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Monday, September 19, 2022






One of the most stressful part of being a parent and a mom is deciding what everyone will eat. It can be annoying, left to me I can have the same meal I like for weeks straight as dinner.

 For example I can have the same breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for two weeks, then switch up by eating out.

Being a mom and wife now, I have to cook good meals, and make it interesting enough for the kids too. Given that our food choices are limited too.

The usual routine for dinner in my home is usually swallow, rice , yam and beans paired with different kinds of soups, stews, sauces and egg so it becomes boring a lot.

I have tried and abandoned using a time table and I also try kicking it up a bit by trying new and foreign dishes but it’s still a monotonous and boring task.

I enjoy cooking a lot but this days it’s becoming a drag especially after cooking and I hear murmurings like “ swallow again!”. I just roll my eyes and eat my own food in peace.

If its easy make dem run am.

You are the one who got it wrong, it must not always be swallow and you can do heavy meals only for Lunch and do light foods for Dinner.. Choice of foods to cook is not limited, you only cook what you are used to ....

You can make sauce for spaghetti, you can make penne noodles with tomatoes sauce and minced can make fried yam, plantain and salad, you can make moin moin for dinner with custard....I cannot remember the last time i swallowed and I am doing fine........Use google and try different interesting meals.



I thought some of us learnt that Osinachi's death at least served as a lesson to people facing domestic violence, at least to an extent.

Can you believe that in this time and era, a husband went to buy cane ( cane oh that teachers buy to flog their pupils when they misbehave or parents to correct their kids) he bought this cane and uses it to flog his wife. Even in the ancient days, I heard women worshipped and served their husbands like gods, but I've not heard that husbands flogged their wives, maybe they did, but I never heard or witnessed it

She used to be my teacher, then I was still in school, she was round and very beautiful and cheerful too. Maybe she thought age was not on her side or because she didn't want to lose her boyfriend, she made the man marry her. 

This babe sponsored her wedding and her colleagues were not happy about it and she didn't care too cos it was her money.

It's been years and no child yet. This husband of hers and his family are frustrating this woman. She closed her shop which was her side hustle in the name of catering for the family.

Her colleagues in the office asked her to leave the marriage, she's still young and beautiful and working too. she refused. The man goes to her working place to embarrass her. All she does is cry, cry and cry believing everything will be alright.

They say husband and wife matter, people should not put mouth. 

 Her mother in-law and husband's siblings asked her to leave so that their son can marry a fertile woman who will give them children. She's like a slave in her husband's house and to think she's the one feeding the husband. Her colleagues  have decided not to advise her again because when they advised her to leave, the day the man will give her small face, she'll spill everything to him

This is a civilized woman with good educational background, enlightened and with a good pay. If it were to be the ones in the rural areas or not enlightened, we for talk sey them no know wetin domestic violence be. She knows the law and right authorities to table her matter, Yet....

The one that breaks my heart is that she used her mouth to tell her colleagues that her husband bought cane and uses it to flog her!!!!

 As in this man went to the store to buy cane and uses it to flog her. The other day she said he locked her out. Is it by force to marry?

And she's not even giving her family the opportunity to help her. She only complains to her female colleagues, already those ones have decided not to put mouth again. They will just sympathize with her and go their ways. Any day she comes to work smiling, just know sey the man give her face that day, and when he switches to the other side, she becomes a shadow of herself. Recently now, news just dey fly up and down sey she don dey run things with one smallie wey dey give her joy as husband no send her

And not just her, if I tell you what my bigger friend is passing through in her marriage eh. Her story is for another day. 
 These are women that are working and carrying the family burdens on their shoulders, yet their men do not appreciate, instead they get in return, abuses, abuses and more abuses

I dont know what kind of mindset one would have to be in a marriage where she is flogged....Like seriously? Probably damaged from childhood and feel she cannot be better or get anyone better...I pity her and others who are in this emotional prison....



It's about me rejecting suitors. They'll come, we'll be flowing well, once the whole thing gets serious and their are ready to come see my people, fiam, I'll now start developing cold feet and in no time they move and marry another. It's happened twice between last year and this year. 

