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Thursday, October 06, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



I am married but we don't have a child yet.

However, I noticed that my period hasn't been regular as I don't get to see it at all some months.

We have been to the hospital( last month) and the Doctor advised me to watch it for a while.

I honestly don't have the patience so I reached out to a Dr. Who suggested I meet a gynea to check me out as he suspects PCOS and would suggest I go for a hormone assay.

I noticed I gained weight and have facial hair though. Then my boobs get so heavy and painful sometimes which prompted me to go for a breast scan last month.

Please, BVs in Kubwa axis of Abuja, is there a good and affordable hospital in Kubwa that I can visit to see a Gynae?

I am signed up to a HMO but wouldn't mind visiting an affordable hospital outside the HMO's coverage.

Please, help me.

I want to get pregnant.

If anyone has experienced this and has a diet I can go on, please help me.

Thank you Stella..

*Some women are really not having it easy!


  1. My prayers are with you sis. God will show up for you and your husband. In due time, you will carry your own babies.

    1. Hmmmm, I'm 36, single and don't even have a relationship. My period stopped since June and after series of tests, I was told ivf is my only option. I don't have eggs to even savage and keep. No finance too. I only look up to God now. If I have my way, I would love to go for the ivf with donor sperm and egg next year but no funds. God is in control.

    2. Poster,all your symptoms point to PCOS. Good news is that it shouldn't hinder you from getting pregnant. You just need a good doctor to work with you on the journey. You can try Primecare Hospital in Abuja (pls Google the hospital for the address). I hear Dr. Ese is really good in all things fertility. I am sure he will be able to direct you on what to do. I was able to conceive thrice with PCOS so it's doable.
      You can also try keto diet,it works wonders for weightloss and balancing your hormones which Pcos causes to be imbalanced. When you do get pregnant,please ensure you take progesterone supplements as soon as you conceive till you get to at least 34 weeks. Pcos causes low progesterone and you need to supplement ( speaking from experience). I wish you well dear.

    3. When addressing hormonal and pregnancy issues you really have to exercise patience.
      I know it’s not easy to hear, but it really cannot be rushed
      A lot of things need to be watched, timed and calculated for proper diagnosis.
      You can try garki general hospital and pay to see the gp but you will still have to learn to exercise patience.

      Push up (original)

    4. Poster, your symptoms are pointing towards PCOS but it's not the end of the road, it just means extra work.
      What worked for me is mornings leaves, but I don't know if I can share details on here.
      You will conceive my dear, just ask for progesterone injections as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, to prevent loss...

  2. You are doing the right thing
    With the symptoms you’ve described your current doc is wrong for asking you to wait

    1. Some doctors will have no clue and still not seek advice from their colleagues or refer patients to someone who knows. How can he ask poster to wait? All the best poster.

  3. I wish you all the best ma'am
    It will end in praise.

  4. God will make it happen for you,poster.πŸ™

  5. Is good to go the medical way. But also go the Christ way. Jesus Christ is a great physician. No one has ever gone to him n return empty. Baby dust to u.

  6. May God help you to find the right solution and grant all your heart desires. I don't live in Abuja but you can try and visit government hospital,it is cheaper and you will get to see the right specialist.
    But while at it try to work on your diet,cut out soft drinks and replace with lots of fruit and vegetables and above all cast all your cares on God.
    Don't be too anxious!

  7. You know Stella, like you said some women have it easy. I am one of them, I don't know how period pain feels like, My first pregnancy was so easy, 3 months of morning sickness then i got back like i was before pregnancy till i delivered my child. No tummy, just my breast got bigger but still standing even though i breastfed. Same with my second child...Delivery was easy, my first i had contraction at 5pm and 7pm, i delivered, same with my second child. Right now at 40, i have never been sick, just headache. I don't know how BP or any illness feels like. I just pray God that i don't get sick in old age because i wonder sometimes however very thankful. But i won't lie, i exercise and eat right, barely eat rice or fufu, garri, i eat a lot of vegetables,fruits and potatoes, boiled plantain, barely oil in my food etc.

