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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Things seem really complicated. 

I'm in a relationship with my guy and we intend to be married as he has even tried to meet my sister cos I refused him to come to my family house or meet with my mom until we are ready completely.

 I don't have a problem with marrying him, my only concern is the family.

 Let me explain a little, His mother gave birth to him while married to another man, so she has being the one who looked after him, school, a roof over his head and all. Not until his biological dad died and they called him to perform the burial rites. 

His foster father called him and asked him to come so they would plan, he's not doing well financially. He assisted him, I did too and one of the sisters helped too.

 Now the new family shared a few of their father's property and they gave him a house, meaning he's now a part of them and they want him back. He's happy and I'm happy too cos I don't want to associate myself with that his other evil family where his own mother and half brother want him out of the way.

 Before this time, when the family people(biological family) came, the mother told them he was not interested, she didn't hear from the son as to know his stand because they don't agree at all. Reason why they don't agree ever since he became of age, he began to see all the mother's atrocities, they are 8 in no. that the mother gave birth to, 5 of her children are dead, the remaining 3 left she still wants to kill them as she belongs to a secret cult/witchcraft coven.

 She has been after the son's life both physically, spiritually and otherwise. His mother is the second wife, the first wife left after she gave birth to 3 boys, she left with one of the boys, 1 died last year(his brother killed him cos of what he did that backfired as this my guy is innocent) 

The remaining 1 son left in the family from the first wife she also uses him against her own son. Now my problem is he is insisting we get married without his mother's consent. I don't think my family will consent to this. 

His reason is that this is the 3rd time he is trying to get married and each time he tries something goes wrong. The first time he tried, he was kidnapped, the second time he had issue with the lady and she started sleeping with other guys and all these starts ones he informs the mother. 

As we got serious ,he went to see my sister that night was when he opened up that the mother is frustrating him maritally cos in the witchcraft or secret coven she belongs to, she vowed that her son will not be married so now if he gets married she will die and she knows that he is aware.

 Truth is I don't know why I'm here, this person we are talking about is broke so it's not the money. He teaches in a school that they even owe him salary, I earn better. Ever since we got dating things are beginning to take a better shape in his life. He got a better job, a house where he is now recognized as a family, just last week the land he got and built on before things went south, someone approached him for a lease. 

He opens up to me on every issue, Now that we are planning marriage I'm confused but I still don't feel like I should leave him. We have been praying and it's our prayers that got us this far. I have only being with him for 7months. You all should help a sister, marriage plans are quick in about 2 months. 

Has anybody had this kind of family history, what did you people do? I haven't met the mom and I'm even scared or don't wish to meet her but how do I marry into such a place that seems really unhealthy to be in but the guy alone does not have a problem and I have peace of mind despite all these...

WOOOOW; You wanna use your legs to walk into this kind of situation? This is committing suicide!.... I don't know how say this but please don't marry this man ooooh... The worst thing that can happen to any woman or man is to marry into a bad family- like the one you described up there...


  1. Replies
    1. Pray, make inquiry and be sure what he is saying is the truth, not that he has a wife before, a baby mama and child, ask your parent, siblings to make inquiry too, pls dont rush in pls,

    2. If I advise you, you won't take it because I don't believe 10% of what you narrated about his mother is true or even possible. If you study mysticism a little, you will know that things of the spirit does not happen like that. But the problem is that you believe it so you are subject to the manifestation of the suggested possibilities. So, don't marry him. All your fears will come through if you do.
      A different kind of woman will marry this same man and all will be fine.

    3. I'm the poster and reading, some time say 2 to 3 months ago, he was organizing to take pastors to his family, a day to the prayer day, a cat dead in his room. Luckily for him that day he didn't sleep in his house, I invited him over and we prayed that midnight.
      He travelled ones and himself and his mom had a serious argument as he returned the next day in the morning, he went to school he was strong with no sickness only for his head to start paining him before you knew it he began to vomit blood.
      the sister took him to his room and brought her pastor who does not know him nor have met him. he asked what he did to his mother that the mother wants him dead.

      The children that died have been dying according to how they came( I mean how they gave birth to them). In intervals of 2-3 years doesn't go beyond that.

      Just few days ago the sister was sick and she went to the hospital and all and she was told something is growing in her stomach. This is happening few weeks after the mother visited her daughter bought and provisions and gave her garri, stay over and left the next day.
      I don't think his an evil child and mean person like Fan stated up there, just that a lot is happening. He told the son he would marry who he wants him to marry so she can use the wife to manipulate him. People saying prayer I have been praying. I even prayed before accepting to be with him... There was a time I wanted to leave and after so much prayer all I heard was that man is a good man. To a large extent I mean him and not making excuses for him.

