Stella Dimoko Thursday In House News...


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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Thursday In House News...

 Good Day !!!


Good day oh.....

Does anyone have links at that University in Ikorodu? wetin be the name again oooooooooooo  *cracks head thinking*

I decided to add Amebo chronicle today for some spicing.......

Thank God for healing.....My nose is full of fever sores, my mouth is getting healing and i am so grateful to God... The fever that comes with COVID is not child's play at all...

I am wondering if my sense of smell and taste will come back........*sad sigh*

Enjoy Thursday in house news and dont forget to be thankful...

Shout out to my haters, una still dey so? E don tey, make una hail me as usual nah...hehehehhehehehehehehehehehe


Ehen please any ideas for in house gists?  send it to my inbox if yeah..



Recently my ovaries had been tingling, I really don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I keep seeing cute pictures of baby girls all over my social media ( cute baby girls videos keep popping up on my Instagram) and circle or maybe because my boys are growing.

Given my two crazy labour experiences, I am surprised a part of me is entertaining the thought of trying for a girl in the nearest future.

It’s like the memories of my crazy experiences are fading, but I stumbled on a labour and birth video and it was the brain resetting I needed.

I really don’t want to go through that experience again, the pain of labour and the demands of a new born, the colic, sleepless nights, healing from C-section and all.

The fact that I had to convince myself not to try it is scary because it is too soon to have forgotten all this.

Nah hot slap you need to reset the thoughts....Hehehehehehheheheheheheh 

I understand the feeling of wanting a girl though but all these social media stories of little girls being abused always resets my mind and i dont have regrets not trying for a girl..... May God save all our children out there from abuse...




Some people can be terrible I swear and if you are not there when they need you or they feel you are no longer useful to them, you will become a bad person.

Aunty got pregnant for one guy that was forming ajebo but bros was just an errand boy and said he gave her money after their rendezvous so why didn’t she take care of herself. She gave birth and was accommodated by her friend she once slandered. That one took pity on the new born and so she accepted. The friend was married with a baby.

Trouble started when Aunty started leaving the baby and will go for hours telling friend she went to look for work. Aunty started taking sides with Friend’s husband whenever the couple had a fight. She went about the neighborhood making friend’s with everyone and staying out late very late.

The wife of the owner of a hotel near the house called the attention of friend about Aunty’s waka because that one thought they were sisters.

Friend talked to Aunty about the hotel going and she flared up and the matter died. Friend was sleeping one afternoon when door opened and Aunty brought a man into the house and they went straight to the room she was staying.

 Ha! Person give you space now you want to turn her house into a brothel?

Friend waited for them to come out, the man looked at friend with one kind eye and didn’t even greet, what did Aunty tell her customer? 

Aunty came back and was smiling like nothing happened then friend confronted her about the matter. Why will you bring men into her matrimonial home? They argued and fought then Aunty packed her load that night with the help of New friend that was just introduced to her by her friend.

Aunty moved into New friend’s apartment with the promise of leaving after 2 days. New friend’s husband works outside town and she is a full house wife living with her kids and mother.

Aunty and New friend gossiped about Friend and it was fun while it lasted.

Days turned into weeks and Aunty didn’t go so New friend called Friend to report.

 Afamako them pursue person you carry her load put the matter for head LOL.

 New friend spilled all they talked about and what Aunty said about her to another person too LOL

Aunty keeps giving excuses saying she is looking for apartment and her money is coming until New friend’s husband came back and met her.

That one didn’t waste time in telling his wife how he will throw them both out. Aunty moved after a week to another location. She made another friend. 



Really user, can you imagine.. So that is how that child will grow up and continue from where she stopped? No conscience at all

What is the meaning of Afamako? heard it before but didnt ask



  1. Stella, do u mean Caleb university?

  2. Which of them Stella? Caleb or LASSUSTECH ?

  3. Pleasant afternoon everyone

    1. Pronto darling 🥰💝

      Stella so sorry for the loss of smell and taste,just take good of you for us,you will be fine 🤗🤗❤️

  4. Eeyah sorry Stellz of life. You would be fine and your sense of smell will come back. Una good afternoon

  5. Good afternoon everyone🥰🥰🥰
    Thank God for you Stella,your healing is permanent in Jesus name.

  6. I have learnt one very important lesson today.

    Never put your money in the same pocket where you put your handkerchief. I’ll tell you why when I get home, I’m still trekking 😭

    1. Lol. I'm not laughing at you Teejay.sorry for the stress but exercise is good for your system. You could have entered taxi and pay at your destination.