Now I'm dating this new guy and he keeps talking marriage and he even asked for me to come spend a night at his and everything love I ever had for him dropped on that very day.

I loved him at first, but right now, even his name is beginning to sound like abomination to me. I read on this blog where a bv suggested that one should go for deliverance at mountain of fire at Lagos ibadan express, please dear bv what days and time is the delivery service and can you please drop the full address for .e please. Thanks

LOL.....people go come tell you now say you get spirit husband but methinks say you never ready marry and small pikin dey worry you....wait till you clock 50 years you hear?



30050 23981 23746
30784 58876 90561
30004 86134 89199
30338 50216 43661
30401 44725 34979

4765 0338 3906 839
5856 9157 5454 502
7058 9116 4267 313
6907 4359 7233 694
29578 10984 04349

3995 5915 4363 77866
1735 8302 2154 07385
8846 2766 8467 56103
7049 6851 0969 66776
9638 3189 8661 32762

5657 1922 4773 7047
5323 7303 7216 5068
5464 6995 2922 7047
5583 9826 2799 3309
5190 9936 3442 6188

Thank you so much and God bless you Candy babe geh....
May your sister rest in perfect peace....
Please indicate if you loaded this otherwise na wahala you load put for your life oh...


Reflection time

The Lie said to the Truth:

"Let's take a bath together, the well water is very nice."

The Truth, still suspicious, tested the water and found out it really was nice.

So they got naked and bathed.
But suddenly, the Lie leapt out of the water and fled, wearing the clothes of the Truth.

The Truth, furious, climbed out of the well to get her clothes back.
But the World, upon seeing the naked Truth, looked away,
with anger and contempt.

Poor Truth returned to the well and disappeared forever, hiding her shame.
Since then, the Lie runs around the world, dressed as the Truth, and
society is very happy...
Because the world has no desire to know the naked Truth.

~Jean-LΓ©on GΓ©rome, 1896.




  1. It's a rainy day! Good afternoon everyone!
    We welcome IHN.

    1. This rain Don pass be careful.. I don't like persistent rain..
      No business today because everyone is using the rain as an excuse.. Anyways, this week must better amen

    2. Today's IHN is loaded. At poster rejecting suitors u don't need to go for any deliverance just declare three days fasting every week and use psalm 51,121,91,27 to pray. God will definitely answer your prayers.
      The woman going through motherhood just go with the flow. Cook any day u can and any day u can't cook just arrange noodles and egg. Don't overstress yourself cooking daily.
      @Candy,may your sisters soul rest peace. Take heart. dear.


    4. What kind of Emotional prison is that πŸ€” woman into, Abi them no dey read game . Instead of walking away quietly she dey carry smallie wey the husband go still kill her if he finds out hmmmm. Some women still dey surprise me in this age and time.

  2. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I am born of the Word and Spirit of the Lord; therefore, I’m impregnable to everything that hurts or binds because I hail from God! I’ve overcome the devil and the cohorts of darkness because the Greater One lives in me!

  3. If your friends cook food for sale and it's not well prepared, be honest enough to tell them...
    If it's cakes, small chops, juice etc they make and you buy, and it tastes awful, be honest enough to tell them. It will help them get better.
    Not when they post their food and snacks, you will drop comments like "wow", "delicious", "best in town", "great job", "too sweet" etc, but offline, you dey cast the pesin. If you are that kinda friend, repent o.
    And if na you dem correct, take it in good faith and adjust. That's how your business gets better!
    Una Gud Afternoon....#ALiSpeaks

    1. I can’t do this one honestly.

      Less than two weeks ago, my bowl of stew finished and I was feeling too lazy to go through the process of making another. So I decided to use the opportunity to patronize one of my close friends business (she makes amazing jollof rice btw). Called her and asked her for price for 2.5l, she said 50 euros. I hardly price friends so I kuku didn’t buy price. Na so I collect stew oh.

      My greatest disappointment was that she made an entire pot of stew with just tin tomatoes and no fresh tomatoes at all. I don’t even add tin tomatoes to my fresh tomatoes when making stew. Have no idea how to describe the taste of the chicken (must be the oil she used to fry it).

