Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Bog Visitor Narrative - UPDATE


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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Chronicle Of Bog Visitor Narrative - UPDATE

Sad but necessary!

This is an update of this CHRONICLE

Good day 

 thank you so much for posting my story.

I read all the advice and most it was that I should listen to my dad. I eventually did, but it wasn't easy:

 This family in question are the richest, have the most handsome and beautiful men and women, according to the story I was told, they tried returning the foreign god back to where their great-grandfather brought it from, but it demanded a sacrifice of a living person which they were not ready for, and as a result of this, the gods keeps striking them with madness , premature deaths and severe autism and well as blessing them with riches and beauty, majority of my older family members were against the union because they grew up in the village and saw first hand of what has been happening in that family' :

I bowed to the pressure and advice of the eldest member of my extended family who explained in detail the severity of the danger of marrying into that clan, I understand that most families have their issues and I clearly see the importance of doing a background check of any family we intend to marry into.....

As for my boyfriend, he still isn't ready to let me go, because it is also hard for him, as much as it is for me, but we have decided to take the breakup slowly till we find other partners. We are still strong in our faith in God that things will change for his family,

Thank you so much for the good work you are doing, and a big thank you to my fellow BVS , I love you all.

*Well done girl it is better to cry now overbreak up than to cry after Marriage... All the money wont make you happy....Make sure you disengage fully this year cos you wont find someone else holding on to him.. Good luck-


  1. SDK your last line is it. You both cannot find someone else if you are still holding on to each other. Let go completely. You will find another person. May God come through for the family

    1. Poster, thank God you listened to the voice of wisdom. God will bless u with a better partner that won't be a source of sorrow to you.

  2. John 8:36
    So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.

    Galatians 5:1
    So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.

    Colossians 2:8
    Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ.

    You mentioned that you have sought advice from relatives, bloggers, etc, but have you and the man sought the face of the Lord, if you are born-again, Bible-believing Christians?

    1. Have you not read when she said her father is against the marriage? Didn't the bible say honour your father and mother...?

  3. God will give you the strength you both need to let go

  4. May God grant you more wisdom and bring the right man he has destined for you.

  5. Poster pls don't sleep with himoooh b4 belle go enter in the midst of fake separation bcoz u are still very much in love with this guy. If u are not spiritually strong to face the battle runoooooooh it's not funny atall, strong demonic background is no joke atall. U will battle b4 u gain victory. End things completely or keep communicating with him till u enroll in 9 months course.

  6. It's not always easy calling it quits with someone you truly love. But as it stands now, quiting is the only reasonable thing to do. I pray God gives you the strength to move on.

  7. If you want to end things, then, end them at once. Peel off the band aid at once.
    This plan you have currently will leave you pregnant and going back on your decision.

    As it stands, fiancĂ©’s intention maybe, to get you pregnant. Or worse off, cause you physical harm because he doesn’t want to risk another rejection.

  8. Y una come dey claim Christians or Muslims. Hypocrites.
    Instead of taking your problems to the Alpha and Omega. You claim to bow to wishes of tradition.
    Prayer is the solution to whatever one is facing.
    Might be in different forms, but it all points back to GOD.

    1. It is her sole decision to stay or go as she isn't married to him yet

  9. Abeg oooo poster make belle no enter..
    Take care
    Shine your eyes

  10. Nice to o hear your feedback, may God strengthen you, as you make a good decision.

  11. Wishing you all the very best


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