Stella Dimoko Monday Morning Spontaneous Post...


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Monday, May 02, 2022

Monday Morning Spontaneous Post...

 #newweek #newday #positibthought #moinmoin #gutenmorgen  #happyholidays #enjoymentplenty

Good Morning...

May today be a good day for everyone and may those in Nigeria enjoy their holiday today....

Happy Salah....Its Salah right?

Warm hugs...✌️✌️✌️


  1. True Praise And Worship!!
    Philippians 3:3.


    "What is praise! And what is worship? Worship is the recognition and appreciation of the reality, blessings, character and greatness of God. This recognition and appreciation, we express in prayer, sacrifice and service"

    "Praise is the fruit of our lips - giving thanks to God (Hebrews 13:15). So, in worship or praise, you're saying something to God thankfully"

    "This profuse expression of appreciation of His character and personality in words of thanksgiving should be from the heart; that is the spirit, not the flesh"


    Gracious heavenly Father, I worship you today for your love, kindness and grace manifested in my life. You're great and greatly to be praised. I extol your greatness and worship your holy Name, for there's none like you; your kingdom is forever, your reign is everlasting! You're the only true and wise God. To you be all glory, honour, majesty, dominion and praise, forever and ever. Amen.

    Further Study-
    Psalm 47:6-7; Psalm 69:30-31; Hebrews 13:15. AMPC.


    If the spirit of denominator rules over the affairs of your life, it will reduce the essence, effectuality and value of your life.


    Proverbs 1:22
    How long, yet simple ones, will you love simplicity and the scorners delight in their scorning and fools hate knowledge?

    _When you allow the denominator spirit conquer you, you will not be relevant in any aspect of life again_

  3. Amen to your prayers Stella,happy Salah the Muslims. I wish everyone a great day.

  4. Beautiful Monday morning to everyone out there , I bring you greetings from Abuja and I wanna say the weather is friendly today.

    Happy workers day everyone out there, happy sallah to all muslins celebrating it.
    Have a lovely holidays

  5. Good morning:

    Because of Leroy’s stupidity and clumsiness, his teacher, was always yelling at him, "You're driving me crazy, Leroy!"

    One day, Leroy's mother came to school to check on how he was doing. The teacher told his mother honestly, that her son was simply a disaster, getting very low marks, and that she had never seen such a stupid boy in her entire teaching career. The mother was so shocked at the feedback that she withdrew her son from school and moved out of London, and relocated to Birmingham.

    Twenty-five years later, the teacher was diagnosed with an almost incurable cardiac disease. All the doctors strongly advised her to have open heart surgery, but there was only one surgeon in Britain who could perform the operation and he was located at the Birmingham Clinic. Left with no other options, the teacher decided to have the operation, which was successful.

    When she came round after surgery she saw a handsome young doctor smiling down at her. She wanted to thank him, but could not talk. Her face started to turn blue, she raised her hand, trying to tell him something but quickly died.

    The doctor was shocked, wondering what could possibly have gone wrong so suddenly. Then he turned around and saw Leroy, a janitor in the Clinic, who had unplugged the life-support equipment in order to connect his vacuum cleaner.

    If you thought for one moment that Leroy had become a heart-surgeon, there is a high likelihood that you may vote for APC. We tell you this story so you know that just like Leroy, APC is a danger to Nigeria and Nigerians.
    Good morning folks

    1. What a story!

      Lovely morning blog visitors πŸ’žπŸ’ž

      Stella babe πŸ’•πŸ’• lovely morning to you.
      Wishing everyone a great May
      Happy holidays Naija

  6. Good morning beautiful people πŸ’œ.

    Happy celebration to all Muslims faithful...make una enjoy.

    Amazing day of rest for me. No shop today.

    1. Good morning NneπŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’• rest is needed πŸ€—

  7. Memo

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  8. Memo

    If you want to take part in the next face of in house news competition kindly send your photos to
    NB: Two photos wearing the same outfit but different poses

    If you have any of these interesting articles below.. Chronicles of a blog visitor, Wedding night brouhaha, Omugwo Chronicles, Meeting Point, How Motherhood Changed Me, Service year Boulevard and Labour Room Drama etc.. Kindly send to

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  9. As you go out today, HUSTLE with caution.... People are dying young this days because they don't want to die poor.

    May our day be blessed. Amen

  10. Good morning bvs.

    Barka da sallah to all muslim bvs esp my momma Disco dancer. Wishing you and your family a fun filled celebration.

