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Thursday, May 12, 2022

New Movie Alert....

Who has watched the new movie 'Blood sisters?''

The movie trailer and synopsis look really interesting...

Please share the movie spoiler (details) if you have watched it...


  1. Replies
    1. Will like to watch it. But wait o,
      hope Uche Jombo and Omoni are still friends o. I like their friendship.

    2. Uche has no business belonging to that group. Her friendship with her old friends like Ini Edo, Rita Dominic makes more sense.

  2. Nice Movie.
    Inidima's(Sarah)-bride to be
    I don't know his real name(Kola)-groom
    Nancy Isime(Kemi)-Bride's maid

    Nancy walks in on the groom strangling his bride on their engagement day.She accidentally
    shot the groom in self defence .In other to cover up,they buried him giving the impression that he developed cold feet and changed his mind at the 11th hour.His body was later found and the girls had to run for dear life from the groom's powerful family.

  3. It's a nice kinda,buy woke ojo tryna to copy Denzel, then it was unnecessarily long they didn't need all those episode I give it 6 out of 10

    1. I was excited and it started really well. However, it became unnecessarily drawn out.

      Kate Henshaw, you played your part excellently.
      Teni(the druggie child), fantastic job.
      Uche Jombo, Nigerian mother to the core. Well done.
      The drug house actors and actresses, very good job.
      Kehinde Bankole, sexual scenes delivered!
      Ramsey, good job.
      Locations, costumes, sound; very well done.
      Lighting, we need to find how our casts can stop looking sweaty.

      It was just OK, but it's trending in several countries around the world so ......

    2. I actually liked Ojo’s scenes. There was none that was unnecessary. I even told my husband that he was sounding like those old school Texas detectives

    3. The name is Timilehin not Teni,was played by Genoveva Umeh such a sweet efficient wild card in the cast.

      Me, I just carried pen and paper to dub all the haute couture won by Mrs Uduak Ademola played by Kate Henshaw(her professionalism is off the hook).
      Then Daniel Etim,his wears were cool too.
      Uche Jombo , was fireee, sweet professional,her Igbo language bites were heavenly.

      Kehinde Bankole and Gabriel Afolayan ,these two,the bond na die. Sweet love.
      BTW when did kehinde get so far,her cheeks are long,why na,baby shed some weight.

      That beach used was it Atican Beach in Lekki or Oniru beach? Which?

      Cinematography ☑️
      Scripting ☑️
      Lighting ☑️
      Location ☑️
      Continuity ❎

      My questions,
      How did guns pass the security doors of a five-star hotel?
      Missing groom and no one noticed? His bestman wasn't bothered? It was a big flip on the scripting table.

      To Nigerian police,sorry for the small disgrace since you love bribe.
      Kate henshaw delivered a full doze.

      Blood Sisters taking Nigeria to greater heights.
      Mo Abudu chop kisses,you are an enigma, a special one.

    4. Watched it 2 days ago. Mo Abudu gave it a good shot this time.

      The ladies fighting 'naked' in the rehab bathroom was UNNECESSARY!
      Mo you as a woman should know better not to objectify women!
      The simulation of the steamy sexual scenes between Afolayan and Bankole didn't need to be overt.

      Ramsey Nouah, what an actor! His silence, facial expressions and body language,spoke a million words!
      Kate Henshaw, great acting skills.

      Genoveva , you brought your A game on!

      Nancy, great job.
      Ini, you showed you were the softer one of the two blood sisters, great interpretation of the character.

      Overall, it was a good movie.

      See MAN OF GOD. That's a great movie.

  4. Not watch it yet... will check on youtube if i will find it. Bbjac..

    1. Nancy tried she slayed and she beheaded

    2. YouTube ke😂😂😂 No way dear. Na Netflix movie ooo. But you can download it either from or
      Everything no bi YouTube joor

    3. anon 11:11 i know everything no be youtube,but thats the only place i have access to now. Bbjac..

  5. It's mad, I love the bond and sacrifice

  6. I wish they would have turned the series into a wonderful series by introducing the castle and castle team ( except that they won't use the Kola as the groom).
    It would have been a beautiful series we will be looking forward to with a powerful storyline, twists, the brilliant Castle and Castle team and turn it into a "have a swell day with me in court"

    1. Absolutely not! Castle and Castle season 1 was good but season 2 was trash! It was better to end blood sisters and move on to another story instead of turning it into an Asaba-like movie

    2. 15:28 you're right. Castle and Castle couldn't hold my interest after for long.

