Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 7 Gists - Housemate Allysn Tells Hermes Why She Cannot be His Girlfriend.


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Sunday, August 21, 2022

BBNaija Season 7 Gists - Housemate Allysn Tells Hermes Why She Cannot be His Girlfriend.



Big Brother Naija housemate, Allysn told Hermes that she cannot date him when he opened up about his feelings for her on Friday night.

Allysn said, “I am not saying that you are confused. I respect that whatever you have going on I understand it.

I am just saying I wouldn’t want to put myself in that kind of situation. I won’t entertain any situation with you because I can’t put myself in such.”

Hermes had said he had two girlfriends who are aware of each other.


Housemate, Doyin has called fellow housemate, Groovy, ‘fake’ following his entanglement with Phyna and Chomzy.

Phyna and Groovy kissed as a couple several times and have been together after his first ‘lover’ Beauty was disqualified BUT his move to level one house has made him re-visit his feelings for Chomzy.

Groovy spoke to Doyin on Sunday morning about his relationship saga and Doyin said:

“I think you’re fake and it’s annoying because Beauty loved you but you didn’t love her, because you didn’t wait to move on.
She was insecure about you with other girls and you’ve proved her right with all your actions.
If I were Beauty, I would not have anything to do with you outside the house again.”

What else?

Housemate Adekunle regrets his quarrelling with another housemate and says he would be reserved from now on.....

Did Rachel and Diana have a fight because of Giddyfia?


  1. So abeg wetin come bring kiss Allyson?

    1. Before the party,Allysn confided in Diana and Doyin that Hermes is driving her crazy and really wants him but scared of being rejected and dt Hermes is entagled with 2 ladies. She eventually ended up having compassionate kiss with Hermes.

      Before the party,while dressing up.Diana had a conversation with Giddifya on what she heard about Amaka and Giddifya.She told Giddifya dt he can engage whoever he wants that dey are not in relationship. Diana got angry cos Racheal was in a corner with Giddifya. Her head scatterd and started insulting Racheal, calling her where,animal etc. Thank God for Eloswagg, what happened to Beauty could hv happened.

      Amaka nah big time gossip. She needs to have an award.

      Chichi Allysn,Diana,Amaka Phyna and Doyin are desperate to be in a situationship. Chichi kissed Deji, Allysn kissed Hermes and Phyna kissed Groovy after the party.

      Bella is tired of Sheggz. She is scared of what will become the relationship and Sheggz attitude, especially after the Saturday party. Sheggz said she is d woman of her dream and has waited all his life to meet her.Sheggz don promised her the world. Sheggz words and promises dey finger Bella head, she is confused.

      Nepa don take light, when dey bring light, I will continue.

    2. Wetin be 'compassionate kiss' biko?

    3. Long time ago, this Hermes boy was a very good boy. Suddenly he travels and returns with the weirdness. Olorun ku suuru!

  2. Amaka is a big mouth abeg, she can gossip for Africa, not leaving any detials( like teeling giddyfire how Phyna moas when intimate with groovy)

    She even downloaded everything to chichi

    🥴🥴🥴🥴 me wondeting when amaka and chichi became that close , Ayer she was the one eyeing Chichi's man Demi

    Oga oooo

    1. Call down,It's just her strategy and look,it's paying off.You're talking about her.

    2. @dimplez. You are so right
      She is a big gossip and a huge hypocrite, it’s better to know someone as your enemy than have amaka as a friend.
      The same her that was interested in the groovy, saying she likes deji and still went after giddy
      Most of the women are so desperate
      How can young girls be this desperate, it’s so annoying

      Push up (original)

  3. Groovy wey Dey catch cruise

  4. Nobody, i repeat, nobody fit tell me say Groovy no use jazz enter dat Biggi's house wey those ladies stil get feelings for him despite d fact dat a lady was disqualified cos of him(dat one too couldn't manage herself cos of him)
    If no b say na reality show, na him type dey use "amudo" touch n fuck for women in real life

  5. Groovy is another version of male olosho
    If na woman now dem go say na ash*wo dey her blood
    I wonder y woman go dey date dssame person wey dem know his girl for inside dsame house ooo

  6. Lastnight was everything I hope for and more...
    Yea,They both had a fight because of Giddyfia that's never serious.
    I didn't expect "Lady Diana" who happens to be 33yrs old to fight over a boy that's barely 23😩
    She called Rachel Ahewo and other despicable names,just because she saw her merely talking to Giddy.
    The boy was like;Diana,If there's anybody you need to lash on,it should be Amaka because she's the one I might like
    AMAZONS,Our babe has finally found love o😂

  7. Allyson is so sexy to me.

  8. All the things that happen yesterday ehn! My mouth no fit talk am

  9. Groovy d husband of level 7
    All d girls in dat house were talking of love up n down
    Aswear, if i dey dat house and i dey talk abt dat person loves dis person or dis person loves dat person or i dey look for person to love upandown instead of me to focus on d money or at least win little change come home. When i come out my mother n siblings go disown me say na money dem dem expect me to bring no b to go fall in love

  10. Groovy is an ahewo. He should share his kayan maza plug abeg. I'm still trying to see what those girls are killing themselves for though...the pink hair maybe.

  11. Groovy na cruise master

  12. Phina: Groovy go go round for all of us

    And truly, Groovy is going round for all of the female Housemates. Boy is Oliver Twist.

  13. All the female Housemate are begging ship🙄🙄🙄
    This year's big brother the ladies came prepared.

    Amaka is now happy,she's back to her normal bubbling self because Groovy is no longer in d same house with Phyan
    Amaka and phantom are now friends again with their gossip😂🤣

  14. Phyna the energy goddess..I love you boo and your pigeon be sweeting me..what's the show without you...In Phyna's voice
    "big brother we nor want" lol who dares biggie? PHYNA

  15. I don't understand this level one and level 2; thing. Does it mean they have 2 big brother houses?

  16. Interesting season.Unpredictable.

  17. Daina or whatever shes called is such a disgrace to womanhood. How can u be calln a woman ashawo, b**tch, bastard and all sorts dat 3 ppl had to hold u down from fighting, bcoz she was talkn to ur 23yr old love interest. A whole 33yr old woman...till now shes not remorseful even as Doyin kept talkn sense into her dat its her toyboy dat owes her loyalty and Rachel and even confirmed nothn is btw them...shes still cursing d poor girl.

    1. What's with the age shaming or is a 33 year old woman not deserving of Love?

      The people making this statement are obviously fellow women like her and it's not surprising cos women don't love themselves.


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