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Tuesday, September 27, 2022




How una dey? Hope having a good time and grateful to God for where you find yourself.
I know sometimes it is good to ignore but i will decide when i will ignore... That person dropping anonymous comments trying to shame me for my Instagram posts on Halima and Apostle, you must think i care about your opinion or anyone else.... You want me to open my comment section there so that you will comment? You are so jobless? or was your name mentioned inside there? Find a day job and earn some money and stop being so bitter you hear....

I no fear anybody, i made that post becos a post was being planned to lie on me concerning the money i mentioned.....Moving!

From tomorrow i will announce 5k giveaway to 10 people .....This is not Angel Pee giveaway, its mine.. lets use it to while away time until i am instructed what to do with what is with me....

Why do some of inherit other peoples battles and enemies? I dont get it!... why not make peace instead of war?

Enjoy the rest of the day, I dont need any preaching oh abeg.....

SBBoo you don pick wife?LOL

Two sets of BVs wedding loading soon.....God thank you!



She says

''It's My Birthday And I'm Super Grateful To God today. Join Me Celebrate Today Blog famZ ''

Happy Birthday Nkechi..... Warm and tight hugs to you.



I don't know why I'll be on my own jejely  and amebo will just walker come find me.  I dey my work place this morning and overheard one lady close to the office making call. She talking loud on the phone and the thing wey she sey talk caught my attention. So I quickly put on my amebo antenna and moved closer 

She was talking with another lady, and the gist wey she dey give her friend, na him I bring come nack una so

 She asked her friend if she know sey her pastor second wife don leave am run ( see sweet gist, I moved closer).  She said 'So you never hear sey your pastor second wife don run go marry one Yoruba man'

 'I don tell you  sey Mek you no dey go that church again. Pastor wey dey do like sey na him holy pass, now everything don show and people don run commot finish for the church '

I think her friend did not believe her, cause she mentioned the person from the church that gave  her the gist. 

She said pastor bunk babe for hotel, them catch am, the wife (second wife, according to her)  could not bear the shame, na him she pack her things and went to another man(the Yoruba man). 

E be like sey, e don try wey her friend sef attend church, so she doesn't know what's up. She just tell her sey make she come over after work she go tell her everything and wetin Mek the church members run dry go another church ( she for just KUKU talk everything na, Mek me sef know whyπŸ˜‚)

 No be only me move closer to door to hear this amebo, my colleague sef join (incase someone wants to call me amebo, we dey two oh) 

As the woman cut call, we just hiss. I been sey Mek i go give her extra greetings, ask how her weekend walker and take style ask her to give me that gist wey she dey give her friend. Or just tell her sey I dey pass when I hear the call. I also wan know why she dey call 'second wife', shey pastor get two wives ni

 But this my colleague sef come give me her own gist about her pastor. She said her pastor 'pursue' him wife, as sin he sent her packing to the villa, came back to this we p town. Every evening, married woman will go to cook for him, she was on maternity leave and didn't know what was happening in the church. 

Na after she resume church, she begin hear the koko. She said like sey she knew what was happening she wouldn't have allowed him dedicate her baby 

My own now is, I'm waiting for lunch hour, I want to go and ask that lady that out that call to her friend if I can help her get lunch, or better still carry one gist to her......she mustu download that gist give me oh. 

Who caught the pastor with another babe in the hotel??? 



My neighbor is not doing well at all and I begin to ask if parents who agreed on giving out their wards as a maid had wronged God in any way but I keep praying to God that, I don't want to experience any issue that will make me send my children to stay with anyone let alone becoming a maid. I'm putting this up because I was once turned to a maid by someone who claim to be a mother.hmmm, make I leave the issue.

My neighbor who has twin girls, has a maid who is around 18years(young girl) who comes into our apartment to play with us and often times to carry the twins once they sleep off in our living room. This girl too dey work like machine and it makes me angry seeing her pass through such stress.

 My neighbor has a grown up girl and boy(age 10 & 7) who cannot do anything for themselves until this maid comes to their aid.

Imagine a girl of 10 and a boy of 7 are unable to wash their own plates after eating let alone taking care of their younger sister whenever their mum is not around. 

So, recently,(yesterday precisely) she went to buy pepper and locked 4 of them indoor, before she came back, the twins had succeeded in going to the kitchen to destroy the new blender their mum just bought while the other two were busy jumping from one end of the living room to another neglecting their sisters.

