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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



''My first message to you in 2019

Hello , I'm typing with tears and heartache, my loving husband of almost 4years slapped me in front of our kids again this morning. I couldn't go to work because I am embarrassed (neighbors heard)and sad.

He apologized but the slaps and threat to beat me comes up with the slightest argument, can't tell anyone, my friends envy my marriage but then I know it's not perfect. This is not the type of marriage I dreamt of, do I get separated from him or divorce him? I take care of everyone but I'm dying slowly.

3years later...

I explored all options to get my husband to be a good husband and father to me and our kid's but he won't change.

He cheats on me without remorse or fear, he sleeps with girls on our street and guess what, I'm the last to find out. Hmmm.

The most annoying one was that of a girl that Comes to charge her phone in our house, she greets me and I sometimes pay her bike money whenever I see her. This girl is my younger sister's age(18 yrs now) and they were talking too then. she leaves in the next building beside our house!

People tried to tell me but I just greet and go, so there's never been that opportunity....The girl stopped greeting me and i still didn't know why until I saw her chats, naked videos and pictures on his phone one day...

He beat me up so bad in front of our 2 kids again on the 31st of December 2020 when I asked him about it..

As usual he begged and because I am not financially capable to leave him, I stayed but begged him to stop arguing or fighting me in front of our children.

Hmmm did he stop? No

I got pregnant last year with our third child and still keeping the happy married front for others but I saw hell emotionally and physically...he went as far as insulting my mother after I had our baby this year January and even sent her out of our house 1month after I put to bed through Cs for the third time.

The stress made me bleed heavily even up till now as am typing I still see blood because he is always stressing and fighting me:

I can't really tell anyone because they won't believe except our neighbors who knows he acts like an animal and they hear our often fights.

He's so manipulative and he made me loose my teaching job that I have over 5 big schools I work with .I only survive on my online clothing business now, he beat my younger sister that lives with us up on Easter Monday 2022 just because she was still in bed by past 8am!

He left her with a swollen bloodied eye and many bruises and also sent her out of the house::

He respects no one:

And I am tired i will leave him before he kills me::

I just want you and BVs to know because you are the only ones that I have been able to share this part of my life with...

It's high time I get my life back..

What will people say is what kept me here till now but i am done being sad, belittled, physically and emotionally abused.

I hope my kid's understand my decision one day......

I am sorry for the epistle, I just needed to tell someone my mind and feelings.

So wait!!!
With all what he does to you, you still give am the Congo to wack and got pregnant again? When i read stories like this and get to the part where gbenshing still happens, i am quite shocked!

I really dont know what to say to you but to agree with you that if you are serious about moving on, please do it...... This story sounds so messy and the minds of kids are being polluted into thinking what he is doing to you is OK...

He threw out your mum? OMG!!!

Beat up your sister becos she was in bed at 8am? Oh dear!

Your story upset me so bad... send a concluding chronicle when you have left and settled down and i will take you serious!


  1. Women should stop taking too much all in the name of marriage or he will change. Most people don't change. You even have to beg your abuser to stop abusing you in front of your children? You stayed till now in that marriage despite all his actions towards you? Haba... Madam that is too much of a risk. Save your life and separate from him since he has refused to change and be responsible.

    1. "...can't tell anyone, my friends envy my marriage but then I know it's not perfect". How are you women able to do this? Its such a wonderful skill you guys acquire dealing with pains in secret all because you believe someone would laugh at you? What if they don't laugh at you and show you true love and support instead? Or you just believe you don't deserve genuine friendship and love? Who knows, maybe if you had opened up earlier someone would have shared a tip that will help you so things don't degenerate.
      Now what will you do? You have a tender baby and 2 other toddlers in tow with no financial security? You need to first harness the option of close friends before coming online to unburden to strangers. Of course the chorus here will be "leave him" but you haven't left him in 7years while things has never been rosy at any point, instead things are compounded with more children.
      I think you should find a way around it. Anything; endure, pray, lick his feet, do as he says, whatever...You know why? It wont be easier out there when you leave with all these baggage. I am sure you have read so many chronicles here even of women looking for where to sell their kidneys to feed their children, going into prostitution and catching incurable disease, snatching other peoples husband and braking another home, looking for house help jobs and sending their kids to leave with people who abuse them, etc.

