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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Wordless Morning Post..



  1. Mba o! Mbanu! Let them keep blaming Fulani herdmen of the killings and burning of goods and properties during sit at home. Upon now has Mr. Ekpa, he is hoping to step into MNK shoes incase he is not released. He gives orders for the bloodbath, if as a member of ipob you oppose him, you will mysteriously disappear. They stay in safe havens and other cities and support mayhem. Ndigbo please come home to your state's and see the chaos firsthand. Forget media, it is bad, very bad at home .

  2. When they were burning prison, releasing gun to the wrongs hands, was it fulani they were setting free from jail.

  3. You can't compare ND militants to UGM of the East. The militants weren't this bad. They didn't terrorise the state with guns and random killings to the point you won't be able to step out. They were just after money and focused on pipelines and expats.

    1. Blackberry, na you get am, these ones kill anybody they feel like killing, soldiers, politicians, police etc, if we eventually get Biafra, they might face civil servants and business people. The Eastern landmass isn't so much, IPOB and ESN need to give accurate intelligence so these elements can be fished out and destroyed now. Imagine butchering sons and daughters of the soil for whatever flimsy reason, and we expect the country to take our Biafran agitation serious??? No naaaa...we are fooling ourselves.

    2. BB, they did some attacks too, raping innocent women on the creek, and robbing people..

      When you give arms to touts, they must mess up cos they don't know how to act with civility and they lack proper orientation

    3. Dante's peak, na lie. Millitants and their cacus that I know don't do petty crimes/killings. They go for govt money, No rape or petty robberies. What you described are just cultists who still do that till date. Imagine Tom or emami going to rape Or rob, Are they mad?

    4. Those are the ones you know. Are you saying militants never committed any other crimes? Big lie! Anyway, a criminal is a criminal. See the state ND is today, even worse than before.

    5. BB, please ask well..
      I'm not one to say something I don't know. I'm from Delta state, why would I want to throw dirt on my 'brothers'.. they even kill but I just didn't add that part

      What I'm talking about happened in the time of Niger Delta avengers..

      I'll stop here.

      I know you're smart, you'll find out what I'm saying if you really want to✌️

  4. "IPOB and ESN need to give accurate intelligence so these elements can be fished out and destroyed now"

    Anon, you still don't get it that ipo-nk will not investigate itself. Why investigate what you know you are responsible for? Let ipo-nk tell us what they did with an the guns Nnamdi Kanu gave to illiterate thugs and ask the guns he told members to steal from police stations. Keep talking then swallowing your words. I hope the carnage doesn't get far worse before Eastern people face their real enemies and accept their own personal and collective roles in setting fire to their lands.


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