Their mum came in around 9pm and found out what happened, instead of her listening to the maid to know what really happened, she began to rain curses on her and made her cry, I felt so bad for this action because I personally went to warn those two when their noise was too much for me yesterday (note: I got home early yesterday due to the rain). When I got to their window to caution them, I asked about their sister and they quickly went to look out for them in the room but didn't see them and later found out they were in the kitchen playing with the blender.

Now, why didn't their mother ask the eldest to know what went wrong? why will she just conclude on her own that, it was due to the maid's negligence? this made the maid cry, I was forced to call on her and sat her down this morning to make her understand why she needs to be calm and take everything that happens to her now as a lesson and also to learn how to treat people well in case she found herself in the same position her boss is.

We all need to do well to our maids, don't forget they are human and they were born the same way you gave birth to your children. Don't say because you want to maximize her existence then you make your children useless. If you can't treat maids with love, please don't go for them. Although, we have had several issues about maids acting funny but I still believe we can do better.

We move.....




I saw something really heartbreaking on Monday, I saw a man this close to dying but mercy said no, on my way this evening to pick my shinning stars, I saw this huge crowd in a compound with a lot of people shaking the shoulders, on getting closer, I noticed a man on the floor.

This man was weeping like a child, them don beat him lips bend, I calmed down to know what happened, they said his wife's niece accused him of sleeping with her, this man's wife is a stay-at-home wife, but the little girl said it normally happens whenever the wife is sleeping at night, so while they were beating this man who is not even a Nigerian but a pure foreigner, his English no too clear but his tears and wailing voice was saying a lot.

They said even the girls friend in the next compound also confirmed that the man gives her some odd signals whenever she comes to their house, so while they were planning on either lynching the man or evicting him from the area, the wife sat there speechless, then suddenly miracle happened::

The mother of that other girl slapped her into the crowd and urged her to confess what she told her, the girl tearfully said that she and the niece (Anita) planned it because the man don't use to give her money to go to school and will not still allow her Auntie to give her money, she also said that the man always preaches to her to change and was always shouting at her (na em be him offence oo), this girl should be like 11yrs old:

She said they vowed to break the home, that it wasn't the man that was sleeping with her rather it was her own elder brother that use to finger her friend and she enjoys it, the mother was just screaming just like everyone of us, that was when Anita now started crying, begging her Auntie to forgive her, e come be like film for my eyes:

They helped the poor man up, was about taking him to the chemist to buy drugs, he got up and walked away, the wife was rolling on the floor crying and this woman evil collected small beating from the crowd before she ran inside.

 Everyone was telling the man's wife to go and find her husband, and to also send this girl home to her mother ..... 

Now my question is, no be daylight winch be this one? Is this girl not possessed? I don't know but for a second I got scared, it reminded of one of my niece that confessed that time, I pray they should take that girl for deliverance, she will be fine but if she's allowed to continue like this eeeh, E go bad oooo.



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    My faith is alive and producing health in my body. I am fully persuaded that the Word of God always works when it’s activated by my faith. I refuse to be moved by what I see, feel, or hear. My origin is in the Word of God, and that is the final authority for my reality.

    1. Good afternoon everyone πŸ’•
      A sunny and stressful day
      Oh God help me
      Happy birthday Teacher NK πŸŽ‚

    2. Chai! Children from pit of hell. Thank God that man wasn't linched. God abeg no let any evil come near us Amen.

      House maids talk eeehhhnnn... The family should thank God that this one sef na human house maid cos the ones we hear their gist online eehhnnn, those children for no dey normal if them grow.

      Las las, i nor fit endure housemaid issues abeg. I try every thing possible to take good care of my home myself to the best of my ability

    3. Thanks 😊☺️ Adaoluchi

  2. Thank God for a friendly weather today.
    The traffic on the island is sick
    We welcome IHN

    1. Una good afternoon.
      11 years old girl enjoy fingering ? Hmmmm
      Happy birthday beautiful N.K, God bless you.
      Paris, I hope that you are getting better ?
      Pinky, for the woman mind, is maltreating the maid not knowing that she is training her and spoiling her kids.

    2. Welcome in ihn,happy birthday teacher Nk

    3. We will soon get to the stage where compulsory family planning will be carried out on women (as was done in China years ago) so birthing too many children will be a thing of the past, especially among low income earners.

    4. Thank you my sis... @Jos shopper, @Omaricha

  3. Replies
    1. Good afternoon
      God bless you jeweluchi Stella, for the giveaway.
      Nigeria is very hard now, more blessings ma'am.

