Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Pimp And Husband Beater


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Friday, April 08, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Pimp And Husband Beater

 This is Hilarious!

I dey hail o! Wonderful pipu of this wicked world!

We nor kukuma geh Layer for our side, be like person don use spanner comot am for Night! The kain heat nor be here o!

Mama Nedu carry gist gimme say two women for market fight nor be small mata! Wetin hapun?

Mama Abel wey be single mother dey find money to pay Abel school fees for Poly.

Mama Philo say her village brother wan contest for election say make she follow come, say na nice man and he go help her!

The two women reach the guest house wey get office around 5pm, as dem dey wait, dey serve dem Pepper soup and Malt. Na small stout Mama Philo collect as her usual!

Small time Mama Philo enter go inside go see the man. Two hours pass, she no comot and Mama Abel no carry phone since Mama Philo rush her comot for shop!

Na im the hefty men wey dey do body guard signal Mama Abel to enter the office. Na there she enter no see Mama philo, she ask say where she dey? The man say she dey come, she use the other door go use toilet. She see Queen sized bed for one corner, begin wonder!

Na im the man begin comot rope for trouser, throway shoe, grab mama Abel like fowl wey wan jump fence! 

He knack sense comot for her body! She cry, cover her shame! Ask the man why he do her like that,wey he rough handle her against her will at almost 60?! Choi! sad!

The man tell her say he don give her friend the money wey she need so make she comot! Na there she realise say Mama Philo carry her come pimp for man o!

With all the crase wey dey her body, she find Mama Philo go house to collect the school fees!

Mama Philo say na the money wey she herself ask the man he give her o! Say she no get any money to give Mama Abel!

Say Aftohroh, she no kukuma get husband! Meh she go back meet the man maybe he go give her the money. Mama Abel go house in silence!

The next day, Mama Abel enter market with petrol and matches! She begin sprinkle petrol inside Mama Philo shop, ask her make she tell everybody wetin Mama Philo do am!

Nne, na beg dem begin beg Mama Abel, collect the money from the Ekwensu, give am!

Na 3 whole weeks Mama Abel no show face for market o! Her husband no even bother put mouth for the matter! Her case don taya the man no be small! She dey wipe the man slap anytime she don drink her regular plus extra!

Choi....persin wey get head nor get cap!

LMAO@like fowl wey wan jump fence...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA


  1. This one ns clear case of monkey dey work, baboon dey chop

  2. Women. Why pimp your friend like that. People needs to be careful of friends

    1. Why I lost respect for crazy people here. I just dey my own jejely na so dem wan dey arrange men for me. My neighbour wey leave him wife far away na wetin e dey do for Lagos .As he wan come use my name, na so I change am for am one day. He wan use pimping as side hustle. Another one na one crazy Woman wey go leave im husband carry my matter for head. I dey my lane dey mind my business na so dey carry me for head like gala.

    2. My sister dey your dey oooo. No let anyone use you shine. Just know who you deal with

    3. This life is so hard o.... How much is the sch fees that one stupid old man couldn't give her ehn. This life no balance o 😥

  3. Last paragraph got me confused on which is mama Philo and which is mama Abel.

    1. I noticed same mistake. I believe it’s an oversight

  4. Pidgin is so hard to read. I swear, I tried today! I tried!

  5. Your story is not straightforward. At the beginning you described Mama Abel as a single mother, then at the end you said her husband this and that. Proof read first please before posting.

    1. I think that was a mistake. She meant mama Philo at the end

    2. Lane minder, you’re right.

  6. Hahahahahaha
    "Guest house wey get office"
    Kuku kee me!

  7. This wan na mata of crase jam crase.

  8. Another day another drama! 😂😂😂

  9. Knack? She was raped. Not funny


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