      Totally hate the stew and feel so upset any day we are to eat rice because I almost always suffer through it. Guess what, I can’t tell her even tho she told me to give her review once I taste it.

      I hope she never asks me for review oh because I will still lie through my teeth. I just can’t do it.

    2. Depends on how close I am to the person.If we are not close and you have the tendency to misunderstand things,I will continue to comment 'wow','yummy' and 'awesome' under your post

    3. There are some people you can't be honest to especially in Nigeria. Next, na because you are jealous. You have to mind your business before you are called envious friend..

      Anyways, someone like me will tell you subtly.

    4. Hahahahahaha Eka please do not tell her trust me, i have been there and it didn't end well.

    5. Hmmmmm... Personally it's difficult to tell someone no matter how close you are that her that her market no good especially when she tells you about how others compliment her. My friend makes cake but it always taste awful in my mouth but she says people compliments her for it, I no fit tell her as e be me o

    6. Lols 🀣 Eka, enjoy ur tasteless stew then..
      I won't lie to you at all,I don't care how u feel but u see that truth,u must hear it and correct u and continue our friendship..

    7. Tell her that personally, you don't use tinned tomatoes to cook and the protein was a bit off due to the oil or something. If she asks you. Tell her that you are going to be very honest so she won't be shocked.

  4. Replies
    1. Motherhood, you see that cooking eh, it's so true. Stella, its not as you suggested o. Some men love swallow in the night. Last week I lost idea and my hubby just have to eat whatever I serve him. I fashy timetable mbok.
      If the kids did not complain, the husband will. We got tired of rice and hubby doesn't like spagh and all those oyibo stuff, you can imagine. Any sauce other than tomato count my hubby out.

      That aunty want to die. She won't borrow herself brain, until the man nd his people kpai her. I hate it when a well educated woman won't use her sense. May God help her. Amen.

      You sure say you no offend anybody? You can also ask your parents questions o. Not ordinary. Seek the face of God.

  5. Do not make the mistake of judging your future by where you are now.

    Where God is taking you is completely different than where you are now.—ProphetJoLynne


  6. Good afternoon,lovelies.
    Hope you are with your sweaters abi cardigans and umbrellas?


  7. Greetings fam. It's a rainy Monday in Lagos.

  8. Good afternoon Jewelu and bvs,its raining here,in Lagos.

  9. Me I've been glued to my TV since morning watching the Queens final journey home. The English went all out for this one

    1. Somebody that has been on the throne for over 70 years, you think dem fo bury her like fowl???

    2. Abeg where can I watch on dstv

    3. Completely,they are honoring her with their whole lives.
      The parade by the military for their late Queen was awesome,being Commander in Chief isn't beans.
      Kate Middleton pulled a Nigerian stunt, I NO FIT SHOUT.
      She left her naughty last kid at home, proceeded to the funeral service with only Charlotte and George,the boy is naughty

    4. Arise watching it too, just came home for break, your comment made me check

    5. It's Showing on BBC

    6. Anon 15:14 🀣🀣 I'm sure no one would've had peace if Louis was there. He is the definition of a spoil brat

  10. Good afternoon everyone.. seriously cooking diff dishes is tiring o. I pity the womna in that marriage.. good luck to the lucky winners of the cards

    1. Holla darling πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

      It's a rainy cold day πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯ΆπŸ₯Ά everywhere is messy

  11. Thanks Stella,I got MTN

  12. The cry of babies as early as 6:40 am near my house is really touching. Mothers or parents bring these babies to a creche near my house that early means the mothers go to work very early. Some cry till one leaves the house and you can't do anything other than to wonder what's going on. I know it's daily bread mummy rushes out that early every work day but you can't stop feeling for these babies.

    1. Mother's that takes babies to creche are trying. I can't drop any child less than one year in creche. I see them as vulnerable and anything can happen bcoz they're still very delicate to handle. I had to employ a nanny that follows me to work daily for 1 yr after i resumed my maternity leave. It was stressful and expensive but when i think about the evils done to innocent babies in all these daycare centres i accept to bear the cross and thank God today everything is history. Motherhood is a great sacrifice we must be willing to pay before embarking on it. i would advise mothers to employ stay at home nanny for their babies and secretly install nanny cameras at home to monitor what's happening in their absence.