    2. The last gist... chai. Those girls need serious beating.

      Since that Suleman's case, not surprised again.

      Pinky, some women are 😈, God bless those treating their house helps well.

      God bless us.

  4. God is about to WOW you.
    He's going above and beyond
    what you asked. The Lord knows what you've prayed for. His answer is: “I'm doing MORE than that!"—RealTalkKim


  5. The heat in Kano today ehn?!?! My God!!! 😒. I saw a few mad people. They were just roaming about naked, enjoying themselves.....
    Gaskiya, I envy dem small o.πŸ€¦πŸƒ...
    Una Gud Afternoon...#ALiSpeaks

  6. Happy Birthday Teacher NK. You are truly a positive vibe. Full of positive energy and always wishing others well.
    Cheers to many more amazingly fulfilling years on the planet. Cheers sis! God bless you. ❤️

  7. Good afternoon folks, one thing about people Stella is that they do not know how to mind their business. Way too much time on their hands! Anyways back to my hustle everyone have a awesome afternoon 😎❤️

  8. Replies
    1. Happy Birthday NK,

      Good evening BVs

      Why are Africans so religious and always take to fight for men of God or woman of God? Na waiting now! Did God call them to be PA? This Apostle Suleiman talk no be today matter e don tai. If Stella repost waiting some person post na him don become problem? Abeg abeg make you talk your truth because I no see who make you Judge over this matter way don already spoil and don become talk for everywhere, because the people way dey involve no remember say there is God.. if e too vex make them, get on your knees and stop putting nose 🐽 for where it doesn't belongs.

      Stalla don't mind them be yourself and forget about those jobless people.

  9. Good afternoon everyone
    Happy birthday teacher nkechi

  10. Happy birthday teacher Nkechi ,I wish you long life . Congratulations in advance to about to we'd bvs. In house news is loaded .

    1. Happy birthday Teacher NK..see as person pikin fine.😘Wishing you long life in good health and sound mind in Jesus name.πŸ’

    2. 😁😁😁 πŸ˜‚ Thankioo Lafender

  11. Happy Birthday teacher NK. You are beautiful.

    Good afternoon Stella mama and BVs.

  12. Good afternoon everyoneπŸ€—

    Not yet Boo. I'm still working on it.😏

    Maybe, just maybe, your "someday" is almost here. ~faraway

    Happy birthday Teacher NK.

    Beautiful day to everyone.😍

    1. Make SBB find Sisi Sena go yard na. Carry paranranran with you o and plenty coolers! Hope say she no go use laugh finish you for house.πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. πŸ˜‚ Anon e be like say u don plan every every already.
      Abeg leave Sisi alone o, she dey engaged.

  13. I'm just coming from SDK IG page and I like what I saw there, I love the maturity SDK played ,she didn't take side with anyone but made her point maturely. Halima should go and take care of herself and stop dragging innocent people into her mess, and the stupid blogger she's paying should rest. Good afternoon house. IHN I dey come

  14. Some people like to drink Panadol when they are not the ones in need of Panadol, let them continue to take that Panadol.

    Teacher Nk happy fruitful birthday to you, age graciously.

    Congratulations to those getting married that SDK spoke about, where una dey find all the love way una dey see😟😟😟 abeg make una connect me biko.

    1. Congratulations to the up-coming married couples. God bless your home

  15. My people, I hail oo. Hope we're having a good afternoon?

    EnKay beibe, happy birthday to you fine gehl😊😊. More blessings, more wins.

  16. Happy birthday Teacher NK. Many fruitful years to you and may your beautiful smile remain permanent.

  17. Terrific Tuesday πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ€ΈπŸ€ΈπŸ€ΈπŸ€ΈπŸ€Έ
    Blessed afternoon peeps πŸ’‹❣️πŸ’žπŸ’–❣️😘

  18. Fellow BV's there's nothing like Awwwwnnn and Of A truth!, Know this and know peace!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  19. Good day everyone. Juicy writer's. Sign out meme so apt. Happy birthday Nk many more beautiful years ahead

  20. Good afternoon Jewelu and bvs,happy birthday Nk.

  21. Not me typing an epistle for IHN and i eventually posted it on the wrong post.
    I will retype it tomorrow if i sure can b'cos i can't for today again.
    Good looking out to y'all.