    4. Poster if you truly believe this statement then quietly marry the guy and break the hold his mother has on him

      “she vowed that her son will not be married so now if he gets married she will die and she knows that he is aware”

  2. What I see here is this. There are people you meet in life and your story changes for good.
    From what you wrote, things are beginning to open up for him and I can say that’s a good thing and I believe more amazing things will happen.
    What if you are the one God wants to use to change his story?
    What you both need now is serious prayers and deliverance. If his mum is what you say she is, she will eventually fail.
    Both of you stick together and fight this battle with God by your side.

    1. Both of you should embark on a 7 day praying and fasting if u love him. Tell your mum about it and hear her

    2. This is sorta mine story, a seer told me that I should marry him and help him come out family bandage. Even his late mom appeared in my dream and told me that I should please do it, years later, pastors confirmed the same thing i was told. Seer told me is my destiny but they will be manipulating him with vagabond lifestyle, that my prayers will keep pushing the marriage until certain age when everything will settle normal and I will be grateful to GOD, I did it. I am in it now 18 years both friendships and marriage, the battles ehh wear iron pants but GOD IS EVER FAITHFUL.

  3. Can you fight battles spiritually? If not run from him before you become Scape 🐐. If you don't have a strong MOG backing you on this journey, my friend leave now and face front. Another man will come

  4. No Stella,
    God always sends help. She might be his breakthrough. I just think she needs more time. Seven months is too short to jump into marriage. She should date him for at least one more year and see how things develop.
    Yes, he has a bad family and he already knows that. That’s half the problem solved already.
    You must avoid the family totally. Cut all ties. And pray, pray, pray. And, NO! Do not tell the mother about marriage plans. Good luck 🍀

  5. My mother in law belonged to a witchcraft coven too. She was initiated by her own mom in a sex ritual there. That was her first sex.
    When we were getting married, I knew about it. And I knew also that she manipulates all her kids, and was in a bitter struggle
    spiritually with my fiance then due to his faith in Christ.
    The reason why I got married to him was because Jesus revealed to me that we should get married. Yes, I sought him in prayer
    and fasting and I was sure of what he told me. She so much opposed our marriage as if her life depended on it.
    Once we got married, the war started. We fought back; fasting daily, night watches which was mainly praying for her soul to be saved, studying the Scriptures. She stopped coming to our house. That daily fast lasted for one year, and I knew exactly the day she was saved from witchcraft by Jesus. We were the ones that visited her. Today, she is a very strong Christian and prays more than we do. She is the one encouraging us in the faith. I am closer to her than I am to my own mom.

  6. Marry him in court and let’s see if she’ll really die
    Where did you hear she’s a witch anyway. You know many women are labeled as witches when their families meet with misfortune. With all these children dying of course she’s the scapegoat
    The fathers family that never showed up is now the hero because he died and they embraced your man
    But the mother that raised him is a witch

    1. Imagine what the woman must have been through losing her 5 children. Wicked boi. I hate him already

    2. May God bless you and your brain.

    3. You people saying she is lying have no idea what people are capable of. If you have not been in her shoes pls save your condemnations and branding her a lie. Give your advice and move on.

    4. 15.23 God bless you for this comment.
      And this stigmatisation of older women is not a recent or African thing. You know how many women in Europe were burnt as witches because of diseases and plagues that broke out those days? Pandemics that simple hand washing has been found to contain in the present day.

    5. LadyT, We didn’t say she’d lying
      She’s repeating what she was told
      We are telling her why would you condemn a mother without concrete proof.
      Plus I know what people are capable of that why we know they could all be explaining away their problems by blaming mother
      After she married him, they might start blaming her too

    6. The mother discouraged his foster father not to train him in the university. He struggled to see himself through school as a result, he went to school late.

  7. Im already scared for you, hope you are a strong prayer warrior because what God cannot do does not exists. If you still want to go ahead, you will need prayers....o

  8. I am not even sure I understand everything that is happening here.

    You haven't really said how you felt about him, just words but no feelings. I do appreciate his honesty though, he did not hide anything from you. If I knew better how you felt about him emotionally then I could probably say more. You have to decide if you are armored to fight a possible battle for this love. Only you know what you are made of. Also remember that all battles leave scars, physical scars and mental/emotional scars. So be ready to not be the same person coming out that went in if you decide to stand up to the fight.

  9. I understand your fears but you can conquer all opposition through your faith in God, prayer and fasting. Your prayers that brought you this far will take you further if you don't give in to fear. Thank God you're both children of God and prayerful. God will see you through.