    2. This is touchingπŸ˜₯. Women are really trying. They will wake up very early to cook, bathe and dress themselves and the kids up and still stop over at the creche that early before heading to work. Closing time too, they stop over at markets and stores to buy groceries and foodstuff, stop over to pick up the kids, head home and continue working at home till late at night. May we all reap the fruits our labour.

    3. Meanwhile, man of the house will balance with preek hanging out like cable. How to eat and fcuk is his own headache. πŸ‘©‍🦯

    4. Anon 15:14
      I couldn't help but laugh out loud at your comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦‍♀️🀦‍♀️

      @Baltika, I really feel for those babies too. But a mother's got to do what a mother's got to do 🀷‍♀️🀷‍♀️.
      I had to carry my baby to work till she was like 9 months. I just moved to the office conference room so as not to disturb others, and my baby was very calm. I do mostly support work.

      When the stress and wahala became too much on her and myself, I just had to drop her at a creche albeit for 2 to 3 months because my mum who lives nearby travelled.

      My next baby, by God's Grace I won't do creche oh. Shebi now we have remote work thanks to COVID.

      It is well.

    5. Awwwwwwww
      May they eat the fruit of their labor

    6. 15:14 πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

    7. 🀣🀣

  13. This rain should stop biko.
    God bless you bv candy,may the soul of your sister rest in peace.
    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  14. You can't force help on someone that's not ready to be helped.

  15. Good afternoon everyone

    God bless you Candy for the Shoki. May the soul of your sister continue to rest in peace Amen

  16. Fastest fingers una well done ooo may your sister's soul continue to rest in peace candy. Una good afternoon

  17. I loaded mtn 200#
    Thank you candy, God rest your sister soul. It’s well.

  18. Pleasant afternoon to us πŸ’–πŸ’“❣️πŸ’‹
    Ah! World people have loaded everything

    1. Holla Boo πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

      Thanks Candy Lovie πŸ’•❤️ may your sis soul rest in peace πŸ™Œ stay strengthen πŸ€—πŸ€—

    2. You mean awon aiye ti load Γ¨!?πŸ˜†

  19. God will comfort you bv Candy and may your pockets never run dry.

    I got one of the cards, I never expected it.

  20. It’s been long I saw shoki in d house ooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    It’s a rainy day in d Fct everywhere just cold.
    Good afternoon beautiful nd handsome Bvs ❤️πŸ€—

    1. Long time you saw Shoki in the house, you can bring one into the house.

    2. 14:50 🀣🀣🀣🀣 their expectations is always from other people's pockets not their own.

  21. Candy: I got 1 of the MTN. Thanks alot. Weldone! ❤️

  22. Good afternoon everyone, its a rainy monday
    Candy dear, God bless you.. Please continue to stay srong

    Black Slimzy

  23. Good afternoon,candy God bless you.

  24. Fastest fingers. May God bless and protect us

  25. Please o where is our amiable martins, I can't comment with my id since last week.what should I do

    1. Hi @14:17;kindly checkout your browser,you can download Puffin,Phoenix or chrome and see which works for you..

      After that,log into with your email and password;then revisit the blog and your ID should show..

      Hope this helps.


    2. Martins please I need recommendation for app that scan Barcode

    3. Martins, do u have ideas about sunsloar and how reliable it is because i want to invest in it. Thanks

  26. Congratulations to all who got the cards, i don try but nothing entered, WE MOVE....

    una Good Afternoon, Omo I Feel like relocating to Abj but in due time.

    Puff puff is the worst thing inside small chops. They should replace it with fried yam

    1. To come and do what? Do you have work? Find work first. No let wide road decieve you o. Nothing dry here. Very dry city.

  27. Good afternoon beautiful people.
    Thanks for the cards bv Candy, RIP to your sister. I got one Airtel.

    The woman that her husband flogs like a slave, maybe it is because of her ttc issue that is why she prefers to remain and keep suffering and crying. She thinks if she leaves him, her fertility issues will not let her get another man to marry (she may not even be the one with fertility issues). Na dem sabi.