    1. Stella biko mee ebere post his comment here

  22. Happy birthday Nkechi.God bless your new age... Shine girl πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

  23. Halloss Universe! Thank you Jesus!

  24. Stella make you try make you no dey allow people stain you. You big pass them. All the same I saw on Google about you and Halima. Me dey wonder Wetin dey happen.

    Una good afternoon. God bless us all Amen. Just everywhere. May God help us all

  25. Happy birthday NK, May God bless you.

  26. Good afternoon everyone...I just love Japanese and Chinese proverbs; they have a level of depth...

    Hmm Stella Koko it is well...You will overcome this Halima/Apostle Suleman brouhaha...Wow great news 2 set of Bvs Wedding...Uwese Osanobua..

    Happy Birthday Nkechi I wish you long life and prosperity Amen...I love your smile..

    Ije Love Amebo 1 of SDKville...Mehn you see church just serve your God with all your heart and might...If you put eye inside church matter, you go dey hala ''Oyiye''

    Mc Pinky nice writeup... HOT GIST this is an E kaan mbe situation...The way people advance in the level of wickedness...God have mercy

    Paris baby Trust you are getting better boo...Get well soon

  27. Welcome IHN 🧑
    Happy birthday NK πŸ₯³ God bless you
    It's gist galore on IHN today
    Greetings everyone

  28. Please I need someone to answer my question. My hubby is a us citizens by birth ,he's not willing to relocate there,please how can I use his pali to process mine? Though he traveled there twice. Please help me,suffer head no be my portion,I want my kids to grow in a sane envi4

    1. The reason you are asking here is because your hubby has refused to tell you because i know he knows what to do.

      Invariably you wan leave the man here japa with una kids because after all that was why you married him in the first place yea… because he’s an American citizen? *smh* this life!

  29. Good afternoon everyone
    Happy birthday beautiful Nk and more blessings to you

  30. Happy birthday Teacher NK. Wishing you many more years in good health.
    Congratulations to those about to wed. May your joy know no bound

  31. Good afternoon everyone. Happy birthday to me. God I thank you for the gift of life. It will end in praise

  32. My people, una good afternoon.

    Pinky gist, I always pray that prayer too o. I have since so many things maids go through. And it also make the children to be lazy!

    Ijeoma gist, things are really happening in churches.

  33. Good day everyone.
    Happy birthday once again to the ever beautiful,intelligent and calm Teacher NK.
    You see trolls,they only target fearless and vocal people,they always feel threatened at the slightest,nawah!

    Enjoy the rest of the day all.

  34. Happy birthday, Teacher Nk.

    @hot gist, people will never learn. Why will a man be lynched for what he could be arrested and prosecuted for? That Aluu story hasn't taught us anything. Thank God he was vindicated. As for that niece, the good Lord knows someone like that ain't staying one minute more in my home.

  35. Happy birthday NK,may all your heart desires be granted.
    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ₯°

  36. Interesting gist

    11yrs old girl receiving fingeringπŸ™† and enjoying it..

    Thank God the man was saved.
    Little winches.

    Good Afternoon Neighbour'sπŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  37. Happy birthday teacher Nk

  38. Happy birthday teacher Nk, I are very beautiful. May God almighty bless u speedily, enrich ur hustle and grant u many bountiful years ahead amen.
    Good afternoon SDK family

  39. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊
    Happy birthday to you beautiful Teacher Nk, cheer's to the good life ❤️🍺❣️

  40. I was here 1:04pm after reading your write up I unfrooze my Instagram and did 200mb 50naira bundle.
    Omohhhhh!!! SDK you dey try oo.
    Its one thing to blog and still keep identity of your source safe but you see this gist; Na real karma and God purging his vineyard.
    How can a woman be so shameless!! And the MOG initially compose was like it never happened..
    Please continue to be neutral and watch your back always from ndi Nollywood .

  41. Kelvin wedding and who. Stella insult don suppose master you nau. Their curses will go back to them. Speak your truth always


  42. It's a wet and cold day , the rain has been falling non stop. Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ teacher Nk. Please house suggest birthday pack ideas for 9 to 10 years old.

  43. Imagine an 11year old already lieing and have intention of breaking a home, God abeg ooo@gist

    Happy birthday teacher NK! May God grant you all your heart wishes.

