Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 7 - The Gists From The Last Night In The House...


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Sunday, October 02, 2022

BBNaija Season 7 - The Gists From The Last Night In The House...

Saturday October 1, 2022 was the last night in Biggie's house for the finalists.......

Who watched the last night and the events? Who performed? How was the party? gist us!


  1. Let just wait here and listen first
    Nepa just got in my may

  2. The party was lit
    The ex housemates came with fire.
    Counting down to the finale this night.

    1. The housemates came in and hailed everyone except amaka and segun 🀣

      The whole place was just strange
      Chiomzy not talking to beauty
      Khalid and dotun not talking to Daniella
      Groovy not talking to beauty and chiomzy
      Beauty not talking to phina
      Amaka not speaking to anyone
      Diane is not speaking to amaka
      Segun was angry until Hermes spoke to him and he told Bella he was sad but had nothing to do with her and he misses her
      Groovy already hailed phina and expressed his love for her
      He had a whole lot of fun and phina became insecure and started spilling her boobs everywhere.
      She called beauty but that one refused to answer
      Khalid and dotun showed Daniella pepper, they dint even say hi

      The housemates were busy ass kissing bryan cus they know his cubana connection, everyone could even see through it.

      I don’t know why Amaka is still angry with the housemates, she only spoke to pharmsavy
      Chizzy and his baby were everywhere dancing
      Doyin told Bella Bryan was leading

      Phina after the party showed high levels of being insecure, even when groovy dint talk to both girls

      Khalid and beauty will make a very perfect couple, I think he will know how to handle her better

      My darling khalid, my alma mater
      The music was everything.

      Push up (original)

  3. I would like Big Bella to WIN but I have this feeling that she would be the 1st to be evicted.

    1. My mind is telling me Chichi or Daniella will leave first

  4. The party was so dramatic!
    This Chomzy girl,what was all that classless ahewo vibes for?
    I don't even want to talk about Eloswag,I thought they've become "celebs" and should carry themselves as such.

    Khalid oo,boy's fine with very nice outfit.
    Who saw my Amaka! She was steady minding her business and maintaining class at the same time.

    1. Chomzy and Eloswag, if Dem allow Dem, dey fit fcuk for that dance floor. The 2 of them were horny, and their dance moves ehn. Eloswag even don high before the party.

    2. Very razz girl

  5. The funniest be part was the way Diana dodged Gidifaya when he wanted to dance with her,her dress was classy,Amaka was busy enjoying herself though she ignored Phyna,even Groovy was giving Phyna altitude,she had to signal to 3 different people to call him,all the ships avoided themselves,was it strategy? Beauty really carried herself Wella and Phyna was like Beauty didn't reply her greeting,you moved on to her boyfriend that caused her disqualification and you expect her to say hi to you??? C'mon put yourself in her shoes naa.
    Big Sheggz was moody last night at the party,but trust Hermes,the life of the party and Eloswag plus Khalid,they had fun,even Khalid ignored Daniella, virtually everybody wants to dance with Ilebaye,Dotun was obviously using her to spite Daniella.

    1. Phyna did not cos her disqualification, the last issue Beauty has was groovy dancing with Chomzy

    2. Dimplez, read again, very very very very slowly.

    3. Groovy did not give her attitude he was declaring love for her when he came in, she expected him to face her and not have fun, she can be draining as a girlfriend, always looking for assurance.
      How can you not even trust your man? Already saying he and beauty must have come back together when he dint even talk to beauty.
      She’s way too insecure and really needs to work on it.
      I dont know what else she wanted from the guy, did she expect him not to have fun?
      Beauty made sure she dint take much alcohol 🀣🀣

      Push up (original)

  6. I decided to watch big brother till almost 2:30am yesterday. I'll sha miss the show.

    The party was fireeeee... Oh, my Alternate sound band. Those guys give me joy. I Love them. My guitarist player such a vibe. Omawunmi and Waje they came prepared. I so so loved their performance.

