Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Monday, September 05, 2022

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Wahala no too moooorrrch!! Disappointment can be draining jare, when you think you're in a loving relationship whoosa! Everything scatter again, start from square one abeg joor.

    1. Yeah, you are very right. I always say if I ever do get married and anything happens, I won't marry nor date again.

      The dating stress is way too much and shouldn't be experienced more than once in a lifetime. Just the thought of starting all over is draining.

  2. Fear of being heart broken after being committed for too long, only to go back and cry when it's all over..

  3. They are afraid of heart break

  4. Some are not yet ready to share their independence with any one. Some do not want to be answerable to any one.
    Some do not want responsibility that goes with being married.
    Some do not want being "caged"
    Some are not "adult" enough.
    Some don't want companionship.
    Some do not deem marriage a necessity or necessary.

  5. Wahala too plenti for relationship

  6. I think the main reason is tolerance.
    They'd rather prefer living alone for the rest of their lives than accommodate another human that would MOST definitely have flaws.
    They love their personal space and can't deal with another person's wahala,No one is perfect.Leave all these "I have never quarreled with my partner for once people",It's a big lie,Some people can't just stand one issue and I think I'm one of them.I'm not perfect but please don't add your own imperfections ontop,thereby causing me depression.

    1. I have actually never quarrelled with my husband. Like we could have arguments but we have never quarrelled. Believe it or not.

    2. Kritiq Ambi u got it 1000%πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
      If they r not gay or asexual, then it's most likely due to avoidance of inter-personal conflicts with intimate partner relationship. Stress kills! Spiritual & psychological abuse kills! If intimate relationship or marriage involves stress, mean spirit, wickedness, conflicts & negative behaviours, THEN RUN!!!! ***BETTER TO STAY SINGLE.

    3. I believe what Eka Joy said.
      I also believe that quarrelling, urgument or disagreement may occur between couples or people who are in a relationship, becos everybody behaves differently, it all depends on how we handle it.
      I have not seen my daddy quarreling or shouting at my mother although l see them atimes having misunderstanding among themselves.

  7. Relationship stress no too easy like that

  8. Heartbreak




    Financial struggle

  9. I'm sure it must be from life experiences, probably from what they saw from their parents while growing up and also their personal experiences.

  10. As for me, the women these days demand too much. I just came back to naija after a year in another country where no one asks you for a call card, i started chatting this woman here in naija, mind you, we haven’t spoken on the phone, Awe only chat. This morning she sent me a msg asking me for subscription. I told her I was expecting some transfer and I would send when I have receive. She didn’t chat me up again, i msged her after some hours to know how she was doing, she said she was fine and never said nothing again. Same girl that used to call me dear and always asked how I was doing oh!! I only wanted to try her to know more about her patience, trust me, she ain’t got none. I ain’t sending no call card. I don’t give no shishi. TSays

    1. First off, welcome back home.
      It will take you a while to adjust here cos that's what you will mostly get.

      In all sincerity, when men complain about this I feel no pity or emotions because it's what most of you deserve. Because once you find some reasonable girl, you MUST frustrate the life out of her with your own demands and excesses. So enjoy the stress you DESERVE.

      Peace ✌️

    2. Guy! I’m right behind you on this, she has no dignity. Don’t send her jack. What nonsense, that is why guys have the guts to insult women anyhow, relationship of how many days, begging has already entered. And yes i am a woman, but a self respecting and self sufficient one.

    3. You were testing her as per universal tester wey you be abi. Headmaster keep testing inugo. Okpo.

  11. Because they don't want to be controlled by anyone.

  12. It's not like they prefer but their situation makes it so. For most guys:
    1. Living with family -parenra siblings not in your own paid appartment
    2. Hectic work time to date, hang out of maintain a relationship
    E. Baltrles with personal demons; like slot, glutton, laziness, spite, low self esteem, worries, depression etc.

