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Monday, July 18, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Special Pikin

 Sisi and gist!

Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi!

How una dey o? market?

E get one time like that wey one lady for our village remarry. The daughter wey she don born for another man also join her for the husband house go Lagos.

The day wey we come jam for village during her papa burial, I notice say the daughter hair don bald finish.

Na im I use sense like play play ask the woman sister Say wetin no make the woman kukuma shave the daughter hair finish, since lice wan chop the fine long hair finish?!

The sister say make we go sidon one side. Say she go knack me gist.

She say her sister go Lagos as she remarry. Small time she say for the daughter school, the teachers begin complain say the child dey behave like old woman.

I say wetin that one come mean?

She say na so the sister carry her daughter go meet different pastors for mountain. Those one carry pikin to different rivers and oceans to wash her head. She say na wetin cause the baldness be that.

All manner of orisirisi sponge and aggression!

I say so wetin really do the daughter?

She say the little girl go dey talk say she born 5children, begin mention their names, even her husband name join. Say she sometimes go predict say something bad go happen and the thing dey always happen! *sideeyes*

She say the Mother in law come like the girl so much that the sister begin suspect say the woman and the daughter na witch!

She say the sister dey even reason to abandon the daughter there in the village. I say wetin her husband talk?

The younger sister say the husband like the daughter.

Infact, he say anytime he wan travel or do business, the girl go don sidon for parlour dey wait to tell him to either cancel the travel or business with the person. And ever since, things has never gone wrong for him!

I say so wetin come be the problem? No be gift the pikin get? At least she no harm anybody.

The daughter mama believe say na her daughter dey hold her belle way she never  born for this her new husband.

Tor after the burial, everybody pack their kaya waka back to base.

The last I heard was that the husband and his mother threaten say if the wife abandon the daughter for village, they will also return her brideprice!

Hian! Na wa o!


  1. Lol不不不不不. I actually think the little girl is just gifted

    1. Gifted people don't go about saying they have given birth to 5Children. *side eyes*

    2. Reincarnated

  2. The girl fit reincarnated and be gifted as well. Stella I reincarnated too, until I was 8 i could remember pieces of my past life, even places I have not been in this life but familiar in videos or pictures. Even if the house has been repainted or a building around demolished. Some of us are gifted yo see things too.

    1. you say???? You remember your past life? How?

  3. Na wao...please oo my goggle account name is not showing

  4. Mumu woman, instead of her to embrace the child and train her in God's way so she can use the gift for God before Satan hijacks her.


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