    @Bv Push up(original), I suggest you create an Id to end this confusion. The impersonator is out to cause confusion.

    1. Push up (original)2 May 2022 at 09:06

      You're right, thank you.

    2. Thanks babes
      The person expects me to keep fighting and going back and forth but she can enjoy the name.
      She/he wants to use the name to be posting silly comments so they can go off.
      Hope you are good dear, thanks.

      #push up (original)

    3. My love,thank you.When we go see? You don land? We love you.

  11. Good morning. Let's talk.
    As I write this, there's a certain young woman with Fulani kidnappers who was to resume at the Jigawa NYSC Orientation camp. She has been with these people for more than a month. Take two seconds and imagine what this girl is going through. Do you know the number of Fulani animals who must have sexually abused her repeatedly in that bush? You think they allow them have their bath? There isn't shelter there. She sleeps in the bush! How does she handle her monthly period in the bush? This is somebody's daughter. Her mum is a widow. These animals have been requesting for N40m! It tells you they don't want to even let her go. You know why? They're "enjoying" her. Imagine she was your daughter or sister. There are thousands of innocent people in her condition in hundreds of Fulani camps all over the country.
    Traveling by road is now a nightmare. You have less than 20% probability of getting to your destination.
    University students have been on strike for 30 days and nobody gives a hoot.
    People are being slaughtered daily all over the North. Igboland is gradually being Somaliarized. A hitherto peaceful region. As it stands, I can hardly go to the East for any reason because of insecurity.
    Are you aware that at least 40% of our university boys are into Yahoo? Yes, that your lovely son is into Yahoo- and you know it. Keep pretending. The chickens will soon come home to roost. How many of our young girls aren't into prostitution? This is a function of a very bad economy.
    In some states like Kogi, Abia, etc, some workers have not been paid for 3 years! Make your research. Polytechnic workers have not received salaries for 34 months in Abia. The so-called Kogi White Lion who has refused to pay pensioners and workers just purchased his party's presidential form for N100m despite knowing he isn't going anywhere. Mr. Oha Soup has been around him, helping him finish the state's money. He has even bought over MKO's daughter and even Uwazuruike. This is people's money o. All your governors and minsters want to be president. They have bought forms of 100million Naira.
    Yet, all Southerners do everyday, despite elections being around the corner is discuss one irresponsible Nollywood rascal who goes around impregnating silly women. Edochie's marriage is all mature men and women sit down to discuss in an election year! Your future is being decided by conscienceless politicians but you don't care. Edochie's penile activities mean more to you. Girls are being used everyday for rituals. No single Women's Rights group has taken it upon itself to cry out. But #JusticeforMay means more to you. I blocked two shameless men who were sending the Edochie drama to my phone. People's fathers o. PhD holders and "men of means". Mature men will sit down in 2022 and be discussing how appropriate cum biblical or not polygamy is with the myriad of problems Buhari and his kitchen cabinet have facilitated!

    The South is politically foolish. Little things distract us. Aboki noticed this and have developed the temerity to say they want to come back in 2023 despite the avalanche of Buhari's atrocities. Like Nero, let's keep fiddling while the country burns.

    1. Cee you finish work here.... you have posted nothing but the painful truth concerning naija and the attitude of its citizens

      How you dey nah?

    2. Now I agree with you, 101%. It's soo disheartening that things are actually happening this way in Nigeria. Sometimes I begin to wonder if we're cursed or something. Being a Nigerian is a very painful thing to think about.

    3. Honestly ceasar I agree with you, the state of insecurity in Nigeria is overwhelming, I heard that corpers story and I really felt pity for her. I was discussing with my mum the kind of trauma and turmoil the kidnapped ones and their families are going through can not be imagined. The people that were kidnapped from the train a lot of them are yet to be released. I was abducted by one chance people on my way from work one day and I know the trauma I went through until God intervened and I was released. The annoying thing is that it has become normal, most people are not bothered. The moment it happens people talk about it and that is the end. Nothing is being done by the people that govern us to see that these people are released. May the God Lord intervene in this our nation.

    4. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    5. Just the sad truth all the way.
      Imagine buying form for #100M ,when you know you're not going anywhere,hmmmmm.I am ashamed of my country and country people especially.

    6. Onye daddy! Ya gaziere gα»‹ now and forever.

    7. Na this kind talk I want to dey hear from you. Ceaser anybody you say make we vote for im i go vote

  12. I NOTICED WE HAVE A LOT OF NEW IDs here.... una welcome but please take it easy with the curses and insults that i have to delete... This place is not instagram, its a bit saner..Please lets keep it that way,,, its really stressful having to go back to delete comments and keep checking for insults like i am checking for diamonds.. lol

    Welcome and hopefully you enjoy your stay..


