Stella Dimoko Doctor Freaks Journal - An Oath Of Secrecy..


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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - An Oath Of Secrecy..

"Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead." -Benjamin Franklin

The instant piece was/is inspired by the above quote.

A friend shared this story with me and made me take an oath of secrecy that the true identities of the characters involved would be protected. That said, locations, time and other vital information shall be left out.

Once upon a time in the forest, there lived three friends named X, Y and Z.

 X, Y and Z were inseparable. They grew up in the same neighbourhood and did everything in common. They were young, fast and furious. Like some of their contemporaries, the trio were not left out. 

X met a fine boy and they both got down. Their union produced a seed. Mr Fine Boy was X's first love and he did not have difficulties with sweeping her off her feeble feet. She was in love, even though she was young, (but he was also young and jobless) yet she was ready and willing to keep the pregnancy. He wouldn't hear of it. He had his future ahead of him and she ought to have hers but X was madly in love and she would not touch abortion with a long pole!

Is it not bad enough that they had "committed the sin of fornication?" He now wants her to commit another sin/offence? She muttered. X, against all odds elected to keep the pregnancy and she actually did.

As time rolled by, the seed planted inside X grew bigger and bigger. 

As young as she was at the time, X was able to keep this development secret by staying away from the public glare while it lasted. Eventually, X approached a medical doctor whose notoriety for abortions' was in the public domain.

 The mission was evacuate the now "unwanted" guest but Mr Dr advised her against the move and came up with an interesting suggestion. He offered to get her an orphanage where she could take the baby to upon delivery and she agreed. She was delivered of the baby safely but from that point she became disinterested in the affairs of the new life. 

She ran away and never went back to the hospital. Y was never aware of this whole incident because her parents withdrew her from the school which the trio had in common and took her to another school. Z was aware up to the point where she agreed to give up the child for adoption but what happened thereafter, X deliberately kept Z in the dark for obvious reasons.

X never bothered about the child and never went back to see Mr Dr. 

Few years down the line, Z boarded a bus and ran into Mr Dr's wife inside. Mr Dr's wife was travelling with a boy. The boy was a spitting image of X's ex-boyfriend, the one who allegedly put her in the family way. Initially, Z attempted to fraternise with madam but she was uncomfortable all through the conversation.

 Z quickly dropped the idea and deliberately alighted from the bus prematurely. Z had every reason to believe that Mr Dr's wife who had been childless for years seized the opportunity and behold, she was the "orphanage!" Did Z tell X? No, because they never talked after the incident, till date.

Today, X is happily married with children. She never shared the story with her husband. She never went back to Mr Dr to look for the child. How did the story get to my desk? 

X and Y are still friends. Y and Z have also remained inseparable. X and Z have not spoken in years and Y has been pressurizing Z to mend fences with X but after much pressure from Y, Z opened up to Y and the shocked Y who could not fathom out what she had just been told had to call me to share this story.

I sought her permission before sharing this but she made me take an oath of secrecy that identities and locations shall be kept out of my writing.

At this juncture, please permit me to "knack Pidgin English." "You see en, for this life, na believe all we dey dey believe oh, when breeze blow, fawol yansh go open. Just dey your dey no go begin carry torchlight find wetin go kpai you upandan. Just know one thing, wetin you no sabi no go fit kee you." "If dem make law today now say make everybody begin do DNA test for all the pikin dem wey dey dem house, many things go fit spoil oh."


  1. Secret wey come still come out and damage all X has been building.
    You can't run from the past, no matter how fast and long you run, it's always just a step behind.
    The best thing to do with such kinda past is to embrace it, it's part of what makes you.

    Am I advising anyone not to take their secret to the grave, hell no.. do whatever d fvck you like, it's your life and not mine, it's you that'll be disgraced and depressed when it eventually comes to light,. It's you that would be blackmailed with it and not me.. so please, do you✌️

    Blessings sir K

  2. Hmmm thank God the baby is alive, healthy and well taken care off.

    1. This is the most important part, they can tell X about the baby and let X do whatever she feels is best. The child has a good life with people that want him and that's what matters most.

  3. If x kept z in the dark then why did y think it was okay to let z know? Because I’m assuming y told z or maybe,just maybe z saw the spitting image of x ex boyfriend and then she traced the dots till it made sense. That been said,x heart is made of stone! yaibo her chest no Dey heavy say she no know where her pikin Dey? Up till this moment? Anyways,they are good friends I mean since x recent husband doesn’t know about it… but imagine something spiritual happens and x was asked to bring her first child,she goes with her “first” child for cleansing and the dibia says that’s not her first child 🤣 wahala for the husband oh.

    1. God is merciful. Thank God she didn't kill the baby and the child is in safe hand.

  4. Interesting story

  5. I always look forward to read your stories. With all these I hope siblings don't end up marrying each other

  6. Hmmm life.
    A secret is only a secret cos only you know about it if not na yard matter 🤣🤣
    It is what it is

  7. Doctors wife got blessed by the whole mistake.
    Make everybody dey Dia Lane now abeg.

  8. Some ladies have very hard mind, God forbid bad thing. thank you so much sir.

  9. This situation is too dangerous sha, what if X pikin wey she born now come grow come meet her adopted child for one place they come like each other bad thing come happen nko, nobi abomination be that, its a small world you know.🤷🤷

  10. Chai oga poster you for no use xyz wey make me hate mathematics...the tin no allow me understand your story because as I dey read am I dey remember knock wey I receive because of maths my head con dey pain's well with all of dem

    Lizzy wrote it.

  11. Very nice write up Sir K. God bless you.

  12. How do people live with such heavy secret? There are things that I just can't live with no matter what. Anyway, the child is better off with someone who truly cares for him

  13. Secrets are only secret when it is known by you alone. Immediately it enters a second ear, it is no more secret.

  14. Maybe one day, Dr's son will start dating X daughter without knowing they are siblings.

  15. Sha my own be say ... some guys know how to chop without protection but them no want take responsibility for is well
    Sha God used Mrs x to bless the doctor and his wife..

    1. This lady, X, also chopped and carried less then 10% of the responsibility and has never looked back. Thank God for linking the boy with responsible and loving parents who showed him the love that neither of his birth parents have to give.

  16. Mr. Dr’s wife can’t conceive because he specialises in killing babies. The blood of all the children he helps to kill is crying out unto God. Him sef get secret. Rabbesh!


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