Stella Dimoko Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka Slams President Buhari Over Presidential Pardon Granted To Former Govs Dariye And Nyame


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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka Slams President Buhari Over Presidential Pardon Granted To Former Govs Dariye And Nyame

Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, has said that President Buhari , squashed a putrid egg against Nigerians’ faces with the pardon granted ex-governors of Plateau State, Senator Joshua Dariye; and Taraba State, Rev. Jolly Nyame.

He noted that it was an action that the people shall not forget – or wipe off – in a hurry.

Soyinka spoke in a statement on Tuesday titled, “A putrid presidential Easter egg.’’

The playwright in the statement which he also addressed to the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, noted that he was impelled not to miss an opportunity to add his own Easter drop to the overflowing vessel of pietistic sentiments if only to reassure Christians – and also Muslims in turn – that even they, non-believers, do partake of the same ethical communion to which most humanity aspire.

from Punch Newspaper on Instagram.


  1. I really want to hear Esah's thoughts on the pardon. Change indeed!

  2. Sir you lack any Moral justification to condemn whom the Government decides to pardon...

  3. Someone that granted pardom to bombers that killed innocent souls what can he not do.. mtcheeeew.

  4. Wole soyinka was one of those who endorsed this Buhari, now you see the man you assumed would be better than Jonathan

    1. Don’t mind him and OBJ. See the mess they encouraged

    2. He has every right to query him. If a president does not live up to expectations, you as a citizen have the right to demand for improvement or better still a change. Hence this Buhari callout. We are too sentimental in this country.

    3. I align with your comment 11:30, so if he at the given time believed to a reasonable extant that PMB was the best candidate then so if years later he saw that he actually supported 'nonsense' he shouldn't express his God given rights again????

      While at it, GEJ wasn't such a great leader, so many things went so wrong and he turned a blind eyes to it.

      PMB on the other hand is so fixed and focused on being overly sectional,religious bigotry, parochial and vindictive.
      On corruption?? Hmmmmmmm?this government is really giving GEJ government a run for their money!
      This government corruption is alarming and obviously on another LEVEL!

      So bikọ You all should allow the good Prof express his displeasure and anger.
      It is within his RIGHTS.

    4. Compared GEJ, this govt is fantastically corrupt mbok. GEJ na saint compared to what's happening now o

    5. @exceptional mum💯 I don't understand Nigerian as if any of us can see the future smh

    6. I'm not surprised matters like these would only gain a few comments... If it's Funke Akindele's marital issues that doesn't /won't affect us in any way, Nigeria youths will carry it on top of their heads like crayfish smh


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