    1. may dat stress take ur life.

    2. I send that curse back to the sender in Jesus Name. Haba!

    3. Anon let it be to you according to what you wished Stella, cos anyone that cursed her is cursed for life, you just wake up early in the morning to heap a heavy curse on your head, I pity you, you better repent ,reverse and apologize.when it happens now ,no one will know where you use head break honey nest

    4. I send that curse back to the sender in Jesus Name. Haba!

    5. Anon 10.27am YOU COME TO MY BLOG TO TROLL ME; YOU NO GET WORK? JOBLESSNESS IS REAL.... i send back your curse to you double measure, pressed down shaken together and running over, may it not return void...If you wat to be free from this curse then dont log on to this blog again......Since you made this comment under anonymous, you will remain irrelevant for the remaining of your miserable days on earth, you will toil without reward......

    6. Jesu,why???? Anon why the curse??? On top wetin??? Back to sender in 100 folds.

    7. AND LET me state it here now that all the aggrieved members from the old whatsapp group commenting under anon, una just start...You see the way you people are scattering and fighting and gossiping each other? it is just the beginning, the fake war you started against me will become real on you all....MRS LOVELYN ODEH aka defaultsmile stop commenting under anon, get off this blog please........i will start using your real name to address you so that you can get a lawyer...since you dont have sense and dont want to leave this blog

    8. With that her default ugly mouth, Andrew liver salt oshi,leave SDK alone, she's not the cause of your miserable life

    9. Anuty Lovely, they finally call your name. You are now notoriously famous

    10. Anuty Lovely, they finally call your name. You are now notoriously famous

  13. Good morning everyone. Enjoy your day. πŸ’•

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Good morning sweet people... Happy holidays Nigerians πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  16. Good morning bvs

    Barka the sallah to my Muslim friends and happy holiday everyone.

    Sending lots of love to everyone πŸ€—


    'My God shall supply all your need.' Philippians 4:19 NKJV

    How can you tell when you're depending on people rather than God? When you get upset with your boss because you didn't get the raise you think you deserve. When you become angry with a loved one because he or she turned you down for a loan. When you do things like that, you're sitting at the wrong door waiting for your blessing! Yes, it hurts when your efforts aren't acknowledged. But you must understand this: God will use people as instruments to bless you, but he alone must always be the source of all your blessings!
    Ponder these Scriptures: 'You may say to yourself, "My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me." But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth' (Deuteronomy 8:17-18 NIV). 'When God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them...this is a gift of God' (Ecclesiastes 5:19 NIV). 'She has not acknowledged that I was the one who gave her...silver and gold' (Hosea 2:8 NIV). What was her problem? She ignored God and forgot that he was her true source.
    We generally pursue and nurture relationships that are rewarding - and that's important information. Only when you recognise God as the source of all your blessings will you commit to nurturing your relationship with him. That's why Jesus said, 'Seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well' (Matt 6:33 NIV). When you pursue God, sow generously into his Kingdom, and expect him to meet your needs, your efforts will be blessed.
    Word For Today

    1. God is my source πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ I depend on Him for Everything

      Thanks Sisto for sharing πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•❤️

    2. My God is an all sufficient God. Thank you Essa baby.

    3. Awesome
      Thanks for sharing

  18. Good morning my lovely blogfam 😘
    Barka da sallah to all our Muslim bvs, enjoy your holidays.
    E go surely be ✌️.

  19. Good morning everyone,ha hap Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim brethren

  20. Good morning everyone 😊😊
    Have a great week 😘

  21. Good morning
    Happy celebration to all Muslims faithfuls.

  22. Happy holidays lovelies

  23. Please I want to apply for us visiting visa, I heard available interview date is 2024, at what point do I need to print my bank statement? Cos by that 024, as God liveth I will worth millions of naira, printing it then will boost my chance, I work in one of the leading multi national company, I Just want to enjoy vacation with my FAM .thanks

    1. USA is not a good vacation spot.

    2. When it's time you come and carry me oh

  24. Barka d’ Sallah to all the muslim faithfuls. Omo! I go enjoy today no be smallπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  25. Good morning from this side of Naija.

    Have a restful and peaceful holidays

  26. We don open mouth o...Good morning beautiful people. My Aboki I see you. My Yeye I dey hail o... Plenty love for you guys.