      See my Sister, every man has a mumu button. Find his till you are able to stand on your feet, then leave to survive in dignity.

    2. Madam, don't leave o, I know you will not leave. This noise you are making is cause of the recent assault. Very soon you will forget and remember the little nice things. I am sounding this rude after I read you had another baby. You are the architect of your wow. What was the ground for having another child. You still even sleep with him. Another offense, you are faking a good marriage to people who can talk or help you out of your misery to save face for what exactly? I hate liars. If u want stay ,stay cos I don't think even if we ask you to commit you will, so world people won't laugh.

    3. Don't ever advise a woman to stay with an abusive man.
      Please don't!
      Poster...please leave and lick his feet from far!
      Who just might rekindle things from far far away.

    4. If I advice you to stay then I won’t be true to myself
      Marriage does not define you
      You don’t need it to make heaven
      I keep saying this.

      I believe you would have tried just about everything so me telling you to lick his feet would be pure wickedness
      What if you die? I know most have thought they wouldn’t die, but just one devilish slap can land you in the mortuary.
      You don’t need to tell the whole world, your family is aware and that’s all the support you need. Do not stay and die.
      A customer of mine had to leave not because he almost killed her, but she broke his car windscreen and was contemplating killing him in his sleep, she said that was the turn around for her cus she realized if she dint die, she may kill her husband which would still be her loss.

      God did not create you to die in marriage, you can be praying for him from afar, if it’s the will of God for him to change, he will.
      How do financial unstable people keep making children?

      Push up (original)

    5. It’s that gbenshing for me. With all this u are still churning out children. Women pls learn to have the No of children that u can cater for if things get bad. He is peppering u and u are still gbenshing and having kids. Why???

    6. I won't give you any advice because you no what is good for you,your husband is beating you n you still get Pregnant for the third child,heya its seems you enjoy the beating n all,so m suppose to tell you to go for family planning when you know you want to leave the marriage, you are not serious stall...if you are ready you what to do.

    7. I won't give you any advice because you no what is good for you,your husband is beating you n you still get Pregnant for the third child,heya its seems you enjoy the beating n all,so m suppose to tell you to go for family planning when you know you want to leave the marriage, you are not serious stall...if you are ready you what to do.

  2. Please dont leave your kids behind. I wish you all the best.

    1. You took in again for a man who sleeps with every female thing and Beats you?

      May the Lord guide you to the light.
      I don’t know what to say

      Mma Nwachukwu

    2. I am literally lost, you should have fucked with protection if you must!!!! Keep enjoying your marriage o

    3. Na where I take wash hand comot for the chronicle, too many 'unsmart' women in marriage.
      Poster no advise from me to you o, enjoy ya life.
      The nerve you had to bring another child into that mess!!!! Wtf!!!

    4. Bvs please, if you are in an abusive marriage, go and tie your womb o, injection can fail.
      Madam, talk to your mum, seek a lawyer's advice concerning your kids, go with them, he can be sending upkeep.
      This is much nah. God will help you, always seek Him.

    5. He could have raped her...someone that can beat her up can as well rape her.

      Any man that slaps me will never wake up to meet me in the house. I would run away in the middle of the night far away.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Most of these signs are always there before marriage but desperation to 'pepper' their friends and perceived enemies won't let them think and make the proper decision. After all the social media show off, you'll live with the terrible consequences of your wrong decisions. Your single friends with the right mindset and self esteem probably have a more peaceful life. What is the benefit of marriage? Many say companionship but I know that in relationships/marriage, some men don't really like to talk or just don't have anything to contribute to a conversation. They prefer to do the do, eat your deliciously prepared meals and watch TV while the woman does all the house chores and raising the kids. And this is actually a peaceful home, so I wonder what it's like when there's no peace and constant fights. And why are you giving birth with CS? You want to keep it tight for him. A very foolish decision. Get a job, pack your things and leave. That's what your husband wants. Until people develop the right mindset which is to love everybody, develop a career and have a healthy self esteem, men will continue to deal with women in marriages. You think having children will give you peace. Wait till your own kids turn against you or leave home to start their own lives and forget you. Before any woman gets married, she must be financially stable and ensures that the man is a disciplined and loving person who really, really wants YOU. This is why I keep delaying my fiance. I want to be sure that he has chosen ME and that he thinks I'm truly different and the one for him because I know there are many women out there. If you have to insinuate marriage, tie him with pregnancy or pressure a man to marry you, you're definitely sitting on a time bomb. You must also ask him how many kids he wants and ascertain if he will be comfortable with only one gender, especially females, otherwise you may keep giving birth and having to wail each time you have another girl. Happening to someone I know. Honestly, marriage comes with a whole lot of more troubles. What if your child dies after all the time and resources invested? What if you have a disabled child? The world is not a place full of love and I'm actually thinking of staying away from marriage. This life is too short to be unhappy.

