Stella Dimoko Reality TV Star Bella Says Co Star And Love Interest Sheggz Was Misunderstood


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Saturday, October 08, 2022

Reality TV Star Bella Says Co Star And Love Interest Sheggz Was Misunderstood

 In an Interview with Arise TV; Bella Okagbue put up a strong defence for her big brother season 7 Boyfriend Shegzz.. She was asked if now that she was out of the house and looked at the social media, she expected what she was reading about him Online...

Her weak response was..

'' I would say that is exactly what happened. I always told him that you might be misunderstood because I mean you live in the UK; In Nigeria the way we speak in Nigeria is totally different from the way they speak over there. so he might say 'you are sick'. There its OK to say that but here its not OK and be seen as an insult.

Different countries speak differently....I mean he was really sweet to me in the house, everyone saw that, I mean like its OK to be Vulnerable in a relationship. I was vulnerable, he was Vulnerable and sometimes you get triggered by things
That should not be what is placed on you. We all make mistake we are not perfect. He made mistakes, he's not perfect, I also made mistakes I'm also not perfect.''


  1. I didn't know there are places where you're sick is a compliment ☹️.
    Madam resist the urge to shalaye and face your brand abeg

  2. When chike tell una say him don remove hand from advising anybody in a relationship,una think say him just dey talk.this na pure case.who want die,die there.

  3. Wetin concern me. It's her life. If she likes, let her continue with the relationship.

  4. I didn't expect any less from her but truth be told,Sheggz was a caring guy,his only flaw was his loud mouth which he should be working on rn.They suit each other,Bella was no saint neither.

    1. Sheggz wasn't a caring guy. Everything he did in that house was calculated towards a certain goal. He came into the house with matching wrist bands. For what? To what end? Immediately Ebuka called him out, he became mellow and more loving towards Bella. Why? Abeg,Bella is no saint but you see Sheggz, he is the very worst.

    2. He was caring, but he was also verbally abusive.

      I live in the UK now, and I have never heard anyone call anybody sick. Instead, they use alot of endearing terms such as love and honey for strangers

  5. 🚶🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

    Beautiful Big Bella

  6. Is this girl naiive or simply daft? When using the word "sick" to mean "ok" or something really cool u don't attribute to a human! Unless in a particular context, if Sheggz tells u, "you are sick" my dear he's insulting you!.... I think the accent is what's making bella zuzu! "Oi, can I get a Tenner" ? 🤦🤦

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  7. Love wan Tintin....continue

  8. I think I get what she’s saying, like fuck, bad bitch, nigger , stupid & more are used frequently over here for fun & banter & certain exclamation , while u thread with caution back home using them, except u guys are quarreling. She wears d shoes & knows where it hurts her. However, with her interviews with Hero Daniels & Olorisupergal (so emotional), she said they need that space for now to concentrate on their different projects. She also told Olorisupergal that there are other people involved, which could be Shegz ex & her family & if I know a typical Onitsha family, they “literally” see other towns in Anambra state as commoners & hardly relate with them in marriage , talk less a different tribe all together. However , watching her calm demeanor & response , she depicts a naive , reserved person, hence d protection & guidance from her family . Like she said in that interview, she’s confused & doesn’t know what to do. Best wishes to them.

  9. I think she's right in a way
    Aside from the guy trying to sound harsh or rude at times, he cared for her

  10. I wish her the best as she goes on in life. I pray she doesn't tow the part path of her celebrity babymama sister, Sandra

  11. In Patience Jonathan's voice tomorrow you will say you weren't informed abi? Kwantinue

  12. She's behaving like a teenager in love. Even insults sound like endearing words to her. Poor Bella😥

  13. Lol we re watching, our eyes dey una body

  14. People really need to leave these peeps slobe. I watched her interview with Hero and, sincerely, I felt for her. Sheggz has a bad mouth but isn't d devil they r trying to make him out to be. They r in love. Make everybody leave them to navigate their emotions themselves. May we never encounter vindictive exes. That girl is only angry cos she knows Sheggz has finally moved on. He did all she accused him of at what age again? 22-23. Common. He will outgrow this attitude. Especially with d backlash. A beg, free dem


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