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Friday, April 15, 2022

Selah Post



  1. You will always pass your own exam anytime.. Duhhhh, if you don't have what you deserve already, maybe you ain't worth as much as you think. The post reeks of arrogance and selfishness. More often than not these types(man or woman) are relational a DISASTER.. Gurl, sit your black ass down.. You ain't worth a dime with a dime in your pocket.
    There are many more humble, intelligent, industrious and well-spoken women that getting more because God placed more in them to give too. It is a GIVE and TAKE Situation around any situation where there is more... Oh well, she'll end up a cat lady if she doesn't change that mindset...

    1. Common anon 12:31, it’s not that deep.

    2. Grenade comes to fist fight.

    3. When grenade comes to fist fight.

    4. Anon there's absolutely nothing wrong with her hyping herself which is what I see there. It shows someone who is setting boundaries for what she will accept. Alot of u end up in shitty relationships, mentally and physically abused because you mix humility up for being an insecure doormat. Humility is revered in Nigeria because too much of it allows people to take advantage of u n ride you which a lot of Nigerians love doing. Please If u don't have love for yourself go and sidon one corner n let ppl devalue your worth continuously.

      Plus you emphasising on telling her to sit her "black" ass down is very telling how most of u colourist coons n clowns think black women especially dark skin black women don't deserve to know their worth and add tax. I'm very sorry for you. You better get with the program or get phased out, mofo

    5. Just because she choosed not to settle?🤣🤣🤣 Take a deep breath your veins are popping.

    6. Your response to this small post... Typical of someone surrounded by abuse. The pessimism is strong.

    7. This comment, ladies and gents, is the anthem of settlers. Internalize it at your own peril.

  2. More, more, more
    Greed, greed, greed.
    Advertising greed.


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