    2. 16.15
      "And why are you giving birth with CS? You want to keep it tight for him. A very foolish decision". How dare you?! That is not an informed nor sensitive statement to make. And coming from someone who has not been through child birth is quite unfortunate.

      Marry this your fiancรฉe you have so perfectly screened, get pregnant, go through labor, delivery and post partum experience then come back lets have this conversation. HOW DARE YOU?!

    3. Honestly what were you thinking to allow this beast to impregnate you again. Have you.never heard of birth control?. If you had 2 portable kids now you could leave easily. Now you have a new born and are in a terrible state. What can we tell you now.

      Ladies if your marriage is bad , even if you do nothing else, even if you cant leave, be on birth control at least!

    4. Anon, you think most people go through CS to keep the place tight?. You don't know anything.

    5. Sapphire Mrs you could a little carried away in the second paragraph but you’re spot on in the first

    6. Pregnancy and childbirth humbles all of us. When you are done giving birth, please come back and apologize for this not-so-wise statement.


    7. Yes, most people go through CS to keep the place tight, especially since she has done it 3 times

    8. Anon 16:15. Your comment on why she’s birthing through CS is the most stupid question anyone should be asking in 2022!

    9. On behalf of all CS mums


    10. But where did she read she had CS to keep the place tight for him? That's how they fail exam.
      16.15 How many times you write waec and jamb again?

    11. With all the sense you made in your comment, you had to spoil it with the "keeping it tight for him"

      Have you stop to think that,it might be the troubles and beatings that is making her go through the C Section?
      Most women who birth their babies through CS did that because of one thing or the other, please educate yourself and stop sounding stupid.

    12. I've read about a few women who had elective CS solely for the purpose of keeping it tight. It's a fact. She didn't state that it's for health complications and being a medical professional, I know it's rare for a woman to undergo 3 CS because of health challenges. Do you know how many muscles that have to be cut through and stitched during CS? It's a major surgery. Also talk about the cost implications. CS costs about 5 times more than Natural delivery. That's why I said it's a foolish decision because such things irritate men. Times are hard and a man who wants to cheat will cheat. So unless it's for health issues, I definitely do not apologise for saying it's a foolish decision. You're only daring yourself not me. I can't be exchanging words on a faceless forum.

    13. 16.15 you certainly have a wise head on your shoulders. Minus the CS comment, you made perfect sense. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
      Ignore all those crucifying you here like they've never made a mistake in their lives.

    14. Who is this bitter anon?
      I don’t know where you got that idea of what “most” marriages are about. Please if you don’t want to get married kindly let your suitor go, don’t project your idea of what you think “most” marriages look like.

      Also don’t you dare question why anyone had CS even if it was elective, it doesn’t have to because of a man. She even stated that In her chronicle.

      Push up (original)

    15. And even the CS comment is true in some cases. Who knows with this poster? ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝ‍♀️

    16. Anon16:15 you spoke very well. Yes, there could be other valid reasons why a woman delivers via CS. But once again you are wise and I agree with every other thing you spoke about.

    17. 20:10 your version of medical study is suspect. It’s very common to have 3cs cause once you have one, they are more likely to require subsequent ones be cs for the safety of the mother

  4. Women, empower yourselves!!
    He treats you that way and you went ahead to get pregnant again.
    If a man treats me that way, know that my body will never be open to you.
    I’m sure you brought your family down for him to disrespect that way. Check well, little things that you think don’t matter actually do.
    You cannot be crazy enough and disrespect my family that way. After hitting your sis, what happened? He wasn’t beaten?Where are your brothers? I trust what my sisters can do in a situation like this.
    Your husband is very irresponsible. Hustle harder and walk away from that marriage.