    1. Na them sabi, this type of women if she sabi say na the man dey impotent sef, she go still act like ignoramus still chop cane join.

  28. God did not create woman for himself because their wahala and trouble too much. Women know they have skoi skoi, follow come, inside their DNA, bone. But the ones on SDK claiming to be woke know it very well but will deny . Some will even insult this comment. Women, the most complex thing God created. Stella, if you like post.

    1. I hope they ignore this ur attention seeking post

    2. Women are more complex than aeroplane engine.

    3. @14:19, Almighty God, Jesus Christ, and Lucifer are all spirits. In the spirit world created by God, there are no male or female. So no need for wives. Even while on Earth, Jesus Christ operated more at the spiritual level.

      But sometimes, I think that it was by creating male and female that God proved superior over Adam and Eve (mankind) considering the gifts and capacity God put in mankind. If not for man, the woman would have equated herself with God. And if not for what the woman can do and sometimes do to man, he would have equated himself with God.

    4. Those of us abusing @14:19 should ask ourselves why it is usually with women we hear of some kind of stories. For example, the stay put in face of deathly DV and other inexplicable actions of mother in laws who want their daughters in-law to relive their sad experiences and pains.

  29. Welcome IHN 🧑
    Good day everyone
    God bless you bv Candy...may your sister soul rip

  30. Good afternoon,@motherhood, I prefer swallow in the afternoon,so it digest on time and light food at night,not easy being a mother.
    Shoki Aaaah is back,God bless you candy dear,may God reward you, Amen.

  31. In the mind of a woman going through motherhood, I am in your shoes too. It is really a serious task. Stella, there not much food choices to make in naija here o.

    That woman suffering and smiling in her husband's house, may God give you strength to leave.

    Bv candy, God bless you. May your sister's soul continue to rest in peace. Stay strong for babeπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    I load one MTN o. Praise the Lord πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ thank you Father Lord for this opportunity. It has never happened before eeh. Bvs celebrate with me. What God cannot do does not exist o.πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. Lol πŸ˜…πŸ˜… e reach to celebrate πŸ₯³πŸ’ƒ congrats

    2. No be say food choices no dey.
      Na you no get money and you no sabi cook variety.
      I can list more than 30 nigerian soups.
      Swallow nko? More than 10. We never add rice, potatoes, yam, plantain, beans, moi moi, akara, pottage, water yam porridge etc etc etc I never even reach oyibo foods yet o.
      Food yakpa.

    3. 🀣🀣 congratulations

  32. I hail o.
    Welcome ihnπŸ₯°
    Yea it can get boring sometimes cooking at home, I usually try something new, some food we don't eat often, mix it in your menu and it will help do the magic.
    Madam Stella I dey among the people wey believe say na marine husband or village people dey worry that babe, na e make am dey reject her suitors.
    You need deliverance.
    Make una enjoy o ciao

  33. Hello candy, how you doing dear

    You see this food thing is draining, my Son is annoyingly selective, you cook this today he eats with joy a week latter you cook same food he will say he won't it and would not even taste it
    Have not eaten spaghetti for more than 2 months now because he won't that can't stay 1 week without spag
    I can't be cooking 2 pots of food so I cook what he eats for now

    1. Since this girl wants to stress me, I make sure I let her go on past her feeding time so she gets really hungry. The way she rushes food afterwards ehn, so tey she go chop beans and moi moi sef. People advised me to do this and I saw that it worked most times

    2. When he was small he eats everything now he selets, he is 4
      There was a day he made me angry I made spag in the afternoon he refused I have him indomie, at night I made okra and swallow he rejected again I told him to go sleep empty stomach I was Soo vexed he went to bed only to wake up 11 crying of hunger I had to give him tea and bread....thank God we had bread at home
      I allowed him cry for 30 mins first before giving him the tea and bread

      It's draining thou

      I used this your method for my daughter when she was much younger

    3. Selective kids gang🀦
      All my son wants to eat is eba. How can a 2yo like eba like this?? And he won't eat fish or meat. I'm tired abeg
      We still battle pap together o, cos me I feel it's richer than dry eba, with ordinary soup. Isoko boy🀦

