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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Selah Post....


  1. Madam can you stop replying? Jeezzzz.

    I think she's enjoying it sef.

  2. Stop replying them. simple

    1. You sure it's not an alternate account of hers that is replying to.

  3. Abi the man broke up with you and have moved on quietly tey tey maybe naim they pepper you for body.

    Up till this day your ex husband have not said anything about what went wrong. Nah only you dey online dey shalaye since.
    Aunty Zukwanike biko

    1. I tire for the lady Jare, instead of you to press ignore button, live as if he did not exist, you just dey shalaye everyday...

  4. She looks bomb af in this picture

  5. And point of correction, Blossom or whatever he's called broke up with you.
    Secondly, you almost ran mad when it happened.
    Last but not the least, stop creating fake account to troll yourself and ask silly questions then come out to fight yourself for sending such question or comment.

    Anyways, let me not talk much...bye Felicia

  6. The person didn't even mention your marriage but here you are.
    Move on woman!
    Your ex has taken his sorry ass elsewhere and moved on completely, kindly do same.
    You're a beautiful woman and you can get yourself together

    If you still want a man in your life, put yourself together and get the good one please.

    Sending you love and light in your present condition, may God heal you completely.

  7. Maureen, have u had ur resting pills 💊 today? 2in the morning and 2 at night, take it everyday and u will be fine.Ur ex has not said a word why don’t u also ignore them and see them forget about this topic.Must u reply them everyday,time and hour?? trolls no Dey rest o,na u go tire to reply then u will realize that is what u should have done from the beginning.

  8. Maureen stop feeding this trolls, unless its your own way of relevance and getting traffic

    i mean look at Blossom, he has not said a singe word about you, its almost as if you and the marriage never existed to him.

    and yes Maureen, Blossom walked out of the marriage, he may not be a prize but he was your trophy, you begged and sent everyone to appease him.

  9. I can't believe after all these years still......

  10. He hasn't said a word.. does he have anything to say?


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