Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Them Hide Juju Under The Bed.


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Monday, May 02, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Them Hide Juju Under The Bed.

Sisi don land with hot gist!

Una doh o! Yard pipu of life! your multiverse today?

I say make i knack you gist for wetin dey commence for my customer house with the crase in-laws dem dem!

As my customer sister inlaw pikin, Debby thief my customer menstrual underwear, hide am under Ghana must go. Wey my customer catch am! And the geh refuse to follow her come back house.

Na so Senator Debby, come house with her mother the next day wey be Saturday, she come display for Wife say she no want make she enjoy her Labour on her younger brother!!!

Husband say he no want Debby for the house again o! Na so SIL begin wail and guilt trip brother. That one sha agree make the daughter continue to stay!

Doctor don confirm say my customer don carry belle o! Choi!!! She tell her husband make he nor tell anybody yet o!

Na one night wey her husband come from work, see him niece Debby dey watch television and wife dey kitchen dey turn Amala! Eleeeee!

The husband pounce on Debby beat ignorance comot for her body! He shout for her head, come mistakenly out of anger say 'in my wife's condition', you expect her to still cook and clean for you while you sit there!'.Eleeeee!

Debby don quick decode say 'pat-attah-don-patter'!. She run go enter her room, lock door, begin report give her mother for phone!

The husband carry house cleaners come one Saturday to assist wife as he quick comot go office engagement.
Debby waka comot go her mother house to avoid any chores.

Dem cleaners come clean every where, Wife out of love and pity for Debby say make dem help her clean her room join. Na so cleaner scream from Debby room.

Na wetin dem see?!
Na small, black calabash wey get black smelly substance under the bed with feathers!

The cleaner supervisor na Prayer warrior, that one begin speak in tongues cancel the effect of seeing it and he carry am from under the bed and put outside for the balcony.
Wife quickly call husband report, snap and send.

Before husband reach house, SIL and daughter don land o! Debby deny the calabash! She say na setup!

Husband say him wife will never go diabolical or do set up!

Out of anger, SIL carry calabash put inside polythene bag, tell her daughter to enter and pack her things and follow her say wife dey plan to kill her daughter!

Choi! To marry nor easy ehhhh!


  1. Why do women so easily pay devils a visit, especially Nigerian women?

  2. Which kin wahala be dis.i pity the wife o

  3. Replies
    1. True I fit be setup.
      Again I fit no be real setup too.
      Make Debby carry her load back to her mama house.

    2. Why must debby live with the uncle when she has her own house. I dont understand the nigerian thing of relatives living in your house when they have their own!

  4. Make Debby go him mama house. That house no be her own, father or husband. E better make she commot before something go spoil pass like this. Haba!

  5. Fear who no fear women. I Dey follow fear my gender

  6. Make Debby carry her kaya back to her mama house naa.

  7. Oh boy!!! Plenty drama.

  8. Why did the SIL carry the calabash and went ahead to put it in the bag if she has no idea about it?

  9. SIL should have just asked her daughter to pack her things and leave but instead she carried the calabash and put in the bag, Maka why?

  10. They should not have allowed the SIL to take the thing away. They should have burnt it


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