  8. Kubwa General Hospital?
    I am not sure though but i think a hospital that's good in this Abj should be able to bring about succour.
    I wish you all the best.

  9. This pregnancy thing ehhn it’s not easy for some oo if I waka pass sperm sef I can get pregnant. Did an abortion at 49+

    1. You say WHAT?. Make we share grace,some women are trying.

    2. Some comments are not necessary Nigerians pls, and so what if you abort at 60 Waka pass sperm bawo , show empathy/solution on ground gosh

    3. What is the meaning of this comment now? To tell us that u easily fall pregnant, while some are finding it difficult?
      Some of you lack emotions honestly. Of what use is this your comment to the poster? E

    4. Madam, I tap into your grace o. O God make me a mother

    5. Some people are just insensitive. Is this necessary at this point? How does this piece of insensitive information help the poster?
      See how you are proudly saying that you did abortion at 49yrs.

    6. You guys should calm down please 15:34 meant no harm with her comment.

  10. you should see a gynea first to be sure of what is wrong with you before you do what others did. You should run some test first cos a lot of things could be the factor for delay and if your body is not relaxed conception may not happen.

    You can visit FMC Jabi they have good doctors since you are ready to visit a good doctor from your HMO. Please when you visit the hospital request you want to see a consultant so that they will not waste your time by giving you a general doctor as what you need is a gynea not a general doctor.

    Above all prayers cannot be too much, hand your case to God cos nothing is too big or heavy for him.

  11. Hmmmmmmmm

    I am sure u will get the necessary response in here and also, my good Lord will come through for u in Jesus name

  12. Poster pls relax.pregnancy comes when ur mind is @ rest.stress,worry and anxiety sometimes disrupt the regulation of hormones in the body.there's absolutely nothing God cannot do.leave all worries to him.children comes from God.u can search for a good and affordable hospital in Abuja,but put ur trust in the lord alone.Through him all things were made.

  13. What God Can Not Do Does Not Exist! Poster as you visit doctors also talk to God about it. For he said in his word the fruit of the womb is your reward (ps127:3) go to God πŸ™ with this and God will help you. Good Luck

  14. Your best bet is a Teaching/General hospital.
    May God grant your heart desires.

  15. Those signs u mentioned up to there are signs of PCOS, am actually speaking from experience cos it happened to me. Am also based in Abj, apart from Kubwa, if u decided to use anyone inside town, I will suggest Garki hospital or Alliance cos both uses Nhis abi HMO. Currently am pregnant by God’s grace bt I can tell u d journey wasn’t an easy one. All d best

  16. Not in Abuja....but may needed help locate you soon.

  17. As a person with PCOS, I would say this looks a lot like it. Maybe try fmc Jabbi. There’s a fertility wing there. I did a hormonal test n saw an endocrinologist. You can also see a gynaecologist and also a nutritionist for diet plan if you can afford to. But ideally, reduce your intake on processed food. Adopt a fresh vegetable diet n reduce sugar intake. Exercise moderately, try yoga(helps with stress) and try as much as possible to reduce stress.
    I hope this helps. You can get pregnant and doctor might prescribe a drug to help induce ovulation if necessary.
    Wish you luck.


  18. Try garki hospital,fmc jabi or limi hospital.
    Conceived and had a baby with pcos. I'm seriously battling acne,it's draining but I trust God.

  19. The symptoms you have described points towards PCOS. I was diagnosed at 29 and I'm now 42. To the glory of God , I have 2 boys.
    I will suggest you see a specialist but on your part, reduce your carb intake, eat mostly fresh food loaded with vegetables and drink enough water. Include exercise in your daily routine e.g walking and above all pray. It will end in praise by God's grace

  20. Try Daughters of Charity hospital Kubwa. Tell them you want to see the consultant gynea not the other gynea Drs the man is very good.


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