    The housemates had mad fun. Dancing away and just enjoying the last bbn party except Sheggz.. Guy was looking lost and sad. He's going through it. I don't know how he can turn the situation around to favour him but he has to for his mental health. If Bella comes out and starts avoiding him, it'll sha hit him hard. The ex and his past did him dirty. He should try and move on.

    Phyna, I was embarrassed watching her. She should work on herself abeg. Imagine her saying Beauty too ignored her, was Beauty suppose to wave at her after all you did to her supposed man Groovy oil after her disqualification. She should stop looking so desperate jare. Bella is very observant and picks up on energy quickly. Daniella sha... After embarrassing Khalid on TV you expected him to blow you kiss yesterday or what. The guy just ghosted her eh and I loved it. She was now moody cos I know only Khalid can get her in that particular mood she was at last night. I think they connected deeper than her other admirers. The girl is like magnet she just attracts guys without even trying and they are all intellectuals. She no dey attract nonsense.

    My big baby Bryan.. I wish you all the luck today. Seriously, this season competition tough. It could be Bryan, Pyhna, Bella or even Adekunle. Chi Chi and Daniella first 2 to leave.


  7. During the Saturday finale night party, all the evicted housemates were invited including disqualified housemate Beauty.

    All the housemates were seen dressed in beautiful native attires as they partied hard. Biggie separated them, they could only see and speak with each other from a distance.

    Shorty after the Party Phyna was seen ranting about been ignored by Groovy, Amaka and Beauty. Khalid also visible snubbed Daniella. While Sheggz was seen telling Bella "I miss you"

    Phyna: Why is he acting up. Maybe it's because he has linked up with Beauty. I don't care what's doing on I'll lock up I no get time.

    Why was Groovy Acting busy towards me, what the f##k have I done to him. It's not an issue of having conversations, why is Groovy acting cold towards me?Amaka also went cold towards me..What have I done?
    I am not your spec. I don't need to beg Groovy to be in my life. If he want to be with Beauty, go on and be with her. You are all acting childish.

  8. I watched till 1.30,the party was lit.
    Chomzy and Eloswag should have gotten a room instead.
    Hermes came with his fire.
    Ilebaye was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    Diana was so beautiful
    I feel all the ships are just strategies
    Phyna should work in herself abeg,what was that drunken outburst for?
    They served us hot hot

  9. Tor! Sebi everything will end today. Let me see if that Bryan that was endorsed by that billionaire will win

    1. @teemah that's your only problem, I hope you voted your fav with premium iuc.

  10. BBN should just rest for two years after this edition. This year' s edition has got to be the worst. I'm not sure they will record up to 2 million votes. Even here on Stella's blog, we can feel the effect. Imagine BBN post with 30 comments. Ebuka make una rest small

  11. Phyna is street smart but not emotionally smart.very insecure girl

  12. Dotun and khalid attitude towards Daniella for me πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜³

    Hermes enjoying himself and send nobody

    Chomzy and Eloswag no comment for you two,let me mind my business

    Phyna you fall hand oooo
    We moveeeeee

    Ilebaye was hot πŸ”₯ last night

    Diana looking good.

    Ex Housemates came prepared

    Tonight will be lit.

  13. The party was so mad πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ evicted housemates did not come to play at all. ilebaye was busy dancing and romancing Khalid for Daniella to see and die.

    Maki Billion kept to her self and never got close to the evicted housemates or smile with the finalists.

    Chiomzy and Eloswag should get a room already 🀣🀣🀣🀣 they should finish up what they started. Those two have is hot hot, Chiomzy was half way naked and was giving Eloswag, Hermes back side. Chiomzy was so mad at the dancing floor.

    Sheggz was just forming like big brother and didn't dance. Sheggz and Amaka would have stayed home than coming to make the party boring.

    Phyna I don't know why she cannot reason well when she take alcohol. I like her but some time i feel she is over doing it.

    Shouting that Groovy ignored her when he kept on hailing her, giving her sign language cos their was a rope separating evicted housemates from the housemates.

    The party was mad, I enjoyed every bit of it inclusive of life band performance. The housemates didn't dance cos they kept on watching evicted housemates.


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