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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Hi Stella

I need BVs view and opinions on this,

I have someone who I know loves me so well, he has most of the qualities I want but there’s an issue.

The moment I pray about settling down with him, there’s always a question about his foundation and background.

I decided to share with some of my pastors to pray about my decision and it was same thing.

I still wasn’t satisfied like I just wanted someone to say something different, spoke to another friend of mine to pray along with me and he said there is a foundation issue.

Beginning would be great but the aftermath might be tough, Only if I could pray well for him to break that, as he is the first son

I decided to inquire about him by asking some personal questions and he shared some things with me and really there was a trend of starting great and struggling later which he experienced growing up.

I really appreciated his sincerity but after hearing all of this, is it wise I still go in.

I sincerely told him what I saw when I prayed and he said he understood, he sometimes experiences some strange things happen to him.

Note, he is catholic, I’m a Pentecostal, How do I drag him up more spiritually.

Please I’m not saying Catholics aren’t spiritual, He is an amazing person,

I’m glad I know all this now before getting into it, I just need your views…..

Thanks Stella:

This is the same thing like marrying a bad person and thinking you can change them. Let him go and sort out his issues first before you Marry him.... Until then remain single or move on...


  1. If you are ready to be patient and fight the battle with him in prayers and the rest, go ahead with the relationship.
    But be prepared and ready to pray hard, if not walk away for your sanity.
    He might not understand your situation, but your mental health is at stake here.

    1. Which family no get problems? Her own? Not like the guys family has madness, sudden death, cleptomania and likes.
      Make una dey calm down

    2. Fan you didn’t get it
      Whether you agree or not us up to you. I’m just saying you don’t the problem. They are saying the marriage will start well but have serious problems later because things don’t go well for him from beginning to end

    3. Na dem sabi @ fan.
      Bible has told us no one knows tomorrow.
      Please leave him to find a good wife not all these pastor's 'daughters'

    4. Which one is 'drag him up spiritually???'
      Are you entering marriage or a rehabilation project?
      The person who you think needs to be 'dragged up' (laughable term indeed) has he himself asked that question?
      What are his own plans to ameliorate his so called situation?

  2. Poster you want to play God in the life of a man who has issues right? You think you are smarter than all the pastors you told who prayed for you.

    You should continue Playing God, we are here watching you

  3. My sister let him go and sort himself out first. You're not Christ the saviour. I know what I'm saying!

  4. Experience has shown me that there is nothing God cannot do.
    There is a perfect man for every woman. Enquire from the Lord if this man is your OWN husband. If yes the holy spirit/angels will help you fight and win this battle.. Do you have strong faith and strength to pray?. Not anyhow prayer but praying like a worrior. Being a pentecostal does not make you a better or strong Christain. The only issue here is FASTING, PRAYER AND GODS WORD. Remember your children will inherit this problem if you get married to this man. Are you ready to FIGHT?
    A friend had serious marine issue. Any man that befriends her dies or goes completely down financially. Her spirit husband walks around with her. He makes out with her like real life. Her parents took her everywhere for solution to no avail. When her last boyfriend left her, she nearly died. The guy said my friends spirit husband came to him at an express while driving and sat at the back seat, warned him to leave her or else he will wipe his generation. The guy relocated to another state without telling my friend. When her present husband met her. She warned the guy to leave her alone except if he wants to die. The guy was confused why she wants her dead. My friend told him about her spirit husband and all she has gone through. The guy laughed and told her... I MUST MARRY YOU. They guy did not leave her instead increased the love. The spirit husband visited him, he lost his job, got kicked out of his apartment yet he did not leave her. The married in his poverty stage and prayed as if there whole lives depends on it. It was from them I knew someone can pray 9hours none stop for 21 days. They did not visit by pastor or prophet to pray for them. It happened in my eyes. Both of them joined forces like strong lions.
    Long story cut short. My friend is free from spirit husband. She has two boys and two girls. She is doing g excellently well as a professional accountant. Her husband is a comfortable millionaire. They are STRONG Christains. Are you ready to pay the price?. It will not be easy but it's possible.
    Either you leave him now or marry him and face the consequences

    1. Zaram this thing called "Spirit Husband" how true is it ..??? Does it really exist..???

      Because whenever I hear people talk about it, it's always laughable to me . Like I find it very difficult to comprehend. I see it as fictions oo

    2. 22:24 it’s not true

    3. I asked one of my lecturers and he confirmed that it's true.

  5. This is more like " The gods are not blame" while in the actual sense, they are, because if the didn't give the nonsense prophecy or whatever it is called, a man living with his mother cannot turn around and marry his mother.

  6. It'll be good to pray and pray through. You pray through when you have a clear sense that you've achieved a particular victory in prayer, to avoid had I known

  7. It is one thing to open up about your struggles and foundational issues and another thing to have made several moves in trying to resolve them.
    Ask your self if you marry him, will he be willing to wrestle in the place of prayer with you or will he leave everything to you to do for him?
    Foundational battles no be moimoi and even with fervency in prayers, it takes patience and time to surmount whatever powers may be behind them. If he is not ready to take the lead, please use your tongue to count your teeth and remember if it is not conquered, your innocent kids will inherit it until someone arises to stand in the gap and prevail.

  8. Very good advise,sort himself out first before marrying him or move on

  9. This one I think I can move forward
    The hard one was he will marry but leave you for another woman and then lo and behold text messages of him sleeping around started showing

  10. When you are always doubtful about something follow your heart. At the core of your being you do not want to, so why force it. If his love for you was all you needed you would have accepted long ago. Deep down you do not want him, so why continue to torture both yourselves. Move on and find someone your heart, mind, and spirit can be at peace with.

  11. Uhhm may god help us in what we don't know but if you leave him and the next person has the same thing will you leave again,the only issue here is not been born again.if he can be born again as you are no problem ,both can pray together

  12. Why is it that every girl want to marry a ready made, perfect, smooth dude: Are all your brothers same way?
    If not, aren't girls going to marry them?

    1. Hm you never jam some homes with real spiritual battles. It’s not easy at alll o. Plus the guy seem not to be spiritually strong self. Poster find a prayer man like you, for your peace of mind and let this one go jejely. Marriage is not easy on it’s own you con add more. You’ve seen enough warning signs. If you still go ahead with it, you’ll be the one in the marriage and not us. Good luck

    2. Many girls don’t even want rich guys
      I know lots of my friends stay away from rich and handsome cause of fear of something good is not for one person ie they fear the guy will cheat

    3. 20:19 Loll, rest. Goan marry a man or woman with spritual foundation problem na. You wey get toothpick for pocket enter battle, no wanm. And let those who dont want to marry such choose who they want. Everything is not fight.


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