  5. do not be shocked at gbenshing or blame the women for it, there is such a thing as marital rape, you know...

    poster your husband is just very violent, please leave before you lose your life. it is not possible to leave with your kids? what is your family saying? has an intervention been called? is there no one on your side?

    i pray you find good lawyers to help you. please take photos and record the instances of DV so you can use in court to divorce him and get your kids.

    1. First paragraph, they may also not have access to contraception/family planning.

      Poster dust up your cv, pack your load, look for another job, and go to court. Make very sure to come back for your kids even if he doesn't allow you take them now. Is your mum supportive??

    2. Even if they are still hAving sex, the last thing she shld be doing is getting pregnant again. Nawa o

    3. Na lie, this poster does not sound like someone who was raped. She sounds like someone who will practically lay her life down for the randy male she married, including offering up her vag*** to plead in the hope that hell keep his organ in one place, leave matter.


  6. With everythjng happening, you got pregnant for him the 3rd time? Haba now. He threw your mum out, that's the height of disrespect. Beating up your sis too, na wa. I'll suggest you move out, go to your parents house. Forget what people will say, cos dem go still talk. Your life is important to you, and your kids. LEAVE!!!

  7. Poster just know that, that inner voice will still come back. The inner voice that will tell you ‘what will people say’, ‘it rains everywhere’, ‘how will you survive without money’, ‘you will die alone’.

    That inner voice is bound to come back and may make u choose to stay. Listening to that inner voice is going to lead to ur death or a permanent disfigurement, yes, I said it!

    Think about your kids’ future. Both of u have already started damaging those kids. Yes, I said both of u and not just him because you staying is you giving him permission to continue hitting you in front of ur kids.

    Pls pack ur bags and leave immediately. Go back to ur parents home and regroup from there. Do not stay there any longer planning ur move, you do not know if his next move will lead to people typing RIP.

    Have mercy on urself and those ur kids. Always say no to domestic violence, if he hits u once, there’s a 99% chance that he will do it over and over again

    1. The beating he gave the sis, just bcos she decided to rest on a public holiday. That act of sending the mother away should be enough to kill that inner voice nah. . . Issues like this always make me appreciate God for me. Studying yet I still hawk, if Oga wake up to say no more marriage or start to misbehave, my kobo-kobo business, is enough to help me walk out with my head held high. Get something to do and stop with the child bearing so you can find your bearing.

  8. I have stopped pitying women in abusive relationships.

  9. Beating a woman, a wife is the height of wickedness.
    Such a man is a failure, wicked and ungodly. Yes, flee to safety.
    I won't stand a man beating me.
    All the same, I won't fight a man beating me.
    I won't (start a) fight with my husband.
    I won't disrespect him.
    Please know that all these my "I won't, I won't" aren't achieved through
    eating and drinking. I work towards that. We work toward achieving an anger free life
    by our faith in Jesus; through the study of his teachings together, fasting and prayer.
    If "the neighbors hear your often fights," it means that you are probably contributing to
    the often fight (with your mouth). And if you are fleeing to safety, please do your best to
    work on your anger issues too because when provoked (even by a new spouse if that is the case)
    you might still say things with your mouth or even fight.
    May the Lord protect you and your kids.

    1. Where did you read that the poster disrespected her husband in the above?
      And even if she contributed to the fights with her mouth, like you said, that is enough reason to beat up a new mother who underwent a CSection?
      See how you just exempted the man of all blame and heaped everything solely on the woman.
      You are the doctor that diagnosed her with anger issues, right?
      You sound horrible and so sanctimonious.
      Christianity is not an reason to be judgemental and apathetic.

    2. Mystique, it’s like u don’t know this particular ‘Jesus’ anon, the woman is always the cause of the beating.

    3. @Mystic and Eka
      I read the first two sentences and these were what I picked;

      "Beating a woman, a wife is the height of wickedness.
      Such a man is a failure, wicked and ungodly. Yes, flee to safety. "

      I don't know what you both read.