  27. Good morning, pls I need reference to a good hospital or doctor for vagina tightening surgery, Ms Sapphire, can you recommend one, I'm in lagos. Tnx

  28. *Heart Breaking Ajaokuta Steel Company, Things To Know.*

    After reading this piece with good conscience,
    you will weep for our country, Nigeria, and if
    you are from Kogi state, you may wail!

    1. Ajaokuta Company was founded in
    1979 by Olusegun Obasanjo. But the
    foundation laying of the project was done
    by president Shehu Shagari in 1980 and
    within four years, it attained 84%
    completion. That’s a 37 year project that’s yet to be completed.

    2. It is located in Ajaokuta, Kogi state on
    24,000 hectares of landmass and built on
    800 hectares of land. So massive!

    3. It was tagged “the bedrock of Nigeria
    industrialisation.” No wonder, we have not
    been able to find our feet in that aspect without its functionality.

    4. It was to employ 10,000 staff directly at the first phase of commissioning, the upstream and downstream industries that would evolve all over the nation will engage not less than 500,000 employees when fully
    operational. That sounds more engaging than even the telecommunication industry.

    5. The steel company was expected to be the
    largest in Africa. That would had placed us as a giant of Africa, not only by size.

    6. The plant by 1994 was reckoned to be at 98% completion in terms of equipment erected. Some completed units of the plant operated at different times but had to shut down due to non-availability of fund.

    7. The federal government stopped funding the steel company since 1994, thus, it still remains at 98% completion. Battling with 2% for 23 years sounds jinxed.

    8. It will cost $400 million to complete
    Ajaokuta Steel Company. That should be chicken feed compare to its anticipated benefits.

    9. It is estimated that the current state of Ajaokuta Steel Company is worth over $5 billion. Whooping!

    10. Ajaokuta Steel Company was earlier sold under the privatization programme of president Olusegun Obasanjo to Global
    Steel Holding Limited. But following the allegation of downsizing, asset-stripping and shutting down of the company, the federal government successfully regained total control of the steel company during
    president Goodluck Jonathan’s regime.

    11.TyazhPromoExport (TPE), the Russian
    company that designed and built Ajaokuta Steel
    Company Limited up to 98% completion had completed over 40 world class mines, steel and mineral processing plants spread across
    the world and functioning to full capacity except for ASCL. What is it with Nigeria?

    12. As the current Sole Administrator of
    Ajaokuta Steel Company, Engr. Idah Joseph
    Onobere, once said, “….there are some orchestrated campaign of calumny against
    the Nigerian state aimed at ensuring that we remain perpetually a dumping ground
    for steel products from developed countries.” Every indication sure points to that assertion.

    13. Trillions of naira is said to be spent annually importing steel. The proposed mambilla hydro power project alone is estimated that it will consume 2.7million
    metric tonnes of steel. Imagine ASCL working to full capacity, that will be saving a lot of foreign exchange.

    14. As experts say, Ajaokuta Steel Company is enough for Nigeria to produce her own car.

    15. Dr. Kayode Fayemi, the minister of solid
    mineral development once said that there
    are legal issues surrounding Ajaokuta
    Steel Company that need to be cleared. We hope this is cleared soonest.
    Since we currently have a president who is in
    the business of reawakening forgotten
    important projects in Nigeria, as we have seen
    in the case of mambilla hydro power project,
    we hope and pray president Muhammudu
    Buhari channels all effort to ensure that Ajaokuta Steel Company work accordingly especially now that the clamour for
    diversification is at its peak.

    If everyone that reads this can afford to share
    it, perhaps it will get to the authority and remind them once again that the biggest Nigeria project (and treasure) thus far, is still sleeping.


    1. All these things you people copy, do you even try and verify it at all? Smh

  29. Barka d' Sallah to our Muslim friends...
    Though it's a celebration mood, but i can't just being myself to a happy place considering all that is going on in our country. It just looks like we all have been jazzed up as no one is saying anything or speaking up for the poor masses. God for how long ???
    ASUU for how long?? Govt is saying Nada. Minister of Education is busy with Politic, Minister of Labour nko?
    😭😭 ... No strength to type

  30. Good morning everyone. Happy Holiday.

  31. Nigeria can can still be great if only we can start preaching with our lives, that is we should live like christians not really by writing so many motivational words

  32. Good morning and afternoon
    I don't know if I say that my day just break or not
    Enjoy the rest of the day

  33. Happy Eid El Fitri to all our Muslim brethren.

  34. Happy Eid El Fitri to all our Muslim brethren.


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