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Friday, September 23, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Reincarnation Favour

Na wah oooh...

Una doh o! Na who dey house e?!

Stellachokolah-royah... I hail o!

Na so these two women wey sabi do anko for their every waka turn enemies over night!

When persin mention the other one name, near them, them go change am give person say, Abeg! Abeg!

Wetin cause the fight

The two women refuse to open mouth!

When we nor know wetin cause fight, how we wan take settle the matter?!*Hian*

Na so the Yellow one go party and people begin tell her how the Dark one just open new shop inside popular market area, they say the shop corss nor be small! And she don buy market full inside the shop! *Choi!*

Na so dem begin hail the Dark one say, she dey very hard-working! Say even as her husband dey work for factory, she still dey hustle with her water and drinks business.

They even say she wan change her children school to private and she don buy material, give tailor to sew new uniforms for them!

Na so the thing pepper the yellow one, she nor fit hold the anger again! Na so she say, which yeye hard work! Say no be Man she dey knack?!

Hian! Orlaizonme e!

Na so dem open eye dey look her to hear more, she carry bag, vex, waka comot for the party go house!

Make una continue to dey trust enemies wey sabi form friendship! They sabi work pass Devil!

They carry the matter go give the dark one for house and That one husband hear the matter! Na so he begin interrogate the wife With serious hot body wey na their landlord come put mouth to settle the matter for them!

Na there all the gist open yakata for floor o!

The Yellow one get connect for these people wey dey contribute and collect money to finance business. But all these while, she nor too see chance to get huge money to support her business.

Na im the chairman for the society, tell her make she bring her best friend come, he say once she sef bring one person to join the group, he go reason help her matter! As per she do referral to grow the society.

Na so her dark friend join and the chairman give the yellow one money wey she ask for.

But e nor reach one month at all, wey the same chairman give the dark one, triple the money wey he give her yellow friend! Mainly as dash o! Na small part of it be Loan!

The chairman buy her bus to dey carry drinks to supply for owambe, boarding houses and hospital sef. He even help her runs the location for that her new shop!

How woman go explain give her husband say this kain blessing nor follow partition come?!

The problem be say these two friends are married o. The dark one no know say the yellow one don go use partition beg chairman. Be like say he chop but e nor too like her condiment! Or he wan chop but change mind in between.

*You say?!Anor follow dem enter where dem do the do na!

Na the boy boy wey dey follow the chairman upandan, tell me say na the yellow one dey use partition beg him and the Oga for Loan That one na ogogoro full him veins, E nor get blood for body! Nor be him dey drink ogogoro, na the ogogoro dey drink am!

Na im show me one woman wey wan pimp her daughter give the chairman, so she go loan 50k. I say so na wetin the daughter worth for her eyes be that! Na aso-ebi, purse and slippers she wan use the money buy o!

He say the chairman pursue the woman and the girl comot with cane!

Small time, the girl run comot for house when her mama wan carry her give aboki to collect beans and tuber of yam inside wheelbarrow!

Nna ehn, poverty na bastard abeg! This kain economy wey we dey so, God abeg o!

So the dark one wey also dey desperate, but see say chairman like her, nor gree carry partition give or offer to chairman But she dey string am along with sense jeje!

The Dark one husband, nor wan believe say chairman never touch him wife! Na until she quick carry Quran,say she fit swear say the man never see her nakedness!*sideeyes*

*that nakedness matter na format now o, men these days nor need to see woman times tables, before dem lem her!*

Na those days wey be say, woman go first comot every thing like market, wey the man go sidon, first analyse from head to toe, and see if wetin he order na wetin he get! *Hian!*

E suppose be vice versa o! Oga you sef come stand hia, make me sef see if your rope reach grand! Kiikiikii...

Anyways, the yellow one husband don land for the scenario to drag him wife comot, when he hear say na every corner she dey attempt to give chairman partition! Na the same people wey start the problem from the owambe, go drag the yellow one come, make she come prove wetin she talk!

Na her dross he use drag her go house, as she don allow pepper body open her behind for public!

The family and friends wey provoke the matter don go land the chairman the update!

They say chairman sef tell him boys say he never even touch or plan to touch the dark woman, he say the reason why he dey help her na because she resemble him mama wey die when he dey very small! Una see this life?!

He say he believe in reincarnation, and na why he dey help her to make sure say she nor suffer for this lifetime!

Nna ehn, when I hear that one, anor even know wetin to reason the pepper body friend and her foolishness.

Wey she for benefit from her best friend favour,She come allow make jealousy and public enemies scatter the matter!


  1. Things dey really happen for this life.

  2. Hmmm nawa o. Yellow friend don shoot herself for leg with bazuka

  3. Chai! Some friends full of envy and jealousy,just imagine wetin the yellow friend put herself? No be every man wey help person na him some women dey partition for now! Na wah

  4. Jealousy no good rara,see how it backfired,very well deserved.

  5. I'm very careful with frds nowadays due to jealousy spirit that's very rampant amongst female. if you are not a good Christian, I don't allow you close to me at all

    1. Even among Christian, they are humans and fallible, keep your private life private and family matters private. Only friends to trust and speak to wholly is God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.-Isaiah 2:22. Anything man run.

  6. Kai,see finishing.
    See as table turn for madam partition head.

  7. Frenemies... One has to watch very well

  8. But e dey their body, na so my yellow friend for school been dey jealous me say the Dr she bin dey eye no look her face,carry complimentary card come give me,still carry us reach our hostel,she come down but em no gree me come down,dash me money ontop,e pain her die. Coz she fair like water,keep eye like sexy albino, she feel say she be every man speck,sometimes if I go outing with my crushes, she go dey find gist weda we kolobi,I go say 'maifriend I no dey share am like that,I no be moda Christmas,my kpekus is a holy grand. Most times she dey like tag along for the outing,she tink say I be mumu to agree yes,she no no say I dey wise,i dey chop,na she dey pay, coz wen I don chop the man finish and I no dey interest again, I go block am,na d man go dey call her, dey say "beg your friend, shes not picking callzπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, she go tell me,I go say e no concern me,before u know it,d man don lem am, give them 2months,dem don off,me I don waka go front since ,nothing do me.Las las everybody dey alright

    1. Are you sure it's not the same person that was my frd? this one is fair too but very Ugly with funny forehead big eyes and missing teeth at her always gave me complimentary cards and ignore her whenever we went out she went to get attraction oil and water to be using in order to attract men. I dust my shoes and ran from her before she will put poison in my food

  9. Jealousy is a very deadly virus, in her mind now she don think say wetin this my dark friend get weh me no get sef, i even yellow join nawa. Mumu, nobi everything be totoh blessing nah, ahbeg sisi connect me to chairman, my mind is telling me that i look like his grandmother

    1. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what God cannot do does not exist!

  10. See jealousy na.. public disgrace

  11. It’s well oo
    All dis friendnemies

  12. Can you imagine, instead wey she go string along enjoy anything wey she fit get from her besties relationship with chairman she cone scatter everything.......
    SisiSenaponi get mouth like crazy πŸ€ͺ
    How woman go explain give her husband say this kain blessing nor follow partition come?!
    πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚parting and partition πŸ‘… πŸ˜› πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£


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