  10. Thought you will end the story with how you left him.. madam u have tried all there is Biko leave for ur own sanity and that of the kids .... Ladies let's be hard working, marriage shouldnt be an end t

    1. Poster leaving will not be easy, but I think it is the best option. This bad situation has become a sort of crutch or comfort zone for you that you are afraid to leave. That is where your major fear lies, not even in the abuse. And that is why despite the horror you have been through, you still are enduring....... Try to prove to yourself that you can do it. And you can do it. You can leave. Pls update us whatever the case. I am rooting for you madam.


  11. Thought you are going to end this with how you left him, madamyou have tried so much, please for the sanity of URS and kids stay far from him... Ladies we should not let marriage bring an end to our hustling spirit Biko, hold and have your money let ogas money be a plus to ours, that way he won't treat u and family members as shit.never plan to be fully dependent on your husband. NEVER!

  12. Dear Poster, so sorry for what you are going through. All these boils down to when a woman depends on a man totally financially n all.
    He threw your mom out and beat your sister? Its so sad.
    Get out of the house and try n get something doing. Your younger sister should learn hand work.Go back to your father n mother's house n manage.
    Don't let your life depend on any man. Assume he is dead and hustle like he is dead.


  13. This generation of parents should do more in training our sons. I have a daughter and I love her so much that I can kill for her. I can't expend so much time and resources in making her a super human being,only to manhandled by the animals that weren't trained properly. We see these animals every where we go;in the bus,in the market,in church.... everywhere. They feel justified in mistreating women and their fellow men look the other way even when they see women being beaten bloody. I saw a piece online this morning where a lady posted of being sexually assaulted in a bus. She was supported by all the women but as usual, the men were quiet including the driver. One man even had the nerve to bodyshame her. We really need to do better. God knows I will kill any mofo who lays a finger on my baby girl.

    1. I won't make noise about that, and no yeye man will even come near sef, Amen
      We parents need to do better.

  14. Just separate for now since you don’t have the courage to divorce right now. You can go “visit” your mother for now. Take the kids with you to visit

  15. He was cheating on you and hitting yet, you kept sleeping with him without taking pills to prevent pregnancy? So two kids were not enough considering your useless horseband?
    Now you are stuck with three kids, I will only take you serious when you send us a rejoinder after leaving for two years. Yes, I said two years because some of you will leave and go back after sometime saying h"begged, his grandfather begged, my kids and I are suffering, people are mocking me, bla bla bla"

  16. How do u have an abusive partner that hits u at the slightest provocation and beats u up like a baby and you keep opening up ur body for him to have sex with u.If u hit me and inflict pain on me I’ll begin to detest u seriously and can never see myself kissing or making love to you as a husband.Pain is not sweet or romantic so how was he beating u up and u had 3kids for him?? Jesus!! Have mercy on ur kids woman,this action of ur husband will affect ur kids in the long run.If u have a few very good friends or family members that have ur back start communicating with them,open up to them ,there is no point painting a perfect picture of ur marriage outside and dying slowly.speak up and let them know what u are going thru,then u can get a job or someone can help u with an accommodation for a start,start ur teaching job again and leave that man!! Did you hear about Osinachi at all?? Run madam,na who die loose,run for ur day he might push u against the wall or the bed and that might be the end.Run for ur life.

  17. That was how my sisters husband would beat her and still collect her money from her cos she had a good job. She finally moved out of the house but he still came to where she rented to beat her and drag her kids .that was when i showed him pepper and warned him never to lay his hands on her again and walked him out of the compound. when they finally reconciled na me them take settle, she even banned me from coming to her house

    1. My goodness๐Ÿ˜ฒ

    2. "That was how my sisters husband would beat her and still collect her money from her cos she had a good job."

      Thank you Anon. Most comments present that only poor jobless women are beaten by husbands.

      If only people know the calibre of women and men who are beaten by their spouse. Maybe then a proper study of this domestic violence saga would be done. Maybe parents would start educating their male and female children about it, not to do it, how to spot the violent and the triggers and what to do the very first time it happens.

      Above all, maybe we need to re-evaluate this arrangement called marriage and the reasons we marry or stay married.

    3. Prick n toto matter get as it take day

  18. Some women are really strong physically and emotionally to be able to put up with this much.
    Small raising of voice at me and I instantly feel like calling my Dad to say I no do again.