    2. You no get wallet?
      Go and buy one🙄

    3. Teejay, Pele o. But it is good to exercise the body.

    4. Eeya Ezege sorry o. You and Queen Nwokoye had similar experience.

  7. Stella, afamako means amebo no pay.

    My people how una dey?

  8. Welcome IHN
    Stella kpele ...thank God you feel better

  9. Good afternoon. Nice day ahead

  10. Good day everyone
    Stella I'm glad you're getting better,this should be the healing phase.
    Motherhood mama,Sometimes I get tingles in my ovaries too,I really can't wait to start birthing beautiful babies. WELDONE
    Amebo chronicle,So upon all the 'mens' aunty dey straf,She never get money to atleast rent her own cubicle??
    Omo,Say no to Osho free o.
    If you must do it,do it for a course haba!

    Sign out on point..Just like love,You can give it when you don't even love yourself.
    Have a great day everyone.

  11. Sorry, Stella. It is well with you.

    I greet una o

  12. Maximum respect to those guys who gym and carry weights. Omoh, una dey try....💪💪
    Me, to carry water for bucket sef, dey pain me for chest. That's why even for my wedding, I beg the Mcee make e avoid anything wey go make me carry my wife. Make I no disgrace my family....
    The only thing I can do well in the gym, is to clap for those who have big chest.
    Una Gud Afternoon....#ALiSpeaks

  13. Pele Stella. You will fully be restored to your perfect health.

    We didn't see rain yesterday in my part of Lagos and I really enjoyed yesterday. Rain pls go away.

  14. Stella e pele ma. You will be fine soon.
    I have not see anyone with serious Covid19 near me and I don't pray to. I only see and even experienced fever and the likes

  15. Good afternoon all. I am still conducting exams for my students. I can't wait for the school to vacate. Summer home lessons would give me little change. #Lifeofateacher

  16. Thank God you are well SDK. I pray for everyone of us that are ailing, may we receive complete healing,and for those of us that are going through difficult times " may the good Lord Jesus Christ remember us and settle all that concerns us.

    Happiness is key don't dwell on situations that bring you down.
    Strive hard for inner peace.

  17. I refer to them as peoples. The moment I smell one, I start singing their lyrics of “I don’t have” with them.

    1. 🤣🤣 anon you are right.

    2. Had one in my school days, was reluctant to accommodate her but accepted asper church things, babe came to my room and started ganging up with other roommate against me, invited one visiting student to be coming to bathe and sleep without discussing with me first.

      The story is long, the agreement was for all of us to stay there for one semester, I prayerfully found a new space next semester while she remained there, was eventually driven away unceremoniously by school officials. Some people no dey try at all.

  18. Thank God for the speedy recovery Stella, you will be fine soon
    Black Slimzy

  19. God will perfect your healing @SDK.

  20. Stella so happy for you, God's total healing on your health 🙏,
    Goodafternoon and happy weather to us all. God bless this coming weekend. On the other hand holiday is back again children and their own throble hmmmm it is well.

  21. Hello ihn 😘
    Thank God you and your hubby are much much better now,don't worry the loss of taste and smell will be over soon.

    Motherhood poster,pls have a baby girl whenever you are ready,odi important 😀, babygirls are precious.

    Bvs good afternoon.
    E go surely be ✌️

  22. Stella get well soon! I wish I can watch Big Brother Naija here in Australia. They just finished Australia’s BBN and no I didn’t watch even for a day because I know it won’t interest me.

  23. The smell and taste will surely return, take care ma.
    Pls How's Bv Tade? How's her health now?

    1. Bv Tade is late. Her death was announced here sometime ago. May she continue to Rest In Peace 🙏

    2. Ya Salam! Where have I been? Could be when I had problem with my phone, Subhanallah her thoughts just keep crossing my mind since 3 days now😭😭😭Walahi this news no sweet me at all. May Almighty Allah forgive her shortcomings ha Tade late
      Thanks prettiest Rosie, kisses to baby.

  24. Good afternoon everyone..Aunty Stella Epele oo.. Okiroyalty

  25. Mama stella kpeleoooh
    Ndo inugo, ur smell and taste will come back soon by God's grace.

    That olofofo will keep jumping from one house to the other mumu.

  26. Thank God for your health Stella.
    Dont worry your sense of smell and taste will come back gradually

  27. Enjoying my new school as a teacher and I enjoy working with children.

  28. Stellz your smell and taste will return..mine did after 4 to 5 month..pele

  29. Thank God for recovery Stella. I hope you'll bounce back fully in record time.

    Aunty friend, You get ahewo come get amebo join. Wahala wa o.


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