    4. Fidel, my child does not eat fish, meat or chicken too. Egg Nko? Only when I cook it in her noodles (noodles that she has also started rejecting). Na wa

  34. Welcome back the days of shoki

  35. Flog your wife with cane. The wife is there tolerating it. Na she know wetin she dey see for the future. Mtchew...

    Good afternoon Stella mama and BVs

  36. The thing is self-love is underrated.
    Once you love yourself, you can't take abuse from a man.
    Marriage is suppose to make you better and that's simple.

  37. I love to cook too but doing it everyday is tiring abeg.

    Hello everyone.

  38. Good afternoon everyone...aku weli weli ojo....

  39. Abuja and everyday rainπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

    God bless you immensely Candy
    May you be comfortedπŸ™

  40. Good afternoon all, another rainy day

  41. Ihn......landed ok on a sofa.
    Motherhood.....choices of food to make can be tiring I swear,make a timetable atleast everyone will bear in mind what the day holds.
    Gist...I believe that story of husband buying cane,I know someone who husband beats and also ask her to knee down.
    Suitor story....your case requires deliverance,an enemy may be behind your struggles. wa o,I think say na only be they use 9mobile for naija...una surprise me.

    1. Some women dey suffer inside marriage walahi. My former neighbor own funny die,anytime the husband is eating,she must be rubbing his back, even if she's not happy,she go frown face dey rub him back till he finished eating,I heard the man don marry number2 now,at least she go rest from her Robinson Crusoe hubby,the second wife go dey help rub

  42. With so much to go through from home work and all, I Missed out on SP this Morning 🚢🚢
    It's been raining since morning in Lasgidiand the weather very πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯Ά
    Oyi na tum oo.
    God Candy may your sister continue to rest in peace, πŸ™ Amen.
    In my free time today, just busy reminiscing about life and all...
    8 days more to my birthday... Thank you lord for bringing me thus far πŸ™ My baby geh been asking me what i want for birthday πŸ€”See open cheque o. Anyways I'm still contemplating. Let's see how it goes.
    Pleasant Afternoon Lovelies 😍😘

  43. “The pressure is getting worse”πŸ˜”
    “Na today this single life pain me “πŸ˜„
    “God, am I a spoon?”🀣🀣

    Says Adaobi who is always on her bed pressing phone. Doesn’t hang out and will never reply "hello angle" 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣❤️

    1. "worser" you mean?🀣🀣🀣🀣

  44. Good afternoon everyone, may the Lord comfort you Candy and may the Soul of your Sister rest in Peace.

  45. Before I even see pen to copy out the card self, I no dey get that can luck. Congrats to the winners and may God bless candy.

    1. Are you using walki talki? Your phone cant copy and paste?

    2. Abeg who's this anon 16:02🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  46. Pls help. I got an automatic washing machine (it wasnt what i initially wanted but the only type available in their showroom). The problem now is the delay function in the washing machine is frustrating me. I thought i will just put on the machine and start washing, just like others. Is there a way i can remove this delay function key? The manual is not helpful.

    1. No go spoil the machine. Go and meet them for small tutorial. No shame

    2. Madam you should have told us the washing machine product that will help, hope you are not using the delay button is use for children abi I should call it child lock.

      You should have requested for their representative to come and install it for you na.

  47. Good day everyone.
    Awww..Candy,may God continue to bless and replenish your pocket.
    Your type is rare i must say.
    Sign out is the absolute truth.

  48. Replies
    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣@Praise crazy bv
      It is very painful. Just keep painkillers near you before you start

  49. I got mtn
    Candy thank you.
    God rest your sister’s soul.

  50. Good afternoon everyone, welcome to IHN ❤️πŸ˜˜πŸ™‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  51. Hian I never read Friday IHN, this one done come again.
    Friday own sweet me o, e sweet me...sweet me pass my boiled corn and coconut, pass hot jollof. Omo, I don see...🀣🀣🀣🀣

  52. Good afternoon everyone
    How you everyone had a wonderful weekend and May this week be fruitful.
    I no know wetin carry me go skin lightening my people na him I search and see say cindell na 120k per pack πŸ˜‚. God thank you for giving me this beautiful color infact na Nivea I Dey use no be everyday sef.
    Have a wonderful day lovely people.