    But other times staying alone throught the hustling days creates a safe state where when the money comes you just want to have fun and mess up all the girls that said no, or take your time and pick one the firs not usually one that is perfect. Trust me being single is lonely 70% of the time.

  13. It’s better to be single than to jam akpako in the name of relationship

  14. Some cherish their space so much, they can't accommodate people not to talk of relationship that's wild lead to marriage.

  15. Truth is there's nothing for a man to gain in a relationship anymore in this part of the world, so unless the man is in love with a lady in this case he wouldn't mind being the 'fool',. when the lady is also a asset that add value to the man like he does for her (Yoruba demon, I say like he does for her oh, no be as Una dey scam these ladies up and down), or when she's respectful and gives the man peace,. I don't see any reason why any man should imprison himself with a relationship. Relationship that you still end up paying for the sex and in this case you can't even bang another p**sy without being called a cheat for what you are paying to get oh..
    Who is deceiving who?

    Cook- No
    Financial support- no
    Sex- pay
    Respect/submit- argument
    Urgent 2k everyday
    You can't even watch your TV in peace..
    And still zero appreciation 🀌

    Abeg abegπŸ™πŸšΆπŸšΆ

    1. @Dante, why should a man get all these benefits in a mere relationship??

      You know doing all this in a relationship doesn't guarantee anything! Most times, it takes away Common Sense from the man's head and leaves the lady stressed out!

      No man likes a lady that will be hoping for marriage or that he does her good, just because she "merely" did this works. So why do you guys still expect this?

      Who is really trying to stress one out?? Think about it!

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. If you ask@Gi Coco if she's in a relationship or have held a proper long-term relationship, you'll hear 'No'. Awon advisers....misery loves company Sha.

  16. Relationship/Marriage is demanding as such some are not willing to give what it takes.
    Some doesn't value the institution called marriage.

  17. At last l have gotten an l d after many year of trying am so happy

  18. -Maybe because they are still healing from previous heartbreaks and need some time to heal and move on.
    -They hate to be under anybody’s control or being answerable to their OH. They just want to be “young”, wild and free!
    - They are asexual

  19. Replies
    1. To me, this sum it all up
      Some men don't want to stay faithful they want all the freedom they could get to do anything with all the women they could get and women too don't want to see themselves being 'caged' under one man doing "yes sir daddy wa"

  20. Some people prefer to be single because of the fear of the unknown... The fear and agony of being jilted, abandoned some months before your wedding, the excruciating pain of hearts break suffered from the previous relationship. But then
    People in relationships tend to fall into a rut, rather than trying out new things. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable, boring pattern everyday. On the other hand, unattached people have the liberty to sleep with whomsoever they please; and new people=new moves in bed!

    2) You don’t have to settle for the less.
    Sometimes, the right person just doesn’t appear! It’s rare, but it happens. In that case, rather than settling for second best, some people just choose to wait it out, and hold out for that one perfect someone.

    3. Relationships takes time, sacrifice, and huge commitment
    Let’s face it; it takes a discipline one to adhere to it strictly. Accommodating someone’s needs, being there for them all the time, buying gifts, investing time in the relationship — all of this can get to be too much of a burden for some people. Sometimes it’s best to just enjoy a whole pizza and a glass of wine by yourself. Company is overrated.
    *I love infinix*

  21. Heartbreak and freedom I guess!

  22. Missing Rib has not been found.

  23. Peace of mind,some relationships can be draining.
    Freedom (freedom to do whatever without giving answers and taking permission from anyone.
    Some people don’t have any love to give anyone.Them don use their last bar of love🀣🀣🀣.
    Some people just want to be on their own and enjoy their own space and company.

  24. Less wahala. Peace of mind. Less expenses.

  25. Jesus or God is a better 'spouse'

  26. Freedom it takes energy to impress

  27. Everyone who desires to be in a relationship should be responsible and accountable. I don't know why people feel so entitled to do whatever they want to do without bearing the consequences.

    If you are not ready to be truthful and committed to ur partner, then it's better to be single.
    Na my own opinion be this.


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