    1. I’m not sure that you can
      Let’s be realistic sometimes
      Many times these types of family issues if true, will last throughout the marriage abd be transferred to the kids

  10. I'm scared on your behalf my dear. A prayer warrior can but me that's not a prayer warrior can't.

  11. Who told you his mother is a witch? Any child that can label his mother a witch without substantial evidence is a bigger witch. Even if his mother is a witch he should go and bring powerful men of God to deliver her instead of gossiping.
    He sounds so cold and mean. Ajo nwa
    Poster don’t marry that evil child oo, his other girlfriends left him because they saw how cold and mean he is towards a woman that carried him 9months. Imagine what he will say and do to a wife when the same people/prophet comes to call his wife a witch

  12. Who told him his mum is responsible for the deaths in his family? Yes, there may be spiritual issues but his mum may be completely innocent.
    I was told my mother was responsible for all my woes. She even seemed so guilty because of her actions. Some pastors told me she was a witch and I should pray for her death.
    It took years but I eventually found out my mother was completely innocent.
    Poor woman was accused wrongly.
    For now, I have quit going to church, in fact I despise Pentecostal pastors now.
    Of course , not all Pentecostal pastors told me my mother was a witch but many did.
    If i ever return to going to church, it will be to an Orthodox Church.
    I have developed a hatred for Pentecostalism.

    1. @Anon 15:52, I don't blame you at all...

    2. Imagine!
      Same thing that killed Mamuzee's mother. A woman carried a set of twins in her womb and raised them only for Pastors to tell them to cut all ties with their mother cos she is the reason they didn't blow like Psqure. That woman died brokenhearted.

    3. My Aunty died and some of her children still believe she was a witch. You spend your whole life taking care of your children and your memory is not even blessed. All because they suffered and started looking for reasons for their poverty. Of course,the mother that stayed to take care of them is the witch and not the father they hardly knew

  13. You are praying already. Add strong faith and the word of God to it. If you have peace. Kindly go ahead but remember you cannot pray enough. Hold your ground with the word of God. It's a battle and you just be prepared to win because loosing might be death.

  14. You have mind o. I rather remain single than inherit all these wahala all in the name of marriage

  15. Aunty poster,
    Who told your bf that his mother is a witch? Start your investigation from that person. Let them provide evidence/proof then maybe they will proffer solutions since they know every every

  16. Dear poster, you seem to be praying already. Pls take instructions from the Lord. He will guide. So go and inquire in prayer. Do as you are led.

  17. why are you afraid of meeting her? are you both born again? first you need to determine if all he said is true, then next is to pray and fast for God to show you personally. dont rush into this marriage please. dont let him rush you too, hear from God for yourself because you will be fighting spiritual warfare that might overwhelm is not every battle God sends us too, and if he sends you he will give you a strategy to fight too...also look for a mature Christian or pastor to also pray along with you..

  18. I have a question for you. Do you really think that a woman who raised someone as a child,provided all his needs,trained him in school till he became of age and has lost 5 children can kill her son for whatever reason? Coven or not.
    So it is now that he is grown and should take care of his mum,that they know she is a witch?
    Who sowed this seed into this boy's head? That person is not nice at all.

    Secondly,the mum might have refused the biological father because she was hurt. It is understandable. And the biological half brother can also hate him cos he came from another woman,not his mum,also understandable.
    But his foster father whom he was raised under his roof didnt recognize him till now? So he didnt train that boy turned man? Left him to be trained by the mum...permit me to ask if he has sons of his own,cos i wonder y he will recognize him now,and not then.

    Pray and take a leap of faith. Let the mum know. Let him also take care of that poor woman who raised him without support from both fathers.
    Ndi uchu!

    1. Secondly,the mum might have refused the biological father because she was hurt.

      Really? Welcome to life

  19. This is seriously serious,poster you need to embark on serious fasting and prayers so that God can reveal some things to you otherwise get out of the relationship before you inherit battles that is not yours.

  20. God abegooo

    It is not the father's people that are witches but the mothers people. Dear Lord, take control.

    The way African women are being accused by everyone is distasteful. The mother might be badly mannered but that does not make her a witch. She may be nonchalant but that does not make her a witch.

    The day a prophet calls you a witch, then know it's the end of your marriage. The day he faces challenges, then know it's the end of your marriage. Meanwhile, ask him to go for checkup and his sister too. Something is growing in her stomach, did she follow up with the doctor? Instead of her to tackle it now, she is accusing her mother.

    Could it be the family lacks wisdom and inherited a non challenge attitude towards everything?


  21. Better don't marry into this family. Even if she's innocent of the witchcraft label, that family is a toxic one. You will spend all your years praying if the allegations against her are true. See ehn, the best thing any woman can do for herself is to marry into a godly and a drama-free family. This one you won't to chook head is just like a cobweb with many twists and not pleasant stories.

  22. It's easy to be suspicious of an adulterous woman

  23. You do not sound like you have the courage to postpone this wedding. Maybe you should give your relationship/courtship some time to mature, 7 months is not enough time to know someone and especially in a situation like yours. I agree. Do not get married without the families getting involved. If you do so, you will regret it down line if things do not turn out well - you will have no one to tell, turn to, fight for you or defend you. You can come up with a lie - that you had a dream were you dead grandma warned you to never try to go forward with the marriage…..or something that will make an impact on him.

    The decision is ultimately yours.


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