  44. Happy birthday Teacher NK wullnp...

    Good afternoon y'all

    Your current relationship and your phone , which one you fit loose for another . Let's hear

  45. Congratulations to those getting married.

  46. Happy birthday my colleague, NK.

    Congratulations to those getting married. I tap into the blessingπŸ™

  47. Good afternoon everyone
    Happy birthday to u Teacher NK..age gracefully..

    Interesting gists..

  48. Good afternoon everyone
    Pinky, your neighbour is spoiling her kids.

  49. So I finally watched Vincenzo
    That drama is more interesting than Alchemy of souls,whattttt
    Will watch Ghost Doctor next
    Meanwhile please vote for Phyna


  50. Why I don't take rape or sex molestation cases seriously unless theirs evidence..
    Remember how that crisland teenager also tried to used the rape defence, when she was even the instigator and professional..
    How they learn these wickedness at a young age ehn..
    I think 2 weeks ago, 2kids, sister and brother in a flat in my compound did small pre fight, they were insulting themselves, the girl now got angry and pushed the boy, the boy pushed her back and she fell, she now started crying loudly, so her mom shouted asking her what happened, next thing wey I hear be this small girl saying the boy pinch her breasts.. OmoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Thank God the mom didn't pay her any attention after the boy also shouted that it's a lie..

    Na so him for just collect beating for nothing and I no go fit go save am cos I no dey follow them talk for the compound after greetings..

    May God help us all πŸ™

    NK hope no be senior secondary school you dry teach make those boys no go dry toast you ohπŸ€”πŸ˜‰ happy birthday once ay

    1. There's*

    2. 🀣🀣Dante dem no dey fear face ? 😎

  51. Stella please post. I dreamt I rode my hubby until his joy stick broke,please what's the meaning??

  52. Good afternoon IHN ❤️πŸ’•

  53. Good afternoon, happy birthday Nk,Stella,it's well with you, congratulations to those getting married,God help us all

  54. Happy birthday Teacher NK,live long and flourish.

    Amen to the prayers in your post Pinky.Please assist the girl as much as you can but always do it in the open and involve your wife if possible maka tomorrow.

    Things are happening,when will people learn to stop taking the law into their hands?who knows how many persons are wrongly accused and lynched in Nigeria everyday?may God save us.

    I love that sign out proverb

  55. May God give us the grace to treat everyone right no matter our position in life.

    Kids of nowadays, imagine an 11 years old did. Hmmmmm, God abeg protect us o. I no just understand

    1. Years ago, I met a young man at sars detention centre, he's currently serving a 25 years in prison for false accusation of rape. The young girl was forced to lie against him. Looking into this young man eyes you can easily see his innocence. Tried my best but his family were not forthcoming with any kind of help.

  56. What did I just read @the last gist?
    These little rascals are witches. How can they concieve such a plan? The girl's brother is even fingering her friend and she is enjoying it? Oh lawd!

  57. Happy birthday teacher Nk, wishing you many more happy years

  58. Stella please tell guys to participate in SnM, some ladies would like to shoot their shot

  59. Happy birthday teacher nk, may God bless your new age

  60. Happy birthday teacher Nk
    Good afternoon people

  61. Happy Birthday Teacher Nkechi, God bless your new age. Reminiscing back to when I was much younger then I was staying with my grandma, I could say I was the housemaid then cause all the house works, farmer e.t.c were given to me with little or no food and if I try to protest she will insult my biological mom life that I will start cry. As a child it really broke me cause I had to run away from her place after three year and went to my mom grandma’s places till one of my siblings came to pick me from the village.
    Now am more wiser and I really work hard a lot cause she inputted that into me, I respect other infact na only me different from all my siblings and I really don’t pray for any child to experience that even though it made me who I am now.


  62. Happy birthday NK. As you celebrate your new age, may almighty God bless you richly in Jesus name πŸ™

  63. Happy birthday Anty (Nkechi) your new age is blessed

  64. Happy birthday teacher Nk, God's blessings upon you.
    Good afternoon everyone.

  65. I am here now after stressing myself..hmmmmm

    Stella, u dey try I swear cuz when I went through the I.G, is well ooo

    *Wetin these pikin of these days dey do ehn..hmmmm

  66. Happy birthday nkechi and zamara
    Good afternoon everyone

    Miss H

  67. Happy Birthday NK🍾πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‚

  68. Happy birthday Teacher NK, God bless your new age. Children of today, only God will help us all.

  69. Good afternoon beautiful people of God. Happy Birthday teacher Nk, age gracefully

  70. Good evening everyone. Happy birthday Teacher Nkechi. May God bless your new age.


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