those from the East who promoted Ipob to become what they are now, Ipob have been finding their addresses or that of thier loved ones or relatives back to back! That's what happens when you support evil

  2. Long overdue. All the media bandits in Nigeria needs to be highly regulated or sanctioned else they'll be the end of Nigeria. They can't try 1% of what they do here abroad. Government will raise down thier buildings. So called media Houses promoting insecurity and becoming mouth piece of bandits!

    1. 7 years down still you are yet to grow sense. I hope your life has greatly improved with Buhari on the throne? I hope you don't beg again and can conveniently feed & take care of loved ones? I hope you can travel from Abuja to Kaduna anytime of the day? I hope the light situation in your area has improved? I hope your unemployed family members have been gainfully employed? I hope you have answers to the questions you posed during GEJ etc. I prayer for you may Almighty Allah (SWT) transform your life the way Buhari transformed Nigeria. AMEEN

    2. 10:45, same sorosokean who claims to be a Muslim ba? 😁. Your comments always amuse me. Keep them coming. And Amen to your prayer that may Nigeria happen to me and may the Almighty transform my life the way Buhari Is doing to Nigeria. But if l say may God transform your life the way PDP did to Nigeria for 16 years, you won't be able to say amen, would you? 🤣😀

    3. The same media they used to criticize Jonathan administration, shameless government.

  3. Freedom after speech is not guaranteed .

  4. Dem no sanction una wen una dey run una mouth, now u want the media to be sanctioned? So u can’t take what u dished? All of u are mad

  5. Oh God let this administration come to an end in peace. Compress time for us.


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