  7. I've just started downloading it to watch later.

  8. I have heard so much about the movies since its release , especially the s@x scene, they say na blast o

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I liked it. Watched it in the salon while making my hair. The acting was great. Albeit I could predict some of what the storyline would be as it went along, because I have watched similar tropes in hollywood series. But I see that as a good thing. It means nollywood writers n directors are stepping their game up n taking good notes from Hollywood counterparts. People complained of the nudity but I think these people must feel pressured to compete with the oyinbo series on Netflix to receive recognition n they think nudity will do the trick

    1. I seriously don't understand what the complaints are about. They were in the showers, we all know that most fights break out in the shower or dining rooms.

      Are they expected to be fully clothed in the shower? They didn't show full frontals so I believe that's fair enough for Nigerians and our hypocrisy.
      Yet, we are well represented in pornsite views!

    2. I found the nudity to be inner
      They could have those fights anywhere

    3. The nudity was absolutely unnecessary.

  11. i still dont understand the unrelated ending...

  12. Those into 9ja movies will love it, I like it a bit they really stepped up. Let me not spoil it for those who has not seen it. It's a 6/10 for me

  13. It was a good storyline sha. No storyline like that in Nollywood to the best of my knowledge but they really messed up that last scene.

    I know they were trying to do it like they did Oloture but Oloture’s ending was very realistic. Can’t make head or tail of the ending of Blood sisters

    1. I agree, the last scene left much to be desired. We were like is that all?

    2. Thank you Eka Joy and Ms Ess.
      I was like is that the ending?
      Is that how its supposed to end?
      I hope Mo abudu is not about to bring a headless and tailess Part 2 again because why on earth shouldn't we know what happened to the mother,and what happened to the girls.
      Were sarah and Kemi exonerated?
      Was teni finally cleaned,was Femi able to head the company and was Chicago PD investigator returnees won the case?
      So many questions but as usual,Mo Abudu,she has to spoil every good movie in her quest for a 2nd part.

    3. Femi and his wife lying lifeless on the floor after the 2 shots were heard. It's possible they weren't dead though but the only part I felt was missing was if she shot her mother or not. It's meant to be a cliff hanger but I really hope they don't make a season 2.

  14. I like the series, for the first time ever, my husband watch a Nigerian series from the beginning to the end. After we watched the first episode one night, the kept reminding about the remaing 3 episodes

  15. It turned out good the oro festival was unexpected, to the good doctor who later turned out to be an organ harvester to the greedy photographer to uncle Ben who I almost thought was the grooms father to the digging of a shallow grave to the secret sex room and blind ex to the sneaky confrontation with the semi professional assassin at the wedding to the unexpected murder of blade, to the bully at the extreme religious rehab to the hot seat the grooms brother found himself after much anticipation to be in charge to not knowing how his brother close deals to how the bride would have died more than once if not for her bestie to how top officials suddenly developed interest in the case. All was good not all crime movies done by nollywood keeps you wanting to know what happens next.

  16. I would've rated the movie 90% if not for kenny's death.

  17. It’s a good movie, but Kenny didn’t have to die, Kola didn’t have to die, he should have been made to pay for those abused, the body language of the hired assassin (blade) at the hotel should have trigger a suspicion for the front desk staff. There was no need for showing those naked ladies in the shower, A couple more scenes that I think shouldn’t be there. But I’ll still give it a 7/10

  18. One step forward for Nollywood, Blood Sisters producers did a fantastic job.
    Every act delivered fantastically, from Uduak, Kola, Kemi, Sarah to our very own Nigeria mother, Sarah's mum, delivered by Uche Jombo. Then Timilehin, Blade, uncle B etc. They all came correct.

    People criticizing Blade, that's exactly how he's supposed to behave cos he's an ordinary thief and not a trained assassin. And seeing your comments depicts that Blade did a great job delivering his character.
    On the other end, I don't seem to understand the unnecessary prolonging of Kemi and Sarah's running. To me, some parts weren't really necessary.

    All in all, it's a great movie to see.

  19. I don't think the beheading was necessary at all or the accidental photographer that they killed. These had no bearing on the plot really. Ok movie though, will score it 4 to 5 over 10.

    1. The photographer got what he deserves, greedy mofo

  20. Very interesting movie one of the best nollywood movie i have watched. Its a 10/10 for me


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