    Mind you As long as you condone the first slap without making a big deal of it you are inadvertently giving your abuser the permission to continue and they never really stop.

    Hope you know you are already setting up another generation of physical and emotional abuse by letting your children be spectators of what you just described up there.

    Leave your children for him if you can’t fend for them, they won’t die. Go and hustle and get on your feet then you can come back for them later with some dignity.
    May God be with you.

  19. Please hurry up and leave that man. He will eventually kill you in front of your children. Sometimes kids try to protect their moms and end up being victims of the abuse as well. Please don't put your children in such a situation whereby they die trying to defend you from your animal of a husband. Protect them. Protect yourself. You are worth so much more than what you're allowing. God doesn't want this for you or for your children. This isn't how He envisioned marriage or families. Let people say what they will. If you leave with your kids, many people will say that you are courageous, strong, and a good mother. Listen to those people. I wish you the best. You will know peace when you leave that house.

  20. They advised you years ago, you stayed back, collect beating and preek. You are back again, years later with same complain. I'm sure you won't leave, next time will be with a 4th child and more beatings. Prove me wrong .

    1. Sincerely na that thing called preek ๐Ÿฅ• she dey enjoy if not, no money saved nothing. She never taste another one na him make her dey trip for him small carrot

  21. On this kind of day, you'll seek the comments of the gentlemen of this blog but will never find them. But wait till tomorrow SP, they will write an epistle regarding how women of this blog advise other women to run from their spouse without speaking on the main issue.
    They will write an epistle that clearly shows the hatred they have for the female gender. This is exactly why they are violent in their homes but come here to form alfa mail which they are clearly not.
    ALPHA MALES don't hit nor abuse women. They love and care for their partners without reservations. The substandard men we have here will call them 'simps' not knowing they are referring to themselves.
    I know real men and I'm proud of them. But for those violent cheats, who think women are mere objects; they will meet their doom sooner than they expect.

    And poster, leave while your body is still intact. Marriage is not a do or die affair, if it didn't favour you, leave to live. Unless you want to leave in a bodybag... oga o

    1. @16:31
      Stella has advised to leave gender war alone. The very first comment on this post is by a man. Go read it again. There are other comments by men up there.

      Gender war derail sposts.

    2. 18:41 ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ well said, they've come again.

    3. 18:41 it’s free speech na

  22. Replies
    1. Thank you Shalomlyn! Shebi na here we dey yesterday wey one madam dey blame BVs for advising her to leave her yeye marriage. As if she told BVs that her marriage was rosy and they asked her to divorce her horseband. Na she carry matter come o. Blog sisthren advised her and because her lazy *ss can't get something doing no matter how small, it is now BVs fault that she left. Kuku go and beg the man to take you back make we read your news online by December. Na you marry Hulk Hogan. E nor concern us.

  23. Madam your story is so sad. You really can't continue like this. You leave or not people will always have something to say.

  24. Madam if he were beating only you, I for no mind because from your narrative, it seems you have something you enjoy in that marriage; probably penis. Pls ehn, keep your family(parents and siblings) away from your "situationship". I pray God gives you the sense to pack your things and leave.

  25. Stella, a woman who is being physically abused does not have to power to withhold sex. If she does, it will be another beating session for that. As a matter of fact, rape and sexual assaults are rampant in abusive relationships. She really has no power over her body in such a relationship. The sex is another act of dominance by the abuser to ensure complete submissiveness and they get a sick thrill from that. And if he is a deviant he may even force her to do acts that he knows are repulsive to her simply because he can and again gets a sick thrill out of forcing her beyond her boundaries.

    Poster, you need outside help. I could feel the brokenness of your spirit in reading your words. Even you do not seem convinced that you had the strength to walk out. Do you have brothers, siblings who can take you and the children away? Can you locate an agency that supports abused women and provide legal help? You are going to have to get someone who can help you, because I am not getting that sense of strength and determination from you. You have been beaten down into submission and perhaps is now a shadow of your former self. Seek for help! Look, knock and ask!

  26. Madam don't leave o! Hian! Horseband scarce abeg. Shebi you see video of ladies singing "baba carry me dey go my husband house" for vigil? Do you want to go and join them?