    1. Na the thing wey make you search carry you go where you know no.
      As you don see say you no fit afford am, you go kuku rest na abi?

  53. Congrats to those that got the card God bless you more bv candy, sorry for the loss, wishing us better days ahead Amen!

  54. Long time no Shoki, I see Shoki today inside IHN I just look like Lucozade before I remember wetin e be lol. Better luck next time for moi.

  55. Motherhood poster, you are right about that. Choice of food to cook is very tasking especially nowadays that prices of food items are very high.

  56. I believe it's lack of love and low self esteem that makes a full grown beautiful woman remain with a man that treats her with so much wickedness.Also,our society isn't friendly as well,as a single/divorcee is seen as an irresponsible being therefore most ignorant female choose to remain in an abusive home rather than walk away... what a life!

  57. Blog visitor Candy, may God bless you real good.
    May God continue to rest your sister's soul..

    The poster rejecting suitors,you better go for deliverance now..

    Hubby beating wife with caneπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  58. I heard about a lady who lost her fiance in an accident. He died on the spot. He was on his way to pay her bride price for their wedding. This was a 2nd episode. The same thing happened to the first guy, he too died as it was about time for traditional wedding. You don't want it to happen a third time before you do the needful. The truth is we are spiritual beings. Everything that happens in the phisical has happened in the spiritual. Whether good or bad. If you know what is good for you, you go for that prayer. Don't let anyone talk you out of it. There is nothing wrong with praying besides. All the best.

  59. God bless you Candy.
    Don't even know what to say concerning women and enduring domestic violence. like what on earth is wrong with you?
    I even wonder who raised such men that raise hands to hit a woman

  60. Onichabor Christopher19 September 2022 at 15:46

    Good day Bvs, how go they go, sunny afternoon here cos many are complaining rain. Many people are always getting free things in this block. How u na dey do am. God blesses the givers

  61. The fear of "what will people say",has led many women to their death, because they chose to remain in bondage (marriage). After toiling to provide for the family, you come back home to receive strokes of cane. God forbid!!!@ the gist.

    Its a rainy day in KD!
    Holla IHN.

  62. Welcome IHN,congratulations to all those who got the card.

    How can a man be flogging his wife with cane,things are happening inside marriage o,pls woman please leave that man.

  63. God bless you Candy. Rain no gree person see road today

  64. It's a blessed day to us all..the weather is cool and calm. The rain wet us today no be small.

    God bless the giver and the receivers...

    God bless you Stella and Bv Candy for putting smile on people's face.

    Abg, make I find something chop

  65. Holla people. I thought I was the only one @motherhood chronicle. I wish food can be prepared by mere wishing it. Infact, I wish nothing like food. So rigorous to plan.

  66. That your friend whom her husband bought cane for her I don't have anything to say to her than that continue in her foolishness all in the name of marriage.

    I have a gist about my former colleague who got married to a guy she has been begging to marry her, she practical married the guy. On the day they got married in court the guy refused to corporate with the judge,he was just acting up.

    Our friend cried her eyes out and spoiled her make up. The guy said is dead people that take pictures and refused to take pictures. Gist plenty and thank God I didn't attend that wedding. I have stopped advising people in an abusive marriage cos they said I don't know anything since I am single.

    Na to dey look them and tell them sorry. Free that your friend till she have enough before she can leave.

  67. Good evening everyone present here. Candy may your sister soul rest in perfect peace. May God console you in time like this.

  68. Good afternoon beautiful people of God. Some women are really going through a lot in their marriages tueh .

  69. Motherhood poster its really not easy atall, thinking of food to cook and all that

    Flogging a full grown asss woman consecutively what? That's total rubbish

  70. Motherhood poster! I love your post so much! So relatable! Mothers are trying oooo

  71. May God rest the soul of your dear sister, BV Candy. God bless you real good


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