    Drink anointing oyel, watch war room, fast for 365 days with vigil, dress sexy, give him next-level style in bed. I'm sure he'll change when he sees the cherubic face of the 5th baby. The more you stay in marriage, the more you are able to influence and change him. Don't mind those saying he'll kill you for nothing. Is it not better to die in marriage than be a divorcee in Nigeria?

    Why won't he send your mom out when she was putting mouth inside husband and wife matter? And your sister had the liver to sleep till 8am while the zoo manager was already up? She needed to be taught a lesson! Maybe he uses those beatings to entertain the innocent kids when your cable TV subscription expires. He asked you to stop working because he loves you and wants to take care of you completely. Thank God the person that will help him care for the kids "after you" lives just next door. See divine proximity na!

    The first question I ask women is: "what if something happened to this man today (and I'm even talking about great men who take adequate care of their wives and children here), would you be able to cope or survive FINANCIALLY with this number of kids? No? Really? Yet, you keep birthing them anyway. Some Chronicle senders are hoping BVs will "settle" them once they leave their bad marriages and once that isn't forthcoming, they blame everyone else for failing to have a financial plan for their lives with or without marriage. But I digress. You heard it all 3 years ago but BVs advaiz did not plenty in your ear. Ko po leti e abi? *in Kiekie's voice* Okay na. God forbid that we advise you to leave a second time with 3 children. STAY! STAY!! STAAAAAYYYY!!!

  27. Beats you up in presence of your kids,drove your mum away,sleeps with girls around your environment,beats your sister and you still went ahead and got pregnant,the only advice I have for you is to learn from the story of Osinachi

  28. Please go back home, he has no regard for grey hair. A man that sent out your mother out of his house! Which kind money him get. After a major surgery like CS. Ma you no dey respect yourself, you let your family down that’s why he had the order to beat up your kid sister! Unto say Wetin? That she’s eating his food?! If he’s a big man like he claims why are you still broke? Almost a decade with him! Madam you’re living in a fool's paradise thinking only your neighbors know about your sour marriage. You had good education jobs go back home your kids are still young with your job feeding won’t be a problem. Thank God you’re a teacher continue teaching them in your mother’s house speak to your sister to assist tell her because she was beaten up by your husband your mind was made up to leave go back to those schools before a job comes teach your kids at home if he decides not to sponsor their school fees. And once again we no send you to pack your stuff when he’s at home o. Invite your sister and a mature guy to come pick out your stuff so he doesn’t attack you if he sees you’re leaving him. Don’t tell your kids and don’t take unnecessary property especially the stuff he bought. Madam don’t look back like lot’s wife. If you’re ready to move you should be out by weekend. Sell whatever you can ring o laptop o sell buy food in your mother’s house enough to last a little while. When you’ve done that come back tell us how far we go continue. In all this you need an alibi or a recording or something, I don’t think you’re that smart to not get caught. All the best

  29. 15:16, 15:35 and 18:10 are the only bvs that understood why the poster got pregnant with a third child in an abusive marriage.

    Poster is helpless at the moment because she is financially incapacitated.

    Her parents are obviously financially and otherwise capable to take her out of that bad marriage seeing how her husband has thrown her mom out of tye house (for the 3rd time?).

    He also beat up her younger sister. Terrible.

    Poster, call Project Alert, Aunty Landa of Inspiration FM, Lagos and also get your parents to solicit support from your Hometown Union your traditional ruler and notable townsfolk.

    Don't wait until your husband kills you before you leave!!! ๐Ÿƒ‍♀️๐Ÿƒ‍♀️๐Ÿƒ‍♀️๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐Ÿ‘ง‍๐Ÿ‘ฆ

  30. Poster please remain with your husband because of what people will day, let him treat you badly more and till you go 6 feets please do not separate or divorce him
    Allow him to continue abusing you in front of your kids.

    You should fall pregnant again and give birth to more children, d
    Let him abuse your mum, sister and all your generations. Life is not important to you than money just remain there . To type RIP is so easy.

  31. The women that died as a result of DV did not know they will die. We feel nothing when we die. The question is, if and when you die as a result of DV, WHO will take care of your children???


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